The three behaviors are the most damaging to the liver, so you can drink it for only half a month.


The three behaviors are the most damaging to the liver, so you can drink it for only half a month.

The liver is a very important organ in our body. However, with the increase of age, coupled with frequent staying up late, improper diet, etc., a large amount of toxins accumulate, causing liver function to be degraded or a crisis.

In life, we must pay special attention to some liver-killing behaviors, and we can also regulate liver function through diet therapy.

Adult liver, mild liver disease behavior, liver injury 1, excessive accumulation of too much damage to the liver is too large, too much body unfortunate, will hinder the liver cells, thus unable to complete the normal nutrition evacuation guidance, leading to liver cell shrinkageAnd die.
The more the body unfortunately accumulates, the more likely it is to have a small amount of hepatitis, and in severe cases it will develop into cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

2, suffering from alcoholic liver disease is a liver injury caused by long-term heavy drinking.

Long-term drinking can make the liver overwhelmed. In the long run, it will turn into alcoholic liver, which will eventually turn into alcoholic cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and even liver cancer.

3, staying up late and irritating “sleeping in the night and hurting the liver” This is common sense that we all know, but modern people, especially young people, white-collar workers, teachers and other people often have to face the need of staying up late, resulting in a strong fire;Caused the liver fire is strong, so staying up late to add anger is a wounded injury, everyone should pay attention to adjust their emotions, do not get angry and fall asleep.

Liver and liver protection recipe 1, loofah black fungus fried waist material: 1 loofah, 2 pork loin, 15 grams of black fungus, a small amount of broth, a small amount of ginger.

Soy sauce, sugar, wine, starch, the right amount.

Practice: The pig’s waist is open, go to the white ribs, wash with salt, rinse with water, cut the flowers, and marinate with marinade.

Black fungus is soaked in water, washed repeatedly, then boiled to soft body; loofah peeled, washed, diced; prepared ginger; from the oil pan, fried ginger, fried loofah and black fungus, add some broth, seasoning on the saucer.

Start the oil pan, stir-fry the pork loin until cooked, and squat on the loofah.

Efficacy: Loofah is rich in vitamin B, C and minerals, which has the effect of eliminating heat and dispelling phlegm and detoxification.

Black fungus is rich in protein and contains a variety of vitamins and iron.

It can nourish the kidney and nourish blood, treat the back and legs soft, limb numbness and dry stool.

Pork loin nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, nourishing liver and eyesight.

Suitable for weak body, dizziness, tinnitus, and backache.

Food is not too complicated, then the following is much simpler -2, scorpion Ganyuan tea material: 5 grams of medlar, 3 grams of cassia seed, 8 grams of chicory, dandelion, 6 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae.

Practice: Cassia is cooked, chopped, and put into the pot together with other materials, boil over high heat, turn to low heat, turn off the heat in 30 minutes, and wait for the temperature of the soup to be suitable.

Combining capsules and dried fruits, the effect is: 鏋告潪 in Chinese medicine is to raise liver and improve eyesight, repair liver damage; Cassia can clear liver and eyesight, but also laxative and invigorating the effect of fitness and lipid-lowering; chicory detoxification,Diuretic swelling, clearing the liver and gallbladder, can promote liver toxin replacement, promote the repair of damaged liver cells; dandelion contains dandelion alcohol, dandelion can clear away heat, detoxification, swelling and diuresis.

Rhizoma Imperatae heats and detoxifies, clearing heat and diuresis is particularly good for the liver.

Tips: Although the practice of 鏋告潪鐢樺厓鑼?is simple, it takes a lot of energy to devote every day.

Busy friends can choose the ready-made tea bag, drink it with hot water for 5 minutes, it is convenient and time-saving.

10 kinds of diet secrets make you immortal


10 kinds of diet secrets make you immortal

What to eat for longevity?

What does the longevity old man eat?

Health experts and nutritionists have found in a large number of investigations that the longevity of the elderly have ten hobbies in their daily diet.

Mastering these 10 ways to eat, you will find a recipe that will allow you to live longer.

銆€銆€First, I like to drink porridge. From the eating habits, long-lived old people like to drink porridge.

The famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife Zhang Guijun, both husband and wife are centenarians, and the two particularly like to drink porridge.

Every morning, add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 grams of boiling water and brew for 2 minutes to make porridge.

Every day, never stop.

Mr. Su Zhouxian, a centenarian in Shanghai, drinks rice porridge for three meals a day, drinks gruel in the morning and evening, and drinks some thick porridge at noon. Each meal is a shallow bowl, which has formed a habit.

They said: “Drinking porridge is good for the body.

“The ancient doctors and healthologists are very recommended for the elderly to drink porridge.”

“With the diet” said: “porridge is the world’s first nourishing food.

“The porridge is easy to digest, absorb, and can stomach, spleen, clear the lungs, run down.”

Cao Cishan, a health care worker in the Qing Dynasty, said: “In the old age, there is a daily porridge, not counting, but also able to be strong and enjoy a long life.

He has compiled more than one hundred kinds of porridge, which is used for the replacement of the elderly and is popular among the elderly.

銆€銆€Second, Xiaomi is the best tonic for the elderly. The oldest person likes Xiaomi and regards Xiaomi as the best nourishing product.

Millet is the granular food after the peeling of millet. It has always been known as 鈥済rain grains, millet-led鈥?.

Frail and sick elderly people often use millet to nourish the body.

The motherland medicine believes that Xiaomiyi has five internal organs, thick stomach, fluid, strong bones and long muscles.

In the Qing Dynasty, a famous doctor said: “Millet is the most supportive.

The rice oil in the glutinous rice porridge is better than the ginseng soup.

“It can be seen that long-lived old people like “meter” is very reasonable.

銆€銆€Third, pearl corn is the staple food corn, alias jade, Shibuya, pearl jade, etc. It is the world’s recognized “golden crop” with rice and wheat, and is the world’s recognized “golden crop”. It is also the staple food for long-lived old people.

The American Medical Association conducted a census and found that Native American Indians did not have a high blood pressure and no arteriosclerosis.

It turned out to be eating old corn.

Medical scientists have found that old corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, grain alcohol, and vitamin E, so it is not prone to high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

From the perspective of the longevity of the elderly, they rarely have high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, which is closely related to their use of corn as a staple food.

銆€銆€Fourth, a pound of milk every day is a common habit of long-lived old people, especially in the life of the city.

銆€銆€It is said that there are 25,000 100-year-old birthday stars in the United States, 80% of whom are women. Their eating habits are universal drinking.

The American proverb says: “Drinking milk makes the bones strong.

“Bai Ning birthday star Benin, drink two cups of milk a day, sometimes drink more, so when she reaches the age of 100, there is still no osteoporosis.

銆€銆€Milk is nutritious and comprehensive.

The content of lysine in milk is high, the content of cholesterol is low, and the residue is all glucose. It can be converted into lactic acid in series, which has the effect of inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Milk is rich in calcium and has a high absorption rate. It also contains a lot of vitamins A, D, riboflavin, etc. These are necessary and beneficial for the elderly.

銆€銆€The cheese made from the fermentation of milk, eaten cheese can prevent dental caries.

Drinking yoghurt can lower cholesterol, so people who drink yogurt often do not suffer from cardiovascular disease, but also can improve eyesight, solid teeth, and prevent cell aging.

銆€銆€Fifth, eating an egg a day to eat an egg a day has become a common habit of longevity elderly.

銆€銆€According to the nutrition arrangement, the famous economist Dr. Chen Hanzhen insisted on 鈥渢hree ones鈥?every day: 鈥淓at one egg in the morning, one cup of milk in the evening, and one big apple in the middle.He is more vegetarian, eats less meat, eats food scientifically, and eats health.

銆€銆€Nutritionists have determined that egg white contains a lot of water and protein.

Egg white protein is very rich in amino acids, and the composition ratio is very suitable for human needs. This protein has the highest utilization rate in human body.

Egg albumin has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage.

Lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells, increase the amount of human plasma protein, and enhance the body’s metabolic function and immunity.

Lecithin is released from the body and releases choline, which improves memory.

The egg yolk contains inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins.

Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, and a few are saturated fatty acids.

Eating too much egg, the amount of injection of high blood pressure is greatly increased, it will cause atherosclerosis and damage the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and increase the burden of liver and kidney.

So, eat 12 per day.

Long-lived old people never eat more.

銆€銆€Sixth, the preference for sweet potatoes to eat sweet potatoes is a big favorite for long-lived old people.

銆€銆€The old man said: “A sweet potato is a treasure, and it can’t be separated.”
鈥?”Medical research, sweet potato has five major effects: 1.

And blood supplement, nutrient-rich;

Wide bowel ventilation, promote bowel movements;

Replenishing qi and fluid, enhancing immunity;

Contains anti-cancer substances, can prevent cancer and fight cancer;

Fights aging and prevents arteriosclerosis.

According to medical scientists, sweet potatoes contain a lot of sticky proteins, which can prevent the liver and kidney connective tissue from shrinking and enhance the body’s immunity.

It also has the effect of eliminating active oxygen and avoids the induction of cancer by reactive oxygen species.

Because sweet potato contains calcium and magnesium carbide, it can prevent osteoporosis.

It can be seen that sweet potato is not a treasure for the longevity of the elderly.

銆€銆€Seven, tofu is the favorite food for the elderly. Old people generally love tofu.

They said: “The fish are burning, the meat is raw, and the cabbage is safe.”

“The diet with the interest rate” said: “Everywhere can be made, rich and poor, easy to consult the majority of the vegetarians.

Also entered.

The winter luke is particularly beautiful.

The main ingredients of tofu are protein and isoflavones.

The effect of tofu has the benefits of qi, tonic, lower blood lead concentration, protect the liver, promote the metabolism of the body, often eat tofu is conducive to health and intellectual development.

Old people often eat tofu for the hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis and other diseases have a good therapeutic effect.

銆€銆€Eight, Chong Ai cabbage Chinese cabbage, ordinary dishes, the elderly, favorite.

It is delicious and has good taste. It is a winter vegetable. The master of traditional Chinese painting, Qi Baishi, has always been a special Chinese cabbage picture. The cabbage is the 鈥渒ing of the dish鈥?and praises 鈥渢he dish is not as good as cabbage鈥?

銆€銆€The old man often said: “The cabbage is eaten for half a year, and the doctor enjoys leisure.

“It is obvious that eating cabbage often helps to prolong the disease.”

Chinese cabbage contains minerals, vitamins, protein, crude fiber, carotene, and also contains carcinogenic nitrosylase.

From the medicinal effect, Chinese cabbage has seven functions of nourishing the stomach, benefiting the intestines, relieving alcohol, facilitating, lowering fat, clearing heat and preventing cancer.

銆€銆€Nine, the winter does not leave the radish longevity elderly winter diet does not leave the radish.

They said: “Winter eat radish, eat ginger in summer, security guards throughout the year.

Zheng Banqiao, one of the eight strangers in Yangzhou, once wrote a couplet: “Green radish rice, rice pot, Tianshui chrysanthemum tea.””Radish tea” is the way of Mr. Zheng Lao’s health.

銆€銆€Radish contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, free of impurities.

Contains mustard oil and amylase to promote metabolism, increase appetite and help digestion.

銆€銆€Radish is an authentic health food for the elderly.

The motherland medicine believes that it can accumulate stagnation, eliminate food, cure cough and sputum, cure vomiting blood, blood stasis, quenching thirst, stop diarrhea, eliminate headache, and benefit from urinary urination; raw food can quench thirst, clear internal heat, remove phlegm and relieve asthmaAnd help digestion; steamed and eat can eat and spleen, and have a beneficial effect.

銆€銆€”Radish tea.”

Eat some radish, drink some tea, can eliminate the heat, eliminate the toxic gas in the body, and have a good effect on restoring the spirit.

The radish is stewed with meat and tastes good.

But you can’t eat it with ginseng or orange.

銆€銆€Ten, carrots are the love of the elderly. Carrots are also the favorite things that the elderly love.

銆€銆€Carrots are high in vitamin A and are extremely rich in carotene.

Studies have shown that carrots provide a variety of nutrients needed to fight high blood pressure, stroke, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€Carotene is rarely destroyed at high temperatures, is easily absorbed by the body, and then converted into vitamin A, so it can treat night blindness and dry eyes caused by lack of vitamin A.

Carotene can only be absorbed by the body if it is dissolved in oil.

Therefore, experienced elderly people often cut carrots into pieces or silk with oil, so that the preservation rate of carotene can reach more than 79%, sliced fried, carotene preservation replaced 81%, sliced and meat stewed together, caroteneThe preservation rate is as high as 95%.

銆€銆€Carrots also promote the exchange of substances in the brain and enhance memory.

Eating a plate of fried carrots before reading, is conducive to consolidating memory.