[How to make pork rib soup for baby-]

[What does baby do with pork rib soup?

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After the baby comes to the world, because his gastrointestinal function is not fully developed and the digestive system is poor, the dietary requirements are relatively high. Many adults cannot eat the food, and they need to adopt a unique cooking method or a uniqueIngredients for your baby.

Pork rib soup is a good food for babies. So what should baby pork rib soup do?

Yam is rich in a variety of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Carrots can provide rich vitamin A. These nutrients can enhance the baby’s immunity. Stewed with ribs, the taste is refreshing, and the soup is delicious, especially rich in calcium.Quality can promote the growth of your baby’s bones.

Tips: The baby’s gastrointestinal development is not very healthy. Pure pork rib soup is too greasy for the baby. The mother must remove the oil from the soup before giving it to the baby. You can also add some vegetables to the soup to make the nutrition more balanced.The taste is more refreshing and the baby will like it more.

[Carrot and Yam Pork Rib Soup]Ingredients: ribs, two segments of carrots, appropriate amount of yam, reference amount of age: October and above. Applicable objects: babies who are not sensitive to the above ingredients 1, prepare ingredients: two ribs, appropriate amount of carrots, appropriate amount of yam 2, carrotSkin cut 3, peeled and cut yam, yam peeling requires attention to methods, otherwise the yam viscous liquid is easy to be allergic to the skin of the hand, and the skin is slightly red, and itching is very uncomfortable.

Wear gloves or use plastic wrap to pad one end of the yam and peel, and then use the same method to peel the other end.

This prevents the skin from directly contacting the skin, so it will not be allergic.

4, cold ribs into the pot, boil 5, boil over medium heat for 2 minutes, skim the floating foam 6, remove the pork ribs with foam, put it in the baby stew pot with carrots, yam 7, low fireStew over water 2.

For 5 hours, you can use the casserole or ordinary stewpot instead of water-proof stew in the pot. You only need to simmer it slowly over a low fire, so that the ribs will be soft and rotten.(Baby don’t add salt) and natural seasoning oyster powder can be out of the pot?