Home-made side dishes, tea, mushrooms, blue beans, stir-fry

Home-made side dishes, tea, mushrooms, blue beans, stir-fry

Paeonia lactiflora is tender and delicious, with 19 grams of protein and 7 grams per 100 grams.

8 grams of aunt, nourishing blood and rheumatism.

The white peony is cooked with tea tree mushrooms and blue beans. The taste is reasonable and the nutrition is balanced. It is a good side dish.

  Ingredients: 1 barberry, 100 grams of tea tree mushrooms, 80 grams of blue beans, 15 grams of shallots, 15 grams of garlic (striped and stripped), ginger juice, soy sauce, crushed white pepper, salt, sugar, pepper,Rice wine, raw flour, and peanut oil are appropriate.

  Method: The white crickets are slaughtered to remove the internal organs, boil water to 80 ° C, put the crickets in for 30 seconds, and then remove them. Use a knife to scrape off the white mucus on the crickets, rinse them with water, and cut into sections.Net spare; Wash tea tree mushrooms, stir-fry with oil and sauté, take out; pat the garlic and spring onion, stir fry the lower part, add tea tree mushrooms and orchid beans, add ginger juice, wine and head soak, addMince salt and pepper, continue to stir fry, thin seasoning and serve.

Dialectical treatment makes the intermediate flow

Dialectical treatment makes the intermediate flow

Some patients have chronic constipation, which makes the body’s turbid air not fall, and Qingyang does not rise, which causes abdominal distension, dizziness, bloating, suffocation, hypo appetite, sleeplessness, upset and irritability.

Severe cases can cause hemorrhoids, anal fissures and even blood in the stool.

In addition, patients with constipation who have excessive exertion during defecation or suffer from kidney qi, hypertension, hypertension and other diseases.

Due to different causes, the accompanying symptoms of constipation are also different. If the symptoms can be treated, the effects of both the symptoms and the symptoms can be obtained.

  ◆ Heat constipation Patients who may have constipation often have short urine, redness, upset, dry mouth, bad breath, and abdominal pain.

In the treatment should be based on clearing away heat and moisturizing the intestines, and optionally with Maziren pills.

Commonly used prescriptions are: 500 grams of hemp seeds, 250 grams of peony, 250 grams of osmanthus, 500 grams of rhubarb, 250 grams of magnolia, and 250 grams of almonds.

Usage: Grind the medicine together into fine powder, use appropriate amount of refined honey and 9 grams of honey pills, take 1 pill at a time, twice daily.

  ◆ Qi patients with constipation are often accompanied by frequent belching, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

Treatment should be based on qi stagnation.

Optional treatment with Liu Mo Tang.

Conventional prescriptions are: 10 grams of black medicine, 10 grams of woody incense, 1 gram of agarwood, 10 grams of coriander fruit, 10 grams of betel nut, and 10 grams of rhubarb.

Usage: Decoction of black medicine, woody incense, coriander, betel nut and water for 20 minutes, then add rhubarb, decoction a little, then add the agarwood to the decoction, and take it twice daily.

  ◆ Qi deficiency and constipation patients with acute constipation are often accompanied by shortness of breath, fatigue, sweating and other symptoms.

In terms of treatment, qi and spleen should be given priority, and Huangqi decoction should be used for treatment.

Conventional prescriptions are: 15 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of hemp kernels, 30 grams of white honey, and 10 grams of peel.

Usage: Astragalus root, hemp kernel and tangerine peel are boiled in water, and the juice is taken. After adding white honey, it can be taken twice daily.

  ◆ Blood deficiency and constipation Patients with temporary constipation are often accompanied by palpitations and forgetfulness, dizziness, pale complexion and other symptoms.

The main treatment should be nourishing blood and moistening dryness.

Conventional prescriptions are: rhubarb, angelica, 15 grams each of simmering live, 30 grams of peach kernel, 35 grams of hemp kernel.

Usage: Grind the medicine together into fine powder, and use the appropriate amount of refined honey to blend into 12 grams of honey pills. Take 1 pill daily on an empty stomach, twice daily.

  ◆ Yin deficiency constipation Patients with acute constipation are often accompanied by physical weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee weakness, palpitations and other symptoms.

In terms of treatment, nourishing yin and invigorating the kidney should be the main treatment, and optionally treated with Liuwei Dihuang Wan, taking 1 pill at a time, twice a day.

  ◆ Cold and constipation may be associated with symptoms of blue and white, hands and feet are not warm, like hot and afraid of cold, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

In the treatment should be mainly Wenrun laxative, optional treatment with Jeju Jian.

Conventional prescriptions: 15 grams of Cistanche, 15 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Alisma purpurea, 10 grams of coriander shell, and 10 grams of Cimicifuga.

Usage: Take the medicine and decoction, take the juice, take one dose daily and take it twice.

  In addition, patients with constipation should also adjust their lives when applying the above medicines to avoid excessive frying, spicy and cold foods. They can eat more coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, drink more water, and exercise more.And keep your mind comfortable.

Marry a beautiful woman and pay attention to later maintenance

Marry a beautiful woman and pay attention to later maintenance

Beautiful women often grow up in vanity phantoms, so it is easy to look proud.

No matter how much you love her and love her, she takes it for granted.

In her opinion, so many people are pursuing her, and she just married you, and you have already taken advantage.

So if you marry a beautiful wife, congratulations, you will start endless tossing.

  Beautiful women are usually domineering, they can’t say, they can’t fight, they can say no, and they have the desire to direct others.

If you don’t have the qualities, wisdom and patience she admires very much, then after the honeymoon, you will slowly find that you have become her affiliate and you have no idea.

  Marrying a beautiful woman easily kills herself.

The wife is too beautiful, and the man is easy to meet, so he often has little success in his life. The wife is too beautiful, and he sometimes feels insecure. He is worried that his wife can resist the temptations from outside.For fear that she would run away with others, she could not wait all day long, can’t wait to accompany her wife all the time, and lost many things that belong to men.

  Beautiful women are often narcissistic, and think that I am the most beautiful. Stockings are conceited, and nothing can be worse than others.

The wedding must be elegant, and the wedding car must be expensive.

In order to look and look, he spent a lot of money and spent countless hours.

Get up at noon, go to the beauty salon, then go to the gym, then go to try out.

She has to feed one street of cosmetics factories, six or seven shoe factories, and a dozen clothing factories.

To marry a beautiful woman, you must have strong financial strength.

  Pretty women are prone to jealousy.

As the saying goes: “Children are good for themselves, and wives are good for others.

“Not to mention being a beautiful wife is even more jealous.

Some people don’t say it on their lips, they make troubles in their hearts, and they can substitute for you secretly. Your boss may even give you shoes.

In fact, you haven’t offended them yourself. What makes them uncomfortable is that your wife is too beautiful.

  A French writer wrote: “Beauty is bliss to the eyes, hell to the soul, purgatory to the purse.

“So if you want to marry a beautiful woman, you must have the mental capacity to intervene.

  Although there are various things about beauties, if you have the opportunity to marry a pretty woman, most people will be happy, because men are also very vanity.

If you marry a beautiful wife, you must know how to cherish it and treat toss as happiness.

A few common recipes for black rice


A few common recipes for black rice

Black rice is named after the black rind, also known as blood tonic, glutinous rice, and black pearl. It is a precious rice with many health benefits.

Black rice contains starch, protein, traces, multivitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and other minerals and trace elements.

Black rice not only contains 37% more protein than ordinary rice, but also contains 25% more amino acids than white rice.

4%, the lysine, arginine, nitrogen, tryptophan, etc. required by the human body are also found in black rice, which has a high nutritional value.

  Chinese medicine believes that black rice is flat and sweet, can nourish yin and kidney, nourish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood, and nourish liver and eyesight.

Regular consumption of black rice is conducive to dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, soft waist, knees and legs.


hzh {display: none; }  下面介绍几个黑米的常用食疗方:  黑米粥  黑米100克,淘洗后熬粥,常食能滋阴补肾,益气强身,明目活血.
  ”Three black” porridge black rice 50 grams, black soybean 20 grams, black sesame 15 grams, walnut kernel 15 grams.

Common porridge and brown sugar seasoning.

Regular foods can be used to moisturize, moisturize, and nourish the brain, and tonicate blood.

Suitable for patients with early whitening, dizziness, and anemia.

  Black rice Tremella jujube porridge with black rice 100 grams, Tremella 10 grams, 10 jujubes.

Porridge together, season with rock sugar when cooked.

This formula can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the spleen and stomach, and can be taken in all seasons.

  Black rice lotus seed porridge black rice 100 grams, lotus seeds 20 grams.

Cook porridge together and season with rock sugar when cooked.

This formula can nourish the yin and nourish the heart, nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are physically weak after illness. Healthy people can enhance their ability to prevent disease.

  Black rice chicken soup 100 grams of black rice, 500 grams of chicken.

First cut the chicken into pieces with boiling water, then add the black rice and chicken pieces into the casserole, add fresh soup and various seasonings, steam and simmer until the chicken and black rice are cooked, add sesame oil and salt to taste。This formula can nourish deficiency and nourish qi, nourish blood and promote blood circulation, and is suitable for use by women who are physically weak after illness.

  Cooking square black rice must be thoroughly boiled before being eaten.

Because the outer part of black rice is a hard and tough seed coat, if it is not boiled, it will be difficult to be digested and digested by stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which will easily cause indigestion.

Four facial masks for whitening people


Four facial masks for whitening people

Beauty teacher Niu Er upgrades DIY light spot mask. Teacher Niu Er who likes DIY mask has a new solution for whitening mask!

Who said that the mask should cover the entire face?

Can hit the key!

He used the light spot mask in this way: first apply the whitening essence milk to the spots on both ends, and the thickness is preferably to cover the spots.

Then apply a piece of cotton pad moisturized with toner to the essence.

After 5-10 minutes a day, the spots on the end face really disappeared after being shortened.

Beautiful person Wu Peici Hanfang whitening Wu Peici’s whitening secret is Hanfang maintenance!

She firmly believes that whitening should be carried out from the inside out. Some say that Fang Yurongsan is the secret recipe for Empress Dowager Cixi, which can improve dark spots, rough skin and other problems, and can also whiten and remove acne.

Her whitening recipe is to take white morning glory, white peony, white asarum, gansong, white peony, white lotus, white poria, white peony, atractylodes, white stiff silkworm, nepeta, solitary, hoe, five sandalwoodMoney, white aconite, white lentils one or two, windproof five money, one or two white cloves, two halves of pearls, ground into fines, plus one or two green mung bean powder, Chinese herbal medicines sold Yurong powder and egg white.

Mix the above materials to the appropriate viscosity, apply on the face (avoiding around the eyes) for 10 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

Taiwanese artist Chen Songling first pushed pearl powder. Chen Songling found her homemade whitening mask in her “Songsong Beauty Magic” book, which is to use pearl powder to whiten: according to different skin types, there are different formulation methods.

For people with oily skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with milk, honey or egg yolk, apply it on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with saline.

For dry skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with essence or vitamin E oil, apply on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash.

For people with normal skin, use two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder to mix with water, apply on the face for 20-30 minutes, and wash.

Just do it twice a week.

“Beautiful Beauty” host Li Jing yogurt has the best whitening cost-effectiveness. Li Jing revealed in “Beautiful Beauty” that her whitening method is to use cotton pads dipped in yogurt to apply her face.

Because yogurt itself contains a large amount of water, it can use the effect of water to metabolize the skin. It still contains enzymes and can exfoliate.

The cotton sheet itself is relatively small in area and can be applied to areas where whitening is important, without causing waste.

  Normal skin is used twice a week. If it is sensitive skin, the yeast of the yogurt itself will also irritate sensitive skin, so once a week is sufficient.

How to wash your face without wrinkles


How to wash your face without wrinkles

Wrinkles are women’s natural enemies. When you find yourself wrinkles appear slowly on your body, it is the most desolate time for a woman.

In fact, it is easy to keep your face from wrinkles. As long as you follow the washing method entrusted to you by the editor, you will always be young and beautiful.

Let’s first understand the order in which the facial lines are generated!

  What is the order in which facial wrinkles occur?

According to experts, people usually grow older with age, especially after middle age, and the skin begins to become rough, dry, dehydrated, lacking elasticity, and prone to wrinkles.

  The appearance of facial wrinkles is generally: light wrinkles gradually appear on the forehead around 20 years old.

  Wrinkles on the forehead began to deepen and increase around the age of 30, and crow’s feet appeared in the corners of the eyes.

  The above-mentioned wrinkles are obvious around the age of 40, and wrinkles of different degrees appear on the upper and lower eyelids.

  At the age of 50 years, the nasolabial folds deepen or the cheeks are sunken.

  After 60-70 years of age, the above wrinkles increase and deepen, and facial skin and affected skin also become saggy.

  Around the age of 70-80 years, wrinkles around the mouth, spread, and wrinkles in the corners of the mouth until the wrinkles on the face spread.

  From the order of the appearance of facial wrinkles, it should not be difficult to find out that skin care can be done around the age of 20 to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

  There are many types of wrinkles that can be avoided, and the reasons for their formation are also different.

Let’s analyze them one by one in the usual order of their appearance (take the eye area around which wrinkles are most likely to occur as an example).

  The easiest and most likely to be improved are dry wrinkles, that is, the slight wrinkles on the skin caused by temporary dehydration of the skin, which can only be seen by looking in the mirror.

It mainly appears in the outer corner of the eye and under the eye, including the part above the cheek, that is, above the cheekbones.

  The method of distinguishing dry lines is: it usually disappears after washing the face, it is more obvious after applying the moisturizing effect than the base powder products, and the longer it stays in a dry environment, the more serious it becomes.

  Fine lines follow, and its formation is mainly due to the physiological aging of the skin and long-term contraction of the eye muscles. Of course, long-term dryness and lack of water will greatly accelerate its production.

From then on, “wrinkles” have changed from the previous “temporary”, “uncertain” to “fixed”.

  Although the fine lines are still so small that they won’t be noticed by others, you can only determine the limit by carefully looking into the mirror yourself, but you can already “determine” its position and quantity, and it becomesMore obvious.

  Finally, the real wrinkles came.

They are the lines “engraved” on your skin and can be clearly seen when there is no expression. Of course, when the expression on the eyes is rich, some of them will become longer and deeper. This is usually the “expression line”.

  It should be said that the wrinkles at this stage have exceeded the level of the epidermal layer, but are caused by the intensified condition of the skin’s dermis layer. Therefore, at this time, the effect that ordinary skin care products can solve is very weak, and must have some special effectsCare products or cosmetic surgery can eliminate it.

  Dry lines: Put your fingers under your eyes and push them up horizontally. You can see that the parallel texture is the dry lines caused by lack of water.

The corners of the eyes are usually dry, and there are no lines in the corners when the expression is not made.

Eye cream with moisturizing function can be used to deal with dry lines.

  Fine lines: Put your fingers under your eyes and push them gently horizontally. If you see staggered textures, it is fine lines due to age.

Women after the age of 25 are prone to develop, it is deeper than dry lines, and is faintly visible even without expression.

Therefore, it is necessary to use moisturizing eye creams, such as those containing vitamin E, UV filters, and anti-skin enhancement.

  Expression lines: Not only formed in the corners of the eyes, as long as expressions are made, there will be many places long.

The most likely to be the corners of the eyes and mouth.

  Wrinkles: formed by the effects of skin aging, needless to say JM knows this!

The lines between the lines are radial, with no expression, and often appear under the eyes and at the end of the eyes.

The treatment of wrinkles and expression lines requires the use of eye creams that contain anti-wrinkle ingredients that can tighten the skin and effectively support the skin system.

Eye creams containing ingredients such as collagen and elastic fibers can increase the tissue density of the skin.

  If the corners of your eyes have both dry lines and fine lines, you need to use eye cream with different effects morning and night separately.

Generally speaking, an eye cream containing an ultraviolet filter should be used in the morning and an eye cream with good repair function at night.

  Some people are too lazy to wash their faces with cold water if they are too lazy to get some hot water, while others have oily skin and wash their faces with very hot water.  In fact, the most suitable is to use warm water, not too cold nor too hot.

This can ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

  When you wash your face, no matter what kind of cleanser you use, don’t overdo it, and don’t use as much good cleanser.

  Before applying it in the axial direction, foam the cleanser on the palm of your hand. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important.

Because if the cleanser does not foam enough, not only the cleaning effect will not be achieved, but it may remain in the pores and cause acne.

The more foam you have, the better, but don’t think that having a lot of foam is good, and fake inferior cleansing foam is also very rich.

  After applying the foam on the face, massage it gently in a clockwise direction in a gentle circular motion.

  When washing, some women are afraid that they will not be clean. After rinsing with water, they are desperately scrubbing with a towel. This delicate skin is really rough, so you still need to press on the body with a wet towel so thatHarm to the skin.

  After washing, is it all done?

not yet!

Look in the mirror to see if there are residual facial cleansers around the hairline. This step is often overlooked by others. Often, some women have acne on their hairline because they have ignored this step.

  Finally, you can pat the face slightly with cold water, and then put it on the jacket with a towel dipped in cold water and apply it for a while to promote blood circulation in the face, which can shrink the pores.


Put a little salt in the water basin. It not only has a bactericidal effect, it can also remove the oils and fats from our oils, especially those with oily skin. Long-term use can remove the oils from our bodies, so that we will not be prone to acneAlready.


If your face has dry skin, you can add a little honey to your basin appropriately.

When washing your face, pat your face lightly for a long time, it can make your skin 10 years younger, and your dry skin will gradually disappear before.


Putting a little vinegar in your washbasin can make your skin smooth and elastic, because the vinegar itself can change the pH of our skin, and it is not easy for us to get acne after washing it with our face for a long time.


If you are a white-collar woman working in front of a computer when washing her face, adding a little green tea to the water can effectively resist radiation, and the residual acid effect of tea can make our dry skin disappear without a trace.

Long-term use can also make your skin pores thinner.

In fact, just adding a little bit more material in life can make our skin more white and shiny.

Tai Chi Chuan is a health care movement with both mind and body training


Tai Chi Chuan is a health care movement with both mind and body training

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is a unified whole that is centered on the organs and runs through the meridians and the blood and the five parts of the body.

In this whole, the organs, the meridians, the blood and the blood are connected with each other and cross each other. Under the command and coordination of the “palm of the heart and the monarch” (the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system), the division of labor and cooperation,Work together to complete various physiological activities and maintain a balance between yin and yang.

銆€銆€Taijiquan, according to the yin and yang, the viscera, the meridians, the qi and blood theory to create the exercise methods and action essentials, summed up is a sentence: “Imperial spirit is the king of the bones”; three adjustments: heart, tone, body; nine essentials:Quiet, gather, pass, smooth, sink, smooth, loose, positive, whole.

In practice, you can achieve peace of mind, relax inside and outside, and be tempted by your heart, with a qi and body, a combination of gods and spirits.

It is also necessary to exercise for a long time and persevere, so as to enhance the role of physical fitness.

銆€銆€First, the heart is “the heart is the Lord of the internal organs.”

Taijiquan is especially prominent in “heart and mind”, guiding the movement with consciousness, calming the mind, concentrating on the mind, relaxing the body, and exerting normal functions between the organs to achieve a relative balance.

The mind is stable, can be quick-thinking and fluent in language.

The heart runs smoothly, and it can play its role in regulating blood circulation, reducing and eliminating blood stasis in the body.

The blood is smooth and full, and the complexion is naturally rosy.

銆€銆€Second, when raising the liver and practicing Taijiquan, the mood is quiet, the mood is peaceful, the spirit is temperament, the inside and outside are relaxed, the movement is soft and round, such as the spring breeze willow, the life is full, the liver can be relieved and the liver is cured, and the liver is cured.It is conducive to Tibet, which helps the spleen and stomach to digest and does not cross the soil.

Abdominal breathing with a wishful luck when practicing boxing helps to promote qi and activating blood.

Eyes are focused on action, and the action is round and coherent. It is good for nourishing the liver and improving eyesight.

銆€銆€Third, the abdominal breathing when spleen training and boxing, “the momentum should be swaying”, the internal organs strengthen the peristalsis, such as self-massage of the internal organs such as the stomach, so that the three coke machine is smooth, the spleen and stomach rise and fall, the metabolism is strengthened, the middle earth transportWater valley function is healthy.

The mood is comfortable and the diet is naturally sweet.

The source of the disease is increased, the nutrition is rich, the muscles are full and lustrous, and the limbs are strong and flexible.

The temper is strong, the blood in the camp is full, and the blood function is normal.

銆€銆€Fourth, the lung training Taijiquan requires gas Shen Dantian, thus strengthening the function of the lung main gas, increasing the lung capacity, is conducive to the lungs down.

Through the vomiting of the new, it can further promote the operation of blood and blood throughout the body, so that all parts of the body get nutrition and vitality.

When practicing boxing, the breathing of the lungs is brought into contact with the opening and closing of the fur, combined with the opening and closing of the movement, and the undulating and undulating conversion. After the training, the skin is warm or slightly sweaty, which is conducive to the declaration of the lungs and the regulation of the waterway.And can protect the solid table, not easy to catch cold, make the skin moist, feel sensitive.

銆€銆€Fifth, the theory of solid kidney taijiquan thinks that 鈥渢he waist is mainly slaughtered鈥?and 鈥渢he source of life is in the waist gap鈥?

In the post, the teacher attaches great importance to the role of the kidney house-waist, and uses the waist as the axis to drive the four limbs and the whole body to coordinate movements, so that the road is complete and the air machine is smooth; to “move the gas back”, “the middle gas ridge””; also to suspend the top, condolences, levator anus, tail Zhongzheng, in order to strengthen the kidney life and transfer the power of Ren Duo.

And with the heart as the order, the gas sinks into the dantian, so that the heart and kidney intersect, and the water and fire are both good.

This strengthens the function of the two kidneys and the life gate, so that the kidney essence is full, the yang is strong, the action is light, the second is reconciled, the bone is strong and the teeth are strong.

銆€銆€Sixth, the brain is the marrow of the marrow, which is the gathering place of the essence and the gods, which is the key to life.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan through the mind and quiet intentions, the mind is stable, coordinated to complete a variety of movements, play a good exercise role for the central nervous system, strengthen the brain’s regulating function.

Because of the kidney main bone, bone medulla, kidney through the brain, so the kidney is prosperous, Ren Du two veins smooth, can make the marrow sea full, full of spirit, sensitive thinking, strong memory, can play the role of intelligence and delay aging.
銆€銆€Seven, qi, and blood when practicing boxing, “to take the initiative to qi, to qi and body”, “the gas is not stagnation.”

This can make the whole body’s air-conditioner unobstructed, the blood transports blood, and the blood is natural and smooth.

Meridians are the pathways through which human blood operates.

Tai Chi Chuan uses the practice method of qi body and 鈥渟ports like silk鈥?to pass the axis movement of 鈥渟tanding like a standard, like a wheel鈥? and the joints between the whole body, such as screws, are transported on the skin and entangled.To smooth the meridians, reconcile the blood.

In this way, it can achieve the effect of blood transport, blood, vitality, blood and smoothness, smooth air, strong energy and strong disease resistance.

銆€銆€Eight, refining, esoteric long-term practice Taijiquan, can cultivate temperament, cultivate calm and calm, gentle and calm, patient and meticulous, work is constant, strong will, optimistic and enterprising and other good character.

After practicing Tai Chi, it caused people to feel comfortable, happy, and bleak, not for the seven emotions.

If you have troubles, in nature, you can eat and singularly and practice Taijiquan. You can eliminate distracting thoughts and calm down.

After working, after studying leisure, practicing Tai Chi is an active rest, healthy pastime, noble entertainment and good emotional training.

銆€銆€In summary, Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of health care movement with both mind and body training.

Through a series of adjustments, adjustments, and body adjustments to adjust the yin and yang of the human body, the spirit of internal fixation, running blood, smoothing the meridians, coordinating the organs, and strengthening the muscles and muscles, making people strong, Yin and Yang secret, inside and outsideReconciliation, to achieve health and disease, longevity and self-improvement.

What to eat in the early summer to eat healthy body


What to eat in the early summer to eat healthy body

What vegetables are you eating in early summer?

Here are some recommended six types of vegetables suitable for early summer health.

Keep you away from the invasion of summer disease, so that you have a healthy body in the summer.

銆€銆€1, bitter gourd: the fire has some people treat watermelon as a treasure of summer heat, in fact, theoretically speaking, the most appetizing and refreshing, the summer food is a bitter melon.

Since ancient times, Chinese folks have had the experience of 鈥渂itter taste can clear the heat鈥?and 鈥渂itter taste can be healthy stomach鈥?

Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd is bitter and cold, and it can clear away heat and purify fire.

The bitter taste of bitter gourd can stimulate the body’s saliva after eating, secretion of gastric juice, so that the appetite is greatly increased, heat and heatstroke prevention, so summer bitter melon is appropriate.

It is ok to mix with salad, stir-fry and soup. As long as it is green, it will not destroy its nutrients.

銆€銆€2, lotus seed: Yang Xin “Yellow Emperor’s internal classics” cloud: “Summer month, this is the Fan Xiu, the heavens and the earth are more, the real thing is real.

“Lixia is the beginning of summer, the weather is getting hotter, and the plants have grown to a lush period. The theory of Chinese medicine believes that this time is beneficial to the physiological activities of the heart.”

The heart is calm and natural, so the summer is here, first raise the heart, when it comes to raising the heart, the lotus seed is the most nurturing, the sex is cool, the sweetness is sweet, the function is to nourish the spleen, and the kidney is fixed.

In addition to containing protein, sugar, a small amount of traces, a variety of vitamins, but also residual phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals.

The lotus root contained has a strong heart pressure reduction, calming sexual desire.

Soup, syrup, porridge or tea can be used, in addition to the good fortune and heart, but also very helpful for the stomach.

銆€銆€3, peas: Qingchang summer is coming, it is easy to fatigue, eat badly, sleep well, and do not like sports more. A lot of food is accumulated in the stomach and it is easy to affect health. Therefore, it is very important to clean the stomach in time.The intestines and peas are good things. The various nutrients needed by the human body, especially rich in high-quality protein, can improve the body’s disease resistance and recovery ability. The crude fiber can promote the movement of the large intestine and keep it.The stool is smooth and the function of the large intestine is cleaned in the axial direction.

銆€銆€4, Strawberry: detoxification Every time you see a strawberry may be attracted by its fresh appearance and juicy flesh, but many people do not know that it can promote the secretion and percolation of digestive juice, remove excess oxides and harmful heavy metalsAnd have the effect of detoxification!

So I suggest you eat more strawberries in the summer!

In addition, we are the most familiar detoxification food, which is mung bean soup.

Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Mung bean, although it is the same as the bean, but the power of detoxification and detoxification”, “mung bean meat flat, skin cold, Jiejinshi, arsenic, all kinds of poison, Yilian skin research, water service.

5, orange: potassium supplementation, sweating, potassium ions lost with sweat, tilting, resulting in hypokalemia, can cause fatigue, weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

The most effective way to prevent potassium deficiency in hot days is to eat more potassium-containing foods. In addition to the rich vitamin C, the oranges are also rich in potassium, which can supplement the potassium lost by the body.

銆€銆€6, glutinous rice: phlegm dampness sweet and slightly cold, beneficial to water swelling, spleen and dampness, Shujin mites, clearing heat and pus and other effects; red bean flat, sweet and sour, spleen and diarrhea, diuretic swelling effect, willThe glutinous rice and red beans are cooked with water and can be diuretic, dehumidified, and even have the effect of axial beauty.

銆€銆€In addition to the health of food, it is also relatively important to pay attention to the adjustment of sleep time.

Summer health should conform to the changes in the natural Yangyang Shengyin decline.

That is to say, get up early every day, in order to comply with the yang filling and substantial; to fall asleep later, in order to comply with the lack of yin.

Because of the early morning sleep in the summer, the relative sleep is insufficient.

Therefore, summer nap is an important method for summer health and fitness, which can not only compensate for the lack of nighttime sleep, but also meet the maintenance needs of human physiological characteristics.

The nap time is generally 1 hour, and pay attention to the sleeping position. You can lie flat or sideways, and cover the abdomen with a towel to prevent the stomach from getting cold.

Oral ulcers hide rheumatism crisis

Oral ulcers hide rheumatism “crisis”

Yang Chengde, a professor of rheumatology at Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, reminded that in view of the complex clinical manifestations of Behcet’s disease and the severity of the disease, the patients who suspected that their oral ulcers were 鈥渦nusual鈥?should arrive in time.Hospital visit.
銆€銆€Question: oral ulcers are a must see rheumatology section Miss Zhang works in the media, has repeatedly visited the dentistry, treated with simple oral ulcers, but the effect is not good.
A few days ago, Miss Zhang went to the hospital again because of a recurrence of oral ulcers.
銆€銆€After asking her medical history in detail, the doctor did not prescribe her medicine, but suggested that she go to the rheumatology department to see.
After a thorough examination, Miss Zhang was diagnosed as “Bessel disease.”
Yang Chengde said that Behcet’s disease is an autoimmune disease characterized by “ulcer” rather than general oral ulcers.
銆€銆€Miss Zhang is very puzzled: how can oral ulcers be related to “immunity”?
What is Behcet’s disease?
Can you treat it?
Reminder: Behcet’s disease is the first symptom of oral ulcers.
銆€銆€Behcet’s disease is a systemic chronic disease that occurs mostly in young adults and is characterized by recurrent oral ulcers, genital ulcers, skin and eye lesions.
Behcet’s disease is not a “new disease.” As early as BC, the ancient Greek philosophy and medical scientist Hippocrates described the disease, but because of its low incidence, the public did not know much about it.
Epidemiological data show that most cases of Behcet’s disease are concentrated in countries along the Silk Road in East Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, and there are very few European and American countries.
In Japan, the prevalence of the disease is 10-15/100,000. In northern China, the prevalence of the disease is not less than 14/100,000.
銆€銆€Oral ulcers are usually the first symptom of Behcet’s disease and are not much different from normal recurrent oral ulcers.
Ulcers are multiple (generally 3 to 5), often involving soft palate and oropharynx, with severe pain.
銆€銆€Beginning as a “small nodule”, it quickly developed into a rice-to-soya-sized ulcer, round or irregular, with clear but irregular edges and varying shades. The bottom of the ulcer may have a pale yellow covering with a red glow around it.
銆€銆€At the same time, 80% of Behcet’s patients have genital ulcers (male patients mainly occur in the scrotum and penis, female patients mainly occur in the labia, vagina and cervix), generally deeper and larger than the oral ulcers, a small number, painThe play is slow to heal.
銆€銆€In addition to ulcers, the disease can also affect various systems of the body, such as the eyeball (anterior uveitis), joints (50% of patients have arthritis), the nervous system (5% of patients have neurological lesions), and the heart (valve damage), myocarditis, pericarditis), blood vessels (thrombophlebitis, venous thrombosis), gastrointestinal tract (dyspepsia, constipation, gastrointestinal ulcers), kidney (glomerulonephritis, amyloidosis), skin (nodules)Red spot, acne-like, papular lesions, etc.
銆€銆€Many patients and primary doctors do not have the “string” of Behcet’s disease in their brains. Therefore, it is easy to treat the oral ulcer of Behcet’s disease as a normal oral ulcer, which leads to the patient’s long-term lack of clear diagnosis and correct treatment.Delayed the best treatment opportunity.
銆€銆€At present, as long as there is oral ulcers, plus genital ulcers, eye damage (anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis or retinal vasculitis), skin damage (nodular erythema, pseudo folliculitis, papule pusBlister-like lesions, acne-like nodules after puberty) and positive acupuncture reactions (intradermal acupuncture or injection of saline for 24-48 hours, injection or acupuncture at the skin to form papules or pustules, diameter > 2 mm)Two of the four points can be diagnosed as Behcet’s disease.
銆€銆€In view of the complex clinical manifestations of Behcet’s disease and the severity of the disease among the individuals, patients who suspect that their oral ulcers are “unusual” should go to the hospital in time.