Dietary Guidelines for postoperative patients with esophageal cancer esophageal cancer dietary considerations

As the saying goes: one-third rule seven support, that is to say in the treatment of disease, but also pay attention to the link nursed back to health。Esophageal cancer patients in treatment and rehabilitation nursed back to health in particular, should pay attention to diet, then esophageal cancer patients should pay attention to what is in the diet do the following together under。
Dietary Guidelines for esophageal cancer patients after 1, small meals, eating 5-6 times a day to ensure that each can not eat too much, according to circumstances, increase or decrease the number of eating, eating high protein digestible food。
2, the diet needs to gradually transition from thin to thick, gradual transition should be "clear liquid liquid → → → semi-liquid food soft food → P" in this order。3, take the time to diet or bedside sitting position, back elevation 30-45 degrees, the process of eating slowly, so that saliva mixed with food, avoid overeating。Not immediately supine, it should be appropriate to get out of bed after eating, eating less or not eating before bedtime。
4, with a reasonable nutrition, the presence of dysphagia in patients after surgery for esophageal cancer, loss of appetite and other symptoms, appropriate increase in the proportion of protein in food, calories。
Choose light, soft, and easily digestible foods such as porridge, steamed eggs, rice, noodles, bread, Dunlan of meat, vegetables, fruits, etc., do not eat spicy food, ban alcohol and tobacco。
5, in the case of patients with gastrointestinal function has not yet fully recovered, according to their condition should be controlled food intake, small meals, and gradually increase food intake to ensure effective absorption of food, to avoid choking, bloating, and discomfort of reflux。
Esophageal cancer patients diet precautions when the patient developed sense of choking, do not force swallowing, otherwise it will stimulate the local bleeding cancer, proliferation, transfer and pain。When liquid food or semi-liquid food in severe choking。
Avoid eating cold food, place and time of relatively cool noodles, milk, soup and so on do not drink。
Since the narrow portion of the esophagus is very obvious cold stimulation, easily lead to esophageal spasm, nausea, vomiting, pain and swelling sensation hemp。
So to eat warm food as well。
You can not eat spicy, hot, smelly, wake up the spicy food, because these same foods can cause esophageal spasm, so that patients have discomfort。
For esophageal cancer patients can not eat completely, intravenous nutrition approach should be taken to maintain the input of nutrients the body needs patients。
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