How to choose eye cream

How to choose eye cream

How to choose the right eye cream for you?

Is it something that causes a lot of eyebrow headaches?

If the eye cream is not selected well, it is very likely that the beauty will not be disappointed.

Many sisters started to form aunty granules due to improper replacement of eye cream.

It is even more difficult to remove it.

  Today I will teach you how to choose eye cream. The types of eye creams available on the market are eye gel, eye cream, and eye mask. Their functions are: dark circles, soothing eye skin has a certain effect.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, some are emulsion-like, and gel-like, so it has a higher moisture content. In addition to improving eye problems, it can also improve wrinkles and fine lines.

  Eye mask is also a good conditioner.

It belongs to the SOS first aid product, and its effect is obvious when the eye suddenly appears.

But because it contains rich active ingredients, it is best to use it under the guidance of a beautician. Is it suitable for you?

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Moisturizing type: suitable for use in dry environments.


Anti-aging type: with anti-wrinkle and sun protection, suitable for summer and video workers.


Firm type: Women who expect oily nourishing ingredients, include dark circles, skin aging and dry skin.


Anti-allergy type: Suitable for women with sensitive and problematic skin.

  Choose the eye cream that suits you carefully: Gel-like eye cream: Gel-like eye cream is mostly plant-based, which will prevent the formation of unfortunate particles on the eyes.

After using the gel-like eye cream, you will feel firmness of the eyes. Some eye creams such as indigo pixel spring are very good.

  Many people use this type of eye cream for good feedback.

The eyebrows who are used in the trial center are all good. The effect of hydrating is very good.

Whether it is bags under the eyes, dark circles or fine lines, the effect is super good.

  Watermelon peels, cucumber slices, etc. are commonly used to help protect and nourish.

Do not wash your face with too hot water, rub your eyes, and do not drink a lot of water before bedtime to avoid waking up around your eyes.

In addition, applying ice-cold flakes prepared in the refrigerator every morning before makeup can effectively treat the daily protection of lump and dark circles in the floating eye area.

In terms of diet: eat more foods with collagen, such as chicken skin, pig skin, pork elbow, fish head fish scale soup, etc.