How to choose eye cream

How to choose eye cream

How to choose the right eye cream for you?

Is it something that causes a lot of eyebrow headaches?

If the eye cream is not selected well, it is very likely that the beauty will not be disappointed.

Many sisters started to form aunty granules due to improper replacement of eye cream.

It is even more difficult to remove it.

  Today I will teach you how to choose eye cream. The types of eye creams available on the market are eye gel, eye cream, and eye mask. Their functions are: dark circles, soothing eye skin has a certain effect.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, some are emulsion-like, and gel-like, so it has a higher moisture content. In addition to improving eye problems, it can also improve wrinkles and fine lines.

  Eye mask is also a good conditioner.

It belongs to the SOS first aid product, and its effect is obvious when the eye suddenly appears.

But because it contains rich active ingredients, it is best to use it under the guidance of a beautician. Is it suitable for you?

  1 .

Moisturizing type: suitable for use in dry environments.


Anti-aging type: with anti-wrinkle and sun protection, suitable for summer and video workers.


Firm type: Women who expect oily nourishing ingredients, include dark circles, skin aging and dry skin.


Anti-allergy type: Suitable for women with sensitive and problematic skin.

  Choose the eye cream that suits you carefully: Gel-like eye cream: Gel-like eye cream is mostly plant-based, which will prevent the formation of unfortunate particles on the eyes.

After using the gel-like eye cream, you will feel firmness of the eyes. Some eye creams such as indigo pixel spring are very good.

  Many people use this type of eye cream for good feedback.

The eyebrows who are used in the trial center are all good. The effect of hydrating is very good.

Whether it is bags under the eyes, dark circles or fine lines, the effect is super good.

  Watermelon peels, cucumber slices, etc. are commonly used to help protect and nourish.

Do not wash your face with too hot water, rub your eyes, and do not drink a lot of water before bedtime to avoid waking up around your eyes.

In addition, applying ice-cold flakes prepared in the refrigerator every morning before makeup can effectively treat the daily protection of lump and dark circles in the floating eye area.

In terms of diet: eat more foods with collagen, such as chicken skin, pig skin, pork elbow, fish head fish scale soup, etc.

Hot yoga also needs proper cooling down

Hot yoga also needs proper “cooling down”

Female friends all know that high temperature yoga is particularly effective in weight loss and detoxification, but it also has some problems that need attention such as relatively high temperature and low air humidity, so I hope everyone will choose high temperature yoga based on their own characteristics.
  The weather is getting hotter, and practicing yoga is even hotter.
MIKKON Health College, California, USA: “Practice high temperature yoga with care for side effects.
“Hot yoga goes against the principles of traditional yoga. This is because the indoor high-temperature environment of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius is artificially manufactured.
Low air humidity, low negative oxygen ions, and high free radical content can cause side effects.
  Due to the high temperature environment, the mucous membrane of the human throat is in a state of dehydration for a long time. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are delicate organs and require long-term moisturizing care.damage.
From the perspective of yoga, high-temperature yoga consumes too much life energy. The high-temperature environment makes people’s metabolism very strong. This is a kind of consumption in itself. When you perform some powerful yujia movements, it will accelerate the aging of human organs.Induced disease.
And doing action in a high temperature environment will increase the burden on the heart, and will bring serious consequences to patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and diabetes.
  I believe everyone must know that the material must be against this principle, so we still need to choose high-temperature yoga appropriately.

Make good use of diapers to make your baby sleep more sweetly

Make good use of diapers to make your baby sleep more sweetly

Make good use of diapers to make your baby sleep more sweetly: In addition to the nutrition and genetics of your baby’s growth and development, good sleep is also an important factor.

The growth hormone needed to promote the baby’s growth and development is secreted during sleep.

  The baby needs to sleep, but the baby’s bladder is small in size, its capacity is very limited, and the frequency of urinating is particularly high, which directly affects the quality of sleep.

How to do it?

  The correct selection and use of quality diapers can effectively avoid this problem.

Moms and dads can choose diapers of good quality, with a layer of absorbent inner layer in the middle. Such diapers have good water absorption, large capacity, and feel dry. The baby will not interfere even after urinating, which can promote the baby to sleep uninterrupted for a long time.

Using such a diaper, as long as the baby does not need to feed, he can sleep all night.

In addition, parents can also reduce the baby’s drinking water before going to bed. Babies over 3 or 4 months can feed less milk before going to bed at night.

How do peanuts eat longevity fruit?

How do peanuts eat “longevity fruit”?

Peanuts are widely eaten nuts and are called “longevity fruit”, meaning that eating more can live forever.

But do you dare to eat the sprouted peanuts?

99% of people do not know, peanut germination and nutrition doubled, the effect is amazing!

First of all, understand that artificially germinated peanuts are not toxic, but germination will cause the nutrients of peanuts to increase greatly.

The shape of peanut buds resembles bean sprouts, white as jade, more nutritious than peanuts, and has many diseases and tastes better.

It is a good food that the whole family can eat!

What are the benefits of homemade peanut sprouting?

1, natural anti-cancer drug Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound, is a biologically strong natural polyphenols, is a chemical chemopreventive agent, can reduce the accumulation of more than 10 countries in the worldAnd the area is developing raw materials and preparations for resveratrol.

In fact, this substance is high in germinated peanuts, so the germinated peanuts are natural anticancers.

2, lipid-lowering, heart care, Tongchuan University of Chiayi University research found that: resveratrol has the effect of inhibiting toxins, lowering blood fat, cardiovascular disease, delaying aging, etc., health care value is extremely high.

The content of resveratrol in peanut buds is 100 times higher than that of peanuts. It is tens or even hundreds of times higher than the content of resveratrol in wine. Artificially germinated peanut seedlings are eaten every day, and cardiovascular is clear every day!

3, whitening and freckle, the skin will be germinated after the peanut will undergo two chemical changes: the oil is converted into impurities, the trace content is greatly reduced.

People who are afraid of obesity can also eat with confidence, and protein is broken down into amino acids, which is beneficial to the body.

Raw peanuts are eaten every day, and they will soon be ruddy.

Peanut buds are rich in nutrients and taste. The most important thing is that it is difficult to buy. The price is also expensive. You can make peanut buds at home. Not only can you cure your health, you can eat green sprouts with confidence, and it adds a lot of fun to your life.Come learn how to do it!

Peanut bud making method When selecting peanuts, it is necessary to choose white skin, the particles are full, and there is no concave and convex deformity.

Soak the selected peanuts in water for half a day to one day, set enough water to swell, and rinse out with water 2?
3 times.

Place it in the sterile seedling tray. The bottom is padded with water-permeable gauze to keep warm, moisturize, and then placed in a dark place, spray water 4 per day?
5 times, so that the buds are all wet, the excess water is replaced from the bottom of the plate, the water can not accumulate in the plate, otherwise it will rot.

Peanut buds are always dark during growth. Generally, at room temperature, a bud can be produced in about 8 days.

Tip: Let the peanut bud grow more fat after sowing, you can cover the bud with black film sunscreen.

Then press a layer of wood on the buds to give the buds a certain pressure and reset the buds to grow fat.

The soaked peanut buds are particularly tender, crisp and refreshing. You can use it as a snack, nothing to eat, and benefit a lot.

Peanut buds are eaten in a variety of ways, hot fried, cold salad, kimchi, hot pot, very delicious, can also be eaten according to personal preferences.

Need to pay attention when germination?

When choosing peanuts, choose white-skinned peanuts instead of red-skinned peanuts, because red-skinned peanuts are coagulated and do not enrich blood.

Peanuts can be eaten as soon as they sprout. Don’t send the buds for too long, otherwise the taste will be much worse.

You can’t just eat peanuts or peanut buds when eating, and even eat the peanuts together with the buds!

If some people have too weak spleen and stomach, eating peanut buds will swell belly. It is recommended to use the boiled peanuts with boiling water.

Pay attention to the difference between germinated peanuts and mildewed peanuts.

The temperature and humidity conditions required for the two are similar, but the mildewed peanuts have yellow mildew on the surface, which is poisonous.

Peanuts that are naturally germinated by moisture can not be eaten.

I didn’t expect the peanuts to sprout, so amazing!

What are you waiting for, hurry up and use this dish to protect the health of the whole family!

Diet therapy and rehabilitation for patients with cerebral hemorrhage

Diet therapy and rehabilitation for patients with cerebral hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage refers to hemorrhage caused by rupture of blood vessels in the brain parenchyma. The most common causes are hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis, which are often induced by factors such as exertion and emotional agitation, so most of them occur suddenly during activities.

After the onset, the patient quickly entered a coma; he had large and slow pulses, deep and slow breathing, facial flushing, and optic nerve papillary edema; most were accompanied by central high fever.

  Cerebral hemorrhage can occur anywhere in the brain parenchyma, it can be single or multiple.

However, most of the hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerotic cerebral hemorrhage are single.

The most common sites are the inner capsule, basal ganglia, followed by the outer capsule and frontal lobe.

Brain stem and cerebellum discomfort.

  The diet therapy and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral hemorrhage disease should pay attention to the following points in the diet of patients with cerebral hemorrhage disease: (1) Limit the total dose and control the weight in the standard or close to the standard weight range.

  (2) Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and plasma (the daily intake is limited to less than 300 mm), and try to eat less or no fatty meat, animal oil and animal offal with high saturated fatty acids.

  (3) Eat more foods (coarse grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.) that consume the expected fiber, and try to eat less cane sugar, honey, fruit sugar, and pastries.

  (4) Daily protein should account for 12% -15% of the total content and contain a certain amount of high-quality protein (milk, eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, soybeans, etc.).

  (5) Vitamin C, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), vitamin B6 and vitamin E should be supplemented appropriately; attention should also be paid to the replacement of potassium, magnesium and trace elements chromium, selenium, manganese, and iodine.

  (6) The daily salt intake should be controlled at about 4 grams.

  (7) Timely quantification, small meals.

The micro-distribution of three meals is best; 25% -30% for breakfast, 35% -40% for lunch, 25% -30% for dinner, and you can add meals between meals.

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep

As the saying goes, spring is sleepy and autumn is scarce. It is March of Yangchun. Many friends said that they always feel that they do n’t get enough sleep and ca n’t wake up every day.

A survey published by British scientists shows that lack of sleep is very harmful to human health. If you lack sleep for a long time, people are more than twice as likely to die of cardiovascular disease than normal people.

  Lack of sleep is harmful, so what are the signals that the body lacks sleep?


Soon after falling asleep, don’t think that yawning is a lack of sleep. Sleep when you lie down, and “sleep on the pillow” may also be a manifestation.

According to research reports, if you often fall asleep within 5 minutes of lying down, you may have severe lack of sleep or even sleep disturbances.

You might think this is a sign of good sleep, but the opposite is true.


Unresponsive re-teas will also spill tea on new clothes you just bought.

Such clumsiness may be the cause of lack of awareness.

A large amount of evidence currently available indicates that those who lack consciousness are slow to move, lack of focus, slow response, and worse motor skills.

In addition, drowsiness will result in impaired balance and deep perception.


Emotional budget sleep can cause mood swings.

One study found that we are more likely to be unhappy when we lack sleep, because the exhausted brain stores more negative memories that function.

Deaf people behave very similarly to those with depression.

Insufficient sleep will make you judge poorly and act impulsively, such as: poor diet, shopping without considering the consequences, and emotional problems such as irritability.


Expression disorders The brain’s frontal lobes are related to speech, and constructive thinking and creativity suffer from sleep deprivation.

Experts believe that people who lack sleep can hardly have spontaneous complex speeches. Many of them will have slurred speech, stuttering, monotonous speech, or use of clichés.


It’s easy to forget things. If you go out and mail something, you just find that you have been left at home; or you can’t remember the name of your new colleague. Although you have heard it many times, the lack of rest may disrupt your memory.

Harris said that sleep is conducive to memory consolidation and emotional processing. Without proper rest, it is difficult to form memories, and it is difficult to think carefully and act rationally if you cannot grasp the context.


Multiple studies have shown that chronic lack of sleep can disrupt blood sugar levels, causing the body to produce too much leptin (an appetite suppressant hormone) and more obesity (an appetite-stimulating hormone).

These physiological changes inevitably result in overeating.

Tired people are particularly fond of sweets and other simple carbohydrates. This may be because these foods fill up your stomach quickly.


A sentence that needs to be read twice can’t concentrate, and it’s a clear sign of not spending enough time to sleep.

With lack of sleep, you will lack focus and impair the ability to make instant decisions. Studies have shown that sleep is of great use for decision making, such as the need to avoid accidents while driving.


Marriage dissonance experts about sleep say that men and women who lack sleep may have sexual desire and are not interested in sex.

Exacerbating damage, lack of sleep, and increased stress may be the main reasons.

  Suggestion: lack of sleep should be adjusted from living habits, and find a certain balance between work and rest.

It is necessary to develop good living habits and realize that your own mental health can lead a healthy and comfortable life.

When encountering some difficult psychological or mental problems, we should consult a doctor in time.

4 thin waist meter OL must know


4 thin waist meter OL must know

The beautiful people who have been sitting in the office for a long time, often sit down for two or three hours without moving. At the top, they have a toilet, make up the makeup, and then don’t pour some water.

After a long time, the lower abdomen will become more and more slack.

銆€銆€So, is there a way to save a lot of time without having to spend a lot of time?

銆€銆€1. Use your work environment Your unit may have sports facilities or contact with a local health club or stadium.

銆€銆€Support and encourage mutual support with other colleagues in the unit who are controlling weight.

銆€銆€Communicate with colleagues, seek their help, and discourage them from giving you the right food.

銆€銆€2, control work and catering to three meals a day: unlimited breakfast and lunch.

If you don’t eat lunch, you are likely to heal back to your home and eat a big meal at the dinner table.

銆€銆€Eat less snacks: only carry low-fat, low-energy snacks or snacks such as fruits, vegetables, biscuits, popcorn, etc.

銆€銆€Put water in the summer: drink water from time to time.

When you want to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water and the desire to eat sweets will disappear.

Drinking a glass of water before lunch can reduce your appetite.

銆€銆€3, office workers flat stomach thin waist tips do not let the mental pressure gradually eat more: when there is mental stress, do not pick up food, not go for a walk.

Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating.

銆€銆€Eating out: The meals in the restaurant often contain more energy and sputum than the home-made meals.

Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer low-fat meals near your unit.

Don’t go to a fast food chain because there are very few low foods to choose from.

銆€銆€Don’t eat alone: eat with colleagues and friends.

Focus on the personality of the companion, not on the food.

銆€銆€Do not eat buffet: Buffet often leads to a lot of eating.

銆€銆€Pay attention to the amount of alcohol: alcohol has higher energy, which can prevent the consumption of body fat and reduce the willpower.

If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix it with soda.

Drink plenty of water and low-energy drinks.

銆€銆€4, do more abdominal exercise Although many women are different in height and shape, but they are fascinated by the same body part: belly.

On civilians, often changing sports equipment to do some comprehensive exercises such as bodybuilding, core training, etc. can quickly make your upper abdomen, not easy to rebound.

Have to look at the four flower teas that are suitable for drinking in the spring.


Have to look at the four flower teas that are suitable for drinking in the spring.

Peppermint tea mint is quite familiar to us as a finishing touch in candy or alternatives, but it is actually worth a lot of tea.

It can eliminate the swelling of the throat, and can also eliminate the headache and fever of the cold, and strengthen the blood circulation.

It may be that peppermint is not suitable for maternal and infant use and should be avoided as much as possible.

Jasmine tea has been used since ancient times. Jasmine has been loved by people in Asia and other places along the Mediterranean coast. It is even fascinating. It is also one of the traditional Chinese medicines. It has a inhibitory effect on various bacteria. It is used internally or externally. It has a sore throat and relieves heat and inflammation.And other excellent benefits.

The fat sea is suitable for lungs, sore throat, sore throat, etc., pharyngitis, throat discomfort, chronic pharyngitis, use fat sea tea to drink clothes, can produce Jin Runzao, phlegm and cough, nourish Yin and lungs, effectively prevent throatDiscomfort such as drying.

3 to 5 pieces are often used to make a drink in boiling water, or to make a sea ice candy, or to make a sea platycodon tea with platycodon and honey.

Honeysuckle tea tastes sweet and cold, does not hurt the spleen and stomach, you can mix honeysuckle with chrysanthemum, golden lotus soaked in water, you can also add rock sugar to taste.

Honeysuckle is suitable for people with moderate constitution or internal heat.

For the wet temperature and resistance throat, sore throat and so on, there is detoxification and cough, cooling blood and pharynx.

It can treat flu, acute and chronic tonsillitis and other diseases.

Ten key points for summer running!


Come get!

Ten key points for summer running!
Come get!

For those who love to run outdoors, in addition to sweating in summer, there is a hot nightmare.

In the hot summer days, in addition to sports, it is a great test to beware of heatstroke and sunburn.

So, how can summer running be more comfortable?

Running along the water and running at the water is cooler.

There are usually sidewalks along the riverside of the city, and even though the temperature at the water’s edge is the same as elsewhere, it feels more cool.

You can choose to go to the park for running, and there are artificial rivers in the general park.

It is not recommended to go to the gym for running, because running is not just about running, but also about quality air quality and good mood.

Adapting to the environment as soon as possible must be patiently adapted to the heat and adapt to no quick success.

Do not do speed training for the first two weeks, run at noon, but do not exceed 30 minutes, and extend the running time in the morning and evening.

In this way, you can fully adapt to 10 days to two weeks.

Avoid direct sunlight to avoid running in direct sunlight and on tarmac.

If you have to be exposed to the hot sun in the summer, remember to apply at least SPF15 sunscreen and wear sunglasses that filter out UVA and UVB.

It is best to wear a top visor to cover your eyes and part of the skin, but this will also transfer heat to the top of your head.

Most of the body heat is radiated through the right side, which is very good in the summer.

So don’t wear a too tight hat on a hot day.

Of course you have to wear it, but it should be loose.

It is best to have a mesh or other breathable hat.

Slow start and slow start are especially important during the summer.

The slower the start, the later the arrival time. If the pace is 5 minutes per kilometer, the first one is best completed in 6 minutes and a half.

Reduce speed and speed training in the morning or evening.

Otherwise, the pressure on the body tissue is too great.

The heart continues to flutter too fast at high heat to provide extra blood to the skin to maintain the body’s cooling evaporation system.

You can’t run so fast, so don’t try to do it.

Pay attention to the number of high-temperature warnings to guard against the onset of heat. If these diseases are not discovered in time, the consequences will be serious.

If the running feels an abnormal physiological reaction, stop immediately and find a shade to drink some water.

Then take a car or go home.

Listed below are indicators of the onset of heat: headache or head attack fever, confusion or inability to concentrate, unable to control muscles, excessive sweating after the skin is cold or stop sweating, cold and hot, nausea, muscle cramps, vomitingDizziness lowers the expected value. Whether it is training or competition, hot days always run slower than normal.

So if there is a competition in the summer, give yourself less pressure, treat the game as a training, stop at each water station and drink water.

Drinking the right drink Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, and these drinks will keep you going to the toilet.

Continuous urination will lead to dehydration.

Running has already dehydrated you, so drink alcohol and caffeine in the summer.

If you are thirsty after running, you can drink a little sports drink or light salt water, because the body sweats a lot after exercise, the salt inside the body is volatilized, and adding a little salt water is very beneficial to your health.

Do not take a bath immediately after running. Do not take a bath or wash your hair immediately, because the body is in a very hot state at this time. Even warm water or hot water may cause a cold or cold. If you take a shower, you may have a runny nose.