Tesla shares fell into bear market investors worried that the region would have difficulty to achieve production target model 3

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 21 morning news, according to Reuters, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares slid into a bear market area in the US stock market trading Tuesday, as investors worried that the company may not achieve a critical production target。 In regular trading on the Nasdaq market on Tuesday, Tesla shares fell $, to close at $, down%, compared to the US dollar in the previous record high hit in September 2017 has fallen% mark bear the stock into the region on the general definition of。
CFRA analyst at market research firm's 埃弗雷姆李维 (EfraimLevy) said investors continue to worry about production target Tesla Model3 model, which is likely to be the cause of the company's shares fell where。
He said: "There is a growing consensus in the market that Tesla will not be able to reach a production target for the first quarter Model3。 "Tesla is not immediately available for comment。 In mid-2017, pushing the stock price hit a record high of Tesla one of the reasons is that when the market prospects for Model3 models full enthusiasm。 Tesla, this car represents a major leap forward, it became a mass-market car company from a high-end electric car manufacturer for the "niche market"。
However, the production target problem Model3 models, Tesla in subsequent years continued the rocky road。 Tesla initially set a target that by the end of 2017 to increase production Model3 models to 5000 a week, but then it had repeatedly put off the production target。 Tesla announced in mid-2017 when the fourth-quarter earnings, the company said it would achieve 2500 production at the end of the week the first quarter of 2018, to the end of the second quarter will reach 5000 per week。 Shareholders will hold a vote on Wednesday, when they will decide whether to approve the Tesla Chairman and CEO elon Musk (ElonMusk) is a $ 2.6 billion equity incentive plan。
Some major shareholders support the plan, but GlassLewis and investment advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (InstitutionalShareholderServices) have recommended that shareholders vote against the。
Li also pointed out that the United States a taxi service Uber (Uber) recently in Tempe, Arizona unmanned vehicle fatal accident may also be one of the factors leading to Trump's stock price short-term pressure because of the accident It may prompt investors to reassess the status of any company's driverless car。 (nebula)。