Nine Rings of Women in Love

Nine Rings of Women in Love

First, bear too fast. When you first met him, don’t expect to spend time with him every weekend, or insist on giving him advice, reorganize his home, don’t worry, don’t you be married!

  Second, the quickest way to determine that the other party wants to break up with his boyfriend too soon is to tell him that you love him and that you want to have a child for him, and his response is mostly to escape without a trace.

  Third, deceive yourself, do you clearly understand the motivation behind his every performance?

Is he very bland towards you?

Does he date other girls at the same time?

Do you contact him only once a week, and you identify him as a lifelong trustee?

Either you think he is addicted to gambling, and his violent temper is not a serious problem.

  Fourth, dressing up too much exaggerated the self-confidence, generosity, and attractiveness that you should show is not overly flirtatious. Men think natural appeal is better than artificially processed faces.

  Fifth, talk too much Don’t think that you must continue to be constant, silence is golden, and even you are eager to understand each other, and do not need to tell the experience of a lifetime like a few treasures on the last date, often silentIs one of the charms of women.

  6. Pay too much attention to his money. If you order a lobster dinner and tell him that your favorite gift is diamond, you can eat it. You will never see him again, no matter how rich a man is, norHe would like others to tell him how to spend, or who to spend money on. Men prefer knowledgeable women, not those who are looking for long-term meal tickets.

  7. Invite him home too early. Don’t invite him home unless you feel he is inviting you into his life.

Some men think that inviting him home is to invite him to bed, so wait a little longer, and after you have a better understanding, there will be no similar embarrassment.

  Eight, being too close to each other If you go to bed with him the first time you meet, how many men should he have with you?

Therefore, this kind of intimacy will often be afraid of the other party. The first time you know it is best to have a frank talk. Walking under the moon will become a solid foundation for feelings.

  Nine, pleasing the other side is too hard. Do you think he would like to do his laundry, cooking and housework?

If you think about it carefully, if you are willing to do his foot wipes, he will step on one foot unceremoniously.