New mother learns to feed

New mother learns to feed

With a clear cry, the pink baby was finally born.

As soon as the baby was born, he instinctively placed a small head arch around to look for his mother’s nipples.

Once in your mouth, you suck “greedily”.

At this moment, some new mothers dwarfed: the baby took a few sips and found nothing, crying loudly; some mothers refused to let the baby’s small mouth come over again because the nipple was sucked by the child and the pain was unbearable.
… After experiencing the pain of childbirth, the mother’s heart is full of the sweetness of the first mother, but it is even sweeter that the baby came to suck breast milk in her arms.

Newborn babies grow up healthily, thanks to mother’s milk.

In order to make the milk sufficient, the baby should not be empty, and they should be full, and the new mother really has to learn hard.

  First of all, you must keep your spirit happy and have confidence in breast milk.

Milk secretion is closely related to the nerve center. Excessive nervousness, anxiety, anger, panic and other bad mental states can cause decreased milk secretion.

Parturients should pay attention to the combination of work and rest to ensure adequate sleep and rest. It is best to take a rest with the baby to reduce interference.

Listening to relaxing music, watching healthy and interesting paintings and calligraphy, is conducive to regulating psychology and maintaining a comfortable mood.

The other members of the family should take good care of the nursing mother, give more comfort and encouragement, and take the initiative to share the housework to prevent fatigue.

  First, timely, appropriate and scientific supplements.

After all, mother’s milk is involved in eating the food.

A large amount of data proves that meat, eggs and soy products have rich nutritional content, can supplement a lot of energy in time sharing, and provide high-quality raw materials for making milk.

Therefore, you should not eat partial food during breastfeeding. According to your personal taste and usual habits, eat more foods that promote milk secretion, such as catfish, catfish, trotters, chicken and its soup.Daylily, walnuts, sesame and other foods.

In addition, during breastfeeding, it is not appropriate to take estrogen and progestin contraceptives to prevent the secretion of milk.

  Third, pay attention to wake-up skills.

Wash your nipples with warm water before breastfeeding. Do not use soap, alcohol, detergent, etc., to avoid removing the natural film that protects the nipples and areola skin, causing nipple cracking and affecting breastfeeding.

After breastfeeding, a small amount of milk can be squeezed out and spread evenly on the nipples to protect the nipple epidermis.

Wet nurses should wear soft cotton clothes, and should not wear chemical fiber materials or rough cloth tops to prevent bad stimulation to the nipples.

At the same time, breast cancer should be prevented from being squeezed and injured, so as not to affect the quality of lactation.

If there is insufficient milk secretion or breast tenderness and discomfort, massage gently to promote breast blood circulation and milk secretion.

When breastfeeding, keep the baby’s entire body close to the mother and face the mother, so that the mouth and chin are close to the breast.

The nursing mother’s hand is C-shaped, and gently lift the breast to facilitate breastfeeding. Do not use scissors to fix the breast.

When your baby’s mouth is wide open, insert the nipples and areola into the mouth, put the nipples on the tongue, and let the child’s small mouth hold the nipples and the colored skin around them.

At this time, the mother can feel the baby’s lips and gums to squeeze the areola rhythmically, the sucking action is slow and powerful, the milk continuously flows into the mouth, and swallows.

New mothers should breastfeed alternately, so as to avoid disparity in asymmetry and affect future shape.

In general, you should wait until the baby releases the nipple before pulling it out.

If the mother wants to stop breastfeeding for some reason, she should put her finger in the baby’s mouth to stop sucking and then pull out the nipple.

Give the baby enough time to suck each time, about 10 minutes on each side, so that the baby can eat the postpartum milk stored in the second half of the breast.

The postpartum aunt has a lot of content, and the heat energy is twice that of the former milk.

If the mother or baby cannot breastfeed due to illness or other reasons, the milk inside the breast must be squeezed out and drained.

The number of emptyings per day is 6?
8 times or more.

Only after the milk in the breast is emptied, can milk continue to be produced normally in the future.

  Fourth, do not easily add other supplementary foods to your child within 4 months after delivery.

Babies’ sucking action can stimulate the mother’s nipple nerve endings, cause the pituitary gland to produce prolactin, be carried by the blood to the breast, and promote milk secretion.
In addition, it may cause mastitis, reduce the pain of milk swelling, and prevent mastitis caused by it.

  Finally, the first period of menstrual period?
In 2 days, breast milk may be reduced a little. You can increase the frequency of breastfeeding and increase the amount of milk after menstruation.