What are some ways you can treat onychomycosis remedies onychomycosis

What are some ways you can treat onychomycosis onychomycosis is a very popular contagious, and the appearance is very beautiful, so what are ways to treat nail fungus and small series together to look at the ways you can treat onychomycosis introduce it!What a way to treat onychomycosis: Available rice vinegar with vinegar soak nails, this time to remember not to add water Oh, because after adding water, the effect may not be too obvious, always need to soak for 20 minutes, soak for three consecutive month。 If you add together the better medicine。
Two recipe: vinegar coated surface crack take garlic 4?5, peeled and smashed, into a clean glass jar, 100 ml of better quality vinegar soaked 3?Serve pickled garlic was 4 days。 The affected area was placed pickled garlic soak for 15 minutes, then wrapped in cotton dipped in the affected area was pickled garlic。
Daily morning and evening until the symptoms disappear。 Recipe three: impatiens treatment of onychomycosis which method to treat the white color of impatiens mash, apply to the nail dressing up once a day for about a month or so effective。
Impatiens with white color 2?3, soaked in vinegar day, every day before going to bed onychomycosis soak for 10 minutes, do not add water。 7 consecutive days effective。
Four recipe: 40 g of urea pharmaceutical formulation, 20 g lanolin, white wax 5 g, was added to 100 g Vaseline。 This formulation is strongly urea keratolytic。