Don’t think that your ears are good, but the disadvantages are especially


Don’t think that your ears are good, but the disadvantages are especially

The breeze of spring has blown, and the cold winter has gradually moved away from us.

The alternation of the warm and cold season will always have an impact on our health.

How can I adjust my body to meet the spring of the Year of the Ox?

Life Family Xiaobian specially prepares the most abundant health and wellness knowledge for you to help you have a healthy and happy spring.

銆€銆€Bleeding from the ear is usually caused by capillary bleeding. If you get bleeding through the tympanic membrane and cause perforation of the tympanic membrane, you will feel very painful. At this time, you must prevent the ear from entering the water to prevent infection and go to the hospital for medical treatment.

銆€銆€Some people may prefer to be hygienic and feel comfortable with their ears. In fact, the ears can be completely ruthless, because the ears themselves have a self-cleaning function, and the secretions will naturally be replaced outside the ear.

銆€銆€(usually once in a half month or so) The disadvantages of the ear: Some people have itchy ears, often using hairpins, matchsticks, ear spoons, etc., actually cause a lot of harm.

銆€銆€There is a parotid gland in the skin on the outer spine surface of the external auditory canal, which can secrete a light yellow sticky substance called sputum, commonly known as “ear deaf” or “deafness”. It guards the external auditory canal like “sentinel”.door.

Some of these substances are flaky when exposed to air, and some are viscous oils.

Usually “hidden” in the external auditory canal, has the role of protecting the skin of the external auditory canal and suffering from foreign substances (such as dust, small flying insects, etc.).

銆€銆€The skin of the external auditory canal is relatively delicate, the connection with the perichondrium is relatively tight, the subcutaneous tissue is less, the blood circulation is poor, and if the force is improperly applied to the ear, it is easy to cause damage to the external auditory canal, infection, resulting in swelling of the external auditory canal, inflammation, ulceration, and even painful ear pain.Open your mouth and chew.