How to choose eye cream

How to choose eye cream

How to choose the right eye cream for you?

Is it something that causes a lot of eyebrow headaches?

If the eye cream is not selected well, it is very likely that the beauty will not be disappointed.

Many sisters started to form aunty granules due to improper replacement of eye cream.

It is even more difficult to remove it.

  Today I will teach you how to choose eye cream. The types of eye creams available on the market are eye gel, eye cream, and eye mask. Their functions are: dark circles, soothing eye skin has a certain effect.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, some are emulsion-like, and gel-like, so it has a higher moisture content. In addition to improving eye problems, it can also improve wrinkles and fine lines.

  Eye mask is also a good conditioner.

It belongs to the SOS first aid product, and its effect is obvious when the eye suddenly appears.

But because it contains rich active ingredients, it is best to use it under the guidance of a beautician. Is it suitable for you?

  1 .

Moisturizing type: suitable for use in dry environments.


Anti-aging type: with anti-wrinkle and sun protection, suitable for summer and video workers.


Firm type: Women who expect oily nourishing ingredients, include dark circles, skin aging and dry skin.


Anti-allergy type: Suitable for women with sensitive and problematic skin.

  Choose the eye cream that suits you carefully: Gel-like eye cream: Gel-like eye cream is mostly plant-based, which will prevent the formation of unfortunate particles on the eyes.

After using the gel-like eye cream, you will feel firmness of the eyes. Some eye creams such as indigo pixel spring are very good.

  Many people use this type of eye cream for good feedback.

The eyebrows who are used in the trial center are all good. The effect of hydrating is very good.

Whether it is bags under the eyes, dark circles or fine lines, the effect is super good.

  Watermelon peels, cucumber slices, etc. are commonly used to help protect and nourish.

Do not wash your face with too hot water, rub your eyes, and do not drink a lot of water before bedtime to avoid waking up around your eyes.

In addition, applying ice-cold flakes prepared in the refrigerator every morning before makeup can effectively treat the daily protection of lump and dark circles in the floating eye area.

In terms of diet: eat more foods with collagen, such as chicken skin, pig skin, pork elbow, fish head fish scale soup, etc.

New mother learns to feed

New mother learns to feed

With a clear cry, the pink baby was finally born.

As soon as the baby was born, he instinctively placed a small head arch around to look for his mother’s nipples.

Once in your mouth, you suck “greedily”.

At this moment, some new mothers dwarfed: the baby took a few sips and found nothing, crying loudly; some mothers refused to let the baby’s small mouth come over again because the nipple was sucked by the child and the pain was unbearable.
… After experiencing the pain of childbirth, the mother’s heart is full of the sweetness of the first mother, but it is even sweeter that the baby came to suck breast milk in her arms.

Newborn babies grow up healthily, thanks to mother’s milk.

In order to make the milk sufficient, the baby should not be empty, and they should be full, and the new mother really has to learn hard.

  First of all, you must keep your spirit happy and have confidence in breast milk.

Milk secretion is closely related to the nerve center. Excessive nervousness, anxiety, anger, panic and other bad mental states can cause decreased milk secretion.

Parturients should pay attention to the combination of work and rest to ensure adequate sleep and rest. It is best to take a rest with the baby to reduce interference.

Listening to relaxing music, watching healthy and interesting paintings and calligraphy, is conducive to regulating psychology and maintaining a comfortable mood.

The other members of the family should take good care of the nursing mother, give more comfort and encouragement, and take the initiative to share the housework to prevent fatigue.

  First, timely, appropriate and scientific supplements.

After all, mother’s milk is involved in eating the food.

A large amount of data proves that meat, eggs and soy products have rich nutritional content, can supplement a lot of energy in time sharing, and provide high-quality raw materials for making milk.

Therefore, you should not eat partial food during breastfeeding. According to your personal taste and usual habits, eat more foods that promote milk secretion, such as catfish, catfish, trotters, chicken and its soup.Daylily, walnuts, sesame and other foods.

In addition, during breastfeeding, it is not appropriate to take estrogen and progestin contraceptives to prevent the secretion of milk.

  Third, pay attention to wake-up skills.

Wash your nipples with warm water before breastfeeding. Do not use soap, alcohol, detergent, etc., to avoid removing the natural film that protects the nipples and areola skin, causing nipple cracking and affecting breastfeeding.

After breastfeeding, a small amount of milk can be squeezed out and spread evenly on the nipples to protect the nipple epidermis.

Wet nurses should wear soft cotton clothes, and should not wear chemical fiber materials or rough cloth tops to prevent bad stimulation to the nipples.

At the same time, breast cancer should be prevented from being squeezed and injured, so as not to affect the quality of lactation.

If there is insufficient milk secretion or breast tenderness and discomfort, massage gently to promote breast blood circulation and milk secretion.

When breastfeeding, keep the baby’s entire body close to the mother and face the mother, so that the mouth and chin are close to the breast.

The nursing mother’s hand is C-shaped, and gently lift the breast to facilitate breastfeeding. Do not use scissors to fix the breast.

When your baby’s mouth is wide open, insert the nipples and areola into the mouth, put the nipples on the tongue, and let the child’s small mouth hold the nipples and the colored skin around them.

At this time, the mother can feel the baby’s lips and gums to squeeze the areola rhythmically, the sucking action is slow and powerful, the milk continuously flows into the mouth, and swallows.

New mothers should breastfeed alternately, so as to avoid disparity in asymmetry and affect future shape.

In general, you should wait until the baby releases the nipple before pulling it out.

If the mother wants to stop breastfeeding for some reason, she should put her finger in the baby’s mouth to stop sucking and then pull out the nipple.

Give the baby enough time to suck each time, about 10 minutes on each side, so that the baby can eat the postpartum milk stored in the second half of the breast.

The postpartum aunt has a lot of content, and the heat energy is twice that of the former milk.

If the mother or baby cannot breastfeed due to illness or other reasons, the milk inside the breast must be squeezed out and drained.

The number of emptyings per day is 6?
8 times or more.

Only after the milk in the breast is emptied, can milk continue to be produced normally in the future.

  Fourth, do not easily add other supplementary foods to your child within 4 months after delivery.

Babies’ sucking action can stimulate the mother’s nipple nerve endings, cause the pituitary gland to produce prolactin, be carried by the blood to the breast, and promote milk secretion.
In addition, it may cause mastitis, reduce the pain of milk swelling, and prevent mastitis caused by it.

  Finally, the first period of menstrual period?
In 2 days, breast milk may be reduced a little. You can increase the frequency of breastfeeding and increase the amount of milk after menstruation.

Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

As the saying goes, the nose smells smelly and the tongue tastes five flavors.

If one day eats everything tastes like chew wax, then life is meaningless.

Conversely, if you often feel a bad smell in your mouth, some pantothenic acid, bitter mouth, sweetness, don’t be careless, because this is often a signal of some kind of disease.

  Sweet taste: Generally speaking, the spleen is hot and sweet, so sweet taste is mostly caused by spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Disorders of the digestive system can lead to abnormal secretion of various enzymes, increase in amylase content in saliva, stimulate the taste buds on the tongue and feel sweet.

In addition, diabetes patients with elevated blood sugar, saliva sugar is also increased, and often the tongue becomes sweet.

  Sore mouth: Traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland believes that liver fever is sore mouth, which is mainly caused by the heat of liver and gallbladder, which is formed after the spleen is eroded, and many people may also have symptoms such as thin yellow tongue coating, abdominal distension after eating, nausea, and even chest tightness and rib painIt indicates that you may have diseases such as gastritis or gastrointestinal ulcers, and it is best to have a further stomach examination immediately.

  Bitter mouth: People with bitter mouth are mainly caused by damp heat, which are more common in liver and gallbladder damp heat and stomach heat, usually due to bile reflux, so first check the stomach and gallbladder for problems; some people who like supper or eat spicy foodBile reflux can also cause mouth pain; elderly people are also prone to mouth pain due to poor gastric motility; cancer patients also often have mouth pain symptoms; and some mental workers, because of mental stress, coupled with daily dietRhythm disorders lead to gastrointestinal stagnation. Foods that have been eaten for too long at physiological times can easily cause mouth pain.

  Spicy taste: Most people who have a spicy taste in their mouths or have a numbness in their tongues are caused by lung fever or gastroenteritis. They are commonly found in hypertension, neurosis, menopausal syndrome, and chronic low fever.Cough, thick expectoration, yellow tongue coating, etc.

  Salty mouth: Salty mouth is related to kidneys, mainly due to insufficient kidney yin, caused by deficient fire, and some are accompanied by softness of waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, five upsets, chills, cold limbs, fatigue, and nocturiaSymptoms are more common in chronic nephritis, neurogenetics, chronic sore throat, or oral ulcers.

  Special needs of experts are that abnormal taste is also related to many factors such as age, gender, mood, environment, diet, oral hygiene and so on.

Those who smoke or drink too much alcohol and lack sleep can also experience abnormal taste.

Therefore, if there is an abnormal taste, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis.

Elderly person taking a half-body bath can help the heart and lungs

Elderly person taking a half-body bath can help the heart and lungs

There is an old saying in China: “The elderly take a bath frequently, it is better to prescribe it.

“But statistics show that nearly 10% -20% of hypertensive elderly people have cerebrovascular disease during bathing every year.

In fact, the crux of the accident did not lie in the bath itself, but in the wrong way.

Recently, studies in Japan and South Korea may indicate that elderly people are the most suitable for taking a “half bath.”

  The so-called “half-body bath” refers to soaking the lower part of the belly button when taking a bath.

Japanese health experts point out that the elderly should take a “half-body bath” within 30 minutes and the water temperature should be around 37 ° C.

Because the blood that bleeds from the heart can return to the heart after circulating in the body within 1 minute.

If soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, the blood can circulate 30 times in the body, which helps to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, improve heart beat and lung respiratory function.

  Another benefit of taking a half body bath is that it can fully stimulate the lower limbs and acupuncture points and reflex areas such as the feet, lower legs, etc., speed up metabolism and regulate the whole body.

For example, the Yongquan and Taichong points of the feet have the effect of nourishing the kidney and protecting the liver after being subjected to warm stimulation.

Soaking for a while not only relieves fatigue, but also turns toxins into sweat.

  Bai Yu, a professor of the Center for Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, pointed out that taking a half-body bath is safer and healthier for the elderly.

Many elderly people are now used to showering for convenience.

However, bathing can alleviate sore muscles and fatigue, and at the same time, the elderly have poor balance ability. Bathing can avoid hidden dangers such as falls.

Even if spraying, the elderly can focus on lower body, such as abdomen, calves, feet, etc.

In this way, the power of water flow can be used to shrink and penetrate and massage, and promote blood circulation.

  Xiao Zhenyu, an expert from the China Center for Aging Science, told reporters that water temperatures above 42 ° C may increase blood pressure, heart rate, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and diabetes in the elderly, so pay extra attention to water temperature.

He also reminded that the elderly should take a short rest before taking a bath when they are full and saturated, and after a lot of exercise or labor.

Life needs the right amount to be healthy

Life needs the right amount to be healthy

“Eat everything, but in moderation” is the most important thing.

Even if you exercise, you don’t need to choose aerobic exercise for everyone. Different types of people should choose the exercise that is suitable for them. It is also a kind of exercise for the frail people, even rubbing their hands in fresh air.

  Pan Chaoxi, a professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that eating is related to both ethnicity and race.

Orientals are generally more adaptable to soy products, while European and American races are more adaptable to animal and milk proteins.

What to eat must conform to the laws of nature.

Now the greenhouse technology has been able to meet the off-season vegetable and fruit cultivation, but the greenhouse solves the problem of temperature, but it cannot solve the problem of light. If there is insufficient light and no hormones, the fruit cannot be retained on the plant and matured.

In some fruits, the content of fructose has been increased several times due to the addition of fertilizers, but the levels of fruit acids, vitamins and inorganic salts have decreased.

  Pan Chaoxi said that even drinking soup before meals is not suitable for everyone.

People who exercise or work hard consume energy quickly. After filling the abdomen with soup, they will soon have a fever and suffering. People with atrophic gastritis have less secretion of gastric acid. Drinking soup to dilute the stomach acid is more likely to cause stomach distensionDigestion and worsening of the condition.

For those who are overweight, if you want to control the staple food by drinking soup before meals, it should be fat-free, low-salt, no-transformation, low-protein, thin soup with vitamins, not fatty and high-proteinChicken soup, fish soup, broth and polysaccharide soup, because the protein in this type of soup has been split, which is more conducive to nutrient absorption, but will not lose weight and will increase fat.

Carp made soup can cure edema

Carp made soup can cure edema

Regarding the word “fish”, there are many ways to write oracle bones. For example, yú, you can see at first glance that this is a pictograph: the prominent mouth, pectoral and dorsal fins, and the fish scales intertwined with twill.

“Said the text” said: “Fish, water bugs also.

Pictographs, fishtails and swallowtails. ”

  During the development of ancient civilizations, the fishing and hunting civilization predates the agricultural civilization, so fish was also the first creature known, captured and eaten by the ancestors.

As early as 6,000 years ago in the Neolithic era, the patterns of fish and fishing tools have appeared on the rare colored pottery at that time.

For example, the world-famous man-faced fish pattern pot unearthed in Banpo, Shaanxi. The body of the vessel is a red terracotta robe, and the inside wall of the vessel is painted with two symmetrical human-face patterns and fish-patterns.The worship of fish is a true portrayal of fishing and hunting life at the time, and it also implies some kind of primitive witchcraft worship.

  In addition to fishing for fruit, the ancestors have long recognized the fact that fish can cure diseases.

Fish is also one of the first drugs explicitly documented by Oracle.

The oracle bone inscriptions unearthed by Yin Xiu have records of fish treating abdominal diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are two types of abdominal diseases, either cold or hot. The ancients also believed that fish was hot, and the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” should be recorded as “Fisher makes people hot.”

The oracle bone inscription said that “treatment with fish”, the patient’s illness should be “cold”, so use “fish” to treat cold abdominal disease.

This shows that as early as the Yin and Shang dynasties, the ancients had been able to use certain foods to treat corresponding diseases.

This may also be the original source of medicine and food homology.

  In the history of traditional Chinese medicine, the medical treatment of fish by successive doctors has continued.

At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that different types of fish have different sexual tastes and therapeutic effects.

In contrast, carp is the most documented in the Materia Medica literature.

“Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “The carp is sweet and flat, with good effects on water, swelling, qi, and milk.

Treatment of swelling and fullness, athlete’s foot, jaundice, cough and gas regurgitation, milk leak. ”

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also said: “The carp is better at urination, so it can eliminate swelling, jaundice, beriberi, wheezing, and hot and humid diseases.

“In clinical practice, carp has two main applications: one treatment for edema and unfavorable urination; and one treatment for maternal milk failure.

Regarding the use of carp to treat edema and unfavorable prescriptions, “The Secret of Waitai” edited by Wang Yi of the Tang Dynasty has the following record: “Take the carp head, the largest, remove the head and tail and bones, and only take the meat and water.One liter of red beans, boiled with fish, you can take more than two liters of juice, twist the raw cloth to simmer.

Immediate service, if not, divided into two services.

After the service is warm and warm.

This recipe is simple and easy to use. The two flavors of “carp” and “red bean” are common things. The combination of the two is not only a delicious dish, but also has a good curative effect.

Today, in the treatment of patients with edema nephritis, Chixiaodou is often used for medicine, but no doctor has written a carp in the prescription; even if there is such a doctor’s prescription, I am afraid that it will be ridiculed and doubted by laymen, it is a sigh!

  The medicinal value of the most common carp is still so. The variety of other fish, especially the less common fish, such as many deep-sea fish, is even more important.

On this topic, it is really possible to write a monograph.

In fact, more than just fish, everything in the world has its unnoticeable function, or its wonderful use other than common functions, but it is not known to the world.

For Chinese medicine, many things that people usually use as food often have special curative effects. This is the reason that the ancients often said that the medicine and food are homologous.

Chinese medicine foot bath for treating hypertension

Chinese medicine foot bath for treating hypertension

Hypertension is a part of dizziness and headache in Chinese medicine.

Hypertension is divided into two categories: primary and secondary.

Patients with hypertension may wish to try the following foot bath recipes: 1.

Mulberry leaf celery foot bath square mulberry leaves, 30g each of mulberry branch, 50g of celery.

  Usage: Add 4000ml of boiling water to the above medicines, smoke the feet first, then dip the feet, once a day, 2 times a day when it occurs, 1 dose can be used 2-3 times, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Qinggan antihypertensive.

This party is suitable for all types of hypertension patients.


Uncaria mulberry leaf foot bath square vine 20g, mulberry leaf 15g, chrysanthemum 20g.

Prunella 30g.

  Usage: apply medicine and add 4000ml decoction to take the liquid, first smoke the feet and then wash the feet warmly, once a day, 1 dose can be used 2-3 times, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Pinggan Qianyang, clearing heat and soothe the nerves.


Sang Mulberry Weizi foot bath square mulberry leaves, mulberry branches each 20g, Wei Weizi 15g.

  Usage: apply medicine and add 4000ml decoction to take the liquid, first smoke your feet and then wash your feet warmly, once a day, 2 times a day when it occurs, 1 dose can be used 2?
3 times, 10 days as a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: diuretic and antihypertensive.

Applicable to headaches caused by high blood pressure, embolism, etc.


Mulberry parasite Mulberry foot bath Fang mulberry parasite, pregnant with Achyranthes bidentata, weiweizi, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum 10g each, hook rattan, Ming staff 30g each, mulberry 20g.

  Usage: Put the medicine into a cloth bag and add 4000ml of boiling water for decoction. First smoke your feet and then wash your feet warmly. Once a day, 1 dose can be used 2-3 times. One week is a course of treatment for 4 consecutive courses.Smoked feet once every 2-3 days.

  Efficacy: Pinggan Yang, Yigan Yin, lowering blood pressure.


Wusong Cinnamon paste foot bath Fang Wusong, 50g each of cinnamon.

  Usage: Take the medicine together to study the fines, take about 10g of rice vinegar each time to make a thin paste, and apply it to the heart and kidney reflex area of both feet, change it every day for 5-7 days.

  Efficacy: Wenjing Tongmai, Shuganxiaqi.

Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Bad habit one: smoking decompression can cause lung cancer. When a person smokes, he affects not only his own health, because research shows that the harm of second-hand smoke to the human body is comparable to direct smoking, and children passively accept “second-hand smoke.”Post-hazard budget.

  In addition to smoking as an important reason for the continued rise in the incidence and mortality of lung cancer, the Beijing Health Bureau said that air pollution is also an important factor in the high incidence of lung cancer.

At present, the main carcinogenic components known in the atmosphere are benzopyrene and the like. In large polluted cities, residents can inhale benzopyrene in an amount exceeding 20 cigarettes per day.

  Bad habit two: not eating breakfast is prone to gallbladder cancer. Young office workers often go out without breakfast.

But often skipping breakfast is a predisposing factor for gallstones and gallbladder cancer.

Because after more than 8 hours of sleep, residual bile is retained in the gallbladder. If you can eat in time, drink milk, and eat a slice of bread, you can help bile be discharged and it is not easy to form stones.

But if you don’t eat breakfast, bile will accumulate in the gallbladder to form stones, causing metabolic disturbances in the gallbladder.

So office workers are better to get up half an hour in advance and set aside half an hour for breakfast each day.

  Bad habit three: staying up late to work is prone to breast cancer. The latest scientific research on prostate cancer has found that among women and men who work overnight, the incidence of cancer and prostate cancer is higher than the daily work population.

  Women who work night shifts regularly for 3 consecutive years have a 40% higher risk of breast cancer than women who work normally; if they work night shifts regularly for more than 3 years, they are 60% more likely to get sick.

Due to the bright light during the shift, the natural cycle of melatonin production in the human body changes. The night light reduces the secretion of human melatonin, and the role of melatonin is to protect the destruction of DNA oxidation and inhibit cancerous cells.

  Bad habit four: gluttonous meat is prone to diabetes A British study showed that excessive consumption of processed meat foods may increase potential risks.

Therefore, if women want to stay away from the far end, they cannot be willful predators, especially to reduce the consumption of various ready-to-eat meat products.

However, it is unwise for women to reject meat altogether.

It is recommended to control the consumption of meat below 100 grams per day, and it is best to reduce the temperature by steaming, braising, etc.

  Bad habit five: Sedentary is prone to stomach cancer. A report released by the World Health Organization states that more than 2 million people die each year as a result of sitting still.

The report also predicts that by 2020, 70% of global diseases will be caused by sitting too long and lack of exercise.

  Someone sits in front of a computer for hours, and they do not know that this habit will inhibit the activity of immune genetic factors and increase the possibility of cancer.

Japanese medical scientists in a survey of patients undergoing gastric cancer surgery found that eating too saturated and sedentary and inactive is a common feature of them. Over time, the immune factors in the body become dull and incompetent.

  Bad habit six: Cervical cancer is prone to polysexual couples In recent years, the age of onset of cervical cancer has gradually become younger.

One of the causes of cervical cancer in young women is related to sexual disorder.

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by sexually transmitted infections. The greater the number of women’s sexual partners with their husbands, the higher the risk of sexually transmitted infections, and the incidence of cervical cancer can be.

Data show that women with multiple sexual partners are more than 2-3 times more likely to have cervical cancer than those with only one sexual partner.

  Bad habit # 7: Poor quality toilet paper can cause gynecological cancer. Some girls usually pay attention to dress and dress, and spend hundreds of thousands to buy new clothes and cosmetics.Pick cheap and buy cheap.

As everyone knows, although some inferior toilet papers have a bright white color, they are added to fluorescent whitening agents or talcum powder, and prolonged contact with the skin can easily cause leukemia.

Others use waste paper after bleaching and processing, which may contain antibiotics and hepatitis virus.

Therefore, you must not take small sanitary products lightly, you must buy products from the brand, do not hurt your life health because of the pursuit of temporary cheap.

  Bad habit eight: Heart width and body fat are easy to get colon cancer, prostate cancer and other heart width is a good thing, but body weight needs to be vigilant.

Some cancers are related to obesity, such as colon cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cancer and so on.

Therefore, pay attention to the diet structure, strengthen exercise, control weight, and reduce slight accumulation in the body.

Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

We all want to have a young and delicate skin. The enamel-like smoothness is what every woman desires.

However, due to the tremendous pressure of life and work, we take care of our skin no longer lost, and make them worse.

The use of many skin care products is not very effective, in fact, the most important point is actually massage.

  When we use skin care products every day, they are often simply applied to the skin. In fact, you give up the most important and effective point, that is, massage. In fact, the temperature of the palm is used for massage.Let our skin care products have a good absorption, while also making our skin more and more delicate and smooth.

  step 1.

Pour an appropriate amount of toner into the palm of your hand, and hold the temperature of the palm to achieve a good effect.

  High silk moisturizing lotion reference price: RMB 138 yuan / 190ml step2.

Use the example steam meter to steam the face, this can not only accelerate the absorption of skin care products, but also make the skin more hydrated.

  The anion steam meter insists on doing skin care once or twice a week, which can alleviate skin dullness, dryness, relaxation, fine lines and other phenomena. The anion rejuvenator can eliminate aging keratinocytes of the skin, facilitate skin excretion and improve skinDehydration, promote local blood circulation, adjust the pH of the skin, ion mist also has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for oily, neutral, dry, mixed, sensitive skin.

  third step.

Start massaging the most important parts of the facial skin, first around the eyes.

  Lancome Lancome Firming Eye Essence Reference Price: 630 yuan / 15ml step4.

This type of skin care is usually the most easily overlooked alternative to skin care. In fact, skin care is more important, because more and more women’s age secrets are replaced by chains.

  L’Oréal Paris Paris L’Oreal Rejuvenating Face and Neck Face Cream Price: RMB 220 yuan step5.

Apply the mask, apply the mask to the shell, remove it according to the requirements of the product, and wash it with water.

  Kose Sekkisei muscle essence essence mask reference price: 469 yuan step6.

Perform a comprehensive massage on the face. Step 1 Massage the areas where the skin is wrinkled. This not only relieves the wrinkles caused by the expression every day, but also reduces our skin, so that they will not be tired and nervous at night.

  LUNASOL Sun and Moon Crystal Rejuvenating Nourishing Massage Milk Reference Price: RMB 350 / 40g Massage Step 2. Thumbs of both hands are used as the base point, pass through the temple, then the index finger is bent, and massaged from the brow to the brow.

  In massage step 3, insert the middle finger into the acupoint in front of the ear column, and then use the third ring finger and the little finger to slide from top to bottom in a semicircular manner.

  Massage step 4, hold your hands in half fists, and then slide manually to promote initialization of blood circulation.

  Finally, in fact, the most important step is a good self-psychological hint, using both hands and massaging the entire face of the nipple, so that the temperature of the hand is transmitted to the arm.

Psychology implies that the skin becomes smoother and the skin becomes younger.

This complete set of massage techniques is done!

Home-made side dishes, tea, mushrooms, blue beans, stir-fry

Home-made side dishes, tea, mushrooms, blue beans, stir-fry

Paeonia lactiflora is tender and delicious, with 19 grams of protein and 7 grams per 100 grams.

8 grams of aunt, nourishing blood and rheumatism.

The white peony is cooked with tea tree mushrooms and blue beans. The taste is reasonable and the nutrition is balanced. It is a good side dish.

  Ingredients: 1 barberry, 100 grams of tea tree mushrooms, 80 grams of blue beans, 15 grams of shallots, 15 grams of garlic (striped and stripped), ginger juice, soy sauce, crushed white pepper, salt, sugar, pepper,Rice wine, raw flour, and peanut oil are appropriate.

  Method: The white crickets are slaughtered to remove the internal organs, boil water to 80 ° C, put the crickets in for 30 seconds, and then remove them. Use a knife to scrape off the white mucus on the crickets, rinse them with water, and cut into sections.Net spare; Wash tea tree mushrooms, stir-fry with oil and sauté, take out; pat the garlic and spring onion, stir fry the lower part, add tea tree mushrooms and orchid beans, add ginger juice, wine and head soak, addMince salt and pepper, continue to stir fry, thin seasoning and serve.