Ten knowledge take you read a woman orgasm

For some knowledge of sex, how much do you know everything must have a lot of people do not know too much about sexual knowledge, then, Xiaobian to introduce some knowledge about sex right now。 Here specific to understand and learn it。 As shown, there are female honey beans over 8000 nerve endings 1, 70% of women need direct stimulation of honey beans to reach orgasm。
This climax came quickly, and can reach several times。 2, a recent survey report pointed out that 20% of women alone or mouth kissing love will be able to reach orgasm, while 94 percent tried to open the back door of the women said they can therefore achieve orgasm。 3, the body releases after orgasm the brain coffee, prolactin and oxytocin let women have the kind of comfortable, relaxed feeling, but this time they endure the pain index will increase 107%。 4, women reach orgasm is possible to do in the production process, the data shows that the ratio of%, perhaps it is that you people%。 5, for most women, vaginal orgasm can bring pleasure not only physical, but also get emotional satisfaction。
But studies have shown that only a third of women will achieve vaginal orgasm。 6, the climax is good, but not necessarily the most wanted woman。 Women like close contact, perhaps from time to time to give her a hug and a kiss would be more than happy to make her climax, so there is no climax is not terrible。
Take you read a woman orgasm 7, pretending to orgasm is not the woman's patents, according to a university study abroad, a quarter of male respondents said they had to pretend orgasm, perhaps the climax really not the most important。 8, A piece in the female orgasm are mostly fitted out, in real life, women are not so easy to reach orgasm。 And the climax of the strength of each woman are also different, so do not blindly pursue Arab-Israeli film exhibited climax。 9, some women do not orgasm or not you are not interested in sex, but because she was suffering from anorgasmia disorder。 If it is because of this and no orgasm, then seek immediate medical attention right。
10, female orgasm is not entirely to blame the man and that he should be the climax by their own initiative。 Culminating two people, so I want to reach orgasm, women in addition to fully excited, it should also communicate with the man, together with the high tide to explore。 Of course to achieve orgasm during sex is great, but if the blind pursuit of high tide, it will only bring yourself too much pressure, making it impossible to enjoy a better life love love。
So, both sides can realize the joy of love love is most important。