Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Bad habit one: smoking decompression can cause lung cancer. When a person smokes, he affects not only his own health, because research shows that the harm of second-hand smoke to the human body is comparable to direct smoking, and children passively accept “second-hand smoke.”Post-hazard budget.

  In addition to smoking as an important reason for the continued rise in the incidence and mortality of lung cancer, the Beijing Health Bureau said that air pollution is also an important factor in the high incidence of lung cancer.

At present, the main carcinogenic components known in the atmosphere are benzopyrene and the like. In large polluted cities, residents can inhale benzopyrene in an amount exceeding 20 cigarettes per day.

  Bad habit two: not eating breakfast is prone to gallbladder cancer. Young office workers often go out without breakfast.

But often skipping breakfast is a predisposing factor for gallstones and gallbladder cancer.

Because after more than 8 hours of sleep, residual bile is retained in the gallbladder. If you can eat in time, drink milk, and eat a slice of bread, you can help bile be discharged and it is not easy to form stones.

But if you don’t eat breakfast, bile will accumulate in the gallbladder to form stones, causing metabolic disturbances in the gallbladder.

So office workers are better to get up half an hour in advance and set aside half an hour for breakfast each day.

  Bad habit three: staying up late to work is prone to breast cancer. The latest scientific research on prostate cancer has found that among women and men who work overnight, the incidence of cancer and prostate cancer is higher than the daily work population.

  Women who work night shifts regularly for 3 consecutive years have a 40% higher risk of breast cancer than women who work normally; if they work night shifts regularly for more than 3 years, they are 60% more likely to get sick.

Due to the bright light during the shift, the natural cycle of melatonin production in the human body changes. The night light reduces the secretion of human melatonin, and the role of melatonin is to protect the destruction of DNA oxidation and inhibit cancerous cells.

  Bad habit four: gluttonous meat is prone to diabetes A British study showed that excessive consumption of processed meat foods may increase potential risks.

Therefore, if women want to stay away from the far end, they cannot be willful predators, especially to reduce the consumption of various ready-to-eat meat products.

However, it is unwise for women to reject meat altogether.

It is recommended to control the consumption of meat below 100 grams per day, and it is best to reduce the temperature by steaming, braising, etc.

  Bad habit five: Sedentary is prone to stomach cancer. A report released by the World Health Organization states that more than 2 million people die each year as a result of sitting still.

The report also predicts that by 2020, 70% of global diseases will be caused by sitting too long and lack of exercise.

  Someone sits in front of a computer for hours, and they do not know that this habit will inhibit the activity of immune genetic factors and increase the possibility of cancer.

Japanese medical scientists in a survey of patients undergoing gastric cancer surgery found that eating too saturated and sedentary and inactive is a common feature of them. Over time, the immune factors in the body become dull and incompetent.

  Bad habit six: Cervical cancer is prone to polysexual couples In recent years, the age of onset of cervical cancer has gradually become younger.

One of the causes of cervical cancer in young women is related to sexual disorder.

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by sexually transmitted infections. The greater the number of women’s sexual partners with their husbands, the higher the risk of sexually transmitted infections, and the incidence of cervical cancer can be.

Data show that women with multiple sexual partners are more than 2-3 times more likely to have cervical cancer than those with only one sexual partner.

  Bad habit # 7: Poor quality toilet paper can cause gynecological cancer. Some girls usually pay attention to dress and dress, and spend hundreds of thousands to buy new clothes and cosmetics.Pick cheap and buy cheap.

As everyone knows, although some inferior toilet papers have a bright white color, they are added to fluorescent whitening agents or talcum powder, and prolonged contact with the skin can easily cause leukemia.

Others use waste paper after bleaching and processing, which may contain antibiotics and hepatitis virus.

Therefore, you must not take small sanitary products lightly, you must buy products from the brand, do not hurt your life health because of the pursuit of temporary cheap.

  Bad habit eight: Heart width and body fat are easy to get colon cancer, prostate cancer and other heart width is a good thing, but body weight needs to be vigilant.

Some cancers are related to obesity, such as colon cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cancer and so on.

Therefore, pay attention to the diet structure, strengthen exercise, control weight, and reduce slight accumulation in the body.

5 measures to moisturize dry skin in autumn and winter


5 measures to moisturize dry skin in autumn and winter

Autumn and winter are the most difficult days for dry skin, because skin care products used in summer will not feel moisturized after winter, so anti-drying measures are imperative.


hzh {display: none; }  皮肤龟裂脱皮  空气湿度低,皮肤更显得干燥、绷紧,表皮层出现龟裂、脱皮甚至痕痒,皮肤弹性减少而且变得暗哑。  The moisturizing first-aid method first takes a 5-minute high-moisture moisturizing mask, or applies honey, almond oil and an appropriate amount of flour to the face, and then applies a moisturizing lotion or petrolatum, which can make dry skin quickly rehydrate.

  Remedy 1: Wash your face with cleansing milk only once a day. Because dry skin is particularly dehydrated and prone to peeling due to dryness, you can choose some cleansers containing ingredients such as honey, milk and vitamin E.

However, it is not advisable to use cleansing lotion once a day, just get up in the morning and wash your face with warm water.

  Remedy 2: Remember to take a moisturizing toner after washing your face to reduce the tightness, and add a protective film to the skin.

  Remedy 3: Use a day cream with a UV index. Do not underestimate the sun in autumn and winter. To prevent direct contact with UV rays and the skin, it is more dry. Avoid sunscreen with SPF15 or more when you go out.

If you don’t want to waste summer skin care products, you can use a sun cream containing sunscreen ingredients in summer as a sunscreen.

  Remedy 4: Apply on the day and night cream while the skin is wet, while the skin is still wet, apply a moisturizing and highly moisturizing cream to lock the moisture in the skin and increase the luster, if you wait until the skin is completelyApply it dry, it will not have a good effect!

  Don’t think that dry skin should be covered with an excessive amount of cream every time. In fact, this will actually block the pores and cause acne on the skin. Don’t mess around.

  Remedy 5: Apply the moisture mask frequently in autumn and winter. The skin is easy to lose moisture. The day cream and night cream may not be deeply moisturized, so don’t forget to make a moisturizing mask at least once a week to nourish the skin.Moisturizing substances such as urea.

  In addition to ready-made products, of course, you can also try out natural materials and DIY yourself, such as tea can moisturize the skin.

Young smooth black tea is rich in vitamin C and has anti-aging effects.

Pour 20g each of black tea leaves and sucrose into boiling water and stir, then pour in an appropriate amount of flour to make a paste, apply to the face, wash it after 15 minutes, twice a week, and within a month, your skin willOutstanding slippery.

Online dating

Online dating

The so-called online dating, as the name suggests, is to use a network platform for love, beyond the limits of time and space to make a large selection, from acquaintance to love.

Is there a successful example of online dating?

It depends on how you understand success. If you have to get married, you will be successful, I’m afraid 99.

99% of online dating is due to failure.

In fact, the purpose of online dating is not entirely to find the last person to get married. In fact, online dating and true love in social life have completely different properties and have completely different rules of the game.Existing, but in some cases, the meeting of online lovers means: the last supper.

Therefore, for these situations, those comrades who are planning to go online can’t ignore it.

     Among the people who participate in online dating games, there may indeed be some people who sincerely want to find an object through the Internet, and finally want to get married. They are participating in online dating games with a good vision of life.These people are as unlikely as possible because they do not understand the difference between the virtual world and the real world.

However, if the positive attitude is usually the attitude of copying the game, but the overlap is not overlapped, the success rate may be greatly improved.

There are many more online lovers who have no purpose at all. Many people are virtual in nature. They package themselves into popular products in the online love and marriage market through image design, and then participate in this emotional and spiritualGames, they also have a variety of purposes, some are just a spiritual vent, some want to break through the loneliness of life, find someone to chat, find some sustenance.

     Some dating sites are designed to draw popularity to attract tourists. A considerable part of the personal information is artificially designed. In fact, many web worm registration information is also virtual. This is a virtual person on the Internet, not a real person. YouIt’s impossible to figure out his true gender and various data.

For example, a man may register as a woman for fun, or even register a lot of men and women, and then have a virtual relationship online.

We can calculate that in life, there may be very few people with a height of 180cm and 170cm, but there are a lot of them on the Internet. The Internet is really a scalpel that can make people grow tall and make people beautiful.Cute, handsome men, beautiful girls.

Why is this so?

Anyway, no one can see anyone across the Internet. The only real thing is an email address. The address must be real.

     Of course, the situation of online dating enthusiasts is not all fake, and some are true. Many people go online with sincerity. In fact, this may be wrong. The honesty of the Internet often indicates that these people have purposes outside the InternetThey may really want to find someone, afraid to deceive others, and embarrassed to meet in the future, but this will limit their network image, make them lose competitiveness, and may make him) We find the ideal object.

Usually even if what you say is true, others may not believe it to be true.

The Internet is so true, false, and false. It makes people upside down, such as falling into the clouds, reducing continually, reasoning and chaos, and sorrow.

      Someone may blame those online lovers, saying that they are dishonest and cheating Yunyun.

But I don’t think such accusations are justified. These accusations are entirely due to the lack of understanding of the network, replacing the boundary between the virtual world and the real world.

The network has its own rules, and it cannot use the rules of the real world to cover the network. The imagination on the network is also the charm of online dating. If people on the network use the original social role as the network image, the network willIt will become boring. This is inevitably, the standards of true and false on the Internet are completely different from those in the real world.

     According to the standards of the real world, the online world is a virtual world, but according to the philosophical significance of the network, the real world is exactly an unreasonable world, because it is in the so-called real world that people are subjected to variousRestriction, people are alienated, and people become impersonal. In the online world, people break through the restrictions of the real world, so that their potential is fully demonstrated, and for the first time, people are free and liberated.

     On the Internet, you just ca n’t say that you look beautiful, you say you have money, wear brand names all over your body, live in a bungalow, or open a guest. It ‘s no use. You have to talk about your behavior and show wisdom and talent. You have to be impressed.In order to win the applause and the favor of the opposite sex, the people will.

In this sense, what is more valued on the Internet is the human mental quality, which constitutes a shock to the importance of popular materialism.

     There are of course some unhealthy factors in the phenomenon of online dating, but these unhealthy factors are precisely caused by the unhealthy of this society.

Therefore, we cannot simply blame online dating, but please put away those accusations of strike.

We do understand the network more. There is no doubt that the network does not have ready-made game rules to find. The rules of the network are gradually revealed during the development of the network. Once we recognize these rules, we will find that theseThe rules are the network rules that are truly natural, human, and human spiritual. These rules are much more sophisticated than those made by self-righteous legislators and justices.

     The network builds a virtual world of spiritual interaction. However, this virtual world may be more real than the real world. When the human spirit conflicts with each other on the Internet technology platform, merges, and finally sublimates, the spiritual power will dominate the world again.

Human nature is in essence full of love. Human natures adore each other. Proprietary system and the pursuit of material interests have distorted human nature and turned human beings into a poor private person.Expressed this, this is the victory of human nature, let us cheer for online dating.

How to get rid of habitual irritability

How to get rid of “habitual irritability”

Many people, especially office workers, have had similar experiences: after working for a long time, they will easily get upset and irritable, and they want to get angry at a small matter, and most of them do n’t understand the reason, and they cannot control how hard they try.
  ”I’m annoyed”, “Don’t mess with me” . It seems that irritability has become a part of life and work, and some people call this situation figuratively “habitual irritability”.
In fact, irritability is a normal emotional reaction. Occasionally, you don’t need to worry too much. If you do this every day, it will inevitably affect your work efficiency.
  In order to get rid of “habitual irritability”, it is best to “find it all out” and prescribe the right medicine.
First of all, if it is because of “things”, such as no interest in work tasks, difficult ability, etc., it is best to start with adjusting the mentality, treat work as a process of tempering and accumulation, and communicate more with colleagues and ask others for advice.Replace irritability with warm friendship.
Secondly, if it is caused by “others”, such as inconsistent opinions with colleagues or supervisors, temper temper, etc., in this case, it is best to “isolate” yourself first, to avoid stubbornness, analyze it from the perspective of the observer, and tell yourself “The big things have become smaller and the little things have become smaller, “and the mood naturally calmed down.
Finally, if it ‘s caused by “personal” reasons, such as recent family tensions, unexpected incidents, etc., that disturbs your mind, you need to promptly remind yourself that “work and life should be separated” and find opportunities to talk with other friends and listenEveryone’s suggestions, and at the same time distract attention.

List of beauty schemes for aromatherapy


List of beauty schemes for aromatherapy

Aromatic beauty is classified more by traditional methods such as surgery, medication, infusion, etc., which is more easily accepted by people.

Since aromatherapy has traveled across the sea from Europe and the United States to stop in Shanghai and Beijing, there has been a wave of essential oil maintenance, whether it is from whitening, moisturizing, acne and other functional maintenance, or from relaxing, soothing psychotherapyAll of them are commendable, so let’s do some practical applications of essential oils on this topic for everyone to enjoy.

  Pure and essential oil ingredients can provide excellent nourishment and care for the skin, perfect aromatherapy beauty, and promote the health of the soul.

In a professional beauty center, the aromatherapy division will arrange essential oils according to the skin quality and needs of different guests to achieve different effects.

The key to aromatherapy beauty is the way and proportion of different essential oils.

  Let ‘s take a look at how perfumers design beautiful schemes and blend essential oils. First, the whitening scheme uses unique essential oil molecules to dilute the melanin deposited on the epidermis of the skin and easily achieve the dual effects of whitening and skin care.

  Essential oil ingredients: marjoram, sage, lavender, lemon, orange blossom, rose formula: ① marjoram 1 drop + sage 1 drop + rose 1 drop + wheat germ oil 10ml ② marjoram 1 drop + sage 1 drop + orangeFlower 1 drop + wheat germ oil 10ml 2. The rejuvenating essential oil with rejuvenating effect can stimulate skin microvascular circulation, meet the demand for nutrients, moisturize, protect and prevent aging.

  Essential oil ingredients: cinnamon, lemongrass, orange, frankincense, cypress, jasmine, rose formula: ① 2 drops of rose + 1 drop of cinnamon + olive oil 10ml ② 1 drop of frankincense + 1 drop of cinnamon + 1 drop of rose + 10 ml of olive oilPore Concentrate Solution Essential oils with purifying and astringent properties help clear excess sebum and regulate sebum secretion.

  Essential oil ingredients: cinnamon, bergamot, cypress, geranium, juniper, lemon, patchouli, rose, sage Formula: ① 1 drop of cypress + 2 drops of geranium + 10 ml of jojoba oil ② 1 drop of bergamot + geranium1 drop + rose 1 drop + jojoba oil 10ml four, acne elimination program Essential oils with the function of regulating sebum secretion, can moderately regulate hormone secretion and purify the skin, gently treat and eliminate acne.

  Essential oil ingredients: clove, rosewood, cinnamon powder, sage, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, patchouli, tea tree formula: ① 2 drops of cinnamon + 1 drop of rosewood + 1 drop of tea tree + jojoba oil10ml 2 drops of sage + 1 drop of lavender + 10 ml of jojoba oil 5. The soft and soft skin plan bathes or massages with essential oils that have the effect of softening the body’s skin, which can smooth and delicate skin, away from the troubles of dry and desquamation.

  Essential oil ingredients: cypress, frankincense, jasmine, orange blossom, rose, rosewood, elan formula: ① 1 drop of frankincense + 5 drops of rosewood + 5 drops of rose + 2 drops of ylang + 30ml of sweet almond oil ② 3 drops of rosewood3 drops of orange blossom + 3 drops of rose + 30ml of sweet almond oil VI. Weight loss, body sculpting program uses essential oils that promote the body’s metabolic function, through massage, decomposition of burning aunt, to achieve the goal.

  Essential oil ingredients: rosemary, cinnamon powder, cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon, juniper Formula: ① 4 drops of cinnamon + 6 drops of cypress + 10 drops of juniper + 10 drops of grapefruit + 30ml of sweet almond oil ② 10 drops of lemon + fan10 drops of rosemary + 10 drops of grapefruit + 30 ml of sweet almond oil Seven, lightening, expelling fine lines program Regenerative essential oils can promote metabolism, enhance water retention capacity and provide moderate moisturizing, lightening and expelling fine lines.

  Essential oil composition: Frankincense, rose, rosewood, ylang formula: ① 1 drop of frankincense + 1 drop of rose + 1 drop of ylang + wheat germ oil 10ml ② 1 drop of rosewood + 2 drops of rose + 10ml of grape seed oil, eliminate dark circlesThe solution replaces the essential oils that can activate the physiological functions of the skin to adjust the skin texture, awaken tired skin, eliminate dark circles and improve tiredness.

  Essential oil composition: neroli, sage, frankincense, chamomile, rose formula: ① 1 drop of frankincense + 1 drop of geranium + 1 drop of rose + 10 ml of grape seed oil ② 1 drop of chamomile + 2 drops of rose + 10 ml of grape seed oil, except for tracesSolution Stretch marks and obesity due to excessive cellulite can use essential oils with cell regeneration to accelerate pigment catabolism, remove traces of marks, and restore beauty.

  Essential oil composition: Frankincense, sage, jasmine, lemon, orange blossom, rose, patchouli Formula: ① 5 drops of frankincense + 10 drops of sage + 5 drops of orange blossom + 10 drops of lemon + 30 ml of grape seed oil ② orange blossom 43 drops of rose + 3 drops of grape seed oil

Diabetes day diet follows four one two two

Diabetes day diet follows “four one two two”

The diet of diabetics has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. What should diabetics eat?
What should not be eaten?
What should I eat?
What to eat to control blood sugar?
This series of questions has come to the diabetic patients, so how should the diabetic patients eat?
Doctors recommend that the diet of diabetic patients must follow the “four one two two”!
  Simply put, it is more than 20 kinds of food a day.
However, these 20 kinds of food cannot be all the same kind of food, but must be diversified.
Food, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk beans, oils and fats, four types of food every day, a total of not less than 20 kinds, so as to be good for health.
In addition, the total energy should not exceed the body’s requirements.
  Diabetes diet follows “four one two two” a day, one fruit a day, a catty dish.
A fruit weighs four to two and a half pounds, and the image is as big as a tennis ball. A pound of vegetables a day can be green leafy vegetables and melons. One pound refers to raw weight, not after cooking.the weight of.
In this way, the body needs enough vitamins and dietary fiber.
  2. One egg a day.
Maybe some elderly people worry that eating egg yolk will make their cholesterol too high. In fact, international academic organizations of heart disease, including the Hypertension Society, recommend that it is safe to eat whole eggs less than five a week.
  3. A bag of milk a day.
If you’re fat, you can drink low-fat milk; if you’re lean and don’t have high blood fat, drink regular or whole milk.
If you have osteoporosis and want to add more calcium, it is safe to drink two bags a day, and two bags of milk 500ml a day for the elderly is safe.
  4. Two or two meats a day.
It also needs to be adjusted according to your body shape. If you are fat, eat less; if you are thin, you can eat two or two, or even two or three.
  5. Two spoonfuls of oil a day.
With a small porcelain spoon for soup, a spoonful is 10 grams.
No matter how many dishes are cooked a day, use a total of two spoons of oil.
Two spoonfuls of oil are basically no shortage of nutrition for diabetic patients.

Eating porridge in the morning and evening in winter is good for weight loss beauty


Eating porridge in the morning and evening in winter is good for weight loss beauty

After working for 8 years, I can hear the footsteps of youth gradually drifting away.

The rising life of the day ruthlessly squeezes the plans to try to retain beauty.

Breakfast is always sloppy, and the box lunch at noon is always greasy. When I go home at night, I am already tired. Where can I cook and cook?

A lot of vitamins did not change her mood.

銆€銆€I thought that I would struggle forever in the diet of this pesticide until one day, Qian Qian accidentally saw the relevant food papers from friends.

Since then, she and porridge have begun to pursue beautiful dates.

銆€銆€On a weekend, Qianqian came to the supermarket with great enthusiasm and purchased various raw materials for porridge: rice, glutinous rice, red beans, mung beans, cowpea, barley, glutinous rice, red dates, lily, lotus seeds, citrus, peanuts, raisins, glutinous rice,Black sesame seeds. are all delicious nutritious and nourishing materials.

She wondered strangely, how she never noticed them before!

銆€銆€Cooking a large pot of porridge every day is a must for Qian Qian.

When you go home at night, take out all kinds of porridge ingredients that have been soaked for a day from the refrigerator and pour them into the pressure cooker. After simmering for 20 minutes, a pot of delicious porridge is presented in front of you.

銆€銆€If her husband went on a business trip, eating a large bowl of porridge, served with salad vegetables and a small amount of cooked food, her dinner was easily completed.

After breakfast, finish the rest of the porridge, with an egg, a piece of tofu and some kimchi, add a cup of yogurt at ten o’clock, and feel refreshed in the morning.

銆€銆€When her husband is there, she will fry one or two dishes, and then prepare some noodles for him, and enjoy this relaxed food with him.

After a long time, he also fell in love with the life of eating porridge, and always proudly praised Qianqian’s porridge in front of his friends.

銆€銆€It is also strange to say that after starting to eat porridge, Qianqian’s constipation, bloating, dry mouth, upset and the like have been cured, the taste is slowly getting lighter, and the interest in eating snacks is gradually weakening.

Every day I feel calm and refreshed, and the bladder has a moisturizing radiance. Colleagues say that her skin is getting better and better.

Two months later, she found that her weight dropped by as much as 3 kg!

Under the envy of others, she proudly recited the poem “The Congee” of Lu You: “I have to take the Qiu Pingping method and only eat the porridge to the gods!”

銆€銆€Dietitian comment: Naturally, porridge has been used as an important health care method since ancient times.

For modern people who work, have a tight life and often eat out, eating porridge is still the best choice for health.

銆€銆€One of the biggest advantages of porridge is to avoid excessive and stagnant diet.

The water in the porridge can provide the body with a solvent for excreting waste; the porridge is bulky and the energy density is low, and the same weight is only the replacement of the rice volume, which can prevent the energy excess while feeling the “fullness” in the stomach; the porridge is easy to digest,Fully utilized, no waste will accumulate in itself and cause autotoxicity.

Therefore, porridge is a good way to control body weight and reduce toxins.

銆€銆€Cooking porridge with a pressure cooker can make a large variety of food ingredients in a meal, which is good for eating and drinking. It can also easily eat a lot of bean coarse grains instead of a lot of supplement fiber and B vitamins.

In addition, when adding porridge, you can maintain a variety of health ingredients to maintain your body, beauty and beauty, and delay aging.

銆€銆€It is recommended that white-collar women who are always eating outside during the day should eat the main food of cereals and porridge in the morning and evening to effectively adjust the physiological functions, prevent the rich diseases, and retain the youthful posture and beauty.

銆€銆€Congee food tips: 1.

Choose porridge ingredients according to your physique, climate and taste.

Rice and beans are the basic ingredients, and other ingredients can be added as you like.

The variety does not hinder a little more, and the variety of raw materials is more conducive to maintaining a nutritional balance.

Older people with high blood sugar can put more glutinous rice, oatmeal, black beans, barley, etc. Young women who are looking at the face can put some red dates, longan, glutinous rice, red beans, etc., the weak body can be added to tamping, yam, chestnut, glutinous rice, black sesame, etc.Tonic.

Seasons also need to be considered, such as summer and people who are afraid of heat can choose mung beans, while autumn and winter and cold people are not appropriate.


The consistency of the porridge should be appropriate.

Generally, it is about 150 grams of raw materials (only grain beans, jujube, lily, sorghum, etc.) plus 1500 ml of water (5 small bowls) to cook a pot of porridge, which can basically reach the ideal state of the ancients called porridge: “SeeWater does not see rice, non-porridge also; see rice does not see water, non-porridge also.

It will make the water and rice harmonious, soft and versatile, and then the porridge.

“If there is too much water, there is a lack of satiety and the nutrient concentration is insufficient. If the water is too small, the raw material cannot be sufficiently contacted with water, and the energy density is too high to achieve the effect of health.

銆€銆€3.To achieve the best taste and save time, it is best to soak all kinds of raw materials for several hours.

Before the rest of the night, think about the need for some kind of porridge, add some raw materials, and then put these ingredients in a large bowl, add double water, and slowly soak in the refrigerator.

At the end of the next night, the raw materials have been fully swelled.

Then boil over high heat and simmer for 15 minutes on low heat for the best thickness.

The porridge granules are complete, the texture is uniform, the color is natural, and the nutrient preservation rate can reach the optimal level.


If you don’t have time, you can use a variety of grain fruit and vegetable powder to eat and have a good effect!

Kernel powder, red bean powder, green powder, coarse rice flour, mung bean powder, jujube powder, cocoa powder, everything.

Jianpi Yishen dialect


Jianpi Yishen dialect

Compact, commonly known as “chicken fruit”, distributed in the swamp lakes in the south and north, and with the water chestnut, lotus root, and scorpion are listed as four aquatic fruits and vegetables.

銆€銆€Consolidation is generally divided into two types: Nanxun and Beibei.

The southern glutinous rice is round and round, the color is white and clean, the surface is slightly wrinkled, and the top has some concave small center, which is best produced in the south of Suzhou.

Beibei is most famous for its fruit in the Dongping Lake in Shandong and Baiyangdian in Hebei.

In addition, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei and other provinces also have production.

銆€銆€Buy 鑺?in real time, with large, uniform, complete, dry body, white color, less granules, no insect smash, no powder and impurities.

The color is white and bright, and the inner seed coat remaining on the grain is light red with good genus; the color is dark, the inner seed coat is brownish red, and the quality is poor.

The teeth are bitten and fragile for the body, and the belt is given to the body.

銆€銆€It was determined that protein was contained in every 100 grams of medlar.

3 grams, 濮?.

3 grams, carbohydrate 78.

7 grams, vitamin B1 0.

3 mg, vitamin B2 0.

09 mg, niacin 0.

4 mg.

In addition, it also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients.

銆€銆€The motherland medicine believes that it is sweet and flat.

It has the effects of solidifying kidney essence, replenishing vital energy, and strengthening spleen and dehumidification.

Suitable for chronic diarrhea, frequent urination, nocturnal emission and other treatments.

銆€銆€The sturdy diet prescription is quite different. Now we introduce a few for the reader to try: 鑺?porridge 鑺?50 grams, soaked in warm water, washed.

Previously 100 grams of rice, after the Amoy net with the tamping into the pot, add the right amount of water, after the fire boil, change the small fire to porridge, transfer into the sugar Serve.

The function is to strengthen the kidney and concentrate the ear and ear.

Applicable to spleen deficiency and long-term diarrhea, kidney deficiency.

Middle-aged and elderly people often eat, can replenish and strengthen, and be good and strong.

銆€銆€50 grams of stewed chicken simmer, washed with warm water and washed.

1 whole chicken, wash it, add boiling water, then add it to the casserole, add citrus, onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine and appropriate amount of water.

After the fire is boiled, use a small fire until the chicken is smashed and add MSG.

Function solid, nourish the stomach, benefit the spleen.

Applicable to spleen and stomach weakness, fatigue and weakness, kidney deficiency.

Those who catch a cold should not eat it.

銆€銆€鑺?鑾?鑾?鑾?30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

Function to strengthen the spleen, benefit the stomach, solid sputum.

Applicable to the treatment of nocturnal emission, slippery, under the belt, urinary frequency and so on.



The autumn weather is getting cooler and cooler, and it is easy to appear autumn sputum, which is fatal for the weight-loss people.

Diet should take low-calorie nutrition and taste better food, may wish to recommend these.

銆€銆€What is the food suitable for weight loss in the fall?

銆€銆€1, radish and yam Although the radish contains a large amount, but the amplitude is very low, especially suitable for people in the weight loss period as a staple food.

It contains high moisture and contains mustard oil to help the metabolism of lipids and prevent unfortunate accumulation in the body.

Yam is rich in vitamin C, mucin and amino acids, which have certain health and health effects.

Yam is a low-instant food that can completely replace the staple food.

銆€銆€2, sweet potato and lotus root sweet potato is also known as longevity food in the folk, has the role of protecting the heart and anti-cancer, but also can prevent emphysema and diabetes, the implanted fiber muscle inside the sweet potato is soft and easy to be digested and absorbed.It is a low-calorie, low-content, low-sugar index food that gives people a sense of fullness.

Absolute autumn 钘?is the most pleasing, in the autumn weather is relatively dry, eat more 钘?can achieve the effect of moistening and relieving cough and nourishing yin and clearing heat, at the same time can also clear the heart and calm the nerves, lotus root oysters can help shrink blood vessels.

It contains a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and protein, as well as minerals, as well as supplemental fiber, which can help the toxins excrete and help treat constipation.

銆€銆€3, winter melon and hawthorn winter melon has high nutritional value, is a low-priced vegetable, which is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins, especially the alanine contained in it, can prevent body obesity, and achieve diuretic swelling effectSuitable for edema-type body obesity.

The crude fiber contained in the hawthorn can promote gastrointestinal motility.

The acid properties contained increase the activity of pepsin and promote a small amount of decomposition. If you eat too much, you can eat hawthorn to digest food.

銆€銆€4, kiwi and papaya are rich in vitamin C and minerals can provide moisture to the skin, is a low-level low-fat food, and can achieve the effect of nutrition and fitness, but also whitening, exfoliation.

The papaya enzyme contained in papaya can break down sugar and protein and a small amount.

銆€銆€Warm reminder to pay attention to the autumn diet, not overeating, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits.

High in autumn, it is a good time to lose weight. At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day to help break down the aunt, improve the basal metabolic rate, and finally achieve the effect of slimming and slimming, away from high sugar and sorghum food.