Have to look at the four flower teas that are suitable for drinking in the spring.


Have to look at the four flower teas that are suitable for drinking in the spring.

Peppermint tea mint is quite familiar to us as a finishing touch in candy or alternatives, but it is actually worth a lot of tea.

It can eliminate the swelling of the throat, and can also eliminate the headache and fever of the cold, and strengthen the blood circulation.

It may be that peppermint is not suitable for maternal and infant use and should be avoided as much as possible.

Jasmine tea has been used since ancient times. Jasmine has been loved by people in Asia and other places along the Mediterranean coast. It is even fascinating. It is also one of the traditional Chinese medicines. It has a inhibitory effect on various bacteria. It is used internally or externally. It has a sore throat and relieves heat and inflammation.And other excellent benefits.

The fat sea is suitable for lungs, sore throat, sore throat, etc., pharyngitis, throat discomfort, chronic pharyngitis, use fat sea tea to drink clothes, can produce Jin Runzao, phlegm and cough, nourish Yin and lungs, effectively prevent throatDiscomfort such as drying.

3 to 5 pieces are often used to make a drink in boiling water, or to make a sea ice candy, or to make a sea platycodon tea with platycodon and honey.

Honeysuckle tea tastes sweet and cold, does not hurt the spleen and stomach, you can mix honeysuckle with chrysanthemum, golden lotus soaked in water, you can also add rock sugar to taste.

Honeysuckle is suitable for people with moderate constitution or internal heat.

For the wet temperature and resistance throat, sore throat and so on, there is detoxification and cough, cooling blood and pharynx.

It can treat flu, acute and chronic tonsillitis and other diseases.