Life needs the right amount to be healthy

Life needs the right amount to be healthy

“Eat everything, but in moderation” is the most important thing.

Even if you exercise, you don’t need to choose aerobic exercise for everyone. Different types of people should choose the exercise that is suitable for them. It is also a kind of exercise for the frail people, even rubbing their hands in fresh air.

  Pan Chaoxi, a professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that eating is related to both ethnicity and race.

Orientals are generally more adaptable to soy products, while European and American races are more adaptable to animal and milk proteins.

What to eat must conform to the laws of nature.

Now the greenhouse technology has been able to meet the off-season vegetable and fruit cultivation, but the greenhouse solves the problem of temperature, but it cannot solve the problem of light. If there is insufficient light and no hormones, the fruit cannot be retained on the plant and matured.

In some fruits, the content of fructose has been increased several times due to the addition of fertilizers, but the levels of fruit acids, vitamins and inorganic salts have decreased.

  Pan Chaoxi said that even drinking soup before meals is not suitable for everyone.

People who exercise or work hard consume energy quickly. After filling the abdomen with soup, they will soon have a fever and suffering. People with atrophic gastritis have less secretion of gastric acid. Drinking soup to dilute the stomach acid is more likely to cause stomach distensionDigestion and worsening of the condition.

For those who are overweight, if you want to control the staple food by drinking soup before meals, it should be fat-free, low-salt, no-transformation, low-protein, thin soup with vitamins, not fatty and high-proteinChicken soup, fish soup, broth and polysaccharide soup, because the protein in this type of soup has been split, which is more conducive to nutrient absorption, but will not lose weight and will increase fat.

Best mental state during the exam

Best mental state during the exam

What is the best test psychological state?

According to the efficiency of the test and the possibility of the students’ existing psychological condition, the best psychological state during the examination should be: 1.
Energetic, focused attention This is a sign of effective brain work and a guarantee for students to go all out to review and test.

Only with full energy and concentration can we understand the content of the teacher well, remember the knowledge learned, improve the efficiency of the review, and open the mind, analyze, reason, judge, understand, understandBeing able to give full play to it is also a criterion for good mental state.

If you find it difficult to concentrate while studying, or if someone reminds you of a time of mental weakness, it means that you need to rest and need adjustment.

  2.Winning Confidence Confidence is an important psychological quality to ensure the success of learning, especially for students in the review preparation stage.

Self-confident students are active and active in learning. They believe that they can achieve success through their own efforts. They can go all out to do their best when they are studying. They can be skeptical, cranky, and cranky.

In contrast, students who have low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence always feel that they are useless and incapable, doubting whether they can succeed, being passive in learning, not being able to concentrate well, and always making a one-sided analysis of themselves.And evaluation, to find various reasons for their failure to succeed, so it is difficult for these students to concentrate on their studies and dedication, and the chance of success is relatively small.

Psychologists believe that all human behavior is out of inferiority and overcoming inferiority.

That is to say, lack of confidence and inferiority are common to everyone, but you can compensate yourself by pursuing superior goals, and turn this negative factor into a driving force. Inferiority can be overcome and self-confidence can be cultivated.

  3.Clear-headed and calm-hearted This is a rational and stable one.

During the exam, it is inevitable that unexpected things will happen, such as difficult test questions, never seen, insufficient time, unexpected events, etc.

However, as long as you can deal with it calmly, without panic or disorder, and treat it with your usual mood and rhythm, you can achieve relatively good results.

Calmness is the best way to overcome errors caused by flustered exams.

Taking it easy, clear mind is always a good psychological state for the test, and it is also an ideal level of personality cultivation.

  4.Going all out and striving for an upstream entrance examination is a difficult journey and a season of harvest.

There are few times in life, if at this critical moment, if you can mobilize your whole body strength and make the final struggle, you will try to play normally or even abnormally and get good results.

Going all out and striving to reach the top is a positive and emotional mood, a tenacious and hardworking spirit. It will bring a keen sense, precise memory, rich imagination and a high degree of concentration, which is the best psychological state when taking the test.

Let the taste run out in summer

Let the taste run out in summer

Summer is the most feminine season for LADY. They wear thin, transparent, and charming summer clothes to show their charming style.
However, at this time, accidentally, another “femininity”-sweaty smell, foot smell, and odor of the foxes, was also scattered around.
  How can we stop releasing the “fragrant incense” that poisons others?
I teach you a few ways to prevent and help you find confidence in social situations.
  Some surveys show that a lot of white-collar workers are affected by odors. One in five white-collar workers who have a “fragrant scent” has social phobia. Nearly half of them are worried about being misunderstood and bad health habits.To be rejected by others.
  And the most unbearable odor rankings, the first is odor, the second is sweat, and the third is foot odor.
  The key point of deodorization sweat odor Cause: Although people complain of sweat odor, sweat itself has no taste.
  An adult’s body has an average of 3 to 4 million sweat glands, producing 15 liters of fluid a day, and nearly 99% of the sweat is water, helping the body to dissipate heat and regulate body temperature.
Only when sweat is broken down by bacteria on the surface of the skin does it produce an odor.
  After exercise, sweat odor will reach its highest point.
Because the body surface becomes hot and humid, providing an ideal breeding environment for bacteria.
  The first step in removing sweat is to find out the cause of sweating.
In addition to high temperature, stress, and emotional tension that make people sweat, you also need to be aware that diseases such as hyperthyroidism and adrenal tumors can increase sweat volume.
  Deodorization 笈 If it is not sweat odor caused by disease, you can: 1.Try to wear light-colored clothing made of cotton and linen to help your body surface dissipate heat.
  2.Eat less garlic, onions, and chives.
  A variety of flavoring spices and fishy meat will pass through the blood vessels, penetrate the pores from the sweat glands, and aggravate the sweat.
  3.Pick the right antiperspirant product.
  Antiperspirant and deodorant are sold on the market.
  The antiperspirant effect of antiperspirants depends on the aluminum salt component: this component can astringent the pore sweat glands.
The effect of a pasty dosage form is usually longer than that of a spray formulation.
  The deodorant effect of deodorants depends on the germicidal ingredients: perfume alone can not deodorize. The secret of deodorants is the bactericidal formula, which can inhibit the growth of surface bacteria.
  Common bacteriostatic formulas include Tricolsan, alcohol, green tea and tea tree oil, or the addition of citric acid and other ingredients to adjust the skin to a slightly acidic pH (pH).
  除臭关键点腋下   病因:狐臭是因为腋下的大汗腺数目比正常人多,分泌物含脂肪酸,偏油性、粘稠,从毛囊根部沿毛发上升到体表排出,经过腋窝的细菌分解,Produces a body-like odor.
  The sweat glands are distributed in the nipples, underarms, genitals, and external auditory meatus. After puberty, the glands are stimulated by hormones and begin to secrete. After 50 or 60 years of age, the glands gradually shrink and the smell will fade.
  Statistics show that 60% of humans have a strong taste in the West, but only 10% in the East.
  The reasons that affect the development of sweat glands are: 1.People with thick hair also have strong secretions of large and small sweat glands.
  2.Heredity: One of the parents has body odor, and the child has a body odor of 50%. If both parents have body odor, your winning percentage is as high as 80-90%.
  Deodorizing secrets 1.Clean the underarms The most direct way is to take a shower and change to clean clothes after sweating a lot.
In the summer, LADs have to shave their armpit hair, reduce the chance of bacterial reproduction, and reduce body odor.
  2.Surgical eradication of body odor The salamander glands can be removed by surgery to eradicate the problem of body odor in one go.
It should be noted that the arm cannot be raised 3 days after surgery, because gauze is needed under the armpit to stop bleeding and reduce the risk of infection.
In addition, the doctor’s experience is very important. If the sweat glands are removed too little, the taste will remain, but if the removal is too deep, it may hurt the skin.
  Here are the three most common surgical procedures.
  Improved Liposuction: Cut a small hole in the armpit and use the tube for liposuction to remove the developed sweat glands.
  The operation time is about half an hour. After the operation, 70% to 80% of the flavor can be removed, but scars of about 1 cm will also be left.
  Surgical resection: It has the best deodorizing effect, but the recovery period after surgery is relatively long.
Cut one or two blades under the armpit, remove the sweat glands and hair follicles one by one, and then suture the skin.
  It can eliminate 95% of the taste and reduce local sweating. The operation time is more than 1 hour, and the scar is about 2 ~ 3 cm.   Endoscopic scraping of the endoscope: Use the electric rotary scraper of the orthopedics to remove the vertebrae to remove the sweat glands, and then check with a fluoroscopy.

  The operation time is about half an hour, which can reduce the taste of Jiucheng, and the scar is about 0.

1 cm.

  The latest method of injection of botox botox will shrink the sweat glands and achieve the effect of removing body odor.

It has the shortest operation time, only 20 minutes without scarring, and normal activities can be resumed after the operation.

It is suitable for patients who are afraid of surgery or want to see results in a short time.

  However, the deodorizing effect of Botox can only maintain 6?
9 months.

  Special reminder: check before surgery whether you are sweating under the arm or odor.

  Sweating under the arm is due to the development of local small sweat glands that replicate excessive sweat, and other surgery is required to solve the problem.

  The key point of deodorizing bipeds: In addition to sweaty feet, continuously sealed in shoes and socks, bacterial infections such as feet and onychomycosis in Hong Kong can also cause stinky feet.

  Deodorant secretion 1.
The latest foreign way to remove foot odor is to inject botulinum to the feet to treat sweaty feet, but it is expensive, the effect is not lasting, and you need to use anesthetics, otherwise it will be very painful to get a forty or fifty shot.

  2.Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day.

  3.Shoes and insoles must be fitted to prevent irritation of the feet and excessive sweating.

  4.Sports shoes should choose a breathable upper.

  5.Select leather shoes for leather shoes.

  6.Sprinkle duster powder on the shoes, and talcum powder absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry.

Massaging the scalp can eliminate fatigue and prevent neurasthenia and hair loss

Massaging the scalp can eliminate fatigue and prevent neurasthenia and hair loss

Aiming at the scalp massage can eliminate fatigue, but also eliminate neurasthenia, neurological headache, hair loss, gray hair and alopecia areata.

  Specific method: The palms of both hands are inward, and the fingers are spread out like scratching.

Close your eyes when grasping, your mind is calm and your body is relaxed.

Grab the hair on the forehead, from front to back, through the top of the head to the back of the hairline, and then from the back to the front, cycle to replace.

  Note: When grasping, mainly use the thread surface of the two little fingers for massage. The other fingers pass through the massage of the little finger to grasp the scalp with slow and gentle movements.

Grasp when exhaling and stop when inhaling.

You can get up early every day, do it once every 10 minutes during lunch break and before going to bed.

Adjust the mentality after breaking up

Adjust the mentality after breaking up

● If you are sure that you haven’t gotten out of love, then don’t contact him any more, don’t have the thought of calling him.

Accompanied by the distress of the man who has broken up, it is better to discuss with the handsome colleague who often works overtime to “carpool” home.

  ● Don’t go to any place where you have good memories, including frequent convenience stores, supermarkets, art galleries, cinemas, French restaurants . If you happen to be colleagues and you don’t want to leave this company for the time being, then make no reasonOnce: Ask him to leave!

  ● Don’t leave any information about him on your blog: no thoughts, no memories, no wandering, no loneliness, nothing, just evaporate among others.

  ● What to do with his stuff?

Packed, please courier directly to his company.

Have a gift, if you still like it, if it is still practical, if you are not tired, just stay here!

Frugality and environmental protection have always been the greatest virtues of fashionable women.

  ● If he calls you, he must answer even if he doesn’t want to listen!

When he greets you how you are doing recently, wait for him to finish, then ask in a suspicious tone: Excuse me, who is it?

  ● One day if he says he wants to invite you to dinner, of course!

Be sure to go to the most expensive Western restaurant, order French snails, red wine steak, Arctic Besal salad and Haagen-Dazs, of course, he will not be AA with him, and finally smile and watch him clamp his heart to pay the bill, flash!

  ● His name and avatar on MSN or QQ should be completely transparent.

Don’t delete or use it, just freeze it temporarily, until you think you can “just be an old friend”.

  ● Keep a close distance with your mutual friends. There is no need to listen to his news. If he has a new girlfriend, since he is a big dinosaur, there is no need to comment in public, but he can only snicker in his heart.

Even if you accidentally bump into it, suppose he comes to greet him, his eyes fluttering slowly, until he is a stranger, and then continue to turn his head and go your way.

  ● The biggest jeopardy is to fight for the loss of love, and think that there may be a long period of time when no one is invited to eat or give a gift, it is even more necessary to squeeze the purse to prevent overdrafts.

  ● If you’re getting married, don’t send him a post, and there’s more than one ex-boyfriend, right?

No need to turn your wedding into an ex-boyfriend concentration camp!

Introducing the three most healthy ways to lose weight

Introducing the three most healthy ways to lose weight

The three healthiest weight loss methods in history: swimming weight loss, bicycle weight loss, climbing stairs to lose weight. Swimming weight loss method: whether it is the basic breaststroke and freestyle swimming, the slightly difficult backstroke, or the beautiful butterfly stroke, as long as you can, work hardGo for a swim.

If your moves are beautiful, there is no reason to stop you from showing them to everyone!

  Weight loss principle: People swim in the water, both arms draw water or kick in the water at the same time, all the muscle groups in the body participate in the exercise, which can make the whole body muscles get good exercise.

In addition, when swimming, because the density of water (convergence is added) and heat transfer performance are greater than air (the heat exchange coefficient of water is 26 times greater than that of air, that is to say, under the same temperature, the deviation of the human body in water is less thanIt is more than twenty times faster in the air and can be effectively consumed), so the body consumes more energy in water than on land.

These energy supplies are supplemented by the consumption of sugar and lightness in the body.

Frequent swimming exercises can gradually remove too many uncles in the body without growing fat.

  Swimming is a kind of whole body exercise, which not only can shape the body, but also improve your cardiopulmonary function and exercise almost all the muscles in the whole body.

If you insist on regular intensive training, it will make you look good in almost a few months.

  Bicycle weight loss method introduction: Bicycle weight loss method is not a special training, but when riding a bicycle, usually have a certain amount and intensity, and insist on exercise, the effect of aerobic exercise on the line.

It has no technical requirements, is simple and easy to use, and is suitable for all ages. You can enjoy the joy of cycling anytime, anywhere.

  Weight loss principle: cycling compresses blood vessels, uses the blood circulation to accelerate, and delivers more oxygen to the brain.

After riding for a while, you will feel clearer.

At the same time, proper exercise can secrete a hormone, which makes your mind open and happy.

It is known from experience that cycling can produce this hormone.

  [Scientific check]Bicycle is one of the best tools for heart function problems.

Cycling exercise promotes blood flow. While strengthening the heart’s function, it also transports blood from peripheral blood vessels to the heart through the movement of the legs. At the same time, it strengthens the microvascular tissue and forms a “concomitant circulation”.

Strengthening your blood vessels will keep you young and young, regardless of your age.

  Cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body more shapely and charming.

People who exercise to lose weight or exercise while dieting are more charming than those who only lose weight by dieting. Exercise gives people a radiant and energetic charm.

  Introduction of weight loss by climbing stairs: In an increasingly convenient social life, if you do not want to exercise, this wish is becoming easier and easier to achieve; but if you assume that you are responsible for your body, want to be healthy and beautiful, and exude charming charm, thenReduce those conveniences and give your body more opportunities to exercise.

For example, try to take the elevator as little as possible. Whether you are at the elevator door home or on the way to and from the subway, try not to take the elevator and take time to exercise.

  Principle of weight loss: In a fast-paced, demanding and tense life, many people cry and have no time to exercise, and even the body urgently needs exercise, there is always no time to exercise.

This requires stitches and time to exercise.

Stair climbing is a suitable exercise, but it is also a strong and tough exercise.

Sports therapists have determined that the energy consumed by a person ascending 1 meter is equivalent to walking 28 meters. The energy consumption is 10 times that of sitting, 5 times of walking, and 1 of running.

8 times, 2 times swimming.

  [Scientific check]Stair climbing is a very common exercise method, and it also has a very obvious effect on weight loss: going up the stairs consumes 4 times more energy than walking, and 80% more than morning exercise.

For example, a woman who weighs 40 kilograms uses a 10-minute staircase to convert 200 kilocalories!

If a woman with a fat body shape lives on the third floor, she just keeps walking up and down 5 days a day?
If you do it 6 times, you can lose 3kg in one year.

It seems that if you want to make your figure slim, climbing stairs is the preferred alternative.

You should pay attention to what to eat when you have oral ulcers.


You should pay attention to what to eat when you have oral ulcers.

Oral ulcers are a common disease, also known as “mouth sores”, “on the mouth.”

I believe that most people have been hurt by it. After eating the hot pot, the mouth is easy to get angry the next day. After eating some irritating food, the mouth is sore. These are all oral ulcers. It can be seen that oral ulcers occur.It has a lot to do with diet.

Although the oral ulcer is not a serious illness, most of them can heal themselves, but even the delicious food is not willing to taste. What is even more painful is that there is a strange smell in the mouth.

So what should you pay attention to when you have a mouth ulcer?

Suitable food for patients with oral ulcers 1. Selection of fruits: red fruits, strawberries, persimmons, oranges, vitamin C supplements, should be eaten regularly.

2, the choice of meat and egg milk: pork, pig liver, egg yolk, chicken, duck, oysters, etc., vitamin b2, can promote ulcer healing, to maintain the replacement of mucous membranes.

3, the choice of vegetables: celery, pods, lettuce, spinach, rape, sage, sorghum, overlapping crude fiber, cold nature, have a smooth stool, the role of the fire.

Dietary contraindications for patients with oral ulcers 1, avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol, coffee, hot food and spicy barbecue, fried products, etc.

These are things that can cause or aggravate oral ulcers.

2, avoid eating irritating condiments such as pepper, vinegar, ginger, onions, star anise and so on.

These foods not only induce pain, but also stimulate the ulcer surface and gradually increase and expand.

3, avoid eating rough and hard food such as fried pork ribs, fried chicken legs, nuts and the like.

Because these hard foods tend to cause friction on the rupture surface, aggravating the condition.

4, avoid eating ground food, such as bread, corn or potato chips, etc., because the ground food is easy to cause on the broken surface, affecting the healing of the broken surface.

5, avoid eating hot food.

Boiling water or hot soup does not kill the bacteria on the ulcer surface, but it will cause irritation.

Therefore, it is best to eat after the food has cooled to room temperature.

In addition, patients with oral ulcers also need to master some nutritional principles.

1, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, vitamin supplements and trace element supplements, to prevent oral ulcers.

2, to ensure that daily supplementation of high-quality protein is essential nutrients for repairing oral ulcer wounds.

3, daily diet to ensure the intake of b vitamins.

Also pay attention to the supplement of lecithin: long-term do not eat the “burned mouth” caused by egg yolk and oral ulcers.

5, oral hygiene recommendations: often appear ulcers, may wish to gargle with light salt water every morning, may have a certain effect.

In summary, the above are several major problems that need to be paid attention to in the diet of patients with oral ulcers, and hope to help your health.

Jianwei soup is easy to absorb


Jianwei soup is easy to absorb

Nowadays, the soup has gone to the elegant hall – many large hotels have, and are very popular with customers.

The soup we have now eats a lot more ingredients than the original soup, such as eggs, mushrooms, meat (chicken, shrimp, squid, shellfish), rapeseed, tomatoes, etc., more nutritious, taste more delicious.

銆€銆€The soup in the soup can be clear water or pork ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup and so on.

From a dietary health point of view, soup is more suitable for dinner, because pasta is easy to digest.

銆€銆€The soup can be made into a vegetarian vegetable soup or a meat soup.

Soups seasoned with eggs, meat, etc. are especially suitable for mental workers and can supplement protein.

For those who are weak and have poor digestive function, they are more suitable for light, vegetarian soups, mainly eggs, oilseeds, and tomatoes. They have both color, appetite, and nutrients, which are good for digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and cellulose, which can change the acidic body presented by eating more animal foods, which helps to strengthen the body’s immunity.

For those who are unsatisfied with appetite or who often have alcoholic drinks, it is also more suitable for drinking soup, while meat soup can increase the burden on the liver.

銆€銆€The nutritional value of the soup is that the flour contains a large amount of vitamin B. In an acidic environment, vitamin B1 is relatively stable, but when alkali is added as a pasta, this stability is destroyed.

When cooking noodles, a lot of nutrients will be lost to the noodle soup. When cooking dumplings, some nutrients will also be lost.

The soup can keep a variety of nutrients in the flour in the soup, which can well avoid the loss of nutrients in the pasta.

The so-called “original soup raw food” also fully illustrates this point.

銆€銆€The specific practice of soup is: 1.

After the pot is hot, add some vegetable oil to heat it, put the shredded pork in the pot and stir-fry it, then add the shredded mushrooms and stir-fry until the flavor is saut茅ed. (If it is the soup, you can directly fry the shredded mushrooms and cut it.Stir-fry the tomatoes, then add two bowls of water (or ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup) to boil.


The half bowl of flour is made into a thin noodles with cold water for use.


After the water is boiled, pour the noodles into the pot and boil, add the eggs and vegetables, boil again, add chopped green onion, instead of salt, you can eat.

銆€銆€When making noodles, the water should be poured into the bowl a little bit, so that it can be stirred while pouring water, and must use cold water, so that the noodles will be made small and thin, and cooked in the pan.

Do not cook too long, otherwise the color is not good, and the taste is very bad.

Three-in-one slimming exercise meets the three functions of plastic waist, hips and thin legs!

Three-in-one slimming exercise meets the three functions of plastic waist, hips and thin legs!

Want to lose weight, and do not want to move the knife and do not want to take medicine, it is recommended that you do not hinder the trial of aerobic exercise.

The following describes a very effective three-in-one in situ aerobic exercise.

The so-called three-in-one is a set of three functions that satisfy the plastic waist, hips and thin legs!

銆€銆€Action 1 Bend the leg Step1: The feet are tight and flexed in the air to 90 degrees.

銆€銆€Step2: Exhale, put one of the feet straight down to the ground, but do not touch the ground, then inhale, put back to the original position, exchange 20 times.

銆€銆€Action 2 Vertical Lifting Step Step1: Keep your feet tight and try to straighten in the air.

銆€銆€Step2: Exhale, slowly put your feet down together, to the height you can’t afford, but don’t touch the ground, then inhale, put back to the original position, repeat 20 times.

銆€銆€Action 3 Step on the bicycle Step1: The feet are volley, one foot is flexed, and the other is raised and straightened.

銆€銆€Step2: Exhale, put one of the raised feet straight down to the ground, but do not touch the ground, then inhale, put back to the original position, exchange 20 times.

銆€銆€Want to lose weight, and do not want to move the knife and do not want to take medicine, it is recommended that you do not hinder the trial of aerobic exercise.

The following describes a very effective three-in-one in situ aerobic exercise.

The so-called three-in-one is a set of three functions that satisfy the plastic waist, hips and thin legs!

銆€銆€Action 4 Open the leg Step1: Keep your feet tight and straight in the air.

銆€銆€Step2: Exhale, separate your feet to the extent that you can’t afford them. After inhaling, put them back to their original position and exchange them for 20 times.

銆€銆€Tips: 1.

The above actions are to raise the feet with the strength of the thighs and abdomen. Although it will be a little difficult in the process, the effect is remarkable.


If the feet cannot be straight in the air, they will flex slightly.


When placing your feet down, remember not to use your waist to borrow your muscles to avoid hurting your back.