[How to pickle pickled beans]_How to make_How to make

[How to pickle pickled beans]_How to make_How to make

Pickling pickles with cowpea beans has a very good effect, and it also has the effect of increasing the appetite of the human body. For some people with anorexia, it is a good choice, and the pickled cowpea beans can give a lot ofFoods are paired together, and regular consumption can also improve the body’s immune system, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. So how to pickle pickled carob pickles?

First, how to pickle black beans?

First you need a pickle jar or glassware that can be sealed, and wash it to ensure that it is oil-free and dry; remove the old tendons from fresh cowpea corners, wash and dry the surface moisture; prepare a large clean pot, and dry the cowpeasPut the horns in, then add salt (if you can buy salt for pickling, it’s better), follow 500g of black beans, 250g of salt, then rub the black beans with black beans until the green beans are green.Add the emerald green beans with salt to the kimchi jar, and then pour in cold water or mineral water, it is better not to use the beans; it may be about a week, but it is not particularly sour,Because the first amount of salt is usually enough, you can continue to marinate; at the same time, you can add pepper, cucumber, radish, etc. to marinate together, the taste will be better.

Second, take care of the fresh cowpeas carefully, pay attention to the choice of the head and tail are intact to prevent them from rotten during the marinating process.

Find a large bowl, put in fresh water, add salt, and wait for it to melt. You can taste the salty water. Soak the cowpeas in salt water. The water should flow over the cowpeas.

When the cowpeas are marinated and softened, put a few of them into a closed bottle, and then pour the brine from the bowl into the bottle. Tighten and seal. The glass bottle is the most healthy, but ISo I took a clean oil barrel, which is also a waste utilization.

After the pickling has turned yellow, wait another two days, and you can basically hang it for consumption. Draw a small hand and cut it into small pieces. Then prepare minced meat and pepper chips.

High fire, add oil, fry minced meat to maturity, then add minced pepper, and stir-fry with pickled peas, or add some minced garlic.

The crispy and sour minced pork is ready.

If you want to replace the closed glass bottle with an oil bottle, be sure to wash the oil in the barrel cleanly, because if you pickle oil during the process of pickling, it will easily rot.

Cowpea is a vegetable rich in summer.

The tender beans are thick and thick, and they are crispy and tender. They can also be cooked or marinated. They can often be seen in many snack bars or restaurants. Among them, the pickled beans and cold beans canWith a variety of dishes, can also be used to make seasonings, add a lot of color to the dish,

[Chicken blood cannot be eaten with anything]_How to match_Diet taboo

I’m going to see my father, I’m going to see you, I’m going to read it, I’m going to read it, I’m going to go there, I’m going to do it, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry鍚冧笅楦¤涔嬪悗鏈夊姪浜庡幓闄よ偤涓婄殑鐏板皹锛屼繚鎶よ嚜宸辩殑鑲洪儴銆傞浮琛€涓昏鏄湪浜轰滑鏉€楦′箣鍚庤坊韬笂娴佸嚭鏉ョ殑琛€娑诧紝瀹冨韬綋闀挎湡澶勪簬璐鐘舵€佺殑浜烘潵璇翠篃鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勮ˉ琛€浣滅敤銆傚彲鏄笌楦¤鐩稿厠鐨勯鐗╁張鏈夊摢浜涘憿?1銆侀浮琛€鍜屼粈涔堢浉鍏嬮浮琛€娌℃湁鐩稿厠鐨勯鐗╋紝鑰屼笖涓€鑸汉閮藉潎鍙鐢ㄣ€傚挨鍏舵槸璐鎮h€呫€佽€佷汉銆佸濂冲拰浠庝簨绮夊皹銆佺汉缁囥€佺幆鍗€侀噰鎺樼瓑宸ヤ綔鐨勪汉灏ゅ叾搴旇甯稿悆銆?銆侀浮琛€鏈夊摢浜涜惀鍏讳环鍊奸浮琛€鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼槸闈炲父楂樼殑,楦¤浠庡瓧闈㈡垜浠氨鐭ラ亾鏄楦$殑琛€銆備竴鑸浮琛€閮芥槸鍒朵綔鎴愯璞嗚厫杩欐牱鐨勫褰?楦¤鏄ˉ琛€闈炲父濂界殑涓€绉嶉鍝併€傜敤楦¤鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑琛€璞嗚厫鎴戜滑閫氬父涔熷彨鍋氶浮绾㈡垨鑰呮恫浣撹倝銆傞浮琛€鏈夐潪甯搁珮鐨勯鐤椾环鍊煎拰钀ュ吇浠峰€?楦 ¤  鑓 伓 琛 ヨ  姘?鑳芥椿琛€鍜岃В姣掋€傞浮琛€鑳界敤浜庢不鐤楄传琛€绛夌棁鐘躲€傞浮琛€鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊煎湪浜庨浮琛€閲岄潰鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勯搧鍏冪礌,闈炲父閫傚悎瀛曞椋熺敤,楦¤杩樻湁娑﹁偁閫氫究鐨勫姛鏁?楦¤鏈夋琛€鐨勫姛鑳?楦¤鑳戒负鎴戜滑浜轰綋鎻愪緵澶氱寰噺鍏冪礌,鑳芥彁楂樹紭璐ㄧ殑铔嬬櫧,鎵€浠ラ浮琛€鐨勮惀鍏讳Ring chain rape and sorrow?銆侀浮琛€鐨勪竴浜涚蹇?.1 銆 侀  鐢 ㄧ  蹇?椋熺敤楦¤鏃犺鐑с€佺叜涓€瀹氳姘介€?鐑硅皟鏃跺簲閰嶆湁钁便€佸銆佽荆妞掔瓑浣愭枡鐢ㄤ互鍘诲懗,鍙﹀涔熶笉瀹滃崟鐙児楗?椋 熺 敤 last tree  镞?涓嶅疁鍔犲伐杩囦箙,鍚﹀垯鍋氳€佷簡,灏卞鍤艰湣,褰卞搷鍙f劅銆?.2銆佹€€瀛曞彲浠ュ悆楦¤鍚?鍙互銆傚瓡鏈熷鏄撹传琛€,鑰岄浮琛€鏄ˉ琛€浣冲搧銆傚瓡濡囦粠瀛曞墠鍙婃€€瀛曞垵鏈熷紑濮?灏辫娉ㄦ剰澶氬悆楦¤绛夊瘜閾侀鐗┿€?.3 銆 佸 幇 屼 Han Ti?楂樿儐鍥洪唶琛€鐥囥€佽倽鐥呫€侀珮琛€鍘嬪拰鍐犲績鐥呮偅鑰呭簲灏戦楦¤銆傝€岃传琛€鎮h€呫€佽€佷汉銆佸濂冲拰浠庝簨绮夊皹銆佺汉缁囥€佺幆鍗€侀噰鎺樼瓑宸ヤ綔鐨勪汉閫傚疁甯稿悆楦¤銆?

[Can rice be eaten even if it is black]_Can you eat it?

[Can rice be eaten even if it is black]_Can you eat it?

Rice is white, except for black rice which is black, white rice will not turn black. If the surface of the rice starts to turn black and the glossiness will be lost, this type of rice may be because of its long age.There is such a change, remember not to eat it, it is best to eat fresh rice.

The rice is basically divided into early rice, early rice, late rice, late rice, late rice, and glutinous rice.

The newly acquired rice is also called new rice.

The moisture content of the newly purchased rice has a high degree of waxiness and soft fragrance.

The rice that has been standing for a long time is also called Chenmi, and its taste is worse than that of new rice, and its texture is rough.

High-quality rice grains are neat, shiny, relatively dry, no rice bugs, no sand grains, very few rice ash, and very few broken rice. It smells clear and has no mildew smell.

Poor quality rice is dark in color, has more broken rice, heavy rice ash, and is twisted and musty.

You can also identify 1 by the following methods. Grab a small shot with your hands and hold it tightly. Let’s take a look. The real good rice is clear-grained and very few rice bran.

2. Pick up a small shot of rice and smell it under the nose. Good rice has a fragrant smell. If you use a different musty smell, it is mostly Chen rice, which has a bad taste and is harmful to your body.

3, you can also take a few grains of rice into your mouth to chew, good rice will have a natural sweet taste.

It’s black because it reinforces Chen Mi!

Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

We all want to have a young and delicate skin. The enamel-like smoothness is what every woman desires.

However, due to the tremendous pressure of life and work, we take care of our skin no longer lost, and make them worse.

The use of many skin care products is not very effective, in fact, the most important point is actually massage.

  When we use skin care products every day, they are often simply applied to the skin. In fact, you give up the most important and effective point, that is, massage. In fact, the temperature of the palm is used for massage.Let our skin care products have a good absorption, while also making our skin more and more delicate and smooth.

  step 1.

Pour an appropriate amount of toner into the palm of your hand, and hold the temperature of the palm to achieve a good effect.

  High silk moisturizing lotion reference price: RMB 138 yuan / 190ml step2.

Use the example steam meter to steam the face, this can not only accelerate the absorption of skin care products, but also make the skin more hydrated.

  The anion steam meter insists on doing skin care once or twice a week, which can alleviate skin dullness, dryness, relaxation, fine lines and other phenomena. The anion rejuvenator can eliminate aging keratinocytes of the skin, facilitate skin excretion and improve skinDehydration, promote local blood circulation, adjust the pH of the skin, ion mist also has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for oily, neutral, dry, mixed, sensitive skin.

  third step.

Start massaging the most important parts of the facial skin, first around the eyes.

  Lancome Lancome Firming Eye Essence Reference Price: 630 yuan / 15ml step4.

This type of skin care is usually the most easily overlooked alternative to skin care. In fact, skin care is more important, because more and more women’s age secrets are replaced by chains.

  L’Oréal Paris Paris L’Oreal Rejuvenating Face and Neck Face Cream Price: RMB 220 yuan step5.

Apply the mask, apply the mask to the shell, remove it according to the requirements of the product, and wash it with water.

  Kose Sekkisei muscle essence essence mask reference price: 469 yuan step6.

Perform a comprehensive massage on the face. Step 1 Massage the areas where the skin is wrinkled. This not only relieves the wrinkles caused by the expression every day, but also reduces our skin, so that they will not be tired and nervous at night.

  LUNASOL Sun and Moon Crystal Rejuvenating Nourishing Massage Milk Reference Price: RMB 350 / 40g Massage Step 2. Thumbs of both hands are used as the base point, pass through the temple, then the index finger is bent, and massaged from the brow to the brow.

  In massage step 3, insert the middle finger into the acupoint in front of the ear column, and then use the third ring finger and the little finger to slide from top to bottom in a semicircular manner.

  Massage step 4, hold your hands in half fists, and then slide manually to promote initialization of blood circulation.

  Finally, in fact, the most important step is a good self-psychological hint, using both hands and massaging the entire face of the nipple, so that the temperature of the hand is transmitted to the arm.

Psychology implies that the skin becomes smoother and the skin becomes younger.

This complete set of massage techniques is done!

80% of professionals have heart disease _1

80% of professionals have “heart disease”

80% of working people have heart disease According to the statistics of the intervention center, from January to June this year, a total of 1,600 psychological consultations were received, and most of them were working people.
Among them, the two groups of teachers and civil servants have the most prominent psychological problems, accounting for 40% of the people seeking help.
This means that professionals in the workplace are at high risk for outbreaks of mental illness, and their psychological problems in somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, anxiety, and paranoia are significantly higher than those in the general population.
  The psychological problems that arise in the workplace involve a wide range of issues, including interpersonal relationships among colleagues, interpersonal relationships with supervisors, and work stress.
In particular, civil servants have performed outstandingly on issues such as being wary of dealing with people and straining interpersonal relationships.
All kinds of pressures have caused about 80% of workplace evasion.
  Teachers’ psychological pressure is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is strict performance assessment, and the other is that many teachers feel that they have paid too much and paid too little.
  In the incubation period, the self-regulation 期 The reporter interviewed five female professionals with a working life of 4-10 years, including company white-collar workers, teachers and store sales staff.
They all said that due to the dual pressures of life and work, depression and self-complaint often occur suddenly. In such situations, they usually divert their attention by complaining to friends, shopping frantically, and eating delicious food.Adjustment.
  In this regard, psychologists suggest that it is good if you can adjust it properly, but if this feeling occurs for a long time, frequently, and even affects work and life, it is best to find a professional psychologist for psychological counseling.
Through professional diagnosis, you can find out the real cause of psychological problems. Only when you find the cause can you open the knot.
  In addition, there is an incubation period before the occurrence of mental illness. This period is the best period for self-regulation.
Learn how to self-adjust your emotions, actively participate in recreational and sports activities, cultivate a variety of hobbies, and enrich your life.
Expand social exchanges, meet mentors and friends, stabilize emotions, and reduce psychological conflicts.

Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Because her husband got married and had children on the Internet, and felt hurt, Ms. Lin in Harbin took her husband to court with “bigamy” and demanded mental damage.

The court held that according to the Constitution, the principle of registration of marriage is adopted, so there is no “online marriage” of this statutory element, and there is no suspect of bigamy.

Accordingly, although the court agreed with Ms. Lin’s divorce, she rejected her claim for “fault compensation”.

  In this era of the pervasiveness of the Internet, the way people express their emotions is undergoing subversive changes: from general online chat to “online dating”, to the so-called “online” of “family” and even “parenting” through online “registration””Marriage” is truly amazing.

To be sure, all this is unrealistic virtual, just like Ms. Lin ‘s husband discerned, “just bored on the Internet”, but we also see that at least in this matter, Ms. Lin ‘s personal feeling is “causing greatTherefore, even the “crime of bigamy” cannot be established, but after all, the result of divorce occurs. Therefore, although the “marriage” of “online marriage” is virtual and has no real legal basis, the harm caused by it is entirely possible.Is very realistic.

  According to reports, in Guangzhou alone, the conflict between married couples caused by online romance has accounted for 30% of the total marriage disputes, and this proportion is still increasing; according to statistics, Chinese people participating in online marriage have reached100,000 people.

In addition, a survey showed that of 6,263 respondents, 32% of the “one-night stands” were met online, far higher than other types of “one-night stands”.

  These figures show how, as the network tools continue to evolve into a part of real life, the boundaries between virtual and reality, games, and real realities are becoming increasingly blurred.Without damaging our lives, it becomes an unavoidable social problem that tests people’s moral responsibilities in marriage.

  The author does not object to the statement against online marriage as a virtual entertainment game in the Internet, nor does it deny its possible value in enriching the emotional life of people, but also believes that its potential lethality to marriage and family is moreIt is worth vigilant, even though “virtual marriage” will not be held legally responsible, but it does not mean that it can become a cover for evading moral and ethical responsibilities.

We know that ethical feelings are the basis of all good marriages. The so-called “marriage without love is immoral.”

Therefore, in this sense, it is very difficult for us to invest in the kind of emotions that accompany huge emotions. “Marriage online and having children” -style “Internet marriage” is just an unrealistic game.From the perspective of love, “spiritual affair” is actually the most essential affair, which is not only virtual but also the most realistic.

  Sociologist Frome once said, “Love is not an easily felt emotion. People must make every effort to promote their perfect personality . otherwise, the pursuit of love is doomed to fail, without the true courage, faithWith self-discipline, it is impossible to obtain the satisfaction of love.

“So, through the mirror of online marriage, looking at the lack of responsibility in love and marriage is a question that all those who have already or attempted to try online marriage, including Ms. Lin’s husband, must first face it.

Introduction to Yoga Asanas (1) _1

Introduction to Yoga Asanas (1)

First, the meaning of yoga asana: The Sanskrit language of yoga asana is Asana, which means to maintain hands in someone’s comfortable movement or posture.

Through some static movements that twist and bend, and the rest time between movements, it stimulates the glands, massages the internal organs, relaxes the nerves, twists the muscles, strengthens the body, and calms the mind.

  Second, the origin of yoga asanas: 7000 years ago, there were yoga asanas. At that time, yogis observed animals and discovered their instincts such as activity, relaxation, and sleep, and how these animals use nature when they are sick.Methods to treat diseases, imitating the development of some actions that are beneficial to humans (such as snake-like, rabbit-like).

There are also some asanas that are created by the yogis themselves (such as shoulder-standing, twisting).

  Third, the naming of yoga asanas: There are several forms of naming: (1) the asanas imitated by animal postures are like snakes.

  (2) The posture method named after the effect of the action is shoulder-standing (full body).

  (3) Postures named after the characteristics of the posture structure, such as the tortoise.

  (4) Postural methods named after the inventor of the action, such as twisting.

  Fourth, the function of yoga asana: (1) to correct abnormal glands, remove diseases, so that the normal development of the body.

  (2) Eliminate negative emotions and make your mind calm and peaceful.

  (3) Activate the glands to make the body younger, more flexible and full of vitality.

  (4) Balance the body and mind.

  (5) Prepare the body and mind to receive more refined and higher level spiritual practice.

  V. Yoga asana and general exercise: (1) Yoga asana relies on activating glands to generate energy and make the body full of vitality.

  (2) General exercise consumes energy, stimulates the glands, and maintains the vitality of the body.

  (3) General qigong is intended to conduct Qi (energy), dredge joint texture, and maintain vitality of the body.

  6. Classification of Yoga Asanas: There are tens of thousands of postures for yoga asanas. There are forty-two postures and some body marks (MUDRA) suitable for ordinary people to practice. These postures can stimulate seven chakras respectivelySome glands as the center can be divided according to their functions: (1) Postural method that is notable for the body.

  (2) Asana method for mental illness.

  Seven, personal yoga asanas: each yoga asana stimulates different glands, so you must practice different combinations for each person’s physical and psychological conditions. When properly practiced, it can greatly help the body and mind, and the practice should not be appropriate.On the contrary, it has adverse effects on the body and mind. If you want to practice personal yoga asana, you can consult an experienced yoga teacher.

  Eight, yoga asana and yoga eight parts: the practice of yoga asana has a great help to the body, and also has a direct and indirect impact on mental exercise.

However, if you only practice yoga asanas without meditation, your internal and external behaviors will be controlled.

Exercises of yoga eight parts.

It is possible to indulge in material desires by misusing the physical or mental strength obtained by exercising the physical position, planting bad seeds of reaction forces in his subconscious mind.

Children often beat IQ will be affected

Children often beat IQ will be affected

Today’s parents, although the methods of educating their children are civilized, due to the pressure of society and work, child abuse news is still heard a lot.

Saying “child abuse” may be serious, but too many parents still have corporal punishment.

Some studies in the United States have pointed out that children’s frequent beating will affect IQ, and see how the results of the study explain: San Diego, California, USA, recently held an International Conference on Family Education.Sample surveys were conducted on children aged 2 to 9 years.

In the survey, they divided the surveyed children into two age groups: Group A was 2 to 4 years old, a total of 806 people; Group B was 5 to 9 years old, a total of 704 people.

It was found that children who were beaten often had lower IQ scores than children who were not beaten: in the age group of 2 to 4 years, the average score of children who were beaten was 5 points lower, and between 5 and 9In the age group, the average score of children who were beaten was 2 lower than the rest.

8 points.

  The study also considered other factors that can affect children’s IQ development, such as parental education background, family income and family education.

Experts say that many people may think that corporal punishment can motivate children, but this is not the case.

Parents beating their children will cause them tension trauma, which will lead to psychological stress when the child encounters difficulties, which will cause the child to perform poorly and have difficulty in developing cognitive abilities.

Are you emotional

Are you emotional

Do you want a clear answer?

The following set of tests can help you achieve your goals.

  1. You like to be a construction engineer who designs high-rise buildings in various styles.


  * Famous Chinese and foreign professors of social sciences.

  2. When reading, you like to choose-* various natural science books.

  * Books of philosophy and political theory.

  3. In various industries, you are fond of-* music.

  * Not necessarily.

  * Manual labor.

  4. You are willing to-* direct several people to work.

  * Work with colleagues.

  5, you have always been keen to read-* military and political facts.

  * Not necessarily.
  * Works full of emotions and fantasy.

  6. You are willing to be a drama worker rather than a mechanical engineer-* yes.


  7. The music you are addicted to is-* relaxed and lively.

  * Between lively and emotional.

  * Emotional.

  8, you love to get into trouble.

  * Not necessarily.
  9. In your opinion, it is inappropriate to insult those who are wrong but culturally educated, such as doctors and teachers.

  10. In each course, you like-* Chinese.


  Analysis of the results: a score of 14-20: you are sensitive, affectionate, usually soft-hearted and easily moved; full of fantasy, sometimes too unworkable, lack of patience and perseverance, do not like to join rough people, do heavyjobs.
In group activities, the work efficiency of the group is often affected by the lack of practical views and actions.

It is best to avoid engaging in actual work.

  The score is 10-13: general problems in life that you deal with rationally and objectively, but sometimes you ca n’t help but be impulsive and emotional.Learn to control your emotions.

  The score is 0-9: you are rational, value reality, and deal with current issues with an objective, strong, and independent attitude. Sometimes you may be overly proud, ruthless, and lack the proper tenderness.

The longevity of 34 centenarians


The longevity of 34 centenarians

The staff of the Taiyuan Old-age Social Security Management Service Center and the medical staff of the Municipal People’s Hospital conducted a physical examination and health survey for 34 centenarians in the city.

During the week after the medical examination and investigation, the medical staff carefully analyzed and sorted out these precious materials, presenting the many mysteries of the longevity of the centenarians in Taiyuan.

銆€銆€Most of the physical examinations of the 100-year-old elderly include blood pressure and auscultation of cardiopulmonary function. The investigation focuses on health and lifestyle.

Physical examination doctor City People’s Hospital Department of Cardiology Li Haijing concluded that among the 34 centenarians, 5 men and 29 women.

Except for four or five elderly people who are in bed, the consciousness is not clear, the rest can only walk through independent living, the mental state is good, can clearly communicate with everyone, and the quality of life.

What is impressive is that these old people are all thin and thin. Without an obesity, they are all packed up. It is indeed “there is money to buy old and thin.”

According to the survey, these elderly people are not too fat when they are young, and their weight changes are small.

銆€銆€The blood pressure is not high or low. “The blood pressure of these elderly people is neither high nor low. From the perspective of their age, they are basically within the normal range.

“Dr. Li said that the low pressure of the old people is between 70mmHg and 90mmHg, and the high pressure is between 140mmHg and 160mmHg. It is not too high or low.”

Except for a few elderly people, the rest of the elderly did not have a history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

From the auscultation situation, the old people have a good heart function, only one or two heart rate is slightly faster.

Auscultation examinations show that the old people have very clean lungs. They don’t smoke very much when they are young, and now they are no one smoking.

銆€銆€When the blood pressure is measured for the elderly, many family members say that they do not use it because the family often gives the elderly a lot of weight and attaches great importance to family health care.

銆€銆€An elderly person has a high blood pressure. The children of the doctors regularly measure for the elderly. The low-salt diet control, the blood pressure of the elderly is normal.

銆€銆€A lifelong diligent and responsible health survey is the nutritionist of the Municipal People’s Hospital, Dong Guihua. She has previously produced a survey form to record the habits and laws of the old people.

She told reporters that the centenarians are very diligent and active, and the family said they can’t sleep.

銆€銆€Liu Shuyun, who lives in Yingchun Street, is 100 years old. He is thin and lean, his brain is clear, and he remembers the expiration of the passbook.

She likes to do needlework. When she sees a hole in her son’s socks, she picks it up and says it is a pity.

When her son came home every day, she had already cut the food and prepared the meal almost.

Fan Yaolin, a small shop in Xicaozhai Village, said that after his family returned to the corn, he had to put the corn in the wooden frame and said that he would work hard.

Wu’s 101-year-old old man, who lives in Yijing, often goes down to the sun and washes his clothes. He says she can do it and she doesn’t want her children and grandchildren to be too tired.

The centenarians said that they have gone through turmoil and chaos, and they have been turbulent for many years. They are all people who have come from hardships. Labor has become a habit and a pleasure.

銆€銆€Every day, the diet of a hundred-year-old man, the way of health care, everyone is very concerned, from the survey results, the old people are not picky eaters, diet rules, regular meals for three meals a day, the thickness of the mix (slightly coarse grains), there areWell-known (only two or three people do not eat meat), do not eat too much and eat too much, never overeating or do not want to eat, do not eat, do not eat tonic.

銆€銆€Old people generally like to eat sparsely. Seven old people drink milk every day. Most other old people like to drink millet porridge, noodle soup, old tofu, soy milk powder, black sesame paste, etc. The favorite dishes are tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes,Winter melon, tofu, carrots, vermicelli, etc. are all homemade dishes.

Some male seniors drink a small amount of alcohol every day, but do not smoke.

The oldest 107-year-old female and old woman loves hawthorn tablets.

銆€銆€Although the tastes are different, it is the habit of almost all the elderly to eat one egg a day. The most common dish for the elderly is tomato scrambled eggs, which are never too greasy.

Some old people said that in the past, when they were most difficult, they would have to eat eggs if they didn’t buy anything else.

Nutritionist Dong Guihua explained that the egg contains more than 40 kinds of protein, which is the most similar to the human body structure. Eating an egg every day can basically meet the body’s demand for protein.

Nutrition advocates eating boiled eggs, because this way the egg’s nutritional preservation is best.

銆€銆€The optimistic and cheerful attitude of the centenarians are basically optimistic and cheerful, the attitude is good, the desire to open, the husband and wife, the filial piety, the affection, the love of love, is the long-term motivation of their longevity.

銆€銆€The 103-year-old Qi Qingxue old man and his wife used to be teachers. He didn’t care about his salary for a lifetime. He didn’t ask for housing to change, he didn’t fight with the world, his mind was easygoing, and he was immersed in the world of scholarly world.

His wife used to be his student. The two are teachers and students, loving and harmonious, and working together to this day, talking about the past is still happy and satisfied.

The 101-year-old Feng Sutao has done several operations, and every time he stays in the hospital, he goes to the hospital to accompany him. The 96-year-old wife said that the two people have always had good feelings. When they don’t meet each other, they are worried about each other. Who is inseparable from this life, children and grandchildrenThey are also very filial, and the family is happy.

銆€銆€The centenarians are the treasures of the family, and the treasures of our society. Their health secrets, in addition to regular eating habits, peace of mind, diligence and well-being are also important factors.

Modern medicine shows that health and longevity consists of four major factors: parental inheritance accounts for 15%, environment accounts for 17%, medical care accounts for 8%, and personal lifestyle accounts for 60%. It seems that health is replacing lifestyles.