There are reasons scrotum wet scrotum wet how what should Conditioning

Daily life, many men are plagued by damp scrotum, scrotal wet sweating not only gives off an unpleasant smell of urine smell, and sometimes intolerable itching to make male friends in an awkward position, but also inevitably for their own health concerns。
So, scrotum wet in the end is how it happened is not a good approach, or eat what drug would be more of what is good and wet scrotum scrotum wet refers to the male scrotum and perineum, higher temperature, sweating often, and there is a kinds of unpleasant smell of urine smell, is a common male disease。Scrotum wet complex etiology, their development can be divided into acute, subacute and chronic three processes。
Scrotum sweat more, foul smell of urine, itching is the most typical clinical symptoms。
Often referred to in ancient China, leakage fine, wet。
Cause 1 scrotum wet, prostatitis。
Autonomic dysfunction caused by prostatitis can cause male scrotum wet, but as prostatitis cure intermittently appear even disappear; 2, kidney。Essence deficiency, lack of body member easily tired, physiological dysfunction, urinary frequency, urgency, night sweats, and other symptoms scrotum wet; 3, Spleen wet weight。
Spleen loss of transportation, can easily lead to lower coke heat, causing wet scrotum。
4, allergies。Allergies male, long-term mental stress, mood changes, most prone to damp scrotum symptoms; 5, scrotum eczema。Scrotum wet scrotum is also typical symptoms of eczema, a common skin disease that male sex organs。
6, other reasons。
Such as people with chronic digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and drug people allergies, lack of vitamins, fungal growth and other factors may cause scrotal wet。
How should scrotum wet scrotum conditioning ① attention to ventilation, and want, jeans, leggings, etc., prevention and treatment of hot flashes scrotum; ② Note scrotum clean, frequently changes the underwear, keep the scrotum cool and dry; ③ maintain a happy mood, avoid emotional excesses or long-term mental stress generate heat; ④ light diet and avoid spicy food, such as pepper, garlic, wine, etc.; ⑤ bath drugs, such as horse tooth majority Jianshui bath or powder with PP, has anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial effect。related suggestion。