Will you rest?


Master the most efficient way to rest

Will you rest?
Master the most efficient way to rest

Will you rest?
銆€銆€Have you ever had such interference?

When I slept for a few hours, I still felt tired; when I spent too much money to travel, I didn’t increase my passion for life; going out to K songs and visiting the amusement park did not make myself happier.

銆€銆€Rest should be to restore your fatigue, relax your nerves and re-fatigue.

If your rest doesn’t bring you that, then no matter how easy it is to sound and how high it looks, it’s a mistake.

Abandon them and come to a rest revolution!

銆€銆€See if we have any misunderstanding about rest: mental workers, make up sleep, you have nothing to write with you for a day of copywriting, host a day of meetings, when everything is over, you sigh: too tired, this day I wantsleep tight.

Our common sense leads us to the first reaction to fatigue is to “go to lie down,” but a trap.

銆€銆€Sleep is indeed an effective way to rest, but it is mainly for sleep deprived or manual workers.

For manual workers, “fatigue” is mainly caused by the production of a large amount of acidic substances in the body. By sleeping, the lost energy can be replenished and the accumulated waste can be eliminated.

When you are tired, you can lie down on the bed first, close your eyes and rest, let the muscles and nerves completely relax, and then get up and move.

銆€銆€But if you are sitting in the office, the cerebral cortex is extremely excited, but the body is in a state of low excitement. For this kind of fatigue, the effect of sleep energy transmission is not great (unless you stay up late to work overtime, even the normal sleep time can not reach),Because what you need is not to restore physical strength through “stationary”, but to find something to relax the nerves.

This way you can understand why you are still languid when you are not going out for two days on weekends, but just swimming for half an hour after work.

銆€銆€Don’t stop, just change it. Since sleeping can’t help us rest our brains, what can we do?

The answer is not to stop the activity, but to change the content of the activity.

More than one billion nerve cells in the cerebral cortex function differently. They are grouped into different functional areas in different ways. This area is active and the other area can rest.

Therefore, by changing the content of the activity, you can rest in different parts of the brain.

Psychophysiologist Xiechenov did an experiment.

In order to eliminate the fatigue of the right hand, he takes two ways – one is to let both hands rest at rest, the other is to let the left hand move properly while the right hand is still, and then test the grip of the right hand on the fatigue measurer.
The results show that in the case of left-handed activity, the fatigue of the right hand is eliminated.

This proves that transforming people’s activity content is indeed a positive way of rest.

銆€銆€For example, if you write a five-hour plan on Friday, it is best to pruning your potted plants the next day instead of sleeping in the sun.

Another point is that when you can’t choose to transfer from mental work to manual labor, you don’t hinder the internal transformation of mental work.

Rousseau, the outstanding enlightenment thinker in France, talked about his experience: “I was not a person who was born to be recognized as a researcher, because I used to work for a little longer and I was tired. Even I could not concentrate on one issue for half an hour.
However, I have studied several different problems in a row. Even if it is uninterrupted, I can easily and happily think about it one by one. This problem can eliminate the fatigue caused by another problem, and I don’t need to rest my brain.

Therefore, I have made full use of this feature I have discovered in my study and have studied some problems alternately.

In this way, even if I work hard all day, I don’t feel tired.

“So, if you have a few questions to deal with this day, it’s best to alternate, not to deal with one of the two that starts again, and that will be replaced soon.

銆€銆€The best rest is the enthusiasm that rekindles your life. Our fatigue is mainly from the tiredness of the existing layer of life.

So the best rest programs are those that let us rediscover the enthusiasm of life and work.

If you finish one thing, you can happily sigh “Tomorrow is a new day.

“This is the best way for you to restore enthusiasm and adjust your emotions.”

But unfortunately, we lack the imagination of “rest”.

The rest method we can think of is not silly or silly.

銆€銆€We have opened a list of the following activities for you. The basic idea is to “work” to solve the “tiredness” and replace the negative indulgence with a positive rest.

Of course, the best method for you is to explore it yourself.In fact, if you feel that cleaning is better than relaxing on a roller coaster, then go ahead and ignore what other people in the world are playing.

銆€銆€Maybe you can: use the comics or novels that you can watch for two hours instead of going to KTV to sing those unchanging saliva songs and try to give up going to the bar on Saturday night, go to bed at 10 o’clock, then get up at 7 o’clock, go to the street without people.Walk around, or look at the morning theater you never had the chance to see, and you will find that this day can be different from the past ten million weekends.

銆€銆€Don’t go to the resort where you have been to countless times to have fun.

Find a street you have never been to and finish it.

You will find this city that you feel tired of. You have not fully realized the beauty of it.

銆€銆€Travel, not change places for fun.

Go to a place to be curious about the place, feel good about yourself, and feel the life outside of your experience.

Instead of sitting for 5 hours, just change the place to play mahjong, change places to swim, change places to play. From this weekend, start learning another new skill, replace the playing keyboard, drumming. Practice more than 1 hour every weekend.

銆€銆€Go social.

Don’t think that it is always tired and tired.

Although it is a bit nervous compared to reading, it can also make you more excited and confident.

You must have two or three days a week to deal with people outside the work circle and relatives.

It will not let you lose your lively nature in the nine-to-five mechanical operation.

Women friends especially need to go out and meet up with friends. At these moments, you are no longer a neutral person with “efficiency” on the face, but a focus of glamour.

銆€銆€Do something difficult, if you are a very nervous person.

Psychologists have found that the way to relieve nervous tension is to deal with problems that require nervousness.

Once a general manager who was about to collapse, he found a senior doctor to propose treatment. As a result, he got the prescription to go to the zoo as a lion tamer.

Complete recovery after one month.

So when you have a lot of pressure, you can find another job for yourself, but don’t be similar to your career.

For example, go to an orphanage to volunteer, or go to a complex mechanical factory to get started from an apprentice, or do a super complicated math problem.

銆€銆€People who cherish life often will seek a good rest at any cost.

Taking some time to rest can give you a lot of energy and strength, so that you can get any job in the army, cope with the power of various problems, and make you have a happy and correct understanding of life. There are other kinds of time in the world.Is investment more beneficial to you?

銆€銆€Finally, learn to enjoy your boredom.

We know that after a busy work and study, we will enter the holiday. After a few days, we will feel that we are missing something in our life and doing nothing, and if we continue this way, we will feel guilty.

In fact, this is not true.

銆€銆€Traditional education tells us that 鈥渂oring鈥?is a negative emotion. A person who is struggling to get up should definitely not have this kind of emotion, and should not even leave himself with the opportunity to generate such emotions.

We all bear too much responsibility in our lives, so we live so tired, and the pressure is from the outside, but I feel that more pressure is what we are looking for, because we have not learned to reduce ourselves in this stressful society.Pressure.

Look at the people who are quietly lying on the beach, we should know that boredom is a rare realm, perhaps more difficult than hard work and diligent work.

Because it requires you to have a good attitude, long-term vision, you must first accept it, let your heart calm down, and then you will really enjoy it.

It is by no means a decadent, it is a kind of rest, a kind of savings, it will make us quit the drug-only addiction.

銆€銆€Someone told us long ago that people who don’t rest will not work.

But we have forgotten this statement for utilitarian reasons.

So we are busy, we work hard, so we are afraid of being bored, afraid of nothing to do, and even almost because of leisure.

銆€銆€Work should not be the whole of life, work is just for a better life.

We should be the masters of work, not the slaves of work.

Do not think that boredom is negative, not dedication.

銆€銆€So busy people should learn to enjoy life, get used to feeling bored, get used to this kind of novel and wonderful feeling!

You are happy!