British Open broke back to Lam forty exciting battle

  How to play the game $ 1 million?  British Open 1899 founding date, in addition to the two world wars were interrupted for 12 years, has been the 108th All England。 Beginning this year, BWF events of the system reform, the introduction of "BWF Tour", belonging to the British Open Tour super1000 tournament, the total prize money of $ 1 million singles and doubles are equally valued, rose singles title $ 70,000 first prize more than doubles singles reach USD。
  In addition, the All England tournament disqualification, each single sign-bit only 32, after the first round to decide the winner of 16, every game is thrilling。   Players will tee meters yet?  Last November, BWF badminton tournament on the tee height change from the original point of not more than hitting the waist, into a sweet spot should not exceed meters。 A relative standard becomes an absolute standard, it is to make people feel more fair competition。
However, players of different height, serve to promote uniform height standard, by two transparent plastic plate umpire judge whether offenders serve to make this a lot of tall players complain incessantly。
  Height Danish champion Accelonix even in social media sent a ball kneeling on the floor exercise videos to express their dissatisfaction in the German Open just concluded, lindane has also been fined several times violations, also expressed dissatisfaction on social media angrily。
  40 back to Lin Li Wars exciting even if Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are in the bottom half, does not prevent them become the focus。 Two veterans of the UK have a profound feeling, beginning in 2004, Lin and Li teamed up to win a total of 10 championships, Lin Dan 6 (2004,2006,2007,2009,2012, 2016), Lee Chong Wei 4 times (2010,2011,2014, 2017)。   Whether the two can put aside aspirations once again, the fans are more concerned about "convergence"。
If we can beat Lin Dan in the first round Weitinghasi, gain another victory the second round, quarter-finals is likely to encounter Lee Chong Wei。
And Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan in order to meet, after the first round of the second round will face a strong comeback Jorgensen。
If against again, it will be their last year after the Asian Championships clash again – back to the 40th Lin Li Wars。 Lindane tournament will attack the All England crown seventh, Lee Chong Wei successfully defended his title hopes。   Escape the shackles of the laws of nature, lindane recent poor performance in international competitions, consecutive first-round tour。 And he and Lee Chong Wei has more than 70 years of age are added, it does not matter how wonderful to have a certain game, the hero can be seen live on the badminton court released two final Guanghua, is the most simple and accompany them to grow up fans desire。
  Country feather doubles gold medal will become a popular item in accordance with three doubles to win the chance to sort, probably mixed doubles, women's doubles and men's doubles。 Last year, the country feather mixed doubles to get the UK's only gold。 Prior to the country and do not follow the principles of feather reorganization items, Zheng Siwei / Huangya Qiong, after partner sweep the three races this year, only lost one game。
Doubles from 2001 to 2015, only the 2008 championship changed hands。
Then lost the next two years after the championship last year Chenqing Chen / Jia Yifan won the world championship, with the gradual improvement in women's doubles。 Also he won the men's doubles world champion last year, but a recent win at the All England 5 years ago。
Inter players level similar spot to play is the key。
  As the test results of the winter training 2018 British Open Competition will be in 14 to 18 March, the tournament build-up country feather all the main battle, Chinese viewers can watch the "China Sports" () Exclusive Webcast。