China’s top ten summer heat serious reputation list released: Hubei many places on the list, have your hometown?


“China’s top ten summer heat serious reputation list” released: Hubei many places on the list, have your hometown?

On August 27th, hosted by China Network Travel Media Alliance,, Southeast Network, China Jiangxi Network, Red Net, Volkswagen, China Jiangsu Net, Colorful Guizhou Network and other domestic key network media, Zhejiang Online, Southern Network,Western Network, Dahe Net, Qianlong Net, Great Wall Network, Shanxi News Net, China Merchants Network and other nearly 30 Chinese provincial portals jointly launched “2018?”

China’s top ten to avoid the summer oral word of mouth list” selection results released!

The selection activities are equipped with 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Summer Resorts and Small Towns鈥? 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Summer Resorts鈥? 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Drifting Spots鈥? 3 鈥淢ain Awards鈥?and 鈥淪ummer Summer Red Homestay鈥? 鈥淪ummer and Water Park鈥?5 individual awards such as 鈥淪ummer Resort鈥?

Named after the 鈥淣ational Top Ten Summer Rehabilitation Kangkang Small Town鈥? Wuning County, Jiangxi Province, Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Lichuan City, Hubei Province, Stonysha Hot Spring Town, Anhui Province, Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, Fuquan City, Guizhou Province, Jilin ProvinceDunhua City, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Tongxian County, Hunan Province, Tianshui, Gansu; Name of the 鈥淭op Ten Summer Resorts in China鈥? Fujian Yida China Yunding Scenic Spot, Jiangxi Tonggu Tangli Scenic Spot, Anhui Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Spot, Jilin Lushui River Changbai MountainHunting Scenic Area, Jiangsu Nanshan Bamboo Seaview Area, Hunan Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Hubei Yichang Qingjiang Gallery Attractions, Hubei Enshi Xianfeng Pingping Camp, Shandong Underground Grand Canyon Tourist Area, Gansu Wuzhishan Scenic Spot, Guizhou Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area;Names of the scenic spots: Hubei Yichang Hengding Drifting Scenic Spot, Guizhou Nanjiang Grand Canyon Drifting Scenic Spot, Jiangxi Yingtan Shengjing Mountain Drifting, Fujian Yongtai路Tianmen Mountain Drifting, Anhui Tianzhu Mountain Baimatan Drifting, Jilin Province Guandong First Drifting,Drifting in Jiuxian Mountain Canyon, Jiangsu Province, Drifting River in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, Jiuxianshan Gorge, Shandong Province璋稤rifting, Lanzhou sheepskin rafting in Lanzhou, Gansu Province; get the list of 鈥淣ational Summer Net Red B&B鈥?word of mouth list: Jiangxi Province Wuyuan Huamantang路Liliu Township, Fujian Nanxun Embroidery House, Anhui Nanxun Embroidery House, Changbai Mountain, Jilin ProvinceLuneng Shengfenglin Chalet Hotel, Jiangsu Province, Honghong Homestay Butterfly Dream Hill, Furong Town, Yongshun County, Hunan Province, “Tusi Bieyuan”, Baichuan Mountain, Lichuan, Hubei Province, “Dadi Village”?

Dragon Boat Tune, Yantaihai路Liuyuan, Shandong Province, Noordan Camp, Gansu Province, Puyushan Residence, Guizhou Province; List of Words of 鈥淣ational Summer Resort (Country)鈥? Wentang Town, Yichun, Jiangxi Province, Baozhu Village, FujianShuanghe Town, Jilin Province, Tangshan Town, Jiangsu Province, Qijiang Town, Guidong County, Zhangzhou City, Hunan Province, Yesanguan, Badong County, Mudao Town, Lichuan City, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, Longquan Health Town, Yanping District, Yantai, Shandong Province, Gansu ProvinceNo silver Shuichuan Kangyang Town, Chishui Swan Fort, Guizhou Province; won the 鈥淣ational Summer Resort鈥?Name: Jiangxi Hengmao Yuquan Valley, Fujian Wuyi Hot Spring Resort, Fujian Wuzhou Yuxiang Yuanshan Huaquan Resort, Jilin ProvinceChangbai Mountain Luneng average, Jiangsu Meilu Mountain Wild Spring Resort, Liuyang Guiyuan International Resort, Hunan Province, Linyi Longyuan Leisure Resort Farm, Shandong Qingshui Hot Spring Resort; won the 鈥淣ational Summer Campsite鈥?reputation list: Wugong Mountain, Jiangxi ProvinceJiupengxi, Water Tea Township, Fujian Province, Tianzhu Mountain Campsite, Anhui Province, Liaoyuan Egret Wetland Camping Park, Jilin Province, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province鎴緾ar, Hunan Wangcheng Happy Car RV Campsite, Mulan Grassland in Hubei Province, Jinxiang Mountain in Shandong Province, Mohe Desert Camping Base in Gansu Province, Baijiang Gallery in Wujiangyuan, Guizhou Province; List of Words of the 鈥淣ational Summer Water Park鈥? JiangxiNanchang Wanda Ocean Park, Baishui Yangxixi Scenic Spot, Fujian Province, Da’anyuan Scenic Spot, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, Steepsha River Water Park, Anhui Province, Siping Pear Tree, Northern Bali Water Park, Jilin Province, Nanjing Pearl Spring Water World, Jiangsu ProvinceLiuyang wild water world, Yuehu Peninsula in Honghu, Hubei Province, Linhai Polar Ocean World in Shandong Province, Fangzhou Hot Spring Water World in Gansu Province, Guiyang Four Seasons Guizhou Water Park in Guizhou Province.

It is understood that this selection forecast guides the majority of tourists to travel scientifically, to find and promote Chinese summer measures.

After 3.3 million netizens voted, the country’s 11 provincial media sensational big data research center support, the country’s 100 senior media travel editors, tourism awareness experts, the national top 100 travel agency CEOs, senior friends to score, comprehensive consideration of the city, the air quality of the scenic spot, water quality, forest coverage, negative oxygen ion concentration, tourism resources and supporting multiple factors, and finally the evaluation.

According to Enshi: Sponsored by China Online Tourism Media Alliance, nearly 30 Chinese provincial portals jointly launched “2018?”

The results of the “Top Ten Summer Complications in China” list were released, and Enshi is on the list of 5 places!

Let’s take a look at the following five places.

Lichuan City is listed on the list of 鈥淣ational Top Ten Summer Resorts and Kangkang Small Towns鈥? Lichuan Tenglongdong Lichuan Fobaoshan Lichuan is located in the southwestern border of Hubei Province. It is bordered by the west, enshi to the east, Xiaoxiang to the south, the Three Gorges to the north, and the four counties of Chongqing.District junction.

Excellent ecological environment.

It is located at a mysterious north latitude of 30 degrees, with an average altitude of 1,100 meters. The climate is pleasant, the annual average temperature is 15 掳C, the average summer temperature is 20 掳C, the forest coverage rate is 62%, the air quality is excellent for 340 days, there is no heat in summer, no cold in winter.It is known as “Liangcheng Lichuan”, “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “Summer City”. This year, it was awarded “China’s Cool City”.

Rich in tourism resources.

It is the birthplace of Qingjiang and Yujiang. Tenglong Cave is one of the world’s special caves. The plant’s living fossil “the world’s first fir” is unique in the world. Longchuan Water Town is known as “the first water hole in the world”, Dashuijing, Yumuzhai is the whole country.The key cultural relics protection unit, Su Ma Dang is included in “the most beautiful small place in China”, Qi Yueshan is the largest mountain pasture in southern China, the Star Mountain National Nature Reserve.

Xianfeng Pingba Camp Scenic Area is listed on the list of 鈥淭op Ten Summer Resorts in China鈥? The original ecological leisure tourist area of Pingbaying, the third hole 鈥淚liandong鈥?entrance tree, Shangping Pingbaying, original ecological leisure tourist area-Jigongshan cableway, Feiyuepingba campThe original eco-tourism area is located at the southern end of Xianfeng County, bordering Laifeng County of Enshi Prefecture and Hanjiang District of Chongqing.

The Pingbaying Tourist Area is characterized by the rich and primitive atmosphere of ancient, strange, beautiful, quiet and wild scenery. It is the largest virgin forest community in the Midwest.

With a total area of 154 square kilometers, the tourist area is inaccessible, and the mountains are vast and vast.

There are 120,000 mu of virgin forest, 80,000 mu of primary secondary forest and 60,000 mu of planted forest, which is known as the 鈥淒axinganling鈥?in Hubei.

There are thousands of scorpion cuckoo kings with a trunk diameter of more than 80 cm and a thousand acres of ancient tree rhododendron forest. There are two or more national protected plants and more than 1,300 plant species such as yew, sycamore, tulip tree, scale hammer tree, etc.There are 128 kinds of rare birds and animals such as South China Tiger, Leopard, Golden Pheasant, Toon, and Big Ghost.

Rare caves, deep canyons, chic waterfalls and pleasant alpine climate, quaint soil, can be called the kingdom of trees, the ocean of flowers, the paradise of animals, the wonderland of nature and the natural originalCustoms Expo.

Lichuan Baiji Mountain “Dadi Township 路 Dragon Boat Tune” on the list “National Summer Network Red B&B” word of mouth list to the United States to luxury and low-key land like the hidden land?

Long Ship Tune Homestay Bailu Mountain Book House Diversified local slow life Lichuan Bailu Mountain 鈥淒adi Township路Long Ship Tune鈥?B&B is located in Group 5, Baiji Mountain Village, Dongcheng Sub-district Office, No. 246 Dongcheng Road, Lichuan City, adjacent to National Highway 318 and about 8 kilometers from the city.

There is a natural art landscape space that shows the beauty of the local ecology of Lichuan. There is a Bailu Mountain bookstore that advocates urban and rural creation and cultural sharing. There is a charming light song dictation museum in the corner of the Tujia Building. There is an old craft and newDesigned to blend the well market and the cowshed handicraft workshop, there is a lamp lantern, flowers are always open, and the songs are constantly in the bamboo forest song field. There is a pro-cultivation garden and a mountain park that show the industriousness and bravery of the Tujia people.A stylish homestay with a vibrant design and a tented camp in the landscape.

Here, in the early morning, the birds on the branches call you to get up; run along the lake to open the spirit of the day; three meals are the most authentic in the village, the seasons of the food, your physiology will be in the embrace of naturePurify and relax.

Lichuan City, Mudao Town, the list of “National Summer Recreation Town (Country)” Qiyue Mountain Camping Changping Terraced Fields Su Ma Dang Dahua Valley.

Modao Town is located in the northwest of Lichuan City. It is located in the southwestern part of Hubei Province. It is called the East West Throat of the Western Hubei Province. It is known as the 鈥淓ast Jingchu, West Control Bay鈥? 318 National Road, Yiwan Railway runs through the whole territory.It is a place where military merchants must compete.

The ancient name “Huangdaoxi” is the site of Nanpu County in the Jin Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,700 years.

It is the highest mountain town in the west of Hubei. It has the reputation of 鈥渢he hometown of Huanglian鈥? 鈥渢he hometown of metasequoia鈥?and 鈥渢he hometown of yellow flowers鈥?

It belongs to the subtropical continental monsoon climate, with strong geographical cutting, diverse ecological environment and profound cultural accumulation. The town has an altitude of 1387 meters and an average summer temperature of 23 掳C!

In this magical land, there are many tourist attractions, and it is also a famous summer resort.

The main attractions are Su Ma Dang, the world’s first fir, Yu Muzhai, Qi Yueshan and so on.

Ye Sanguan Town, Badong County, on the list of “National Summer Recreation Town (Country)” Wild Sanguan Forest Flower Haiye Sanguan Forest Flower Sea Colorful Slides Wild Sanguan Town Antique Marathon Game Scene San Sanguan Town is a ownedAncient town of ancient history and culture.

As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Ba people formed a stable activity area here, and now it is a pilot town for comprehensive reform of small towns in Hubei Province.

It is located in the east gate of Enshi Prefecture. It is rich in natural resources and rich in Tujia culture. It is the birthplace of 鈥淪afari鈥?

Humin Expressway, Yiwan Railway, 318 National Road meet here, and the geographical position is superior.

The soil is fertile, the forest is rich, the climate is mild, and the average temperature is 11.

7 掳 C.The town has an altitude of 1,100 meters, an annual increase of 1270mm, and an annual frost-free period of 234 days.

It is 168 kilometers east of Yichang city center, 157 kilometers west of Enshi Prefecture, 94 kilometers northeast to Badong County, and 27 kilometers southeast to Shuibuya Hydropower Project.

It has the reputation of 鈥淗uazhong Liangdu鈥?

Relatively speaking, Ye Sanguan Town vigorously develops forest flowers, homestays and other industries, where flowers, seas and seas meet.

The selection activity was supported by 3.3 million netizens and supported by 11 provincial-level media public opinion big data research centers. The air quality, water quality, forest coverage, negative oxygen ion concentration, tourism resources and supporting facilities of the city, attractions, etc.The factor is finalized and the score is finalized.

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