New technological innovation heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage National Youth VR short video contest launch

Non-genetic aspects of performances, intangible cultural heritage site teaching, active participation of young friends。
 Chen Xinyi photo UNESCO experts in the field of intangible cultural heritage, vice president of the China Folklore Society BAMO song ugly woman cloth binding theme of the contest at the launching ceremony, delivered a keynote speech from the dimensions of intangible cultural heritage protection and sustainable development。
She said the National Youth VR short video contest will be held, it is for participatory action on the protection of Chinese traditional culture of adolescents designed to empower young tradition of Chinese culture in public life and cultural practices and the spread of practice to enhance the development of self。
  She believes that young people are the future, VR technology represents a new direction of human development, in the era of modern technology and the best hand in the humanities, youth learn good use of VR technology helps in many ways to understand, reproduce the fine traditional Chinese culture so to speak good Chinese story, tell a good story of mankind。
  Pumi young singer Xin Rong ballet that was only from Pumi Yunnan CPPCC National Committee members, she called for the protection of minority cultures over the years。
Xin Rong ballet that issue at the launching ceremony of the Youth Initiative: I start doing the guardian of Chinese culture and heritage。   In the non-genetic aspects of performances, Fengning Manchu Paper-cut, colorful Peking Opera, Weifang kites, Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures and other non-material cultural heritage inheritors representative on-site teaching, who come here to participate in the activities of young people deeply feel "alive" cultural charm。   "With the modernization of traditional art development, the impact of foreign culture, more or less affected to some extent。
"The event, Fengning Manchu Paper-cut national non-heritage representative successors Shi Junfeng with a pair of scissors, a red paper, demonstrate to young people 'paper cut' secret, she said:" The event will be traditional art into campus greatly promote the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture.。 "In order to attract more young people like Peking Opera, Peking Opera painted sculptures representative Wang Chuan Cheng Renlin Quebec Face in the production process of intentionally adding fashion elements。
He said that traditional culture and cross-border integration of VR technology, can speak Chinese culture stories richer, more engaging, I hope young friends were eager to participate in the competition, do inheritors of a new era。
  It is reported that entries for the period March 2018 to July。 During this time, the contest will be held in the museum field trips to experience Japanese teenagers, "Transcend non-left" VR Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition floor experience into schools and other activities to provide professional guidance and inspiration to participants。 (Finish)。