New mother learns to feed

New mother learns to feed

With a clear cry, the pink baby was finally born.

As soon as the baby was born, he instinctively placed a small head arch around to look for his mother’s nipples.

Once in your mouth, you suck “greedily”.

At this moment, some new mothers dwarfed: the baby took a few sips and found nothing, crying loudly; some mothers refused to let the baby’s small mouth come over again because the nipple was sucked by the child and the pain was unbearable.
… After experiencing the pain of childbirth, the mother’s heart is full of the sweetness of the first mother, but it is even sweeter that the baby came to suck breast milk in her arms.

Newborn babies grow up healthily, thanks to mother’s milk.

In order to make the milk sufficient, the baby should not be empty, and they should be full, and the new mother really has to learn hard.

  First of all, you must keep your spirit happy and have confidence in breast milk.

Milk secretion is closely related to the nerve center. Excessive nervousness, anxiety, anger, panic and other bad mental states can cause decreased milk secretion.

Parturients should pay attention to the combination of work and rest to ensure adequate sleep and rest. It is best to take a rest with the baby to reduce interference.

Listening to relaxing music, watching healthy and interesting paintings and calligraphy, is conducive to regulating psychology and maintaining a comfortable mood.

The other members of the family should take good care of the nursing mother, give more comfort and encouragement, and take the initiative to share the housework to prevent fatigue.

  First, timely, appropriate and scientific supplements.

After all, mother’s milk is involved in eating the food.

A large amount of data proves that meat, eggs and soy products have rich nutritional content, can supplement a lot of energy in time sharing, and provide high-quality raw materials for making milk.

Therefore, you should not eat partial food during breastfeeding. According to your personal taste and usual habits, eat more foods that promote milk secretion, such as catfish, catfish, trotters, chicken and its soup.Daylily, walnuts, sesame and other foods.

In addition, during breastfeeding, it is not appropriate to take estrogen and progestin contraceptives to prevent the secretion of milk.

  Third, pay attention to wake-up skills.

Wash your nipples with warm water before breastfeeding. Do not use soap, alcohol, detergent, etc., to avoid removing the natural film that protects the nipples and areola skin, causing nipple cracking and affecting breastfeeding.

After breastfeeding, a small amount of milk can be squeezed out and spread evenly on the nipples to protect the nipple epidermis.

Wet nurses should wear soft cotton clothes, and should not wear chemical fiber materials or rough cloth tops to prevent bad stimulation to the nipples.

At the same time, breast cancer should be prevented from being squeezed and injured, so as not to affect the quality of lactation.

If there is insufficient milk secretion or breast tenderness and discomfort, massage gently to promote breast blood circulation and milk secretion.

When breastfeeding, keep the baby’s entire body close to the mother and face the mother, so that the mouth and chin are close to the breast.

The nursing mother’s hand is C-shaped, and gently lift the breast to facilitate breastfeeding. Do not use scissors to fix the breast.

When your baby’s mouth is wide open, insert the nipples and areola into the mouth, put the nipples on the tongue, and let the child’s small mouth hold the nipples and the colored skin around them.

At this time, the mother can feel the baby’s lips and gums to squeeze the areola rhythmically, the sucking action is slow and powerful, the milk continuously flows into the mouth, and swallows.

New mothers should breastfeed alternately, so as to avoid disparity in asymmetry and affect future shape.

In general, you should wait until the baby releases the nipple before pulling it out.

If the mother wants to stop breastfeeding for some reason, she should put her finger in the baby’s mouth to stop sucking and then pull out the nipple.

Give the baby enough time to suck each time, about 10 minutes on each side, so that the baby can eat the postpartum milk stored in the second half of the breast.

The postpartum aunt has a lot of content, and the heat energy is twice that of the former milk.

If the mother or baby cannot breastfeed due to illness or other reasons, the milk inside the breast must be squeezed out and drained.

The number of emptyings per day is 6?
8 times or more.

Only after the milk in the breast is emptied, can milk continue to be produced normally in the future.

  Fourth, do not easily add other supplementary foods to your child within 4 months after delivery.

Babies’ sucking action can stimulate the mother’s nipple nerve endings, cause the pituitary gland to produce prolactin, be carried by the blood to the breast, and promote milk secretion.
In addition, it may cause mastitis, reduce the pain of milk swelling, and prevent mastitis caused by it.

  Finally, the first period of menstrual period?
In 2 days, breast milk may be reduced a little. You can increase the frequency of breastfeeding and increase the amount of milk after menstruation.

Nutritional effects of carrots on men

Nutritional effects of carrots on men

How can we eat healthy and safe?

Life Home Post does not launch a series of articles on winter diet and health care to customize your winter healthy diet.

  Introduction Alias carrot, yellow radish, carrot, clove radish, small ginseng, vegetable ginseng.

It is a good vegetable with rich nutrition, suitable for young and old.

  Nutrition facts (100 g) protein 0.

6 grams, aunt 0.

3 grams of cobalt 7.

6 grams, calcium 32 mg, phosphorus 30 mg, iron 0.

6 mg, carotene 3.

62 mg, thiamine 0.

02 mg, riboflavin 0.

05 mg, niacin 0.

3 mg, ascorbic acid 13 mg, and other trace elements such as fluorine, manganese, diamond.

  Sexual taste is slightly cold, and the taste is slightly bitter Ganxin; human liver, stomach, and lung meridian.

  Nutritional effects 1.

Spleen-removing vitamin A is an essential substance for the normal growth and development of bones, helps cell proliferation and growth, is an element of body growth, and has important significance for promoting the growth and development of infants and young children.


Yiganmingmu carrot contains a large amount of carotene, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and can treat night blindness.


Ritua wide-intestine carrots contain plant fibers, are highly absorbent, and easily swell in volume during interconnection. They are “filling substances” in the interior, which can strengthen each other’s peristalsis, thereby improving the wide-intestine and preventing bowel cancer.


Enhance immune function Carotene is transformed into vitamin A, which enhances the body’s immune function, and plays an important role in preventing epithelial cells from becoming cancerous.

Lignin in carrots can also improve the body’s immune mechanism and indirectly eliminate free radicals.


Hypoglycemic and hypoglycemic carrots still contain hypoglycemic substances, which are good foods for people with diabetes. Some of the ingredients, such as relaxin and kaempferol, can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood lipids, and promote adrenaline synthesis.It also has antihypertensive and cardiotonic effects. It is a good food therapy for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease.

  Selected literature “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Xiaqi Buzhong, spleen the chest and stomach, secure the five internal organs, it is healthy food.

“” Sui Xi Ju diet spectrum “:” Cucurbit pie, the flesh is red, also known as red reed, but there are yellow flesh.

Singam Win.

The lower gas widens the bowel, and the gas is slightly dry.

“Lingnan Collection of Medicine”: “Treat chickenpox, whooping cough, and fever in children.


  Cultural appreciation of folk stories: Tang Chuan Zhang Taoshu: “People refuse old-age medicine for no reason”.

It is said that a scholar in the Tang Dynasty had the ability to read quickly.

One day from morning to night, there is no rest for reading, and at dusk, such as suddenly faint Xuanxuan can not see, urgently call Langzhong.

Lang Zhongdi said: Jun disease diet can also be used, fried with Hu Luo pear pork liver, can be cured.

After this celebrity had eaten according to law, his eyes gradually recovered as usual, so he was paid a lot.

  Historical legend: Carrots are listed as one of the “national dishes” by the Dutch.

This is because on May 26, 1794, the Spanish invaders surrounded the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. The local soldiers and civilians resisted resistance. Later, the city ran out of food.
Potatoes and shallots persisted until the arrival of reinforcements on October 3.
To commemorate the siege, the Dutch government announced that the three dishes were paired together as national dishes, and stipulated that on October 3 each year, people across the country should eat carrots to show that they will not forget the difficult times.

Lettuce can also eat healthy and delicious

Lettuce can also eat healthy and delicious

Lettuce is divided into many types, there are green lettuce and purple lettuce. If the leaves are classified according to the shape of the leaves, the number will be three digits, but the most commonly eaten are ball-shaped lettuce and loose-leaf lettuce.

Ball lettuce is used for cooking, and loose leaf lettuce is mostly used for salad.

  In fact, there is another kind of lettuce. The leaves are thick, oval-shaped, half-knot-shaped, bitter-leaf lettuce, but it is rarely cultivated, so it is relatively rare, but its nutrition is more than the ordinary lettuce we eat.

  Lettuce lettuce: Our most commonly eaten lettuce is this one. This guy almost looks delicious, and there will always be a large group of MMs behind him. I really envy me!

  Creamy lettuce: It’s a bit taller than the head lettuce and has a thicker texture.

Cream please weight and consider its nickname, don’t delve into these two words.

In addition, it seems to be more popular in the realm of eating than the man above.

  Chicory: Although it looks a bit like baby vegetables, from a botanical perspective, it is a member of the lettuce family, but it just doesn’t like to show up.

However, the blue flowers blooming on its plants are often held by romantic people, written in the text, and painted in pictures . Purple leaf lettuce: It is a mutated variety of lettuce, and the taste and nutrition are not bad at all.So don’t engage in racial discrimination.

  Bitter chrysanthemum: The bitterness in the name does not mean that it is unpalatable. On the contrary, people are taller on the word “bitter”.

The bitterness is sweet, and it is very refreshing after the cold. In the famous cold bitter chrysanthemum, it is the protagonist.

  Red leaf lettuce: Let’s think that this man not only liked the green of the creamy lettuce, but also the purple of the purple leaf lettuce.

It often appears in raw dishes (especially in western food), and its appearance can make a small cold dish that is already very simple also very rich.

  When choosing lettuce, in addition to whether the color of the leaves is green, pay attention to the stem.

The stem ribbon is white enough to be fresh.

Good lettuce is replaced by “glass lettuce” in some places, although it does not look as exaggerated and transparent as real glass, but also illustrates its texture.

The better the lettuce leaves, the more crispy this will help you feel the leaves.

And the leaves are not very thick, and the leaf surface has an attractive gloss. If a drop of water is dropped on the front of the leaf, the drops will not bloom.

Where there are breaks or wrinkles on the leaf surface, stale lettuce will become rusty due to air oxidation, but not fresh lettuce.

  Lettuce has a high moisture content, is very rich in nutrition, and its most prominent feature is super low fat. If you want to lose weight, lettuce is your best choice.

Vitamin B vitamins and vitamins C and E in lettuce are used to supplement dietary fiber and various minerals.

Eating more lettuce will greatly benefit the digestive system.

Lettuce can promote blood circulation in the nitric acid tract. For adults, proteins and other large molecular substances, lettuce can play a role in helping digestion.

In addition, lettuce also promotes the formation of bile and can disinfect blood.

Rich dietary fiber can make you happier when you go to the reincarnation of grain . Recent research also shows that a substance contained in lettuce (spherical bulb) can effectively inhibit canceration of some organs, including stomach and liverLarge intestine and other important organs.

  There are N ways to eat, and N + 1 good dish. There is a variety of ways to replace lettuce, which is too common.

  The simplest lettuce in history has been eaten with dipping sauce and stir-fried lettuce and combined.

Lettuce is good for water and promotes blood circulation. It is the simplest and healthy way to eat.

In fact, compared to eating raw, lettuce fried with certain oils, nutrition is more easily absorbed.

  Of course, the most disease-proof lettuce in history is garlic-fried lettuce.

It can even supplement vitamin C, and can borrow the arrogant bactericidal power of garlic to give it a good look in the body, so that the bacteria have nowhere to hide.

  Among the most beautiful Chinese food in history, lettuce has a tradition of garnishing flowers. We can use lettuce, coriander stalks, rose petals, and snail meat with Japanese-style soy sauce to make a refreshing salad, which is perfect for this season., Fresh and delicious with a scent of flowers.

  The most flavorful lettuce in history is because of its excessive amount, so some people may find that eating lettuce is the same as chewing wax.

But when oyster sauce came, it was different.

Oyster sauce lettuce fully absorbs the deliciousness of oyster juice, and also has the effect of reducing fat and blood pressure.

  The most perfect lettuce threesome in history, if you use two other raw materials to pair with lettuce, you must choose mushrooms and tofu. When paired with tofu, you can clear liver and biliary, and when paired with mushrooms, you can nourish the spleen and Qi.The effect is extraordinary, and the aunt is extremely low.

  The best and most luxurious lettuce bun in history has finally come to the fore.

This dish is quite simple to cook. It is fried with garlic seedlings, smoked, some diced meat, bell peppers, and fried pine nuts, then wrapped in lettuce leaves.This bun is quite different, it is definitely Hermes in the bun.

Is it a bit exaggerated to say that .

Intensive skin care at the end of the year party to help_1

Intensive skin care at the end of the year to help

The party season is approaching. How can attending a dinner party and a friend’s party have a dark yellow face, and the skin needs to be quickly adjusted to the best state in order to show people with a proud look.

Whether it is freckle whitening or anti-aging, there are intensive care products to help you, the beautiful transformation of a few days is no longer a dream.

  First of all, the intensive care products are effective because the active ingredients contained in the product are higher in concentration than the basic skin care products. These essences are introduced into your skin in a short time to achieve better results.

However, this does not mean that you can use intensive care products instead of basic skin care products. Using intensive care twice a year to help skin rejuvenation is the most correct skin care method.

  In general, the ingredients of intensive care have poor stability (such as the high concentration of vitamin C contained in whitening intensive care products), so it must be kept away from light and stored in the refrigerator in the summer.

Whenever possible, choose ampoules and pressurized packaging, which are relatively clean and hygienic.

  Finally, you need to pay attention that once the intensive care products are used, do not interrupt them at will, otherwise not only you will not see the effect, but the product will be wasted.

You just need to use it daily according to the procedure, and the rest will be intensive care products!

You will definitely see changes that surprise you!

  DiorPretige Nectar Revitalizing Retail Price: RMB2980 / 15ml + 2ml Intensive Care Time: 15 days Package Specifications: Contains 2ml high-efficiency pearl essence, used with 15ml cream.

  Pearl essence can resist aging spots and increasing skin gloss; moisturizing creams are an excellent source for renewing and nourishing the skin.

The dual combination of nectar exclusive nursing interactions can provide the ultimate performance of skin and performance in just 15 seconds, with extreme nourishment and comfort, showing excellent performance, diminishing aging spots and combating dull skin tone.

  When using on the first day, after opening the pearl essence and cream, use the stick to fully and evenly mix the two together perfectly. From the first time, continue to use for 15 days to complete a treatment course.

  Chanel Chanel Whitening Intensive Care Essence Retail Price: RMB2095 / 28 * 1ml Intensive Care Time: 28 Days Package Size: 28 Essences, Can Pack Chanel’s New Whitening Intensive Care Essence, Including 28 “Melanin” Enriched FormulaHypnotic “complex” essence, for 28 consecutive days, can reduce melanin production by 66%.

Exquisite, single-dose, high-precision technology, and ultra-whitening excellent serum can achieve maximum efficacy in only 28 days, and play a gradually whitening effect through the cell metabolism update rate.

  GUERLAIN Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Intensive Care Essence Fineness: RMB1680 / 28 * 1ml Intensive Treatment Time: 14 Days Package Specifications: 14 Whitening Essences are densely mixed with the whitening ingredients in White Essence, intensively combating melanin production, soSkin looks radiant within two weeks.

For 14 consecutive nights of high-efficiency whitening and intensive treatment, the skin immediately becomes brighter, more uniform, and the pigmentation fades.

The gentle essence dehydrates, makes the skin hydrated and comfortable, and restores youth.

  Use it continuously for 14 days at night, apply on the face, it is recommended to use it with the chest, and it is recommended to use a mask; to achieve excellent whitening effect.

  Suitable for all skin types.

  H2O Shuizhi Australia Water Whitening Intensive Collagen Whitening Essence Lotion: RMB490 / 5ml × 4 sticks Intensive Care Time: 28 days Packaging Specifications: 4 independent small package essences, each 5ml, pressing the nozzle contains a small amount of whitening vitamin C, Active enzyme derivative, anti-aging seaweed extract) play multiple whitening effects.

4 individual small packages, used within 1 week, give play to the whitening effect of its ingredients.

Taking the 28 days of self-renewing skin as the cycle, through the intensive whitening treatment for 4 weeks, the pigmentation and pigmentation will be deepened, and the skin will be white and tender.

In addition to its whitening and freckle effect, it can also promote collagen production and internally improve the skin.

  Suitable for all skin types, especially those with pigmented spots and dull complexion.

  LaMer Mystery Deep Whitening Mask Set Price: 3,500 yuan Intensive treatment time: 28 days Package specifications: Leading Soothing Essence, Deep Whitening Mask Set This excellent whitening mask set consists of two parts: Leading Soothing Essence and Deep Whitening MaskIn just eight minutes, the skin can show unprecedented whiteness, clearness and radiance.

  Leading Soothing Serum, whose core ingredient is LAMER’s unique anti-sensitive marine complex, can deeply calm and soothe the skin.

The deep whitening mask is then designed with unique upper and lower two pieces made of 100% pure cotton.

Its excellent whitening energy can immerse the skin in the triple function of unparalleled luxury: extreme whitening, extreme anti-oxidation and extreme anti-sensitivity, thus providing multiple whitening treatments for the skin.

  Especially special is that the ultra-thin and luxurious pure cotton mask also embeds electric gems and magnetic energy, which can accelerate the whitening effect and reach an unparalleled new whitening realm.

  It is recommended to use it twice in the first week to enhance intensive whitening care.

Use it weekly thereafter.

  Suitable for all skin types.
For dry or sensitive skin, it is recommended not to apply a whitening mask for more than eight minutes.

  Estee Lauder Double Nourishing Platinum 14 Days Intensive Repairing Essence Powder: RMB3000 / 14x5ML Intensive Care Time: 14 Days Package Specifications: 14 Repairing Essences, Continuous use of drip nozzles for 14 days, you can tighten and lift the skin, repair the affecteddamage.
The surface restores plumpness and smoothness.

The complexion is gentle, soothes and soothes effectively, and helps the skin to escape from its sensitive state.

Inject new energy in a short period of time, restore the vitality of the skin, and reproduce the supple silky skin touch.
  Suitable for sensitive skin.
  Each vial is enough to use twice in the morning and evening for 14 consecutive days.

Each time you press 4-5 drops on your hands and absorb them on the clean end, one body and your shoulders.

  Sisley Whitening Brightening Essence Retail Price: RMB1980 Intensive Care Time: 28 days Packaging Specifications: 8 vials of essence and 8 vials of Vitamin C, must be mixed before use.

One bottle is for 7 days.

  Obviously high concentration, high-efficiency brightening white particles can fundamentally inhibit melanin production, and lighten existing spots, brighten skin tone.

Well-designed packaging can ensure the freshness and effectiveness of VC active ingredients.

  Take 12-14 drops in the palm of your face after cleansing at night, and pat with your fingertips until absorbed.

Vitamin C and essence must be mixed together before use.

For the best whitening effect, don’t push it, apply it on the skin with a gentle tap to maintain its inherent activity.

  Suitable for any skin.

  LaPraire Caviar Essence Revitalizing Repair Serum Retail Price: RMB5500 Intensive Care Time: 6 Weeks Packing Specification: 6 sets of ampoules.

Each set of ampoules consists of concentrated dry essence and concentrated liquid essence, which can be used for one week.

  This two-step serum contains pure vitamin C and ultra-clean whitening complex from 7 rare plants in the Alps. It can significantly reduce skin pigmentation, even out skin tone, and make skin bright and shiny.

At the same time, it also contains multiple precious ingredients such as live cell extract, caviar extract, complex complex, and asiatica extract, which can effectively promote cell metabolism, resist oxidation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s moisturizing ability and elasticity.Helps refresh.


Simple gymnastics!


Simple gymnastics!

Take a kneeling position.

Then put your hands and fingers on the ground, your hips turned up, and your waist was S-shaped.

Be careful not to bend your neck, look up and look straight ahead.

Hold this position for ten seconds.

Exercise area: It helps to stretch the lumbar spine, cervical spine and legs.

  Stretch your legs forward, support your hands, and slowly lift your right leg.

Pay attention to keeping your upper body in a straight posture, eyes straight forward.

Then, the right leg is pressed down from the top to the right, and the sole of the foot is tilted to the left.

The whole process should be slow and hold for tens of seconds.

Then, change your left leg.

Part of the exercise: Correction is made for thick torso legs, radish legs with poor leg shapes, and excessive distortion of excess meat.

  Tip, vertical and natural sag, lift left leg, keep thighs parallel to the ground.

The whole process should be slow and hold for tens of seconds.

Then, change your right leg.

Part of the exercise: Exercising the lower abdomen of the lower abdomen has a sculptural effect on the legs.

  Tip, straight forward to the front, eyes flat, feet and toes raised upwards, try to maintain balance, exert force on the waist, tilt the left side up, and keep the waist shape S-shaped.

The whole process should be slow and hold for tens of seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

Exercise part: The sculpture effect on the calf and the hip on the back is obviously lying flat on the ground, the legs are bent, the bend is flat, the palms are down, the upper body tries to lift up.

The whole process should be slow and hold for tens of seconds.

Repeat 5 times.
Exercise site: Eliminate abdominal life buoys and shape a strong abdomen.

Nine Rings of Women in Love

Nine Rings of Women in Love

First, bear too fast. When you first met him, don’t expect to spend time with him every weekend, or insist on giving him advice, reorganize his home, don’t worry, don’t you be married!

  Second, the quickest way to determine that the other party wants to break up with his boyfriend too soon is to tell him that you love him and that you want to have a child for him, and his response is mostly to escape without a trace.

  Third, deceive yourself, do you clearly understand the motivation behind his every performance?

Is he very bland towards you?

Does he date other girls at the same time?

Do you contact him only once a week, and you identify him as a lifelong trustee?

Either you think he is addicted to gambling, and his violent temper is not a serious problem.

  Fourth, dressing up too much exaggerated the self-confidence, generosity, and attractiveness that you should show is not overly flirtatious. Men think natural appeal is better than artificially processed faces.

  Fifth, talk too much Don’t think that you must continue to be constant, silence is golden, and even you are eager to understand each other, and do not need to tell the experience of a lifetime like a few treasures on the last date, often silentIs one of the charms of women.

  6. Pay too much attention to his money. If you order a lobster dinner and tell him that your favorite gift is diamond, you can eat it. You will never see him again, no matter how rich a man is, norHe would like others to tell him how to spend, or who to spend money on. Men prefer knowledgeable women, not those who are looking for long-term meal tickets.

  7. Invite him home too early. Don’t invite him home unless you feel he is inviting you into his life.

Some men think that inviting him home is to invite him to bed, so wait a little longer, and after you have a better understanding, there will be no similar embarrassment.

  Eight, being too close to each other If you go to bed with him the first time you meet, how many men should he have with you?

Therefore, this kind of intimacy will often be afraid of the other party. The first time you know it is best to have a frank talk. Walking under the moon will become a solid foundation for feelings.

  Nine, pleasing the other side is too hard. Do you think he would like to do his laundry, cooking and housework?

If you think about it carefully, if you are willing to do his foot wipes, he will step on one foot unceremoniously.

Taiji Health, a detailed explanation of the Wudang Taijiquan 13-style action essentials

Taiji Health, a detailed explanation of the Wudang Taijiquan 13-style action essentials

Taijiquan is ever-changing, and there are countless factions about Taijiquan in China. The Wudang 13-style Taijiquan is a combination of internal and external exercises. There are Taiji Thirteen in the outside, and there is Wudang’s inner fist. The following is a brief introduction to Wudang Taiji.Boxing thirteen.
銆€銆€Wudang inner family boxing is a kind of exquisite boxing method that integrates martial arts as one body. It has the characteristics of martial arts with static braking, with soft gram, with four or two kilograms, and the first is made of martial arts. It is also moving like a flowing stream, continuous, soft and soft.Contains, but does not reveal the martial arts style.
It has the potential to create people’s potential, to open up people’s wisdom, to enrich people’s spirits, to strengthen the body, to go to the sickness and fitness, and to extend the unique effect of longevity. It is the crystal of Chinese martial arts and the treasure of oriental culture.
銆€銆€The Taijiquan method does not refer to the simple Taijiquan routines that are currently seen, but a set of two different levels of boxing and exercises, which are composed of two instruments, Taiji, and Promise.From the primary to the advanced, the combination of dynamic and static, both internal and external repairs and complete exercises.
銆€銆€Wudang 13-style Taijiquan is the first generation of internal boxing, created by the founder of Sanfeng. The thirteenth potential is from the beginning, the holding of the ball, the single push, the exploration, the support, the bash, the trend, the situation, the cloud potential, the chemical potential, the double-pushing power, the lower trend, the closing trend, and other 13 groups of actions with strong awareness of power defense, including three kinds of Taoist self-cultivationThe law, but the thirteen potential movements are also compiled according to the needs of exercising the eight veins of the human body, and the eight veins are connected with the five internal organs. The whole routine contains five internal organs and eight veins, and there are five steps and eight methods.Hedaojia Yang Danshu, it is called “Taiji Thirteen Potential.”
銆€銆€The essentials of the action are: the emptiness of the neck, with the chest back, the shoulders and the elbows, the top of the tongue.
Practice requires shape and meaning, meaning and harmony, gas and God, Liuhe, the god shape is wonderful, the movement is continuous, like a cloud, loose and natural;Needle, just in the middle of the soft, soft in the middle, rigid and soft, including but not exposed; breathing, open and close freely, lifting naturally, deep and even, and return to the roots.
The Taiji Thirteen is rich in content and profound in meaning. It has been the treasure of the mountain in Wudang since ancient times.
銆€銆€姝﹀綋13寮忓お鏋佹嫵鍔ㄤ綔瑕侀锛氥€€銆€绗竴寮?浠欎汉鏀惧墤銆€銆€(1) 涓よ剼鍒嗗紑鎴愬鍏瓧姝ワ紝涓斿皢涓よ啙涔嬪叧鑺傝嚜鐒跺集鏇?涓ゆ墜鑷傜幆鎶变簬鑳稿墠涓斾护鍏朵袱鎵嬪舰鎴愬垎鎸囨帉(浜旀寚Naturally separate and bend the fingers) and make the palms relatively opposite; the head is straight but slightly inverted (low head); the shoulders sink, the abdomen is closed, the waist is collapsed, the chest is included, the back is pulled;Operation; this is preparatory.
銆€銆€(2) The knees are bent again, that is, the body sinks; at the same time, the two palms are grasped and recovered to the lower abdomen and turned into left and right hollow fists.
Seeing both hands.
銆€銆€(3) The right foot is stepped forward in front of the term (the term is the main entrance); at the same time, both hands are released forward (equal to the chest, palm forward).
銆€銆€(4) If the right foot does not move, it shall not be displaced; the left foot step will step forward into the front door and form a left scissor positioning (ie, the left leg is straight forward and the left toe is bent to the right; the right knee is bent.The toes of the toes are about 40 degrees wide; the hips are tight and the legs are not loose;) the two palms are collected between the step positioning, and the right palm is pressed down, and the left palm is pushed forward.hit).
銆€銆€(5) 鍐嶅皢宸﹁吙寮洸涓旇剼灏栧灞?涓ゆ墜鎻℃垚绌哄績鎷崇浉闈犮€€銆€(6) 鐒跺悗涓よ吙褰㈡垚鍙冲壀鍒€姝?椤诲彸鑴氬墠韪忎竴姝ュ悗鍐嶅仛瀹氫綅)锛屼袱鎺屼綔宸︿笅鎸夎€屽彸鍓岺it the shape.
銆€銆€The second type Qiankun disk (1) The two feet are separated, about the width of the shoulders (large open horse type), the toes are slightly outward; the arms are wrapped around the chest, which is preparatory.
銆€銆€(2) The center of gravity moves to the left leg; the right hand falls below the left palm and forms a “ball-shaped” (relative to the palm) (3) then shifts the center of gravity to the right; the right hand moves to the right and the left hand descends at the same time.Press to the lower left (the palm is facing down) (4) Turn the wrist with your right hand and turn it to the lower right side while the left hand moves to the lower right side and become “ball-shaped” (5) The center of gravity shifts to the left and simultaneouslyStep down the right palm and move the left palm.
銆€銆€Explanation: The above (1) – (5) is a “disc” in the coherent action, that is, “the ball” action.
It is necessary to make “13 flowers” continuously, and at least need to do “four plates”. In addition, when doing the frame, the legs should focus on the knee joint, the ankle joint as the fulcrum, and the left and right center of gravity shift.Complementary.
銆€銆€濡傛杩欒埇锛屾湳璇О涓衡€滃娍鑻ユ槬铓曞悙涓濊€岃繛缁典笉缁濈煟鈥濄€€銆€绗笁寮?缇庝汉鐓ч暅銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘涓€姝ヨ嚦鈥滃乏鍓嶆梺闂ㄢ€濆苟浣夸箣褰㈡垚鈥滃乏寮撳瓧姝モ€?涓庢At the same time, the left arm is placed on the top of the head (the left palm is illuminated and the palm is up, the palm is pointing to the left), while the right palm is centered on the palm of the hand.
銆€銆€(2) Step on the “right bow step” to the “right side door”; at the same time, the right arm is put on the shelf and the left palm is hit.
銆€銆€Note: The above one line and one line each line are 鈥渙ne living frame鈥? which can be continuously between 鈥渇ive live shelves鈥?and 鈥?3 live shelves鈥?
銆€銆€The fourth type pushes the boat in the water (1) The left foot steps into the half step to form the 鈥渓eft cold chicken step鈥?(left virtual right); the two arms circle on the chest and the palms of the two palms are opposite.
銆€銆€(2) The legs are not moving, the two arms are lifted and the two palms are hung on the left and right sides of the head.
銆€銆€(3) The two palms are focused on the palm of their hand and are pushed out to the middle plate; at the same time, the left foot is stepped into half a step to form a 鈥渓eft bow step鈥?
銆€銆€(4) Re-arming into a “right cold chicken step” and hanging the two palms on the top of the head.
銆€銆€(5) The right foot steps into the half step to form a 鈥渞ight bow step鈥? at the same time, the two palms are sent from the top of the head until the 鈥渕iddle plate鈥?orientation is pushed forward.
銆€銆€Explanation: This move is a “living shelf”.
It can be used between 鈥渇ive live racks鈥?and 鈥渢hirteen live racks鈥?
銆€銆€绗簲寮?閲戦浮鐙珛銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘鍗婃涓斾护涓よ啙鐣ヤ綔寮洸;鑰屼袱鎺屽垯骞虫憡浜庝笂鑵归儴浣嶄綔鑷劧涓婃彁鐘讹紝浠ヤ究鍔╀箣涓嬩竴鍔ㄤ綔銆€銆€(2) 宸﹁剼韪忓疄骞禨upport and control the body balance; at the same time, the right leg is lifted and the toes are hooked to form a 鈥渞ight-handed knee鈥? while the two palms become hollow fists throwing an orientation on both sides 鈥?this is a double fistHang the “sun” method.
銆€銆€(3) Turn the body right again, step on the right foot and land to support the body balance; then, the two fists become flat and spread back to the hollow box to throw the upper plate; at the same time, the left knee lifts up to form a left-handedKnee-style” Description: The above two legs are lifted together to form a living frame.
It can carry five fire racks to 13 live racks.
銆€銆€绗叚寮?鍗曢灜鏁戜富銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘涓€澶ф锛屼笌姝ゅ悓鏃跺乏鎵嬪彉涓衡€滈洉閽┾€濈姸鎼傚叾鈥滀腑鐩樷€?鑰屽彸鎺屽垯缃簬鍙充晶鑵伴檯寰呭姩;涓婅韩Drop it and do it.
銆€銆€(2) The left leg sinks and the right foot back supports even if it forms a left bow step; at the same time, the left hand hooks and turns to the left side and the right palm runs toward the middle plate (focusing on the palm edge) (3) 鍐嶅皢鍙宠剼韪忚繘骞朵娇涔嬪舰鎴愬彸寮撳瓧姝?鑰屽彸鎵嬫悅杩囦箣鍚庡垯绉讳綅璋冧簬 渚ф柟骞剁敤宸︽帉濂旀墦涓洏銆傘€€銆€Description The above two legs are left and right, and the term is a living frame.
It can be carried out continuously between the five living racks and the thirteen living racks.
銆€銆€绗竷寮?鍊掗獞鐜夐緳銆€銆€(1) 涓よ吙骞剁珛涓嬭共锛屼袱鎵嬫墭涓庤兏鍓?鍏舵帉蹇冨悜涓婏紝鎺屾寚鐩稿)銆€銆€(2) 鍙宠剼鍚戝彸渚у悗鏂归€€鎾や竴澶ф浣夸箣褰㈡垚宸﹀紦瀛楁At the same time, the two palms become hollow fists and are placed above and below the left side of the body (the right fist is placed to the top, while the left fist is placed below and the fists of the two punches are opposite).
The upper body is slightly inclined to the left leg.
銆€銆€(3) Then the left foot is withdrawn and closed at the right foot to form and step under the knees; and the two fists become the palm of the hand flat on the chest (the palm is up, the palm is opposite) (4) willThe left leg exits to the left rear side and exits a large step to form a right bow step; at the same time, the two palms still become hollow and the two sides are thrown to the top and bottom of the human body, that is, the left fist is on, and the right fist is down.銆€銆€Description The above two legs are retracted from the left and right and form a step shape of the left and right bows – the term is a living frame.
It can run between five live shelves and thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The eighth type of double wind through the ear (1) standing facing the left side and taking the left foot into the half step to form the left cold chicken step; at the same time.
The two palms make a straight arm transverse to the left and right sides (the palms are opposite, the palms are pointing forward) (2) The left foot is stepped forward again to form a left bow step; and the two palms are focused on their palms.The two arms are assisted as a fulcrum for the fan to hit the upper plate position.
銆€銆€(3) 鍐嶅皢韬綋绉诲悜鍙充晶鍓嶆柟骞跺舰鎴愪笅鐩樹负鍙冲瘨楦℃锛屼腑鐩樹负鍙屽紑鎺?鍏舵帉蹇冪浉瀵癸紝鎺屾寚鍚戝墠)鐨勬灦瀛愩€€銆€(4) 鍙宠剼澶嶈繘鍗婃浣夸箣褰㈡垚鍙冲紦瀛楁;涓庢鍚屾椂锛屼袱鎺岀敤鍏舵帉蹇冭繘琛屾墖鎵撳悎鍑汇€€銆€璇存槑銆€銆€浠ヤ笂宸﹀彸寮€姝ュ嚭寮忓叾鏈璋撲箣涓€娲绘灦銆侷t is possible to continuously make between five living frames and thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The ninth type of downwind willow (1) The legs are separated back and forth and the knees are slightly bent even if they form a middle shelf-like left-handed dragon step; at the same time, the two palms are directed to the front of the front door with their palms as the focus.
銆€銆€(2) 鎺ョ潃锛屽乏鑴氬悜宸︾⒕鍔?涓庢鍚屾椂锛屽彸鑴氬悜姝i棬韪忚繘涓€姝ュ苟浣夸箣褰㈡垚鍙虫父榫欐;鑰屼袱鎺屽垯浠ュ叾鎺屾寚涓洪噸鐐归仴瀵规闂ㄥ墠鏂广€€銆€璇存槑銆€銆€浠ヤ笂涓よ吙宸﹀彸Start each time, the term is a living frame.
It can run five live racks to thirteen live racks.
銆€銆€鍙︽鏋舵紨缁冩椂鎵嬪瀷涔熷彲鍙樺寲鈥斺€斿嵆娓搁緳姝ュ惎鍔ㄦ椂鎵嬪瀷鎴栧彉涓虹┖蹇冮敜鎴栧彉涓哄垎鎸囬挬銆€銆€澶у嚒鍚姩姝ゆ父榫欐鈥斺€旇韩褰㈤』闅忔娉曡€屾檭鍔ㄤ互鍒╁簲鏁孉t that time, it is impossible to reach out to the devil.
銆€銆€The tenth type of peach at the bottom of the leaf (1) The two feet are separated from the shoulder width, and the knees are horse-riding; the two hands are suspended from the side of the chest rib and the palm is facing downwards, the palm is pointing forward; the eye is slightly in front.
銆€銆€(2) The legs do not move, the right hand continues to lift and vertically erects its forearms; while the left arm is also sag.
銆€銆€(3) Then turn the left hand into a hollow fist and focus on its fists. The upper arm is the fulcrum, and the forearm shaft is pushed down. The right arm and the “lower” part are stable and do not move (especially with the two feet fixed)To be heavy).
銆€銆€(4) Perform the vertical erection of the left arm and the forward push of the right arm.
銆€銆€Explanation: The above two arms are pushed forward and left, and the term is called 鈥渁 living frame鈥?
It is feasible to move between the 鈥渇ive living racks鈥?and the 鈥渢hirteen living racks鈥?
銆€銆€The eleventh type walks the palace (1) The two feet are separated into the outer eight-step, the two knees are slightly curved; the two arms are hung on the chest; the two hands are in the palm of the hand and the palms are opposite, with the palms facing down.
Look at the front lower.
銆€銆€(2) The left leg does not move, and the right foot is moved to the inside of the left foot and the ground is raised with its forefoot or toe; at the same time, the left palm is raised to the upper left chest, and the right palm is lowered below the left abdomen -The shape of the moon is formed (the two arms are curved into an arc, and the two palms are opposite), and the eyes turn with the hand.
銆€銆€(3) Next, step the right foot forward and right to the door and make it a right bow step; at the same time, the left palm is lowered to the left side of the abdomen, and the right palm is placed in front of the right side.The right arm is inside and the left arm is interspersed outside).
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(4) Then the right foot should not be moved; the left foot is moved to the inside of the right foot with its forefoot or toe to make a zigzag.
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(5) Connected–the two hands form a moon-shaped shape, and the left foot is turned to the left front door to further the left palm rest to the left front, and the right palm is to the right abdomen (when the palms are interlaced)With the left arm, the right arm is inserted outside, and the eye turns.
銆€銆€Description The above steps are performed once and for all, and are a living frame.
Must be connected between the five live shelves and the thirteen living shelves.
銆€銆€The twelfth model embraces the two months (1) The two feet stand in the outer eight steps; the two hands hang on the sides of the waist (the palms are down, the fingers are forward), and the front and the bottom are seen.
銆€銆€(2) Kneeling on both knees, at the same time, both hands moved to the upper abdomen about the front of the belly button for cross-merging (left palm on top, right palm on the bottom and palms up), seeing both palms.
銆€銆€(3) The legs are not moving – both hands continue to lift up to the front of the face for a rounded shape (the two palms cross and the left palm is inside, the right palm is outside the palm of the hand) (4) The legs do not move,鈥斺€擳he two hands are again rounded up, and they are circulated to the sides (left hand to left, right hand to right); when the two hands are orbited to form a 360掳 arc, and fall to the front and sides, thenThe palm of the palm of the hand is outreaching for a second round.
銆€銆€(5) The second arm is hovered around for the second time – the action is the same as the first time, the arm is placed as the right arm (hand), and the left arm is outside.
銆€銆€Description The above two arms are surrounded by a circle and one line of the left arm (hand), and the second line of the right arm (hand) are once a living frame.
It can be connected to five living frames to thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The thirteenth style of true gas alchemy (1) eight steps in the pendulum (18 – 40 years old), parallel steps (45 – 50 years old), frail or elderly and young people posing outside the eight steps.
銆€銆€(2) The two feet do not move, and the two hands form an eight-character palm that hangs down the chest and lowers the palm of the hand, and the palm points to the front.
Retracted to hang down, bow down, look down on the chest, and squat.
銆€銆€(3) Forget about breathing, calm down and calm down – for a moment, breathe in the nose (about 5 inches long, which means the size of the body) and ask for slow, delicate, even, deep; at the same time, both palms before the bodyBoth sides are vertically hoisted at the same time (the palm of the palm is focused on the palm and the palm is pointed toward the front) until it is above the top of the head.
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(4) 鎺ヤ笂寮忊€斺€斾袱鎺屼互鍏舵帉蹇冧负閲嶇偣锛岃嚜涓婅€屼笅杩涜鍨傜洿闄嶈惤锛屽苟鍏堟湡鎶佃揪鑳稿墠鏆備綔鍋滈】浠ヤ究涓嬪姩鍙规皵銆€銆€(5) 鐢ㄩ蓟灏嗕綋鍐呬箣鏉傛皵(鍗冲悙绾崇閭箣搴熸皵涓斿畾褰撴帓鍑轰簲鑴忓叚鑵戜笉寰楀偍瀛橈紝杩濊€呭仛鏋堕毦浠ヤ笂鍔?涓€娆℃€х殑鍙瑰嚭(鎸夛細鎵€璋撲竴娆℃€э紝骞堕潪 灏辨槸瑕佸皢浣撳唴鎵€鏈夋潅姘旀帓灏斤紝鑰屾槸灏藉繁鎵€鑳戒换鍏禢aturally, do whatever you want, so as not to adversely affect the progress of the skill)!
The essentials are the same as “inhalation”, that is, slow, thin, uniform, and long.
At the same time, the two palms (hands) are pressed to make a vertical landing and the body is sunk and the knees are bent.

Will you rest?


Master the most efficient way to rest

Will you rest?
Master the most efficient way to rest

Will you rest?
銆€銆€Have you ever had such interference?

When I slept for a few hours, I still felt tired; when I spent too much money to travel, I didn’t increase my passion for life; going out to K songs and visiting the amusement park did not make myself happier.

銆€銆€Rest should be to restore your fatigue, relax your nerves and re-fatigue.

If your rest doesn’t bring you that, then no matter how easy it is to sound and how high it looks, it’s a mistake.

Abandon them and come to a rest revolution!

銆€銆€See if we have any misunderstanding about rest: mental workers, make up sleep, you have nothing to write with you for a day of copywriting, host a day of meetings, when everything is over, you sigh: too tired, this day I wantsleep tight.

Our common sense leads us to the first reaction to fatigue is to “go to lie down,” but a trap.

銆€銆€Sleep is indeed an effective way to rest, but it is mainly for sleep deprived or manual workers.

For manual workers, “fatigue” is mainly caused by the production of a large amount of acidic substances in the body. By sleeping, the lost energy can be replenished and the accumulated waste can be eliminated.

When you are tired, you can lie down on the bed first, close your eyes and rest, let the muscles and nerves completely relax, and then get up and move.

銆€銆€But if you are sitting in the office, the cerebral cortex is extremely excited, but the body is in a state of low excitement. For this kind of fatigue, the effect of sleep energy transmission is not great (unless you stay up late to work overtime, even the normal sleep time can not reach),Because what you need is not to restore physical strength through “stationary”, but to find something to relax the nerves.

This way you can understand why you are still languid when you are not going out for two days on weekends, but just swimming for half an hour after work.

銆€銆€Don’t stop, just change it. Since sleeping can’t help us rest our brains, what can we do?

The answer is not to stop the activity, but to change the content of the activity.

More than one billion nerve cells in the cerebral cortex function differently. They are grouped into different functional areas in different ways. This area is active and the other area can rest.

Therefore, by changing the content of the activity, you can rest in different parts of the brain.

Psychophysiologist Xiechenov did an experiment.

In order to eliminate the fatigue of the right hand, he takes two ways – one is to let both hands rest at rest, the other is to let the left hand move properly while the right hand is still, and then test the grip of the right hand on the fatigue measurer.
The results show that in the case of left-handed activity, the fatigue of the right hand is eliminated.

This proves that transforming people’s activity content is indeed a positive way of rest.

銆€銆€For example, if you write a five-hour plan on Friday, it is best to pruning your potted plants the next day instead of sleeping in the sun.

Another point is that when you can’t choose to transfer from mental work to manual labor, you don’t hinder the internal transformation of mental work.

Rousseau, the outstanding enlightenment thinker in France, talked about his experience: “I was not a person who was born to be recognized as a researcher, because I used to work for a little longer and I was tired. Even I could not concentrate on one issue for half an hour.
However, I have studied several different problems in a row. Even if it is uninterrupted, I can easily and happily think about it one by one. This problem can eliminate the fatigue caused by another problem, and I don’t need to rest my brain.

Therefore, I have made full use of this feature I have discovered in my study and have studied some problems alternately.

In this way, even if I work hard all day, I don’t feel tired.

“So, if you have a few questions to deal with this day, it’s best to alternate, not to deal with one of the two that starts again, and that will be replaced soon.

銆€銆€The best rest is the enthusiasm that rekindles your life. Our fatigue is mainly from the tiredness of the existing layer of life.

So the best rest programs are those that let us rediscover the enthusiasm of life and work.

If you finish one thing, you can happily sigh “Tomorrow is a new day.

“This is the best way for you to restore enthusiasm and adjust your emotions.”

But unfortunately, we lack the imagination of “rest”.

The rest method we can think of is not silly or silly.

銆€銆€We have opened a list of the following activities for you. The basic idea is to “work” to solve the “tiredness” and replace the negative indulgence with a positive rest.

Of course, the best method for you is to explore it yourself.In fact, if you feel that cleaning is better than relaxing on a roller coaster, then go ahead and ignore what other people in the world are playing.

銆€銆€Maybe you can: use the comics or novels that you can watch for two hours instead of going to KTV to sing those unchanging saliva songs and try to give up going to the bar on Saturday night, go to bed at 10 o’clock, then get up at 7 o’clock, go to the street without people.Walk around, or look at the morning theater you never had the chance to see, and you will find that this day can be different from the past ten million weekends.

銆€銆€Don’t go to the resort where you have been to countless times to have fun.

Find a street you have never been to and finish it.

You will find this city that you feel tired of. You have not fully realized the beauty of it.

銆€銆€Travel, not change places for fun.

Go to a place to be curious about the place, feel good about yourself, and feel the life outside of your experience.

Instead of sitting for 5 hours, just change the place to play mahjong, change places to swim, change places to play. From this weekend, start learning another new skill, replace the playing keyboard, drumming. Practice more than 1 hour every weekend.

銆€銆€Go social.

Don’t think that it is always tired and tired.

Although it is a bit nervous compared to reading, it can also make you more excited and confident.

You must have two or three days a week to deal with people outside the work circle and relatives.

It will not let you lose your lively nature in the nine-to-five mechanical operation.

Women friends especially need to go out and meet up with friends. At these moments, you are no longer a neutral person with “efficiency” on the face, but a focus of glamour.

銆€銆€Do something difficult, if you are a very nervous person.

Psychologists have found that the way to relieve nervous tension is to deal with problems that require nervousness.

Once a general manager who was about to collapse, he found a senior doctor to propose treatment. As a result, he got the prescription to go to the zoo as a lion tamer.

Complete recovery after one month.

So when you have a lot of pressure, you can find another job for yourself, but don’t be similar to your career.

For example, go to an orphanage to volunteer, or go to a complex mechanical factory to get started from an apprentice, or do a super complicated math problem.

銆€銆€People who cherish life often will seek a good rest at any cost.

Taking some time to rest can give you a lot of energy and strength, so that you can get any job in the army, cope with the power of various problems, and make you have a happy and correct understanding of life. There are other kinds of time in the world.Is investment more beneficial to you?

銆€銆€Finally, learn to enjoy your boredom.

We know that after a busy work and study, we will enter the holiday. After a few days, we will feel that we are missing something in our life and doing nothing, and if we continue this way, we will feel guilty.

In fact, this is not true.

銆€銆€Traditional education tells us that 鈥渂oring鈥?is a negative emotion. A person who is struggling to get up should definitely not have this kind of emotion, and should not even leave himself with the opportunity to generate such emotions.

We all bear too much responsibility in our lives, so we live so tired, and the pressure is from the outside, but I feel that more pressure is what we are looking for, because we have not learned to reduce ourselves in this stressful society.Pressure.

Look at the people who are quietly lying on the beach, we should know that boredom is a rare realm, perhaps more difficult than hard work and diligent work.

Because it requires you to have a good attitude, long-term vision, you must first accept it, let your heart calm down, and then you will really enjoy it.

It is by no means a decadent, it is a kind of rest, a kind of savings, it will make us quit the drug-only addiction.

銆€銆€Someone told us long ago that people who don’t rest will not work.

But we have forgotten this statement for utilitarian reasons.

So we are busy, we work hard, so we are afraid of being bored, afraid of nothing to do, and even almost because of leisure.

銆€銆€Work should not be the whole of life, work is just for a better life.

We should be the masters of work, not the slaves of work.

Do not think that boredom is negative, not dedication.

銆€銆€So busy people should learn to enjoy life, get used to feeling bored, get used to this kind of novel and wonderful feeling!

You are happy!

China’s top ten summer heat serious reputation list released: Hubei many places on the list, have your hometown?


“China’s top ten summer heat serious reputation list” released: Hubei many places on the list, have your hometown?

On August 27th, hosted by China Network Travel Media Alliance,, Southeast Network, China Jiangxi Network, Red Net, Volkswagen, China Jiangsu Net, Colorful Guizhou Network and other domestic key network media, Zhejiang Online, Southern Network,Western Network, Dahe Net, Qianlong Net, Great Wall Network, Shanxi News Net, China Merchants Network and other nearly 30 Chinese provincial portals jointly launched “2018?”

China’s top ten to avoid the summer oral word of mouth list” selection results released!

The selection activities are equipped with 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Summer Resorts and Small Towns鈥? 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Summer Resorts鈥? 鈥淐hina’s Top Ten Drifting Spots鈥? 3 鈥淢ain Awards鈥?and 鈥淪ummer Summer Red Homestay鈥? 鈥淪ummer and Water Park鈥?5 individual awards such as 鈥淪ummer Resort鈥?

Named after the 鈥淣ational Top Ten Summer Rehabilitation Kangkang Small Town鈥? Wuning County, Jiangxi Province, Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Lichuan City, Hubei Province, Stonysha Hot Spring Town, Anhui Province, Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, Fuquan City, Guizhou Province, Jilin ProvinceDunhua City, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Tongxian County, Hunan Province, Tianshui, Gansu; Name of the 鈥淭op Ten Summer Resorts in China鈥? Fujian Yida China Yunding Scenic Spot, Jiangxi Tonggu Tangli Scenic Spot, Anhui Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Spot, Jilin Lushui River Changbai MountainHunting Scenic Area, Jiangsu Nanshan Bamboo Seaview Area, Hunan Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Hubei Yichang Qingjiang Gallery Attractions, Hubei Enshi Xianfeng Pingping Camp, Shandong Underground Grand Canyon Tourist Area, Gansu Wuzhishan Scenic Spot, Guizhou Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area;Names of the scenic spots: Hubei Yichang Hengding Drifting Scenic Spot, Guizhou Nanjiang Grand Canyon Drifting Scenic Spot, Jiangxi Yingtan Shengjing Mountain Drifting, Fujian Yongtai路Tianmen Mountain Drifting, Anhui Tianzhu Mountain Baimatan Drifting, Jilin Province Guandong First Drifting,Drifting in Jiuxian Mountain Canyon, Jiangsu Province, Drifting River in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, Jiuxianshan Gorge, Shandong Province璋稤rifting, Lanzhou sheepskin rafting in Lanzhou, Gansu Province; get the list of 鈥淣ational Summer Net Red B&B鈥?word of mouth list: Jiangxi Province Wuyuan Huamantang路Liliu Township, Fujian Nanxun Embroidery House, Anhui Nanxun Embroidery House, Changbai Mountain, Jilin ProvinceLuneng Shengfenglin Chalet Hotel, Jiangsu Province, Honghong Homestay Butterfly Dream Hill, Furong Town, Yongshun County, Hunan Province, “Tusi Bieyuan”, Baichuan Mountain, Lichuan, Hubei Province, “Dadi Village”?

Dragon Boat Tune, Yantaihai路Liuyuan, Shandong Province, Noordan Camp, Gansu Province, Puyushan Residence, Guizhou Province; List of Words of 鈥淣ational Summer Resort (Country)鈥? Wentang Town, Yichun, Jiangxi Province, Baozhu Village, FujianShuanghe Town, Jilin Province, Tangshan Town, Jiangsu Province, Qijiang Town, Guidong County, Zhangzhou City, Hunan Province, Yesanguan, Badong County, Mudao Town, Lichuan City, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, Longquan Health Town, Yanping District, Yantai, Shandong Province, Gansu ProvinceNo silver Shuichuan Kangyang Town, Chishui Swan Fort, Guizhou Province; won the 鈥淣ational Summer Resort鈥?Name: Jiangxi Hengmao Yuquan Valley, Fujian Wuyi Hot Spring Resort, Fujian Wuzhou Yuxiang Yuanshan Huaquan Resort, Jilin ProvinceChangbai Mountain Luneng average, Jiangsu Meilu Mountain Wild Spring Resort, Liuyang Guiyuan International Resort, Hunan Province, Linyi Longyuan Leisure Resort Farm, Shandong Qingshui Hot Spring Resort; won the 鈥淣ational Summer Campsite鈥?reputation list: Wugong Mountain, Jiangxi ProvinceJiupengxi, Water Tea Township, Fujian Province, Tianzhu Mountain Campsite, Anhui Province, Liaoyuan Egret Wetland Camping Park, Jilin Province, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province鎴緾ar, Hunan Wangcheng Happy Car RV Campsite, Mulan Grassland in Hubei Province, Jinxiang Mountain in Shandong Province, Mohe Desert Camping Base in Gansu Province, Baijiang Gallery in Wujiangyuan, Guizhou Province; List of Words of the 鈥淣ational Summer Water Park鈥? JiangxiNanchang Wanda Ocean Park, Baishui Yangxixi Scenic Spot, Fujian Province, Da’anyuan Scenic Spot, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, Steepsha River Water Park, Anhui Province, Siping Pear Tree, Northern Bali Water Park, Jilin Province, Nanjing Pearl Spring Water World, Jiangsu ProvinceLiuyang wild water world, Yuehu Peninsula in Honghu, Hubei Province, Linhai Polar Ocean World in Shandong Province, Fangzhou Hot Spring Water World in Gansu Province, Guiyang Four Seasons Guizhou Water Park in Guizhou Province.

It is understood that this selection forecast guides the majority of tourists to travel scientifically, to find and promote Chinese summer measures.

After 3.3 million netizens voted, the country’s 11 provincial media sensational big data research center support, the country’s 100 senior media travel editors, tourism awareness experts, the national top 100 travel agency CEOs, senior friends to score, comprehensive consideration of the city, the air quality of the scenic spot, water quality, forest coverage, negative oxygen ion concentration, tourism resources and supporting multiple factors, and finally the evaluation.

According to Enshi: Sponsored by China Online Tourism Media Alliance, nearly 30 Chinese provincial portals jointly launched “2018?”

The results of the “Top Ten Summer Complications in China” list were released, and Enshi is on the list of 5 places!

Let’s take a look at the following five places.

Lichuan City is listed on the list of 鈥淣ational Top Ten Summer Resorts and Kangkang Small Towns鈥? Lichuan Tenglongdong Lichuan Fobaoshan Lichuan is located in the southwestern border of Hubei Province. It is bordered by the west, enshi to the east, Xiaoxiang to the south, the Three Gorges to the north, and the four counties of Chongqing.District junction.

Excellent ecological environment.

It is located at a mysterious north latitude of 30 degrees, with an average altitude of 1,100 meters. The climate is pleasant, the annual average temperature is 15 掳C, the average summer temperature is 20 掳C, the forest coverage rate is 62%, the air quality is excellent for 340 days, there is no heat in summer, no cold in winter.It is known as “Liangcheng Lichuan”, “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “Summer City”. This year, it was awarded “China’s Cool City”.

Rich in tourism resources.

It is the birthplace of Qingjiang and Yujiang. Tenglong Cave is one of the world’s special caves. The plant’s living fossil “the world’s first fir” is unique in the world. Longchuan Water Town is known as “the first water hole in the world”, Dashuijing, Yumuzhai is the whole country.The key cultural relics protection unit, Su Ma Dang is included in “the most beautiful small place in China”, Qi Yueshan is the largest mountain pasture in southern China, the Star Mountain National Nature Reserve.

Xianfeng Pingba Camp Scenic Area is listed on the list of 鈥淭op Ten Summer Resorts in China鈥? The original ecological leisure tourist area of Pingbaying, the third hole 鈥淚liandong鈥?entrance tree, Shangping Pingbaying, original ecological leisure tourist area-Jigongshan cableway, Feiyuepingba campThe original eco-tourism area is located at the southern end of Xianfeng County, bordering Laifeng County of Enshi Prefecture and Hanjiang District of Chongqing.

The Pingbaying Tourist Area is characterized by the rich and primitive atmosphere of ancient, strange, beautiful, quiet and wild scenery. It is the largest virgin forest community in the Midwest.

With a total area of 154 square kilometers, the tourist area is inaccessible, and the mountains are vast and vast.

There are 120,000 mu of virgin forest, 80,000 mu of primary secondary forest and 60,000 mu of planted forest, which is known as the 鈥淒axinganling鈥?in Hubei.

There are thousands of scorpion cuckoo kings with a trunk diameter of more than 80 cm and a thousand acres of ancient tree rhododendron forest. There are two or more national protected plants and more than 1,300 plant species such as yew, sycamore, tulip tree, scale hammer tree, etc.There are 128 kinds of rare birds and animals such as South China Tiger, Leopard, Golden Pheasant, Toon, and Big Ghost.

Rare caves, deep canyons, chic waterfalls and pleasant alpine climate, quaint soil, can be called the kingdom of trees, the ocean of flowers, the paradise of animals, the wonderland of nature and the natural originalCustoms Expo.

Lichuan Baiji Mountain “Dadi Township 路 Dragon Boat Tune” on the list “National Summer Network Red B&B” word of mouth list to the United States to luxury and low-key land like the hidden land?

Long Ship Tune Homestay Bailu Mountain Book House Diversified local slow life Lichuan Bailu Mountain 鈥淒adi Township路Long Ship Tune鈥?B&B is located in Group 5, Baiji Mountain Village, Dongcheng Sub-district Office, No. 246 Dongcheng Road, Lichuan City, adjacent to National Highway 318 and about 8 kilometers from the city.

There is a natural art landscape space that shows the beauty of the local ecology of Lichuan. There is a Bailu Mountain bookstore that advocates urban and rural creation and cultural sharing. There is a charming light song dictation museum in the corner of the Tujia Building. There is an old craft and newDesigned to blend the well market and the cowshed handicraft workshop, there is a lamp lantern, flowers are always open, and the songs are constantly in the bamboo forest song field. There is a pro-cultivation garden and a mountain park that show the industriousness and bravery of the Tujia people.A stylish homestay with a vibrant design and a tented camp in the landscape.

Here, in the early morning, the birds on the branches call you to get up; run along the lake to open the spirit of the day; three meals are the most authentic in the village, the seasons of the food, your physiology will be in the embrace of naturePurify and relax.

Lichuan City, Mudao Town, the list of “National Summer Recreation Town (Country)” Qiyue Mountain Camping Changping Terraced Fields Su Ma Dang Dahua Valley.

Modao Town is located in the northwest of Lichuan City. It is located in the southwestern part of Hubei Province. It is called the East West Throat of the Western Hubei Province. It is known as the 鈥淓ast Jingchu, West Control Bay鈥? 318 National Road, Yiwan Railway runs through the whole territory.It is a place where military merchants must compete.

The ancient name “Huangdaoxi” is the site of Nanpu County in the Jin Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,700 years.

It is the highest mountain town in the west of Hubei. It has the reputation of 鈥渢he hometown of Huanglian鈥? 鈥渢he hometown of metasequoia鈥?and 鈥渢he hometown of yellow flowers鈥?

It belongs to the subtropical continental monsoon climate, with strong geographical cutting, diverse ecological environment and profound cultural accumulation. The town has an altitude of 1387 meters and an average summer temperature of 23 掳C!

In this magical land, there are many tourist attractions, and it is also a famous summer resort.

The main attractions are Su Ma Dang, the world’s first fir, Yu Muzhai, Qi Yueshan and so on.

Ye Sanguan Town, Badong County, on the list of “National Summer Recreation Town (Country)” Wild Sanguan Forest Flower Haiye Sanguan Forest Flower Sea Colorful Slides Wild Sanguan Town Antique Marathon Game Scene San Sanguan Town is a ownedAncient town of ancient history and culture.

As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Ba people formed a stable activity area here, and now it is a pilot town for comprehensive reform of small towns in Hubei Province.

It is located in the east gate of Enshi Prefecture. It is rich in natural resources and rich in Tujia culture. It is the birthplace of 鈥淪afari鈥?

Humin Expressway, Yiwan Railway, 318 National Road meet here, and the geographical position is superior.

The soil is fertile, the forest is rich, the climate is mild, and the average temperature is 11.

7 掳 C.The town has an altitude of 1,100 meters, an annual increase of 1270mm, and an annual frost-free period of 234 days.

It is 168 kilometers east of Yichang city center, 157 kilometers west of Enshi Prefecture, 94 kilometers northeast to Badong County, and 27 kilometers southeast to Shuibuya Hydropower Project.

It has the reputation of 鈥淗uazhong Liangdu鈥?

Relatively speaking, Ye Sanguan Town vigorously develops forest flowers, homestays and other industries, where flowers, seas and seas meet.

The selection activity was supported by 3.3 million netizens and supported by 11 provincial-level media public opinion big data research centers. The air quality, water quality, forest coverage, negative oxygen ion concentration, tourism resources and supporting facilities of the city, attractions, etc.The factor is finalized and the score is finalized.

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