[How to make sugar-free pumpkin and pumpkin sweet potato doughnuts]_Home-made method of sugar-free pumpkin and pumpkin sweet potato doughnuts

[How to make sugar-free pumpkin and pumpkin sweet potato doughnuts]_Home-made method of sugar-free pumpkin and pumpkin sweet potato doughnuts

Anyone can’t resist the temptation from good food. The sugar-free pumpkin squash and potato bagel is a dish that can’t stop saliva.

Unlike heavy dishes, the ingredients in this dish are very simple to prepare, but when they are made, they are full of color and aroma, with a strong mouth, which is suitable for the home’s standing alternative.

1. Stir all the ingredients into a ball with an electric eggbeater and knead it on the rolling board.

2. Knead long strips and cut into 12 portions.

3. Weigh each with an electronic scale, and evenly turn into small pieces of dough that are trying to equal weight, about 45 grams each.

4. Put it into the doughnut mold and press it.

5. Put it in the middle of the oven. Set the upper and lower fires to 170 degrees. Preheat for 5 minutes and then bake for 15 minutes.

6. Pour it out immediately and put it on a cooling rack to cool.

7. When baking the second plate, if you put it in immediately after the first plate, you don’t need to preheat the oven.

The second dish is also poured out and cooled after 15 minutes of baking.

8, there is a beautiful shape, it seems to feel more delicious.

O (∩_∩) O The method of replacing sugar, pumpkin and potato bagels without sugar is a step-by-step process that can be completed in a short period of time. The action is simple and simple. It is definitely a favorite of the handicapped party. Act now and enjoy the simple and deliciousEnjoy your taste.

[How to make soft buns]_How to make_Production method

[How to make soft buns]_How to make_Production method

When making buns, in addition to better preparation of the fillings, the bun skin is also important. Especially when baking, only the dough can be well wrapped to make the soft bun skin, and the taste is more delicious.To make a soft bun skin, we must first pay attention to the hair surface, pay attention to wake up noodles, there are certain skills in it, let’s take a look at the following, we will look at the practice of the soft bun skin.

How to make soft buns (A) The first fermentation dough (old noodles): warm water (40 degrees)-80 grams of granulated sugar-2 teaspoons of yeast 1 teaspoon of low-gluten flour / flour-160 gramsSecond fermentation dough: the first fermentation dough-the whole portion of low-gluten flour / wrapped flour-80 grams of clear flour-75 g (without clear flour can be replaced with corn starch) fine sugar / sugar powder-75 grams of lard or cooking oil or whiteOil-15 grams of stinky powder (edible in Ammonia)-1/2 flat teaspoon (2g-can also be used)-30 grams of water (if the dough is too dry, you can add another tablespoon of water)Baking powder-1/2 tablespoon (6g) Method 1) In a mixing bowl, first dissolve yeast, sugar and one tablespoon of flour from the first fermentation dough (A) material in 80cc of warm water.After the yeast is active (with rich foam), add all the low-gluten flour and knead it to a uniform mass. Cover and let the dough ferment at 30 degrees for 6 hours.

After six hours of fermentation, the dough will swell more than double and produce a strong wine flavor.

@ For more detailed pictures of the baking method, please refer to the baking method of the fragrant, soft and soft buns in the warm kitchen.

2) Sweet dough practice: 1.

First add 6g of double hair powder to sieve and low-gluten flour and sieve for use.

(You can also choose to dissolve the hair powder and odor powder into the water together to avoid freckles from buns caused by insufficient dissolution of the hair powder) 2.

Then dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of stinky powder into 10g of water, then add (A) dough that has been fermented for 6 hours, and add (B) other fine sugar, oil, water and other materials and knead until the sugar is dissolved.


Finally, add the sieved dry powder and knead it on the workbench for about 10 minutes to form a uniform sweet dough (this kind of dough is high in sugar powder, it will be sticky and dry).

The dough should not be too soft, otherwise the buns will be difficult to fluff and bloom.


Put dough dough 10?
12 doses, round one by one.


Squeeze the filling and wrap it into 1 filling, about 20?
25 grams.

Close the mouth, the upper skin is a little thicker. The soft bun skin is not as thin as ordinary buns. It has a soft skin texture. Secondly, if the leather is too thin, especially if the upper skin has no thickness, it willThere is a phenomenon of dead skin.


Put steamed buns in a steamer, cover them, and place them in a warm place like a stove.

After 20?
Start burning 1500 in a steamer after 30 minutes?
2000cc of boiling water.

Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water so that the steamed buns won’t turn yellow.


After the water in the steamer is boiled, the steamed buns can be steamed for 10 minutes, and the steamer shell should be tightly closed to prevent air leakage.

Tip 1.

How can I make sure there is not too much warm water (excess water will kill the yeast)?

It’s very simple, just 2 servings of cold water and 1 part of hot boiling water are almost 40 degrees C.

Here, about 15ml of hot boiling water + 25ml of cold water (Malaysia cold room temperature is about 26 degrees) “Unit of water: 1g = 1ml = 1cc” 2.

Test the yeast powder for activity in advance.

Dissolved in the flour water, left the active yeast for 15 minutes, and made a lot of fine foam. If the yeast powder has expired, the yeast powder will settle on the bottom of the quilt.

Clear gouache.


Tips: If the weather is cold, you can use your home oven as a fermentation box: Preheat the oven for 2 minutes, turn off the power, put a large glass of boiling water in the oven, and put the dough and covered pots in the ovenFermentation.

If the hot water in the cup is cold, take out the bowl of the dough, repeat the action of preheating for 2 minutes, and change to a cup of boiling water.

[How to eat Tangyu?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat Tangyu?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

People usually eat a variety of fish, including pond mullet. It is worth mentioning that there are many classifications of pond mullet. There are many types of pond mullet in the upper and lower reaches of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.It is edible, tastes very good, tastes very delicate, and has a very high nutritional value. It is Tangtang protein and a variety of trace elements. Here is how to eat it.

How to eat Tangyu?
How to cook Braised Pomfret Ingredients: Pomfret 750g Supplements: Ginger 20g Seasoning: Soy sauce 25g White sugar 30g Shallot 2g Sesame oil 2g Ginger 10g Peanut oil 50g Rice wine 25g Salt 2g eachThe practice of the right amount of honey juice pond: 1.

Scratch the scales of the live pond cricket, use your fingers to dig out the gills and fish intestines from the gill cover, wash them, cut off the fins, and cut two blades on each side of the fish body, and then use the thumb of the mandible at the lips of the fish to mouthPush in to make the fish mouth wide; 2.

Then pickle with fine salt and rice wine to shrink the fish skin instead of frying and flavoring; 3.

4. Set the wok on a hot fire, add cooked peanut oil, and heat it to 70% to 80%. Disperse the pickled tangs in the oil pan and fry until the interior is nearly mature, and remove with a colander; 4.

4. When the oil temperature rises to 70% to 80% again, return the pan to fry again, fry until the water is drained, and pour the oil into a colander; 5.

5. Leave the base oil in the pan, ingest the shallots, ginger powder, simmer slightly, Gssau wine, soy sauce, sugar and boiling water 50 ml, burn; 6.

After it is boiled, after the marinade is thick, add the deep-fried tang, stir up the pan, stir the marinade fish body, then pour in the sesame oil, put it in the pot, and sprinkle with the ginger.

White sauce pond catfish: Take 300g of live pond catfish, wash it, add the onion ginger and fry it in a saucepan, cook the wine, add 750g of water, add the appropriate amount of bamboo shoot slices and ham slices, and cook for 8 minutes on high heat, addSeason with salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper.

Poached Pomfret: 200g of live Pond carp, washed and boiled in boiling water, drained neatly in a soup bowl; then use 3 eggs to break up, put in an appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate, add 600g of water and stirPour into a fish bowl after mixing.

Steam it out for 12 minutes with vigorous fire and sprinkle it with green onions and a little sesame oil.

Braised Pomfret Fish: Put the wok on the wok and heat 40g of cooked oil. Add the Pomfret fish and fry it on both sides to a light yellow color. Add 150g of soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, boiling water, and cover the pot.Cook for about 3 minutes. Cook as soon as the fish eyes protrude. Add MSG, yellow leek buds (cut into sections), drizzle the starch evenly to make the marinade sticky. Turn the body after pouring the oil. Then add the sesame oil.Into a big fish dish.

Amaranth Pomfret Fillet: Cut the left and right pectoral fins obliquely to the spine, and then continue along the spine to the tail to remove the spine; with the skin facing downwards, hold the tail with your hand and push the skin with a blade.Divide the fish into two pieces, cut the breasts into oblique slices, fillet the fish, wash, filter the water and put in the bowl, add 15g of wine and salt 1.

5g, scallion, mix well and set aside.

Open the amaranth into a bowl and set aside.

Heat over medium heat, add fresh soup, 250g of clear water, boil, pour fish fillets, add 5g of salt, skim the froth, add 10g of wine, add shredded ham, monosodium glutamate, and then put it in the amaranth bowl.Serve with chicken oil.

Elderly person taking a half-body bath can help the heart and lungs

Elderly person taking a half-body bath can help the heart and lungs

There is an old saying in China: “The elderly take a bath frequently, it is better to prescribe it.

“But statistics show that nearly 10% -20% of hypertensive elderly people have cerebrovascular disease during bathing every year.

In fact, the crux of the accident did not lie in the bath itself, but in the wrong way.

Recently, studies in Japan and South Korea may indicate that elderly people are the most suitable for taking a “half bath.”

  The so-called “half-body bath” refers to soaking the lower part of the belly button when taking a bath.

Japanese health experts point out that the elderly should take a “half-body bath” within 30 minutes and the water temperature should be around 37 ° C.

Because the blood that bleeds from the heart can return to the heart after circulating in the body within 1 minute.

If soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, the blood can circulate 30 times in the body, which helps to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, improve heart beat and lung respiratory function.

  Another benefit of taking a half body bath is that it can fully stimulate the lower limbs and acupuncture points and reflex areas such as the feet, lower legs, etc., speed up metabolism and regulate the whole body.

For example, the Yongquan and Taichong points of the feet have the effect of nourishing the kidney and protecting the liver after being subjected to warm stimulation.

Soaking for a while not only relieves fatigue, but also turns toxins into sweat.

  Bai Yu, a professor of the Center for Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, pointed out that taking a half-body bath is safer and healthier for the elderly.

Many elderly people are now used to showering for convenience.

However, bathing can alleviate sore muscles and fatigue, and at the same time, the elderly have poor balance ability. Bathing can avoid hidden dangers such as falls.

Even if spraying, the elderly can focus on lower body, such as abdomen, calves, feet, etc.

In this way, the power of water flow can be used to shrink and penetrate and massage, and promote blood circulation.

  Xiao Zhenyu, an expert from the China Center for Aging Science, told reporters that water temperatures above 42 ° C may increase blood pressure, heart rate, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and diabetes in the elderly, so pay extra attention to water temperature.

He also reminded that the elderly should take a short rest before taking a bath when they are full and saturated, and after a lot of exercise or labor.

Falling in love is like tasting marshmallow-

Falling in love is like tasting marshmallows?

Marshmallow love theory, yes, it is a theory, because there is no field experiment, only careful study, so it can only be called a theory.

It’s not the truth, it’s the idiotic truth there.

  However, I feel that falling in love is like tasting marshmallow.

  When I say marshmallow, I don’t mean the kind of marshmallows that are sold in packages one by one; it’s like the one sold by old uncles in the streets.Sign in and add it to the ground, wrapped in a soft, soft powdered large sugar ball-shaped marshmallow.

  When it comes to eating marshmallows, I believe everyone knows that everyone has a different way of eating. Some people like to bite and eat. Some people like to grab a handful of sugar to eat it. Some people grab it.First knead into a small sugar ball and eat it. Some people like me like to discover the source of sugar, and then eat the sweet and greasy sugar like an old punch-in computer.

But what is the absolute way to eat it, and whether it is good or bad, people don’t eat marshmallows to pursue the sweetness that is not very sweet but not sweet.

  It’s like falling in love.

  I thought and thought, I always think that love is actually very simple, but people who mess up in love often complicate it; just like eating cotton candy, just simply enjoying the sweet taste, noI thought of giving up and not eating because of its sticky disgust.

But, that marshmallow is not sticky?

Which love is not annoying?

  This feeling is the reason for the marshmallow love theory.

  The first is the process of making marshmallows. The first step is to turn on the machine and let it heat up the machine first, and then wait until the machine is placed.

Sprinkle sugar in.

Normal sugar is fine too.

However, the teacher from the countryside told me that it’s best to find refined sugar with high sweetness so that it can be delicious.

After you sprinkle it, wait to stop the sugar particles from completely spreading out, when you see a trace of sugar appear.

Now is the important time. Put the wooden sign on top of the rotating blender, and carefully and carefully rotate the wooden sign, so that the sugar is evenly wrapped into a “appropriate size” marshmallow mass. This is very important.
Because if it is too large, it will not be easy to pick up marshmallows, and if it is too small, it will not be enough to eat, but it feels that the boss loses him; to this place, marshmallows can be said to be complete.

And what next?

Just enjoy marshmallows.

If after eating, you still do n’t know what to do, just sprinkle the sugar granules into the machine, then take a wooden sign and wrap a ball.

  Can you see the similarities between marshmallows and love?

If you don’t know, let me remind you.

  When love is about to begin, it usually starts with crush.

Then warm up the machine, which is to cultivate the atmosphere of love, and then the time to sprinkle sugar in is the time to confess.

Of course, the degree of your inner love for the other person often affects the sweetness of future love.

Doesn’t this look like fine sugar?

When the other party accepts your feelings, the real focus process begins. First of all, let each other’s lives have a common center, that is, where the feelings belong.

And slowly, not eagerly, “communicate” with different life concepts and ideas. At this time, love will fall deeper and deeper, and the sugar will be more and more wrapped.

And slowly, at this moment, most people often start to worry about each other’s feelings. At this time, if the feelings are not properly converged, it is like marshmallows.During this period, I worked hard for the feelings and loved them very hard; but I loved too little but not sweet enough, and made the other person doubt whether he really loved him or whether he still really loved each other.

It’s hard.

  After this period, the so-called flat period begins.

The deep feeling of love no longer exists, or it fades, instead of taking the other party for granted in your own life. At this time, it is like eating cotton candy. Everyone responds differently, and some people stillTreating each other so passionately, some people are dedicated to looking for the feeling of previous love, while others are sharing the joy of each other’s life casually.

At this time, the moment when the silk was wrapped was accidentally very important.

  If the package was not enough at that time, then life is like eating marshmallows and sometimes sugar cubes, sometimes too sweet, sometimes not sweet at all, feelings are too ups and downs, neither is it nor is it not.
  If the number of wooden sign transfers in the hand was too small, the sugar coating was too tightly packed, and it was too sweet to eat, as if it was difficult to swallow as if eating saccharin, and frequently drank water, frequently looking for the second spring.

  If the number of turns is too many, the sugar coating is too loose and tastes tasteless. Even when the wind blows, the sugar flies away.

Then I can only stare at the love that is blown to the ground and ask hard, you work hard to manage each other’s love, but why go?However, the wind will not answer you, just because you are too transparent between each other, and did not give each other a private space to be free, so he will leave your wooden sign.

It’s like communicating with each other’s lives, anyway, just right.

Don’t be too much, don’t be too few.

  Of course, the speed of eating is also important.

If you eat too fast, you will feel too sweet and greasy, and you don’t want to eat another ball of marshmallow. If you eat too slowly, the people around you will often care if you don’t like it.

And you may eat more and more tasteless.

So it ‘s just right to eat. Just before the sweetness in the mouth is about to disappear, take another bite before it disappears, so that the sweetness of love can always stay in the heart without feeling too sweet and greasy.

  When the marshmallow is almost finished?

If you think you don’t want to eat this marshmallow anymore, throw the leftover wooden sign in the trash can and leave.

Don’t look back frequently.

I don’t think anyone would want to dig out leftovers and put them home as souvenirs?

Unless you plan to eat marshmallow for the last time, maybe you can take the remaining wooden sign and ask the master to make a wooden box of several thousand pieces and take it home for three meals a day.

Otherwise, forget it!

Throw away the parts of your life that were common to her before!

Otherwise, you will only cause the smell of garbage, which is not good.

OK, if you think this marshmallow is tasted and you want to eat it again, then sprinkle some sugar on it and make another marshmallow!

But remember, the craftsmanship is getting smarter!

Don’t take your own technology as the highest state and stand still!

The technique of falling in love requires a lot of practice. Even a master can’t make a perfect marshmallow every time.

  And to put it another way, can anyone tell me what is the perfect marshmallow?

What is perfect love?

  I think, sweet but not greasy, marshmallows that can be eaten for a long time, maybe a perfect marshmallow, right?

  Falling in love is like tasting marshmallow.
Isn’t it?

Is biting your nose a love or a pervert?

Is biting your nose a love or a pervert?

I am very eager to have a mentally healthy man to care for, to hug my beloved man to sleep every night, and to lose myself occasionally romantically under the attack of flowers.

But everything is out of reach for me.

Between love and desire, love and hate, law and morality, I can’t make the right choice. I wander between advance and retreat every day.

I remind myself almost always that I must divorce him. I am still young and should have a happy life that really belongs to me.

  In Shenzhen in early 1995, I had been a cosmetic salesperson for less than a year. It was hard work, but there was nothing to gain.

Every day I think about a question: How can I make a lot of money?

At that time, making money was almost my only dream.

  As soon as the MLM activity was heated up in Shenzhen in 1996, I was tempted to get excited. I fantasized about developing a large number of offline lines, and then asked them to help me make money and buy a car or house in one or two years.

In April, I joined the MLM army outside the customs.

  In fact, the people who do MLM are eager to get rich and have too many fantasies and chaos. Most people can be said to be insane, they are talking big, saying how much money this person makes every day, that person has bought a car, othersPeople are also preparing to provide housing. In fact, none of the 100 people who do MLM make big money.

  In order to survive, many people have to lie to relatives and friends, and there are no relatives and friends in Shenzhen, and they do everything possible to draw strangers into the water and develop into their own offline.

It was in this situation that I met my husband.

  At that time, he was unemployed, looking for work everywhere. When I knew him, he was emaciated, his face was emaciated. I didn’t want to talk to him about friends, but I wanted to use him and develop him into an offline line as my tool for making money.
I thought at the time that someone like him who was unemployed wanted a job and dreamed of making a lot of money, so I became gentle with him and was ambiguous in words.

  Unexpectedly, he was very cunning. I didn’t want to catch this fish, but he was caught by him.

  At that time, I often took him to classes in the evening, and he went there happily, but no matter how I tried to convince him, he never bought MLM supplies and did not join our “rat society”.

  I didn’t catch this fish, but after a while, the two became familiar.

During that time, I didn’t earn a penny, life was very hard, and I was squeezed in a small house with a few friends.

Especially in summer, the air is very bad, and my heart is very uncomfortable.

And he rented a room by himself, and after many hints from him, I slept with him confusedly.

  In Shenzhen, there are no reasons for many people to live together, and sometimes they accidentally sleep next to each other.

This is the case for a few girls I know, which may be a special scenic line of immigrant cities.

  Women are not the same as men. After men and women cohabit, there can be no real feelings, and once women have physical contact with men, they will have feelings, and they will feel conflicted.

Therefore, although I have never promised to marry him, I seem to be inseparable from him.

This cohabitation has dragged on until 1999.

  All mothers in the world are the same. They always worry that their daughter will not marry when they reach the age of marriage.

My mother did the same, urging me to get married all day.

No way, in June 1999, I finally got a marriage certificate with my cohabiting boyfriend, but my mother wished.

  My marriage is like a house of mice. I did n’t do weddings, I did n’t invite my colleagues to eat wedding candy, and I did n’t let anyone know. No one except the civil affairs staff and the parents of both of us knew that I was married.

This hidden pain has been buried till now.

  My husband graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and later he got a good job in a large foreign-funded company. His salary is very high. I also did a lot of business in insurance companies.

Our economic situation is gradually getting richer.

But at this time his mental illness began to manifest gradually.

  We rarely share the same room because of his poor physical condition and physical problems that are often difficult to detect.

In fact, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to have the same room, but that he was more than capable.

So he was afraid to lose me.

A very healthy woman, obese for a long time, is very distressed, and this distress is also a kind of unspeakable. Because I cannot express, my mood often becomes very irritable.

In this way, we often quarreled as soon as we spoke.  First of all, after a quarrel, he blamed himself on the surface and a kind of revenge and destruction in his heart. He wanted to get me forever and destroy my most beautiful place. This kind of psychology gradually turned into a pathological action.

  What I am most satisfied with is my nose, because my nose is very tall and pretty. Almost everyone sees that they are very beautiful. He also thinks that my nose is very beautiful.

It may be the thought in his mind: destroy me the best place to have me for a long time.

So he often bit my nose secretly while waiting for me to fall asleep in the middle of the night.

  At first, I thought he was unintentional or joking, but every time I bite my teeth deep, it wasn’t like joking, I found out he had a mental illness.

  Once I had a quarrel, and I wanted to test him, I pretended to be sleeping intentionally early in the evening.

By the middle of the night, he secretly touched my side without turning on the light, and opened his mouth fiercely to bite my nose. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found that his revenge and destructive expression was like killing the enemyLife, I felt very scared, and since then, I dare not sleep with him after a fight.

Sometimes, I wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, and sometimes even have nightmares.

  In 2001, we started an electronics company.

He refused to let me go to work elsewhere, forcing me to work with him and sitting in the same office.

If I don’t stay with him, the quarrel will be even worse. He will say that my life is unchecked and I often go home in the middle of the night. It must be a leg with the man in it.

  For insurance business, who can not accompany customers to sing, sing, and soak?

Sometimes I even had to be a little ambiguous with customers, but I never really deviated.

I couldn’t stand his suspicions and doubts, so I resigned and worked with him.

He is the general manager and I am the vice president.

  After staying together every day, I gradually suppressed depression.

Because I always have to be careful when talking, sometimes the recipient’s call from the previous customer always has to answer secretly, for fear that he said that my relationship with others is abnormal.

From the perspective of others, my boss should live a happy life, but in fact, I am more and more afraid of going to work in my company, and sometimes I feel trembling when I think of it.

I am often in a daze or amaze myself so that sometimes my behavior is a bit abnormal.

  I want to save his mental health. I want him to see a psychologist. The strange thing is that he always denies it. Every time he bites my nose, he always bites and never bites me, even saying he didn’t touch me.body of.

He also said that he had no mental illness, and it was me who should see a psychologist.

  Since there is no way to save, only live separately.

I now sleep in a room by myself, and every night before going to bed I will lock the door to death, afraid that he would come in at midnight.

  This kind of hidden pain is unconsciously trying to find a way out of emotions. I have contacted several excellent men consciously or unconsciously. I like them very much. They also like me, but whenever I cook raw rice,For a moment, I would suddenly wake up in pain, and I was afraid that the relationship would not end, and I was afraid that I would fall into a dilemma in the future.

  I am very eager to have a mentally healthy man to care for, to hug my beloved man to sleep every night, and to lose myself occasionally romantically under the attack of flowers.
But everything is out of reach for me.

Between love and desire, love and hate, law and morality, I can’t make the right choice. I wander between advance and retreat every day.

  I remind myself almost always that I must divorce him. I am still young and should have a happy life that really belongs to me.
But I still have a faint fantasy. If my husband suddenly wakes up, he can suddenly find out and acknowledge his mental illness, and treat it well. I can accept him and start again.

  In this way, I can swear to divorce, without the courage to take the first step.

In the state of depression and depression, I have to worry about the behavior of my husband who is more serious than my mental illness. The days are really hard, just like the insomniac people are waiting for the long night, and I do n’t know when it will dawn.

Huaishan round meat stewed water fish

Huaishan round meat stewed water fish

[Source]”Diet Therapy”[Raw Materials]Huaishan Yam 15?
20 grams of longan meat 15?
20g water fish (also known as tadpole) 1 tail[Make]First blanch the fish with boiling water, put in urination, then cut and wash, take out the internal organs, and put the water fish meat, water fish shell, Huai yam, longan meat togetherAdd to the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer over water.

  [Usage]Drink soup and eat meat, stew it once a week.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing.

Suitable for premature ejaculation, loss of appetite, palpitations, diarrhea, and deafness.

Big S Beauty Classics: Teach Your Daily Whitening Habits


Big S Beauty Classics: Teach Your Daily Whitening Habits

Beauty King Da S Xu Xiyuan’s new book “Beauty King 2” revealed: “I have never heard of any female celebrity who will tell others,‘ my whitening method is to use whitening needles.

‘Most female celebrity whitening methods are nothing more than vitamin C and sun protection.

Sun protection is really important!

But if the sunscreen alone is used to turn white, the king must say with conscience that it is simply impossible.

“The saying goes,” One hides the three ugly. “Orientals think that one of the conditions for beauty is to be white.

We often see female celebrities being whiter than the average person. They ran out and filmed all day long. Otherwise, they would be signing and singing in the sun, and they could not escape the baptism of the sun.

Especially when filming, in the unobstructed seaside, they must be directly exposed to the sun.

Even so, why don’t female stars seem to tan?

  Beauty King Da S Xu Xiyuan’s new book “Beauty King 2” revealed: “I have never heard of any female celebrity who will tell others,‘ my whitening method is to use whitening needles.
‘Most female celebrity whitening methods are nothing more than vitamin C and sun protection.

Sun protection is really important!
But if the sunscreen alone is used to turn white, the king must say with conscience that it is simply impossible.

The whitening needles that Xu Xiyuan said are mostly antioxidants, including glutathione, Tranexamic Acid, and Vitamin C.

Glutathione helps the body detoxify and also helps cells to fight oxidation.

Vitamin C and tranexamic acid can utilize the enzyme action that controls melanin to reduce the formation of melanin. Whitening needles can effectively treat the skin’s yellow and black skin, scar marks and flaky melasma.

  After improving the whitening needles to a certain extent, we must not ignore the daily basic maintenance and regular medical beauty treatments. We need to cultivate good whitening habits: cleaning the skin after going out and going home is the basis for whitening, followed by cold towelsApply your face to stabilize the skin.

  If the skin that is stimulated by ultraviolet rays recovers too slowly, it is a symptom of unhealthy skin, so it is necessary to absorb vitamin C to maintain skin health.

Foods known for vitamin C are: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, water spinach, milk, seafood, etc., especially at night as the best time to absorb nutrients.

    Moisturizing is an important part of the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation irritates the skin and creases the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays.

The habit of washing your face with cold water every morning can effectively prevent this phenomenon.

How to raise children when they have a cold

How to “raise” children when they have a cold

After the fall, the cold was rampant again.
What should I do if I am unlucky?
Experts say that seeing a doctor can be laborious and ineffective, and taking a good rest can take it away more easily and comfortably.
Recently, American magazines published articles on the experience of foreign experts in “raising a cold.”
  General principles: The most important thing is to drink enough water to avoid dryness of the respiratory tract and dilute sputum and snot.
Drink 8 large glasses of water or juice every day. Don’t drink tea, cola, and alcoholic beverages.
In addition, when there are patients at home, the whole family should wash their hands frequently, avoid touching the nose and mouth, keep the kitchen and bathroom tabletops clean, throw away used paper towels immediately, and avoid sharing towels and cups.
  If your throat is uncomfortable, you can use the following 6 types of baby: humidifier, suitable for dry throat.
Garlic, when the throat is itchy, put 1 ~ 2 cloves of garlic in a microwave oven and heat for 10 ~ 15 seconds to reduce the smell of garlic, then crush the garlic cloves and eat them once a day.
Throat sugar, containing 1 tablet every 2 to 4 hours as needed, can alleviate slight throat pain and shorten the cold period by half.
Warm saline. When your throat is sore and itchy, use 1 pint (about 470 ml) of warm water and 1 teaspoon of salt, and gargle more than once a day.
Herbal tea, when sore throat lasts all day, you can drink herbal tea containing cork root or licorice.
Over-the-counter anesthesia spray is suitable for severe cases of throat pain when swallowing. The spray containing local anesthetic phenol can quickly relieve pain, but only occasionally.
  If you have a bad cough, you need to pay attention to 4 points: Do not smoke, and stay away from smokers.
If it is a dry cough, try honey lemon warm water (not suitable for children under 1 year old).
If you have a severe night cough, you can raise the pillow.
If you have a cough with blood, sputum is green or brown, and you have a high fever, you need to see a doctor.
  If the nasal congestion does not exceed 1 to 2 weeks, you can take care of yourself: open the shower head in the shower, sit in the bathroom, and breathe humid water vapor.
Do not use over-the-counter sprays or drops for more than 3 to 4 days to avoid addiction.
  If the child has a cold, then pay special attention to the following things: fever, but the temperature is not high, do not immediately use antipyretics, let the immune system automatically play an anti-disease effect.
Children under 16 have a cold and do not eat aspirin.
Seek medical attention immediately when ear pain and drowsiness occur.

How do smokers clear their lungs and clear their lungs?


How do smokers clear their lungs and clear their lungs?

Chuanbei Sydney pear lung soup practice: take 120 grams of pig lungs, wash and cut into pieces, boil in boiling water for 5 minutes, then wash with cold water, drain water.

Wash 9 grams of Fritillaria Fritillaria, shred the pears and wash the skin, go to the stalk and pear heart, and cut the pear meat into small pieces.

Add all the above ingredients to the boiling water pot, simmer for 2 hours, and mix well after seasoning.

Almond Sydney Yam paste practice: 10 grams of northern almonds, 1 Sydney, yam powder, sugar amount.

First, dip the northern almonds with boiling water, wash them, peel the pears, wash them, take the meat and cut the grains, then put the almonds and pears in the blender and stir them into a mud.

Use a proper amount of water, mix the apricot pear puree, yam powder, and white sugar into a paste. Pour into a boiling water pot (about 100 ml of boiling water), stir constantly, and cook.

Eat in moderation.

Yuzhu Rock Sugar Tea: This tea has the function of nourishing yin and sputum, and moistening the throat and benefiting the lungs.

Take 15 grams of Polygonatum, add the amount of crystal sugar, add the appropriate amount of boiling water and soak for 15 minutes, and then use chopsticks and mix well.

Shashen jujube tea: Shashen has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing Yin, moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

Take 15 grams of sand ginseng and 5 jujubes. Add enough boiling water and soak for 15 minutes.

Mangosteen tea: Luo Han Guo is sweet and cool, has the effect of moistening the lungs, clearing heat, cooling off the heat, and promoting cough.

Take 20 grams of Luo Han Guo, boiling water for 15 minutes and offspring tea.

Osmanthus tea: This tea is suitable for bad breath, wind and fire toothache, stomach hot toothache and tooth decay.

Choose 3 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus, 1 gram of black tea or 3 grams of green tea, brew with appropriate amount of boiling water, and cover it for 10 minutes.