How to avoid allergic dermatitis allergens?How to prevent allergic dermatitis daily

Spring comes, sooner or later dry climate and large temperature changes, it is precisely because of this weather, the skin will become particularly vulnerable to allergies, skin allergies and frequently-occurring disease in women, to bring a lot of damage, then life how in the prevention of atopic dermatitis do precautions for allergies crowd how to avoid allergens atopic dermatitis 1, proper diet。Diet should be light, eat less strong spicy food, avoid eating cold food。
Note that more vitamin C, chlorophyll and other nutrients。
2, good basic skin care。Spring dry, dehydrated skin often seen phenomenon, skin moisturizing essential。We recommended to choose soothing type of skin care products, and pay attention to drink plenty of water to provide sufficient moisture for the skin。
At the same time, the fall also pay attention to a good sunscreen。
3, maintaining a good mood。Good or bad mood and physical condition and the condition of the skin of the human body are closely related, positive, optimistic attitude can promote normal human metabolism, make the skin red and shiny。
4, moderate exercise。
Amount of aerobic exercise can promote blood circulation of the skin, leaving skin rosy and elastic, enhance skin immunity, slow aging。5, to ensure adequate sleep。
The level and quality of sleep is closely related to the quality of the skin, lack of sleep, staying up late will make the skin rough, dull, not shiny。We recommended to sleep before 23 o'clock every day, a day to ensure 7-8 hours of sleep。
6, avoid contact with allergens。Spring weather is getting warm, dry climate, allergens increased, recommendations allergic people go out wearing a mask, avoid direct contact with cold air allergens, dust, etc.。
Tips: Spring prone to various skin diseases, especially in patients with atopic dermatitis, protective measures must be good oh。