Common Mistakes replenishment do not do these things

What are the common misconceptions replenishment moisturizing always been more concerned about things, especially in the fall and winter seasons, when it is dry skin conditions have occurred。
Then the replenishment of the common misconceptions are what it following small series to tell us something about the replenishment of the common misunderstanding what are, stop doing these things!Common Misunderstanding of a replenishment: over-reliance moisturizing mask is used to mask more aid, too frequent use makes the skin become dull and lose protection, the skin can not bear such a burden, it is appropriate to apply moisturizing mask, not deposited every day, apply 2-3 times a week on it。
Myth: just rub lotion does not rub the cream must not only rub lotion on the end skin care procedure, because there is no supplemental water is still not firmly lock the skin care and repair。
Myth: excessive drinking normal, healthy skin as long as the water can reach 30%, so there is this idea that you do not make a mistake, drink in moderation, eight glasses of water a day is enough。
Myth: Oily skin moisturizer without oil because the skin's moisture content and the adequacy of the stratum corneum, there is no absolute relationship。 People with oily skin do not necessarily lack of water, so adjust according to skin condition used moisturizer or necessary。 Myth: Exfoliate weekly replenishment of the common misconceptions although exfoliation can help restore luster to the skin, but exfoliate too frequently (for example, do one or more times per week), or while using several exfoliating products, make horny layer becomes thinner, and the loss of water storage capacity to resist external environmental damage。
Myth: wash with cleanser summer farewell summer heat, no longer shine, if you like strong cleaning products with a summer-like face, make the face more washing dry, sensitive and more likely to cause symptoms such as redness, peeling, itching Wait。
Seven Mistakes: frequent daily maintenance spray mineral water spray, some people like to carry a bottle of mineral water spray, in order to keep out sprays, relieve discomfort。
In fact, so instead of the original moisture may dry skin。 For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。