Ten key points for summer running!


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Ten key points for summer running!
Come get!

For those who love to run outdoors, in addition to sweating in summer, there is a hot nightmare.

In the hot summer days, in addition to sports, it is a great test to beware of heatstroke and sunburn.

So, how can summer running be more comfortable?

Running along the water and running at the water is cooler.

There are usually sidewalks along the riverside of the city, and even though the temperature at the water’s edge is the same as elsewhere, it feels more cool.

You can choose to go to the park for running, and there are artificial rivers in the general park.

It is not recommended to go to the gym for running, because running is not just about running, but also about quality air quality and good mood.

Adapting to the environment as soon as possible must be patiently adapted to the heat and adapt to no quick success.

Do not do speed training for the first two weeks, run at noon, but do not exceed 30 minutes, and extend the running time in the morning and evening.

In this way, you can fully adapt to 10 days to two weeks.

Avoid direct sunlight to avoid running in direct sunlight and on tarmac.

If you have to be exposed to the hot sun in the summer, remember to apply at least SPF15 sunscreen and wear sunglasses that filter out UVA and UVB.

It is best to wear a top visor to cover your eyes and part of the skin, but this will also transfer heat to the top of your head.

Most of the body heat is radiated through the right side, which is very good in the summer.

So don’t wear a too tight hat on a hot day.

Of course you have to wear it, but it should be loose.

It is best to have a mesh or other breathable hat.

Slow start and slow start are especially important during the summer.

The slower the start, the later the arrival time. If the pace is 5 minutes per kilometer, the first one is best completed in 6 minutes and a half.

Reduce speed and speed training in the morning or evening.

Otherwise, the pressure on the body tissue is too great.

The heart continues to flutter too fast at high heat to provide extra blood to the skin to maintain the body’s cooling evaporation system.

You can’t run so fast, so don’t try to do it.

Pay attention to the number of high-temperature warnings to guard against the onset of heat. If these diseases are not discovered in time, the consequences will be serious.

If the running feels an abnormal physiological reaction, stop immediately and find a shade to drink some water.

Then take a car or go home.

Listed below are indicators of the onset of heat: headache or head attack fever, confusion or inability to concentrate, unable to control muscles, excessive sweating after the skin is cold or stop sweating, cold and hot, nausea, muscle cramps, vomitingDizziness lowers the expected value. Whether it is training or competition, hot days always run slower than normal.

So if there is a competition in the summer, give yourself less pressure, treat the game as a training, stop at each water station and drink water.

Drinking the right drink Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, and these drinks will keep you going to the toilet.

Continuous urination will lead to dehydration.

Running has already dehydrated you, so drink alcohol and caffeine in the summer.

If you are thirsty after running, you can drink a little sports drink or light salt water, because the body sweats a lot after exercise, the salt inside the body is volatilized, and adding a little salt water is very beneficial to your health.

Do not take a bath immediately after running. Do not take a bath or wash your hair immediately, because the body is in a very hot state at this time. Even warm water or hot water may cause a cold or cold. If you take a shower, you may have a runny nose.