Four facial masks for whitening people


Four facial masks for whitening people

Beauty teacher Niu Er upgrades DIY light spot mask. Teacher Niu Er who likes DIY mask has a new solution for whitening mask!

Who said that the mask should cover the entire face?

Can hit the key!

He used the light spot mask in this way: first apply the whitening essence milk to the spots on both ends, and the thickness is preferably to cover the spots.

Then apply a piece of cotton pad moisturized with toner to the essence.

After 5-10 minutes a day, the spots on the end face really disappeared after being shortened.

Beautiful person Wu Peici Hanfang whitening Wu Peici’s whitening secret is Hanfang maintenance!

She firmly believes that whitening should be carried out from the inside out. Some say that Fang Yurongsan is the secret recipe for Empress Dowager Cixi, which can improve dark spots, rough skin and other problems, and can also whiten and remove acne.

Her whitening recipe is to take white morning glory, white peony, white asarum, gansong, white peony, white lotus, white poria, white peony, atractylodes, white stiff silkworm, nepeta, solitary, hoe, five sandalwoodMoney, white aconite, white lentils one or two, windproof five money, one or two white cloves, two halves of pearls, ground into fines, plus one or two green mung bean powder, Chinese herbal medicines sold Yurong powder and egg white.

Mix the above materials to the appropriate viscosity, apply on the face (avoiding around the eyes) for 10 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

Taiwanese artist Chen Songling first pushed pearl powder. Chen Songling found her homemade whitening mask in her “Songsong Beauty Magic” book, which is to use pearl powder to whiten: according to different skin types, there are different formulation methods.

For people with oily skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with milk, honey or egg yolk, apply it on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with saline.

For dry skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with essence or vitamin E oil, apply on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash.

For people with normal skin, use two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder to mix with water, apply on the face for 20-30 minutes, and wash.

Just do it twice a week.

“Beautiful Beauty” host Li Jing yogurt has the best whitening cost-effectiveness. Li Jing revealed in “Beautiful Beauty” that her whitening method is to use cotton pads dipped in yogurt to apply her face.

Because yogurt itself contains a large amount of water, it can use the effect of water to metabolize the skin. It still contains enzymes and can exfoliate.

The cotton sheet itself is relatively small in area and can be applied to areas where whitening is important, without causing waste.

  Normal skin is used twice a week. If it is sensitive skin, the yeast of the yogurt itself will also irritate sensitive skin, so once a week is sufficient.

Old cold legs, air conditioning diseases may wish to try winter disease and summer treatment _1

Old cold legs, air conditioning diseases may wish to try “winter disease and summer treatment”

Old cold legs, air-conditioning diseases may try “the winter disease and summer treatment” July 13 will enter this year’s “initial”, the traditional Chinese medicine traditional “winter disease and summer treatment” therapy has also begun.
It is understood that with the increase of urban people’s awareness of health care, the number of patients who have booked for “winter disease and summer treatment” since the “summer solstice” this year is significantly more than in previous years.
“Winter disease and summer treatment” not only has plasters. It is understood that “winter disease and summer treatment” is an important feature of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, diseases that occur in winter and are treated in summer.
The lunar calendar “San Fu Tian” is the hottest time of the year. During this time, the human body has the strongest yang, full of qi and blood, smooth meridian qi, and sensitive points, using Chinese medicine fumigation, oral administration, acupuncture, wax therapy, scraping and other specialThe treatment method can stimulate yang qi, improve immunity, and achieve the purpose of “treating for the disease”.
“冬病夏治”这些病才适合 中医专家表示,中医认为人有9种体质,平和质、气虚质、阳虚质、阴虚质等,并非所有体质的人都适合“冬病夏治”Therapy, a disease that is easy to occur due to cold in winter, can be called “winter disease”.
Orthopedic diseases that are usually suitable are: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, postpartum rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, air conditioning disease, lumbar spondylosis, periarthritis, old cold legs, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, osteogenesis,Tenosynovitis, etc., and some diseases such as fever and skin allergies are not suitable for “winter disease and summer treatment” therapy.
According to reports, different from previous years, this year’s “San Futian” has 10 days more than last year, with 40 days of ambush period, and August 22 is the last day of the last ambush.

Diet therapy and rehabilitation for patients with cerebral hemorrhage

Diet therapy and rehabilitation for patients with cerebral hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage refers to hemorrhage caused by rupture of blood vessels in the brain parenchyma. The most common causes are hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis, which are often induced by factors such as exertion and emotional agitation, so most of them occur suddenly during activities.

After the onset, the patient quickly entered a coma; he had large and slow pulses, deep and slow breathing, facial flushing, and optic nerve papillary edema; most were accompanied by central high fever.

  Cerebral hemorrhage can occur anywhere in the brain parenchyma, it can be single or multiple.

However, most of the hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerotic cerebral hemorrhage are single.

The most common sites are the inner capsule, basal ganglia, followed by the outer capsule and frontal lobe.

Brain stem and cerebellum discomfort.

  The diet therapy and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral hemorrhage disease should pay attention to the following points in the diet of patients with cerebral hemorrhage disease: (1) Limit the total dose and control the weight in the standard or close to the standard weight range.

  (2) Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and plasma (the daily intake is limited to less than 300 mm), and try to eat less or no fatty meat, animal oil and animal offal with high saturated fatty acids.

  (3) Eat more foods (coarse grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.) that consume the expected fiber, and try to eat less cane sugar, honey, fruit sugar, and pastries.

  (4) Daily protein should account for 12% -15% of the total content and contain a certain amount of high-quality protein (milk, eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, soybeans, etc.).

  (5) Vitamin C, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), vitamin B6 and vitamin E should be supplemented appropriately; attention should also be paid to the replacement of potassium, magnesium and trace elements chromium, selenium, manganese, and iodine.

  (6) The daily salt intake should be controlled at about 4 grams.

  (7) Timely quantification, small meals.

The micro-distribution of three meals is best; 25% -30% for breakfast, 35% -40% for lunch, 25% -30% for dinner, and you can add meals between meals.

How to raise children when they have a cold

How to “raise” children when they have a cold

After the fall, the cold was rampant again.
What should I do if I am unlucky?
Experts say that seeing a doctor can be laborious and ineffective, and taking a good rest can take it away more easily and comfortably.
Recently, American magazines published articles on the experience of foreign experts in “raising a cold.”
  General principles: The most important thing is to drink enough water to avoid dryness of the respiratory tract and dilute sputum and snot.
Drink 8 large glasses of water or juice every day. Don’t drink tea, cola, and alcoholic beverages.
In addition, when there are patients at home, the whole family should wash their hands frequently, avoid touching the nose and mouth, keep the kitchen and bathroom tabletops clean, throw away used paper towels immediately, and avoid sharing towels and cups.
  If your throat is uncomfortable, you can use the following 6 types of baby: humidifier, suitable for dry throat.
Garlic, when the throat is itchy, put 1 ~ 2 cloves of garlic in a microwave oven and heat for 10 ~ 15 seconds to reduce the smell of garlic, then crush the garlic cloves and eat them once a day.
Throat sugar, containing 1 tablet every 2 to 4 hours as needed, can alleviate slight throat pain and shorten the cold period by half.
Warm saline. When your throat is sore and itchy, use 1 pint (about 470 ml) of warm water and 1 teaspoon of salt, and gargle more than once a day.
Herbal tea, when sore throat lasts all day, you can drink herbal tea containing cork root or licorice.
Over-the-counter anesthesia spray is suitable for severe cases of throat pain when swallowing. The spray containing local anesthetic phenol can quickly relieve pain, but only occasionally.
  If you have a bad cough, you need to pay attention to 4 points: Do not smoke, and stay away from smokers.
If it is a dry cough, try honey lemon warm water (not suitable for children under 1 year old).
If you have a severe night cough, you can raise the pillow.
If you have a cough with blood, sputum is green or brown, and you have a high fever, you need to see a doctor.
  If the nasal congestion does not exceed 1 to 2 weeks, you can take care of yourself: open the shower head in the shower, sit in the bathroom, and breathe humid water vapor.
Do not use over-the-counter sprays or drops for more than 3 to 4 days to avoid addiction.
  If the child has a cold, then pay special attention to the following things: fever, but the temperature is not high, do not immediately use antipyretics, let the immune system automatically play an anti-disease effect.
Children under 16 have a cold and do not eat aspirin.
Seek medical attention immediately when ear pain and drowsiness occur.

9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

Beauty is a woman’s nature, and skin care is an essential part of women’s daily life. Women take care of their own skin and spend a lot of effort on skin care. But in order to achieve the ideal effect of skin care, we must first have a correct skin care concept.

The following editors summarized 9 common nursing mistakes for sisters. Please check if you are successful, and come and see it.

  First, alternating hot and cold water helps to tighten the skin. Wash the face with hot water and then apply cold water to the face. The cold and hot alternation can easily cause the capillaries to dilate and form facial red blood vessels. Seriously, it will cause sensitive symptoms, and it is sensitive skinPeople may be worse off.

The reason for using warm water to wash your face is that the temperature of the warm water is close to the skin itself, it will not stimulate the skin pores to instantly expand and shrink, and it can help cleansing products work better.

  Second, sleep without makeup “makeup is enjoyment, makeup removal is torture”, many women who “do makeup will die” have such a feeling about makeup, so sometimes they fall asleep without removing makeup after returning late, which is simplyIt’s “shameless”.

If you don’t remove your makeup overnight, you can ruin your skincare effect for a month!

Because the cosmetics remaining on the skin almost absorb the dust and bacteria in the air during the day, and also accumulate the oily dirt secreted by the skin, if you do not wash them in time, the pores on the facial skin will be precipitated after a night of precipitationSeparated, acne appeared.

So no matter how tired you are, wash off your face makeup with a soft cleanser, apply a night cream, and then go to bed.

  Third, long-term use of powerful skin care products In daily life, many people with acne are accustomed to functional and powerful skin care products for emergency.

Because these powerful skincare products introduced to solve a certain skin problem can have a vertical and immediate effect soon after use, they are loved by some people, and some people even use it as a substitute for skincare products for a long time.

However, only skin care products are extremely abnormal and should not be used for a long time, otherwise it is easy to produce dependence and various skin problems.

  Fourth, there is no habit of exfoliating. With the increase of age, our skin metabolism slows down, the excretion of metabolites will be affected accordingly, and the time it takes for dead skin cell replacement to take longer.

These are the first things that cause skin dullness and aging.

Therefore, regular exfoliation will change the skin.

Exfoliating treatments at home once or twice a week can easily restore the youthful glow of the skin.

And an additional benefit is that after exfoliating, various anti-aging and whitening products can be better absorbed.

  Fifth, apply thick eye cream. Relatively speaking, the moisturizing degree and the ductility of the eye cream are relatively high, so the amount of use does not need to be large, about one mung bean size.

This is why almost all brands of eye cream contain about 15ml.

In addition, the eyelid skin is not abnormal, and it is difficult to absorb skin care products. If you apply too much eye cream on the eyelids, it will not only easily stimulate the eyes, but also block the pores around the eyes and form oil particles.more obvious.

  Sixth, sun protection products for the most vulnerable skin around the eyes without sunscreen products are often overlooked. Looking at the sunburn around many people’s eyes can prove this.

There are also people who apply facial skin cancer products directly to the eyes. It is not known that facial products containing SPF sun protection index are overwhelming to the skin of the eyes. After application, it may cause great discomfort and even sensitivity.

A pair of sunglasses, good sunscreen eye cream, and concealer that can be used on the eyes can be used as sunscreen for the eyes.

  Seven, the skin is prone to oil, so never use oily skin care products For women who love oil, many people refuse to use oily skin care products in order to avoid oil on the oil, especially in summer.

In fact, the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film is formed by the balance of “water” and “fat”. When it loses its balance, it will appear “dry” or “oily” skin problems.

When the skin gradually matures, the skin’s natural moisture and oil content will decrease. If the oil content is not replenished, it may cause skin nutrition and nutrition to appear wrinkles and dullness.

So if your skin is already showing signs of aging, it is best to add some oily cosmetics to your skin every day while controlling your oil (of course, it is obviously easy to absorb non-greasy) to ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrition to resist aging.

  Eight, avoid oily, over-wash face Oily mixed skin usually has abnormal oil secretion, and sebaceous glands are too active, especially in hot, overlapping, and sultry summers.It, supplementing face washing, oil absorption, etc., will make the sebaceous glands, which are already very strong, secrete more vigorously, the PH of the skin is destroyed, the more you wash, the more you absorb.

You should choose the right balance of oil products, preferably a series, from cleansing to masks to daily care products, rather than simply choosing oil control products.

  Nine, do not rub the skin care products after using the mask. Many women think that the mask is an effective skin care product, so once it can be used to ensure skin protection for a few days, the follow-up skin care products are no longer used.

As everyone knows, it is quite wrong to prevent the mask from rubbing skin care products and eventually cause various problems to the skin.

Our women’s skin is relatively delicate and thin, and it needs to be carefully taken care of.

Everyday skin toners, eye creams, serums, lotions, and creams are indispensable.

In addition, make a mask once or twice a week to give deep skin care to achieve better skin care results.

Different skins choose different masks for different points of focus, dry skin for hydration and anti-wrinkle, oily skin for hydration and oil control, and sensitive skin for hydration and anti-allergy.

Diabetes day diet follows four one two two

Diabetes day diet follows “four one two two”

The diet of diabetics has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. What should diabetics eat?
What should not be eaten?
What should I eat?
What to eat to control blood sugar?
This series of questions has come to the diabetic patients, so how should the diabetic patients eat?
Doctors recommend that the diet of diabetic patients must follow the “four one two two”!
  Simply put, it is more than 20 kinds of food a day.
However, these 20 kinds of food cannot be all the same kind of food, but must be diversified.
Food, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk beans, oils and fats, four types of food every day, a total of not less than 20 kinds, so as to be good for health.
In addition, the total energy should not exceed the body’s requirements.
  Diabetes diet follows “four one two two” a day, one fruit a day, a catty dish.
A fruit weighs four to two and a half pounds, and the image is as big as a tennis ball. A pound of vegetables a day can be green leafy vegetables and melons. One pound refers to raw weight, not after cooking.the weight of.
In this way, the body needs enough vitamins and dietary fiber.
  2. One egg a day.
Maybe some elderly people worry that eating egg yolk will make their cholesterol too high. In fact, international academic organizations of heart disease, including the Hypertension Society, recommend that it is safe to eat whole eggs less than five a week.
  3. A bag of milk a day.
If you’re fat, you can drink low-fat milk; if you’re lean and don’t have high blood fat, drink regular or whole milk.
If you have osteoporosis and want to add more calcium, it is safe to drink two bags a day, and two bags of milk 500ml a day for the elderly is safe.
  4. Two or two meats a day.
It also needs to be adjusted according to your body shape. If you are fat, eat less; if you are thin, you can eat two or two, or even two or three.
  5. Two spoonfuls of oil a day.
With a small porcelain spoon for soup, a spoonful is 10 grams.
No matter how many dishes are cooked a day, use a total of two spoons of oil.
Two spoonfuls of oil are basically no shortage of nutrition for diabetic patients.

How to wash your face without wrinkles


How to wash your face without wrinkles

Wrinkles are women’s natural enemies. When you find yourself wrinkles appear slowly on your body, it is the most desolate time for a woman.

In fact, it is easy to keep your face from wrinkles. As long as you follow the washing method entrusted to you by the editor, you will always be young and beautiful.

Let’s first understand the order in which the facial lines are generated!

  What is the order in which facial wrinkles occur?

According to experts, people usually grow older with age, especially after middle age, and the skin begins to become rough, dry, dehydrated, lacking elasticity, and prone to wrinkles.

  The appearance of facial wrinkles is generally: light wrinkles gradually appear on the forehead around 20 years old.

  Wrinkles on the forehead began to deepen and increase around the age of 30, and crow’s feet appeared in the corners of the eyes.

  The above-mentioned wrinkles are obvious around the age of 40, and wrinkles of different degrees appear on the upper and lower eyelids.

  At the age of 50 years, the nasolabial folds deepen or the cheeks are sunken.

  After 60-70 years of age, the above wrinkles increase and deepen, and facial skin and affected skin also become saggy.

  Around the age of 70-80 years, wrinkles around the mouth, spread, and wrinkles in the corners of the mouth until the wrinkles on the face spread.

  From the order of the appearance of facial wrinkles, it should not be difficult to find out that skin care can be done around the age of 20 to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

  There are many types of wrinkles that can be avoided, and the reasons for their formation are also different.

Let’s analyze them one by one in the usual order of their appearance (take the eye area around which wrinkles are most likely to occur as an example).

  The easiest and most likely to be improved are dry wrinkles, that is, the slight wrinkles on the skin caused by temporary dehydration of the skin, which can only be seen by looking in the mirror.

It mainly appears in the outer corner of the eye and under the eye, including the part above the cheek, that is, above the cheekbones.

  The method of distinguishing dry lines is: it usually disappears after washing the face, it is more obvious after applying the moisturizing effect than the base powder products, and the longer it stays in a dry environment, the more serious it becomes.

  Fine lines follow, and its formation is mainly due to the physiological aging of the skin and long-term contraction of the eye muscles. Of course, long-term dryness and lack of water will greatly accelerate its production.

From then on, “wrinkles” have changed from the previous “temporary”, “uncertain” to “fixed”.

  Although the fine lines are still so small that they won’t be noticed by others, you can only determine the limit by carefully looking into the mirror yourself, but you can already “determine” its position and quantity, and it becomesMore obvious.

  Finally, the real wrinkles came.

They are the lines “engraved” on your skin and can be clearly seen when there is no expression. Of course, when the expression on the eyes is rich, some of them will become longer and deeper. This is usually the “expression line”.

  It should be said that the wrinkles at this stage have exceeded the level of the epidermal layer, but are caused by the intensified condition of the skin’s dermis layer. Therefore, at this time, the effect that ordinary skin care products can solve is very weak, and must have some special effectsCare products or cosmetic surgery can eliminate it.

  Dry lines: Put your fingers under your eyes and push them up horizontally. You can see that the parallel texture is the dry lines caused by lack of water.

The corners of the eyes are usually dry, and there are no lines in the corners when the expression is not made.

Eye cream with moisturizing function can be used to deal with dry lines.

  Fine lines: Put your fingers under your eyes and push them gently horizontally. If you see staggered textures, it is fine lines due to age.

Women after the age of 25 are prone to develop, it is deeper than dry lines, and is faintly visible even without expression.

Therefore, it is necessary to use moisturizing eye creams, such as those containing vitamin E, UV filters, and anti-skin enhancement.

  Expression lines: Not only formed in the corners of the eyes, as long as expressions are made, there will be many places long.

The most likely to be the corners of the eyes and mouth.

  Wrinkles: formed by the effects of skin aging, needless to say JM knows this!

The lines between the lines are radial, with no expression, and often appear under the eyes and at the end of the eyes.

The treatment of wrinkles and expression lines requires the use of eye creams that contain anti-wrinkle ingredients that can tighten the skin and effectively support the skin system.

Eye creams containing ingredients such as collagen and elastic fibers can increase the tissue density of the skin.

  If the corners of your eyes have both dry lines and fine lines, you need to use eye cream with different effects morning and night separately.

Generally speaking, an eye cream containing an ultraviolet filter should be used in the morning and an eye cream with good repair function at night.

  Some people are too lazy to wash their faces with cold water if they are too lazy to get some hot water, while others have oily skin and wash their faces with very hot water.  In fact, the most suitable is to use warm water, not too cold nor too hot.

This can ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

  When you wash your face, no matter what kind of cleanser you use, don’t overdo it, and don’t use as much good cleanser.

  Before applying it in the axial direction, foam the cleanser on the palm of your hand. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important.

Because if the cleanser does not foam enough, not only the cleaning effect will not be achieved, but it may remain in the pores and cause acne.

The more foam you have, the better, but don’t think that having a lot of foam is good, and fake inferior cleansing foam is also very rich.

  After applying the foam on the face, massage it gently in a clockwise direction in a gentle circular motion.

  When washing, some women are afraid that they will not be clean. After rinsing with water, they are desperately scrubbing with a towel. This delicate skin is really rough, so you still need to press on the body with a wet towel so thatHarm to the skin.

  After washing, is it all done?

not yet!

Look in the mirror to see if there are residual facial cleansers around the hairline. This step is often overlooked by others. Often, some women have acne on their hairline because they have ignored this step.

  Finally, you can pat the face slightly with cold water, and then put it on the jacket with a towel dipped in cold water and apply it for a while to promote blood circulation in the face, which can shrink the pores.


Put a little salt in the water basin. It not only has a bactericidal effect, it can also remove the oils and fats from our oils, especially those with oily skin. Long-term use can remove the oils from our bodies, so that we will not be prone to acneAlready.


If your face has dry skin, you can add a little honey to your basin appropriately.

When washing your face, pat your face lightly for a long time, it can make your skin 10 years younger, and your dry skin will gradually disappear before.


Putting a little vinegar in your washbasin can make your skin smooth and elastic, because the vinegar itself can change the pH of our skin, and it is not easy for us to get acne after washing it with our face for a long time.


If you are a white-collar woman working in front of a computer when washing her face, adding a little green tea to the water can effectively resist radiation, and the residual acid effect of tea can make our dry skin disappear without a trace.

Long-term use can also make your skin pores thinner.

In fact, just adding a little bit more material in life can make our skin more white and shiny.

Nine Rings of Women in Love

Nine Rings of Women in Love

First, bear too fast. When you first met him, don’t expect to spend time with him every weekend, or insist on giving him advice, reorganize his home, don’t worry, don’t you be married!

  Second, the quickest way to determine that the other party wants to break up with his boyfriend too soon is to tell him that you love him and that you want to have a child for him, and his response is mostly to escape without a trace.

  Third, deceive yourself, do you clearly understand the motivation behind his every performance?

Is he very bland towards you?

Does he date other girls at the same time?

Do you contact him only once a week, and you identify him as a lifelong trustee?

Either you think he is addicted to gambling, and his violent temper is not a serious problem.

  Fourth, dressing up too much exaggerated the self-confidence, generosity, and attractiveness that you should show is not overly flirtatious. Men think natural appeal is better than artificially processed faces.

  Fifth, talk too much Don’t think that you must continue to be constant, silence is golden, and even you are eager to understand each other, and do not need to tell the experience of a lifetime like a few treasures on the last date, often silentIs one of the charms of women.

  6. Pay too much attention to his money. If you order a lobster dinner and tell him that your favorite gift is diamond, you can eat it. You will never see him again, no matter how rich a man is, norHe would like others to tell him how to spend, or who to spend money on. Men prefer knowledgeable women, not those who are looking for long-term meal tickets.

  7. Invite him home too early. Don’t invite him home unless you feel he is inviting you into his life.

Some men think that inviting him home is to invite him to bed, so wait a little longer, and after you have a better understanding, there will be no similar embarrassment.

  Eight, being too close to each other If you go to bed with him the first time you meet, how many men should he have with you?

Therefore, this kind of intimacy will often be afraid of the other party. The first time you know it is best to have a frank talk. Walking under the moon will become a solid foundation for feelings.

  Nine, pleasing the other side is too hard. Do you think he would like to do his laundry, cooking and housework?

If you think about it carefully, if you are willing to do his foot wipes, he will step on one foot unceremoniously.

Are you emotional

Are you emotional

Do you want a clear answer?

The following set of tests can help you achieve your goals.

  1. You like to be a construction engineer who designs high-rise buildings in various styles.


  * Famous Chinese and foreign professors of social sciences.

  2. When reading, you like to choose-* various natural science books.

  * Books of philosophy and political theory.

  3. In various industries, you are fond of-* music.

  * Not necessarily.

  * Manual labor.

  4. You are willing to-* direct several people to work.

  * Work with colleagues.

  5, you have always been keen to read-* military and political facts.

  * Not necessarily.
  * Works full of emotions and fantasy.

  6. You are willing to be a drama worker rather than a mechanical engineer-* yes.


  7. The music you are addicted to is-* relaxed and lively.

  * Between lively and emotional.

  * Emotional.

  8, you love to get into trouble.

  * Not necessarily.
  9. In your opinion, it is inappropriate to insult those who are wrong but culturally educated, such as doctors and teachers.

  10. In each course, you like-* Chinese.


  Analysis of the results: a score of 14-20: you are sensitive, affectionate, usually soft-hearted and easily moved; full of fantasy, sometimes too unworkable, lack of patience and perseverance, do not like to join rough people, do heavyjobs.
In group activities, the work efficiency of the group is often affected by the lack of practical views and actions.

It is best to avoid engaging in actual work.

  The score is 10-13: general problems in life that you deal with rationally and objectively, but sometimes you ca n’t help but be impulsive and emotional.Learn to control your emotions.

  The score is 0-9: you are rational, value reality, and deal with current issues with an objective, strong, and independent attitude. Sometimes you may be overly proud, ruthless, and lack the proper tenderness.

Diet Taboos for Yoga Practice Fracture Reading

Diet Taboos for Yoga Practice Fracture Reading

According to yoga, the basic principle of nutrition is to eat high quality and small portions.

The yoga master believes that high-quality food is food that promotes vitality without producing toxins.

  Foods recommended by yogis include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and nuts.

They don’t talk much about the details of food, because the food processing and soil contamination we have today before the time they lived.

And, because they practice yoga, their bodies are already in a high state of health, their diet is no longer able to exert the power of left-right ratio, and any toxins formed in the body will soon replace the body.

  You can polish it. The nutritional principles of yoga are quite similar to modern scientific content that has been developed a long time ago.

  Meat: Yoga practitioners warn against one food: meat.

Not all yogis are vegetarians, but they all recommend extreme caution in eating meat.

Yoga practitioners say that meat comes from animals and has a low vibration rate, which will reduce the vitality of carnivores, which will reduce vitality and affect the progress of yoga.

Meat also contains toxins, especially lactic acid from muscle metabolism.

  Remember, these were proposed thousands of years ago.

Meat is even worse today, because we injected a lot of toxic chemicals on the dead animals to remove the odor of carrion and improve its tray texture and taste.

Of course, the human body can tolerate some level of abuse-the human body does have a mechanical effect of removing toxins.

But if you want to eat meat, please control the quantity.

  Fruit: The most appreciated food for yogis is fruit.

They believe that fruit has the highest vitality.

Fruits can also provide nutrition, can be eaten raw, are recognized for processing, easy to digest, and can provide fast and long-lasting energy free of toxins. No wonder yoga practitioners love fruits.

  Vegetables: Yoga practitioners believe that green plants such as lettuce, broccoli, and broccoli contain the highest vitality in vegetables.

  Fresh food: Yoga helps food to be fresh.

This means that we should eat more fresh fruits and less frozen and canned food.

Frozen food is not bad because the enzymes are still preserved, but the canned food has been heated, destroying many vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

  Raw food: Yoga practitioners also point out that we should eat more raw foods such as fruits, salads, raw nuts and sprouts.

They believe that cooking causes food to lose most of its vitality and its original flavor.

As the original flavor is lost, we add salt, spices and condiments, and these additives often create more problems.

Modern science fully agrees with this view.

  Food temperature: Yoga also pays attention to food temperature.

Yoga practitioners say that food should not be too hot or too cold.

They believe that foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold can hurt throat tissue.

Modern science also agrees with the point, and believes that eating too hot or too cold may irritate the throat to the extent of cancer.

  Alcohol: Yoga practitioners do not drink alcohol because they believe that alcohol will reduce the vibration of their delicate body (the spirit that still exists after death).

This defeats the purpose of yoga, because yoga aims to increase the vibration level, and the brakes slowly activate the advanced self.

  Yoga also believes that alcohol has a potential effect on the brain’s main central nervous system.

Yoga practitioners believe that the central nervous system’s unity is very important, because one of the goals of yoga is to improve the health of this system, and most of the progress of yoga depends on this important interlocking system.

  Modern science agrees with yoga, as it is now known that the effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is first stimulated and then suppressed.

This short stimulation period is why many people think alcohol has a stimulating effect.

It is also this effect that makes it possible for many people to feel more “interested” and to have more words.

However, this time was short and was quickly replaced by a more continuous attenuation sensation caused by alcohol.

For this reason, the formal category of alcohol is sedatives.Alcohol also makes poor sleep.

Some people claim that alcohol makes them “relax” and therefore sleep better.

  Science and experience say that this is the wrong interpretation.

What these people describe is that alcohol makes them fall asleep very quickly, but this sleep is unnatural compulsive sleep, because some of them wake up earlier, they will not feel fresh.

They will not be good all day.

  Alcohol is not as effective as yoga.

Yoga can produce natural stimuli without a sense of aftermath.

Yoga can also create a feeling of self-confidence.

The increase in vitality due to the practice of yoga cannot be duplicated by drugs.

  This is not to say that you have to give up to have a high level of vitality or to make significant progress in yoga.

But if you do have a habit of drinking alcohol, control your alcohol consumption so that you can avoid the distortion and permanent brain damage caused by most alcohols.

  Note: Yoga practitioners stand out and eat slowly, and even think it is more important than choosing the right food.

They said that if they eat too fast, even nutritious foods cannot be properly digested.

In other words, if you eat too fast, you will create toxins for your body, in addition to not getting all the nutrients.

Even if you eat food that is not full of potential, as long as you eat slowly and your digestive system is healthy due to yoga practice, then the body can still absorb every drop of nutrients in the food and remove all the toxins.

Of course, the smartest way is to chew the nutritious food slowly.