Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

People often attribute the secret of maintaining marriage to the elements of “attracting each other”, “concern”, “patience” and “true love”.

  European scientists disagree.

They “unromanticly” linked the relationship between marriage and the spouse’s age, education level, and marriage history to objective factors such as formulating the best “recipe” for a happy marriage.

  The follow-up study, which is referred to as “optimizing the marriage market,” was published in the European Journal of Operations Research.

  Experts participating in the study said that using this theoretical result can predict that the “short-lived rate” of some marriages is five times that of other marriages.

  Dr. Emmanuel Franier of the University of Bath, UK, was one of the study participants who had carefully studied the data of 1,534 Swiss couples collected by interviewers through interviews.

These are couples and lovers who are serious about each other.

Five years later, the researchers successfully contacted 1074 couples to see who had parted ways with the “other half.”

  By analyzing the collected age, education level, ethnicity, and emotional experience of the couple, the researchers found that many of the breakup cases have the same characteristics.

  ”It seems that men and women choose partners based on love, attractiveness, same hobbies, beliefs and common values.

However, the life span of a marriage also determines objective factors.

Matching couples based on objective criteria such as age and education may reduce the divorce rate, “the British Daily Mail reported on the 24th, citing a research report.

  The best formula According to the research report, the best couple model that can strengthen the marriage is that both men and women are highly educated and have no history of divorce, and the man is 5 years older than the woman.

  Wife over 5 years younger than her husband is the least likely age group to create conflicts, and their divorce inherits one-sixth of other marriages.

The British Conservative leader David Cameron, 43, and his 38-year-old wife, Samantha, are certainly good news.

  Although the 49-year-old US President Barack Obama and the “First Lady” Michelle Obama are only 3 years apart, their 17-year happy marriage has gradually ranked them as “ideal couples”.

  The findings suggest that marriages where a couple has been divorced are more likely to fail.

Perhaps this report is very popular in Hollywood. For example, the marriage history star Michael Douglas, his marriage with current wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is not considered to be optimistic.

  After a comparative analysis of the collocation principle, the researchers also summarized the conditions for a “nightmare marriage”: if a woman with a low education level chooses a partner who is equal to her education level, divorced and 5 years younger than herself,Then the chance of failure of this marriage is 5 times higher than that of ordinary marriage.

  Psychologists analyzed the importance of each factor in the “best marriage” and “nightmare marriage”.

When it comes to age, experts believe that if wives are five years older than their husbands, they are three times more likely to divorce than a couple of the same age.

  Less educated couples are more likely to divorce than educated couples on both sides.

If the wife’s education level is higher than the husband’s, their marital endurance will be 8 times that of the couple with low education level on both sides, and 3 times higher than the husband’s education level than the wife’s combination.

  Although the best and best couple combinations require that both parties have no history of marriage, the data also shows that if both couples have experienced divorce, their marriage stability is only a little less than the “best model”.

Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Meiling is a friend I have known for more than 20 years. Except for being fatter these years, my face has not changed much. However, I noticed that her neck seems to be more and more droopy. It is easy to let her take care when taking pictures.The drooping crime is connected to the chin, looks like a turkey’s neck, and looks particularly old.

Although modern medical cosmetic surgery is developed, the face can be easily operated by young people over 10 years old, but they can only be improved by medical cosmetic surgery, the effect is really limited!

Don’t hurry up for maintenance sooner?

  False 1 My preset lines now look tight and smooth and should not require maintenance!

  This concept is of course wrong, causing the skin to look like facial care. Do not wait until it is full of wrinkles.

As far as the formation of texture structure is concerned, both the pits and the hills are more complex than the length texture. With the horizontal texture stripes, it is easy to form “wrinkles”, and the skin has less skin protein content than the face, and the thickness is only the facial skin.2/3, coupled with proper responsibility for supporting the weight and the mechanism of the human body’s rotation, frequent torsional actions such as torsion, will accelerate the destruction of elastic fibers, and it is easy to fatigue.

In addition, external environmental influences, ultraviolet rays, changes in temperature and humidity, and even improper daily routines can cause fine lines. For example, if you like to talk on the phone with a microphone, you often work with your head down . These improper stimuli will cause neck wrinkles, which is more necessaryCare as diligently as facial skin.

  If you want to avoid rapid deterioration, you should start from weekday maintenance. Do not wash the skin with too hot water. At the same time, try not to maintain a single posture for too long. Remember to always correct by turning left and right and up and down to relieve excessive pressure on the cervical spine.You can use a hot compress before bed to promote the initial blood circulation.

  1 L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Shaper Cream 220 yuan / 50ml to enhance the firming effect on the target and contour lines, and can help restore the slenderness of the complications of excessive sagging.

  False 2 Neck products should be sales gimmicks that manufacturers have come up with. Neck patterns that have already appeared cannot be improved at all!

  It is necessary to apply skin care products instead of the instructions that the manufacturer only came out in order to make money. It is really helpful to diligently maintain the lines and lines.

  The choice of the beauty neck products first replenishes and locks in moisture, such as hyaluronic acid, seaweed, collagen and other moisturizing ingredients, which can help dry and spotted skin to improve. If deep wrinkles can appear, try to absorb wrinkle-reducing neck cream.Such as pentapeptide, hexapeptide, vitamin A, etc., help collagen proliferation, so that there is a chance to eliminate neck lines.

If you want to get better results from cervical spine products, it is recommended to keep massage at the same time: Step 1 Take an appropriate amount of neck cream and rub it on your hands, starting from the alternating upper and lower jaws, and gently pushing evenly from bottom to top.

  Step2 Raise the head slightly 45 degrees, and use the palm of your hand to massage from the clavicle from bottom to top, about ten times.

  Step3 is especially for deeper lines, using one hand to stretch the neck line, and taking an appropriate amount of neck cream with the other hand to align and massage the lines at the lines in a spiral manner to improve the effect of the neck line.

  In addition, if over-exposed to the sun, it is easy to increase and deepen the “annual rings” like a thousand-year-old tree, which will also cause pigmentation and dullness.

When you apply sunscreen on your face, remember to take out twice the amount and reset it in order to achieve effective resistance to light aging and avoid deepening of replacement lines.

  2 Clarins Renewing Firming Neck Cream 580 yuan / 50ml contains ginseng, olive, walnut and other multiple plant formulas to tighten the skin and improve fine lines.

  3 Sisley neck cream 1080 yuan / 50ml is very moisturizing, mainly to help maintain the moisturizing effect, the skin becomes noticeably finer after use.

  Wrong 3 Because you need a special skin care product, you ca n’t use a face care product instead!

  Of course, face care products can be used to supplement the skin, but the skin is slightly thin and easy to dry, so you must choose products carefully. Generally speaking, good quality day cream and night cream can be used, especially at night.Lifting, anti-wrinkle, firming serum or night cream.

Some facial anti-wrinkle products are not suitable for use on the skin, such as high concentrations of fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, because they cause the skin to be thin and easy to pull, these ingredients are likely to cause excessive skin irritation and cause allergic dryness problems.

In addition, the exfoliating procedures that are generally performed on facials are also applicable to the above-mentioned skins. When exfoliating, the force should be small and the residence time should be short. Avoid exfoliating cream with large particles, so as not to damage the delicate replacement.

  4 Shiseido Pan-Fashion Non-Sensitive Neck Cream 420 yuan / 50ml uses a compact formula that can form a highly conformable elastic film and give skin a lifting effect.

  5 DHC Q10 Firming Neck Cream 138 yuan / 25g Light and non-sticky touch, it can instantly penetrate immediately, fully moisturizing and firming the skin.

80% of professionals have heart disease _1

80% of professionals have “heart disease”

80% of working people have heart disease According to the statistics of the intervention center, from January to June this year, a total of 1,600 psychological consultations were received, and most of them were working people.
Among them, the two groups of teachers and civil servants have the most prominent psychological problems, accounting for 40% of the people seeking help.
This means that professionals in the workplace are at high risk for outbreaks of mental illness, and their psychological problems in somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, anxiety, and paranoia are significantly higher than those in the general population.
  The psychological problems that arise in the workplace involve a wide range of issues, including interpersonal relationships among colleagues, interpersonal relationships with supervisors, and work stress.
In particular, civil servants have performed outstandingly on issues such as being wary of dealing with people and straining interpersonal relationships.
All kinds of pressures have caused about 80% of workplace evasion.
  Teachers’ psychological pressure is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is strict performance assessment, and the other is that many teachers feel that they have paid too much and paid too little.
  In the incubation period, the self-regulation 期 The reporter interviewed five female professionals with a working life of 4-10 years, including company white-collar workers, teachers and store sales staff.
They all said that due to the dual pressures of life and work, depression and self-complaint often occur suddenly. In such situations, they usually divert their attention by complaining to friends, shopping frantically, and eating delicious food.Adjustment.
  In this regard, psychologists suggest that it is good if you can adjust it properly, but if this feeling occurs for a long time, frequently, and even affects work and life, it is best to find a professional psychologist for psychological counseling.
Through professional diagnosis, you can find out the real cause of psychological problems. Only when you find the cause can you open the knot.
  In addition, there is an incubation period before the occurrence of mental illness. This period is the best period for self-regulation.
Learn how to self-adjust your emotions, actively participate in recreational and sports activities, cultivate a variety of hobbies, and enrich your life.
Expand social exchanges, meet mentors and friends, stabilize emotions, and reduce psychological conflicts.

Eat more yellow corn with your eyes

Eat more yellow corn with your eyes

Corn vitamin C, etc., have longevity and beauty effects.

Do you know

Eating more corn can also help prevent bowel cancer.

Let ‘s take a look at why corn helps prevent bowel cancer.

  In the far end, the content of cellulose in corn is very high, which is 10 times that of rice. A large amount of cellulose can stimulate peristalsis, change the residence time of food residues in the intestine, accelerate fecal excretion and bring harmful substances out of the body.Constipation, enteritis, and rectal cancer are of great significance.

  Each hundred grams of corn contains 12 micrograms of folic acid, three times that of rice; potassium is 238-300 milligrams, which is 2 times that of rice.

45-3 times; magnesium is 96 mg, 3 times that of rice; and contains a variety of antioxidants such as carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, vitamin E, so corn has a variety of health effects.

  The greatest contribution of corn to humans is rich in the pigments that dye the corn golden color-lutein and zeaxanthin (a type of carotene). Although they are not nutrients, they act better than nutrients.Protects the light-sensitive area called the macula in the eyes, preventing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

  The macula is the tissue in the center of the retina that controls vision.

Due to aging, the macula is slightly oxidized and damaged. When the macular is deformed, the macular deformity appears, vision loss, and even blindness.

  Lutein and zeaxanthin exert their powerful antioxidant effects and can absorb harmful light into the eyeballs to maintain the health of the macula.

However, it should be noted that only lutein and zeaxanthin are found in yellow corn, but not in white corn.

  Therefore, taxi drivers, elementary and middle school students, editors, writers and other people who often use their eyes should eat more yellow corn.

  Corn contains a variety of anti-cancer factors, such as glutathione, lutein and zeaxanthin, trace elements selenium and magnesium.

Glutathione can be implanted into carcinogens with its own “hand insertion”, and becomes inactive and replaced by the digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can accelerate the loss of aging free radicals. It is a humanThe most effective anticancer substance in the body; corn also contains selenium and magnesium. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body and make malignant tumors die without the supply of oxygen. Magnesium can inhibit the development of nucleic acids.It can make waste in the body regenerate outside the body as soon as possible to prevent cancer. Lutein in corn can also prevent colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer, and zeaxanthin can prevent skin cancer and lung cancer.

  Dietary Tips: Don’t forget to add some alkali when making corn (Micha) porridge, corn batter, and corn flour.

  This is because 63% -74% of niacin in corn is a combination type of niacin that cannot be absorbed and utilized by the human body, and long-term consumption may cause rickets.

  In order to avoid this situation, it is best to cook corn (Micha) porridge, corn batter, and put some alkali in the appropriate amount to release the combined nicotinic acid in corn and turn it into free niacin for use by the human body.Nutrition is the best.

Is biting your nose a love or a pervert?

Is biting your nose a love or a pervert?

I am very eager to have a mentally healthy man to care for, to hug my beloved man to sleep every night, and to lose myself occasionally romantically under the attack of flowers.

But everything is out of reach for me.

Between love and desire, love and hate, law and morality, I can’t make the right choice. I wander between advance and retreat every day.

I remind myself almost always that I must divorce him. I am still young and should have a happy life that really belongs to me.

  In Shenzhen in early 1995, I had been a cosmetic salesperson for less than a year. It was hard work, but there was nothing to gain.

Every day I think about a question: How can I make a lot of money?

At that time, making money was almost my only dream.

  As soon as the MLM activity was heated up in Shenzhen in 1996, I was tempted to get excited. I fantasized about developing a large number of offline lines, and then asked them to help me make money and buy a car or house in one or two years.

In April, I joined the MLM army outside the customs.

  In fact, the people who do MLM are eager to get rich and have too many fantasies and chaos. Most people can be said to be insane, they are talking big, saying how much money this person makes every day, that person has bought a car, othersPeople are also preparing to provide housing. In fact, none of the 100 people who do MLM make big money.

  In order to survive, many people have to lie to relatives and friends, and there are no relatives and friends in Shenzhen, and they do everything possible to draw strangers into the water and develop into their own offline.

It was in this situation that I met my husband.

  At that time, he was unemployed, looking for work everywhere. When I knew him, he was emaciated, his face was emaciated. I didn’t want to talk to him about friends, but I wanted to use him and develop him into an offline line as my tool for making money.
I thought at the time that someone like him who was unemployed wanted a job and dreamed of making a lot of money, so I became gentle with him and was ambiguous in words.

  Unexpectedly, he was very cunning. I didn’t want to catch this fish, but he was caught by him.

  At that time, I often took him to classes in the evening, and he went there happily, but no matter how I tried to convince him, he never bought MLM supplies and did not join our “rat society”.

  I didn’t catch this fish, but after a while, the two became familiar.

During that time, I didn’t earn a penny, life was very hard, and I was squeezed in a small house with a few friends.

Especially in summer, the air is very bad, and my heart is very uncomfortable.

And he rented a room by himself, and after many hints from him, I slept with him confusedly.

  In Shenzhen, there are no reasons for many people to live together, and sometimes they accidentally sleep next to each other.

This is the case for a few girls I know, which may be a special scenic line of immigrant cities.

  Women are not the same as men. After men and women cohabit, there can be no real feelings, and once women have physical contact with men, they will have feelings, and they will feel conflicted.

Therefore, although I have never promised to marry him, I seem to be inseparable from him.

This cohabitation has dragged on until 1999.

  All mothers in the world are the same. They always worry that their daughter will not marry when they reach the age of marriage.

My mother did the same, urging me to get married all day.

No way, in June 1999, I finally got a marriage certificate with my cohabiting boyfriend, but my mother wished.

  My marriage is like a house of mice. I did n’t do weddings, I did n’t invite my colleagues to eat wedding candy, and I did n’t let anyone know. No one except the civil affairs staff and the parents of both of us knew that I was married.

This hidden pain has been buried till now.

  My husband graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and later he got a good job in a large foreign-funded company. His salary is very high. I also did a lot of business in insurance companies.

Our economic situation is gradually getting richer.

But at this time his mental illness began to manifest gradually.

  We rarely share the same room because of his poor physical condition and physical problems that are often difficult to detect.

In fact, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to have the same room, but that he was more than capable.

So he was afraid to lose me.

A very healthy woman, obese for a long time, is very distressed, and this distress is also a kind of unspeakable. Because I cannot express, my mood often becomes very irritable.

In this way, we often quarreled as soon as we spoke.  First of all, after a quarrel, he blamed himself on the surface and a kind of revenge and destruction in his heart. He wanted to get me forever and destroy my most beautiful place. This kind of psychology gradually turned into a pathological action.

  What I am most satisfied with is my nose, because my nose is very tall and pretty. Almost everyone sees that they are very beautiful. He also thinks that my nose is very beautiful.

It may be the thought in his mind: destroy me the best place to have me for a long time.

So he often bit my nose secretly while waiting for me to fall asleep in the middle of the night.

  At first, I thought he was unintentional or joking, but every time I bite my teeth deep, it wasn’t like joking, I found out he had a mental illness.

  Once I had a quarrel, and I wanted to test him, I pretended to be sleeping intentionally early in the evening.

By the middle of the night, he secretly touched my side without turning on the light, and opened his mouth fiercely to bite my nose. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found that his revenge and destructive expression was like killing the enemyLife, I felt very scared, and since then, I dare not sleep with him after a fight.

Sometimes, I wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, and sometimes even have nightmares.

  In 2001, we started an electronics company.

He refused to let me go to work elsewhere, forcing me to work with him and sitting in the same office.

If I don’t stay with him, the quarrel will be even worse. He will say that my life is unchecked and I often go home in the middle of the night. It must be a leg with the man in it.

  For insurance business, who can not accompany customers to sing, sing, and soak?

Sometimes I even had to be a little ambiguous with customers, but I never really deviated.

I couldn’t stand his suspicions and doubts, so I resigned and worked with him.

He is the general manager and I am the vice president.

  After staying together every day, I gradually suppressed depression.

Because I always have to be careful when talking, sometimes the recipient’s call from the previous customer always has to answer secretly, for fear that he said that my relationship with others is abnormal.

From the perspective of others, my boss should live a happy life, but in fact, I am more and more afraid of going to work in my company, and sometimes I feel trembling when I think of it.

I am often in a daze or amaze myself so that sometimes my behavior is a bit abnormal.

  I want to save his mental health. I want him to see a psychologist. The strange thing is that he always denies it. Every time he bites my nose, he always bites and never bites me, even saying he didn’t touch me.body of.

He also said that he had no mental illness, and it was me who should see a psychologist.

  Since there is no way to save, only live separately.

I now sleep in a room by myself, and every night before going to bed I will lock the door to death, afraid that he would come in at midnight.

  This kind of hidden pain is unconsciously trying to find a way out of emotions. I have contacted several excellent men consciously or unconsciously. I like them very much. They also like me, but whenever I cook raw rice,For a moment, I would suddenly wake up in pain, and I was afraid that the relationship would not end, and I was afraid that I would fall into a dilemma in the future.

  I am very eager to have a mentally healthy man to care for, to hug my beloved man to sleep every night, and to lose myself occasionally romantically under the attack of flowers.
But everything is out of reach for me.

Between love and desire, love and hate, law and morality, I can’t make the right choice. I wander between advance and retreat every day.

  I remind myself almost always that I must divorce him. I am still young and should have a happy life that really belongs to me.
But I still have a faint fantasy. If my husband suddenly wakes up, he can suddenly find out and acknowledge his mental illness, and treat it well. I can accept him and start again.

  In this way, I can swear to divorce, without the courage to take the first step.

In the state of depression and depression, I have to worry about the behavior of my husband who is more serious than my mental illness. The days are really hard, just like the insomniac people are waiting for the long night, and I do n’t know when it will dawn.

Online dating

Online dating

The so-called online dating, as the name suggests, is to use a network platform for love, beyond the limits of time and space to make a large selection, from acquaintance to love.

Is there a successful example of online dating?

It depends on how you understand success. If you have to get married, you will be successful, I’m afraid 99.

99% of online dating is due to failure.

In fact, the purpose of online dating is not entirely to find the last person to get married. In fact, online dating and true love in social life have completely different properties and have completely different rules of the game.Existing, but in some cases, the meeting of online lovers means: the last supper.

Therefore, for these situations, those comrades who are planning to go online can’t ignore it.

     Among the people who participate in online dating games, there may indeed be some people who sincerely want to find an object through the Internet, and finally want to get married. They are participating in online dating games with a good vision of life.These people are as unlikely as possible because they do not understand the difference between the virtual world and the real world.

However, if the positive attitude is usually the attitude of copying the game, but the overlap is not overlapped, the success rate may be greatly improved.

There are many more online lovers who have no purpose at all. Many people are virtual in nature. They package themselves into popular products in the online love and marriage market through image design, and then participate in this emotional and spiritualGames, they also have a variety of purposes, some are just a spiritual vent, some want to break through the loneliness of life, find someone to chat, find some sustenance.

     Some dating sites are designed to draw popularity to attract tourists. A considerable part of the personal information is artificially designed. In fact, many web worm registration information is also virtual. This is a virtual person on the Internet, not a real person. YouIt’s impossible to figure out his true gender and various data.

For example, a man may register as a woman for fun, or even register a lot of men and women, and then have a virtual relationship online.

We can calculate that in life, there may be very few people with a height of 180cm and 170cm, but there are a lot of them on the Internet. The Internet is really a scalpel that can make people grow tall and make people beautiful.Cute, handsome men, beautiful girls.

Why is this so?

Anyway, no one can see anyone across the Internet. The only real thing is an email address. The address must be real.

     Of course, the situation of online dating enthusiasts is not all fake, and some are true. Many people go online with sincerity. In fact, this may be wrong. The honesty of the Internet often indicates that these people have purposes outside the InternetThey may really want to find someone, afraid to deceive others, and embarrassed to meet in the future, but this will limit their network image, make them lose competitiveness, and may make him) We find the ideal object.

Usually even if what you say is true, others may not believe it to be true.

The Internet is so true, false, and false. It makes people upside down, such as falling into the clouds, reducing continually, reasoning and chaos, and sorrow.

      Someone may blame those online lovers, saying that they are dishonest and cheating Yunyun.

But I don’t think such accusations are justified. These accusations are entirely due to the lack of understanding of the network, replacing the boundary between the virtual world and the real world.

The network has its own rules, and it cannot use the rules of the real world to cover the network. The imagination on the network is also the charm of online dating. If people on the network use the original social role as the network image, the network willIt will become boring. This is inevitably, the standards of true and false on the Internet are completely different from those in the real world.

     According to the standards of the real world, the online world is a virtual world, but according to the philosophical significance of the network, the real world is exactly an unreasonable world, because it is in the so-called real world that people are subjected to variousRestriction, people are alienated, and people become impersonal. In the online world, people break through the restrictions of the real world, so that their potential is fully demonstrated, and for the first time, people are free and liberated.

     On the Internet, you just ca n’t say that you look beautiful, you say you have money, wear brand names all over your body, live in a bungalow, or open a guest. It ‘s no use. You have to talk about your behavior and show wisdom and talent. You have to be impressed.In order to win the applause and the favor of the opposite sex, the people will.

In this sense, what is more valued on the Internet is the human mental quality, which constitutes a shock to the importance of popular materialism.

     There are of course some unhealthy factors in the phenomenon of online dating, but these unhealthy factors are precisely caused by the unhealthy of this society.

Therefore, we cannot simply blame online dating, but please put away those accusations of strike.

We do understand the network more. There is no doubt that the network does not have ready-made game rules to find. The rules of the network are gradually revealed during the development of the network. Once we recognize these rules, we will find that theseThe rules are the network rules that are truly natural, human, and human spiritual. These rules are much more sophisticated than those made by self-righteous legislators and justices.

     The network builds a virtual world of spiritual interaction. However, this virtual world may be more real than the real world. When the human spirit conflicts with each other on the Internet technology platform, merges, and finally sublimates, the spiritual power will dominate the world again.

Human nature is in essence full of love. Human natures adore each other. Proprietary system and the pursuit of material interests have distorted human nature and turned human beings into a poor private person.Expressed this, this is the victory of human nature, let us cheer for online dating.

People in good shape will also make two mistakes

People in good shape will also make two mistakes

People with a body mass index within the normal range may have abnormal body composition or other health indicators such as blood stasis, triglycerides, blood sugar, and bone density.

  Error area 1: The body is not fat or thin, does not need to exercise. The body is not fat or thin, and does not require exercise to judge the body’s fat and thin. It is necessary to estimate the body weight index or weight and the corresponding standard weight of the person’s height.

  People with a body mass index within the normal range may have abnormal body composition or other health indicators such as blood stasis, triglycerides, blood sugar, and bone density.

  Physical abnormality means that the proportion of adults in the body is insufficient.

Some lesbians look slim, but the proportion of body fat is still too high when measured by composition.

The high body fat ratio includes two aspects. One is the unfortunately high absolute amount, which results in less muscle faeces, and thus a slightly higher relative content.

The slender lesbians mainly belong to the latter case.

This situation is mainly caused by insufficient exercise and increasing age, and the muscle fibers gradually decrease after middle age.

  For those with normal body mass index, exercise can change body composition and abnormal muscle structure ratio, and improve all aspects of the body’s function.

  Myth 2 Fruit is a snack, but you can eat it or not. Do not think that fruit is just a weapon for weight loss. Others can eat or not.

  Fruit contains minerals that are necessary for the human body but cannot be synthesized by itself, has strong antioxidant effects, contains vitamins to prevent cell aging, and soluble fiber-pectin, which can significantly reduce cholesterol concentration in the blood, which is very beneficial to human health.

But Chinese, especially men, often eat a low percentage of fruit.

  Regular fruit eating is not easy to get cancer In the 1980s, an analysis of data from a 10-year follow-up study of 1 million people in the United States found that among people who did not eat or seldom ate fruit, fatality was often caused by fruit.

75 times.

What is in the fruit that causes this effect?

Is it a vitamin?

Does taking a commercially available vitamin preparation work the same?

Further analysis of the relationship between deaths from lung cancer and taking vitamin preparations, it was found that regular protection with vitamins did not provide similar protection.

  Yes, the interpretation of nutritional immunology experts is that the vitamins in natural plants do not work alone, but work in conjunction with other vitamins and nutrients.

Since chemically synthesized vitamins are separated from other vitamins and nutrients, the proportions of the components of the compound are also different from those of natural ones, and they cannot produce the same effects as natural vitamins.

  Therefore, in daily life, fruit should be an important part of daily expectations, and it is by no means optional.

For the general population, vitamin preparations must not, and should not be, a substitute for daily fruits and vegetables.

Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Because her husband got married and had children on the Internet, and felt hurt, Ms. Lin in Harbin took her husband to court with “bigamy” and demanded mental damage.

The court held that according to the Constitution, the principle of registration of marriage is adopted, so there is no “online marriage” of this statutory element, and there is no suspect of bigamy.

Accordingly, although the court agreed with Ms. Lin’s divorce, she rejected her claim for “fault compensation”.

  In this era of the pervasiveness of the Internet, the way people express their emotions is undergoing subversive changes: from general online chat to “online dating”, to the so-called “online” of “family” and even “parenting” through online “registration””Marriage” is truly amazing.

To be sure, all this is unrealistic virtual, just like Ms. Lin ‘s husband discerned, “just bored on the Internet”, but we also see that at least in this matter, Ms. Lin ‘s personal feeling is “causing greatTherefore, even the “crime of bigamy” cannot be established, but after all, the result of divorce occurs. Therefore, although the “marriage” of “online marriage” is virtual and has no real legal basis, the harm caused by it is entirely possible.Is very realistic.

  According to reports, in Guangzhou alone, the conflict between married couples caused by online romance has accounted for 30% of the total marriage disputes, and this proportion is still increasing; according to statistics, Chinese people participating in online marriage have reached100,000 people.

In addition, a survey showed that of 6,263 respondents, 32% of the “one-night stands” were met online, far higher than other types of “one-night stands”.

  These figures show how, as the network tools continue to evolve into a part of real life, the boundaries between virtual and reality, games, and real realities are becoming increasingly blurred.Without damaging our lives, it becomes an unavoidable social problem that tests people’s moral responsibilities in marriage.

  The author does not object to the statement against online marriage as a virtual entertainment game in the Internet, nor does it deny its possible value in enriching the emotional life of people, but also believes that its potential lethality to marriage and family is moreIt is worth vigilant, even though “virtual marriage” will not be held legally responsible, but it does not mean that it can become a cover for evading moral and ethical responsibilities.

We know that ethical feelings are the basis of all good marriages. The so-called “marriage without love is immoral.”

Therefore, in this sense, it is very difficult for us to invest in the kind of emotions that accompany huge emotions. “Marriage online and having children” -style “Internet marriage” is just an unrealistic game.From the perspective of love, “spiritual affair” is actually the most essential affair, which is not only virtual but also the most realistic.

  Sociologist Frome once said, “Love is not an easily felt emotion. People must make every effort to promote their perfect personality . otherwise, the pursuit of love is doomed to fail, without the true courage, faithWith self-discipline, it is impossible to obtain the satisfaction of love.

“So, through the mirror of online marriage, looking at the lack of responsibility in love and marriage is a question that all those who have already or attempted to try online marriage, including Ms. Lin’s husband, must first face it.

People who use first-person singular are more depressed

People who use first-person singular are more depressed

A group of researchers from Germany found that people who often use the first person: “I” and “Myself” are more likely to be depressed and socially disabled than those who use “we.”

  A total of 103 women and 15 men participated in a psychotherapy personality for an average of 60 to 90 minutes. The content was related to their interpersonal relationships, past and self-experience.

And all participants completed a questionnaire about depression and social status.

  Subsequently, a research team led by Johannes Zimmerman of the University of Kassel, Germany, calculated the number of occurrences of the first-person vocabulary “I” and “My” in psychological personality, and found that people who used more similar words were more depressed.

Zimmerman explained: “People who use first-person singular terms see themselves as an independent individual in their hearts, while others are used to embedding themselves in social relationships.

“Is there some kind of depression?

  Depressed people may have slow thinking, memory loss, decreased learning and work efficiency, or impaired consciousness.

From the main body, there are often symptoms such as decreased appetite, decreased libido, fatigue, weakness, headache, body pain, weight loss (or obesity).

Everyone needs to pay attention to the situation of mood depression, because mood depression is still very harmful to the human body.

Hormones secreted during mood depression have an impact on the body’s immune mechanism.

When nerves are stimulated, hormones and other chemicals are secreted in large quantities, which makes your heart beat faster and your concentration is excessive.

  If this emotion cannot be controlled or lasts for too long, it will be harmful to health, because nerves and endocrine adenosine continue to secrete a large amount of hormones, causing patients to develop psychological disorders and become sick.

Depression is related to certain diseases. Suffering diseases include: diabetes, memory loss, colds, etc. It is also often associated with angina pectoris and high blood pressure, and even susceptible to cancer.

  So what do you do when you are depressed?

  First of all, don’t let your emotions go out of control.

Stop, take a deep breath, and calm yourself down for 10 seconds. Maybe you will find that anger comes so fast just because you want to take the opportunity to vent your emotions.

Don’t just surround yourself with a tongue-in-mouth, just for a moment, or it will affect your mood even more.

  And, even if you are angry about various problems at work, do not repeat day and night, otherwise it is easy to suffer from depression in the workplace due to unsatisfactory moments.

If you are full of complaints because of long hours of overtime and complaining to others, it is better to go to your boss and see if you have a chance to change your situation.

  Finally, bring joy to life.

Depression often leads to a decline in self-esteem and even renunciation.

They often underestimate themselves, debase themselves, and refuse the joy they deserve.

Learning to integrate happiness into life can effectively alleviate depression.

Medicated diet

Medicated diet

Patients with bronchiectasia have suffered from measles, whooping cough, and bronchopneumonia in the past.

In the future, there will often be repeated episodes of respiratory infections.

Chronic damage to the bronchi and surrounding lung tissue damages the bronchial tube wall, reduces its elasticity, and eventually forms bronchiectasis and deformation.

  The typical symptoms of bronchiectasis are a long-term cough, a large amount of pus and sputum, repeated hemoptysis or blood in the sputum.

Some patients also have systemic symptoms such as fever, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss, and anemia.

Chinese medicine believes that the cause of the disease is that the lungs are hot and dry, and the cleansing qi is not good. The fluid infused on the spleen and stomach is turned from heating and suffering into sputum;And the veins of the lungs, causing hemoptysis.

The use of medicated diet can stabilize the condition and improve or disappear the symptoms.

The introduction is as follows, may give it a try.

  Chuanbei almond porridge is made from Fritillaria chuanxiong, 10 grams of almonds, 30 grams of lilies, 100 grams of rice, 30 grams of honey, and 2 pears.

Smash the first three flavors, mash the pears and squeeze the juice, put them in the pot together, and add porridge with water before.

When the porridge is cooked, add honey and cook for a while.

Take on an empty stomach, once a day.

10 days is a course of treatment.

Fang Zhongchuanbei, almond, lily clears the lungs and phlegm, moistens the lungs and asthma; honey moisturizes and is the best product for cough due to lung dryness; pears nourish yin and clear heat, moisten lungs and clear jin;

Regular clothes can clear the lungs and reduce phlegm, nourish qi and promote fluids, and strengthen the body.

  Pork Lung Barley Porridge Wash 1 leaf of pork lungs and cut into strips, add raw barley, 50 grams each of the previous rice, and boil the porridge.

Add the right amount of honey and take it for breakfast.

Once a day, 7 days is a course of treatment.

Fangzhong’s lungs can be used to “fill the viscera with viscera” and treat lung deficiency, cough, and hemoptysis; raw barley is a good product for clearing the lungs and purging pus;

Patients with dilated disease often take this prescription, have the functions of clearing the lungs and removing phlegm and relieving the evil.

  One white duck, Cordyceps militaris, 60 grams of Cordyceps sinensis.

Slaughter ducks to remove hair and internal organs, and wash them; Cordyceps sinensis is wrapped in gauze, tied with thread, put in the belly of duck, add water till the duck is cooked, and add a little salt.

Eat meat and drink soup in 6 times and 3 times.

5 ducks for 1 course.

Fang Zhongya is the best product of Qingbu.

According to “Eat-in-home Diet Spectrum”: Duck can nourish the yin of the five internal organs, clear the heat of depletion, and can nourish the stomach, nourish blood, regenerate Jin, and cough.

Cordyceps sinensis is a good medicine for replenishing yin and yang.

Patients with dilated disease have the effect of nourishing the lungs and nourishing the kidneys, rather than coughing and reducing phlegm.

  Ejiao previous rice porridge uses 100g of previous rice and boiled porridge. When the porridge is ready, add 30g of mashed Ejiao, simmer in low heat, stir while cooking 3?
4 boil, add brown sugar to taste, take on an empty stomach, once a day, half a month as a course of treatment.

Fang Zhongjiao has the function of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

Combined into porridge, it has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing deficiency, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, and it is quite effective for hemoptysis of branch expansion.