Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

As the saying goes, the nose smells smelly and the tongue tastes five flavors.

If one day eats everything tastes like chew wax, then life is meaningless.

Conversely, if you often feel a bad smell in your mouth, some pantothenic acid, bitter mouth, sweetness, don’t be careless, because this is often a signal of some kind of disease.

  Sweet taste: Generally speaking, the spleen is hot and sweet, so sweet taste is mostly caused by spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Disorders of the digestive system can lead to abnormal secretion of various enzymes, increase in amylase content in saliva, stimulate the taste buds on the tongue and feel sweet.

In addition, diabetes patients with elevated blood sugar, saliva sugar is also increased, and often the tongue becomes sweet.

  Sore mouth: Traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland believes that liver fever is sore mouth, which is mainly caused by the heat of liver and gallbladder, which is formed after the spleen is eroded, and many people may also have symptoms such as thin yellow tongue coating, abdominal distension after eating, nausea, and even chest tightness and rib painIt indicates that you may have diseases such as gastritis or gastrointestinal ulcers, and it is best to have a further stomach examination immediately.

  Bitter mouth: People with bitter mouth are mainly caused by damp heat, which are more common in liver and gallbladder damp heat and stomach heat, usually due to bile reflux, so first check the stomach and gallbladder for problems; some people who like supper or eat spicy foodBile reflux can also cause mouth pain; elderly people are also prone to mouth pain due to poor gastric motility; cancer patients also often have mouth pain symptoms; and some mental workers, because of mental stress, coupled with daily dietRhythm disorders lead to gastrointestinal stagnation. Foods that have been eaten for too long at physiological times can easily cause mouth pain.

  Spicy taste: Most people who have a spicy taste in their mouths or have a numbness in their tongues are caused by lung fever or gastroenteritis. They are commonly found in hypertension, neurosis, menopausal syndrome, and chronic low fever.Cough, thick expectoration, yellow tongue coating, etc.

  Salty mouth: Salty mouth is related to kidneys, mainly due to insufficient kidney yin, caused by deficient fire, and some are accompanied by softness of waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, five upsets, chills, cold limbs, fatigue, and nocturiaSymptoms are more common in chronic nephritis, neurogenetics, chronic sore throat, or oral ulcers.

  Special needs of experts are that abnormal taste is also related to many factors such as age, gender, mood, environment, diet, oral hygiene and so on.

Those who smoke or drink too much alcohol and lack sleep can also experience abnormal taste.

Therefore, if there is an abnormal taste, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis.

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

People often attribute the secret of maintaining marriage to the elements of “attracting each other”, “concern”, “patience” and “true love”.

  European scientists disagree.

They “unromanticly” linked the relationship between marriage and the spouse’s age, education level, and marriage history to objective factors such as formulating the best “recipe” for a happy marriage.

  The follow-up study, which is referred to as “optimizing the marriage market,” was published in the European Journal of Operations Research.

  Experts participating in the study said that using this theoretical result can predict that the “short-lived rate” of some marriages is five times that of other marriages.

  Dr. Emmanuel Franier of the University of Bath, UK, was one of the study participants who had carefully studied the data of 1,534 Swiss couples collected by interviewers through interviews.

These are couples and lovers who are serious about each other.

Five years later, the researchers successfully contacted 1074 couples to see who had parted ways with the “other half.”

  By analyzing the collected age, education level, ethnicity, and emotional experience of the couple, the researchers found that many of the breakup cases have the same characteristics.

  ”It seems that men and women choose partners based on love, attractiveness, same hobbies, beliefs and common values.

However, the life span of a marriage also determines objective factors.

Matching couples based on objective criteria such as age and education may reduce the divorce rate, “the British Daily Mail reported on the 24th, citing a research report.

  The best formula According to the research report, the best couple model that can strengthen the marriage is that both men and women are highly educated and have no history of divorce, and the man is 5 years older than the woman.

  Wife over 5 years younger than her husband is the least likely age group to create conflicts, and their divorce inherits one-sixth of other marriages.

The British Conservative leader David Cameron, 43, and his 38-year-old wife, Samantha, are certainly good news.

  Although the 49-year-old US President Barack Obama and the “First Lady” Michelle Obama are only 3 years apart, their 17-year happy marriage has gradually ranked them as “ideal couples”.

  The findings suggest that marriages where a couple has been divorced are more likely to fail.

Perhaps this report is very popular in Hollywood. For example, the marriage history star Michael Douglas, his marriage with current wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is not considered to be optimistic.

  After a comparative analysis of the collocation principle, the researchers also summarized the conditions for a “nightmare marriage”: if a woman with a low education level chooses a partner who is equal to her education level, divorced and 5 years younger than herself,Then the chance of failure of this marriage is 5 times higher than that of ordinary marriage.

  Psychologists analyzed the importance of each factor in the “best marriage” and “nightmare marriage”.

When it comes to age, experts believe that if wives are five years older than their husbands, they are three times more likely to divorce than a couple of the same age.

  Less educated couples are more likely to divorce than educated couples on both sides.

If the wife’s education level is higher than the husband’s, their marital endurance will be 8 times that of the couple with low education level on both sides, and 3 times higher than the husband’s education level than the wife’s combination.

  Although the best and best couple combinations require that both parties have no history of marriage, the data also shows that if both couples have experienced divorce, their marriage stability is only a little less than the “best model”.

People who use first-person singular are more depressed

People who use first-person singular are more depressed

A group of researchers from Germany found that people who often use the first person: “I” and “Myself” are more likely to be depressed and socially disabled than those who use “we.”

  A total of 103 women and 15 men participated in a psychotherapy personality for an average of 60 to 90 minutes. The content was related to their interpersonal relationships, past and self-experience.

And all participants completed a questionnaire about depression and social status.

  Subsequently, a research team led by Johannes Zimmerman of the University of Kassel, Germany, calculated the number of occurrences of the first-person vocabulary “I” and “My” in psychological personality, and found that people who used more similar words were more depressed.

Zimmerman explained: “People who use first-person singular terms see themselves as an independent individual in their hearts, while others are used to embedding themselves in social relationships.

“Is there some kind of depression?

  Depressed people may have slow thinking, memory loss, decreased learning and work efficiency, or impaired consciousness.

From the main body, there are often symptoms such as decreased appetite, decreased libido, fatigue, weakness, headache, body pain, weight loss (or obesity).

Everyone needs to pay attention to the situation of mood depression, because mood depression is still very harmful to the human body.

Hormones secreted during mood depression have an impact on the body’s immune mechanism.

When nerves are stimulated, hormones and other chemicals are secreted in large quantities, which makes your heart beat faster and your concentration is excessive.

  If this emotion cannot be controlled or lasts for too long, it will be harmful to health, because nerves and endocrine adenosine continue to secrete a large amount of hormones, causing patients to develop psychological disorders and become sick.

Depression is related to certain diseases. Suffering diseases include: diabetes, memory loss, colds, etc. It is also often associated with angina pectoris and high blood pressure, and even susceptible to cancer.

  So what do you do when you are depressed?

  First of all, don’t let your emotions go out of control.

Stop, take a deep breath, and calm yourself down for 10 seconds. Maybe you will find that anger comes so fast just because you want to take the opportunity to vent your emotions.

Don’t just surround yourself with a tongue-in-mouth, just for a moment, or it will affect your mood even more.

  And, even if you are angry about various problems at work, do not repeat day and night, otherwise it is easy to suffer from depression in the workplace due to unsatisfactory moments.

If you are full of complaints because of long hours of overtime and complaining to others, it is better to go to your boss and see if you have a chance to change your situation.

  Finally, bring joy to life.

Depression often leads to a decline in self-esteem and even renunciation.

They often underestimate themselves, debase themselves, and refuse the joy they deserve.

Learning to integrate happiness into life can effectively alleviate depression.

Massage your eyes?

Great contribution to eye care

Massage your eyes?
Great contribution to eye care

The eyeball is an important part of the eye, and the eyeball is the most “delicate” part of the body. Usually, when doing eye massage, everyone will carefully avoid it.

In fact, as long as you use the right method and force, massaging eyeballs can be very helpful for eye protection.

  Gently pressing the eyeball with your hand is also called “Momu”, which is a health care method often used by ophthalmologists. It can not only enhance the regulation of the ciliary muscle, but also reduce the occurrence of retinal myopia and reduce visual fatigue in the elderly.And delay the aging of the eyes.

  Wash your hands carefully, close your eyes lightly, and your eyes look down.

Insert the index finger and middle finger belly into the upper end of the upper eyelid, with the back of the finger against the upper edge spider, and the middle finger alternately insert the upper edge of the eyeball.

You can also use the lower end of the palm, that is, near the joint, with the upper orbital rim as a support, gently pressing on the upper end of the upper edge of the cornea, and rotating and pressing from the outside to the top.

  Either way, the strength should be that the fingers have a sense of depression, but it should not make the eyeballs feel sore and “jinhua”.

Momo generally recommends to do it best at 10-11 am and 4-5 pm, because the eyes are most tired at this time, it is best not to repeat for 8 minutes each time, Momo will look into the distance for a while, the effectWould be better.

  Glaucoma or glaucoma implantation and some patients who need therapeutic massage should be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Patients with high myopia, pathological myopia, vitreous implantation, retinal hyperplasia, and cataract implantation within three months should be used with caution.

Liqiu eat some vinegar and stick to its nutrition

Liqiu eat some vinegar and stick to its nutrition

Mid-summer Yu Yan has not disappeared, and the scorching heat has not diminished. The beginning of 2009 brought the heavy rain on August 7 quickly.

In the alternate seasons, morning and evening have gradually become cooler, but the rest of the autumn tigers are raging during the day, so people are easily tired, fatigued, and emotionally exhausted. Coupled with a diet that is completely different from the light in summer, it will suddenly increase the burden on the digestive system and kidneys.

Therefore, this site reminds you to pay more attention to health lessons in “Autumn Events”.

  The workplace investigation investigates the five internal organs of Liqiu, which are easily damaged. Traditional Chinese medicine says: the internal organs refer to the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, the internal organs of the six organs, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine, the bladder, and the triple burner.

In the beginning of autumn, the appetite brought by the bitter summer is debilitating. After eating cold drinks, people’s appetite gradually opens, and they begin to indulge in all the food supplements, which makes everyone’s internal organs pressure increase at the same time.

  Studies on the high incidence of hepatitis in the autumn found that the incidence of chronic liver disease concurrent infections has two peaks in a year, most of which occur in March-April and October-December each year, and this peak in autumn is shorter than the peak duration in spring, The number of regenerating patients is also greater.

  Experts say that the weather changes after the beginning of autumn, and the peaks of various infectious and infectious diseases such as influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, and hepatitis occur at the same time in autumn.

Therefore, in the case of decreased immune function, it is easy to co-infect or overlap infection with these diseases, and at the same time, make their own liver disease worse.

The survey showed that about 47% of patients with chronic hepatitis B were exacerbated by complications caused by various infections.

  Experts remind that chronic hepatitis is easily induced in the fall, and it is easy to cause some common liver diseases to relapse, and then pay special attention to the physical discomfort during this time.

For example: loss of appetite, irritability, fever, joint pain, accompanied by brownish urine, pain in the right upper abdomen, and spider mole on the skin.

  Pay special attention to fatigue and inertia. Because the liver has multiple functions such as synthesis, storage, secretion, detoxification, defense, and hematopoietic, it is the body’s biochemical center. Therefore, the first reaction of liver injury on the body is fatigue.

However, in the habits of ordinary people, weary is often considered to be caused by abnormal life and work, or too tired to work, especially office workers should pay special attention to this situation.

  Spleen-deficient workplaces are common in the long and hot summer days. The family members work in the office all day to blow air conditioners, and all kinds of vegetables, fruits, beverages and other imported food are placed in the refrigerator and chilled.

Eating out is often a cold hot beer with a tumbled hot pot. Under the strong stimulation of cold and hot, the spleen function is already weak.

Coupled with the beginning of autumn, it is inevitable that the weather with high temperature and high humidity will cause spleen deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that moisture passes through the spleen, such as dampness and spleen, will weaken the spleen’s transport function.

  It is understood that the spleen deficiency syndrome of Chinese medicine includes vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding, etc. The spleen plays a very important role in the digestion and absorption of food. Almost all gastrointestinal diseases can be accompanied by spleen deficiency syndrome.

In addition, the spleen also controls the blood and is closely related to female reproductive function.

There are three preliminary causes of spleen deficiency: one is eating, the other is thinking, and the third is improper rest.

Due to irregular diet, lack of sleep, and mental anxiety, modern workplaces can easily cause spleen and stomach disorders.

  Pulmonary dryness symptoms are changing According to Professor Wang Suji, a famous expert in the medical research institute of Zhongyan Research Institute, “Spring is born, summer is long, autumn is harvested, and winter is Tibetan.”

If the human body violates the autumn convergence, it will hurt the lungs.

In the fall, the lungs are injured, and in the winter, there will be a deformation of the ventilating. This is due to the lack of “gas collection” in the autumn and insufficient strength to support the “gas storage” in the winter.

  Experts explain that autumn belongs to gold in the five elements and lungs in the five internal organs, and the external dryness and injury of the lungs mostly occur in autumn, so it is also called autumn dryness.

Lung dryness is divided into external dryness and internal dryness according to its causes.

At the same time, according to the different nature of the external feeling and seasonal dryness, that is, the dryness of the autumn and the dryness of the autumn are different. The external dryness can be divided into coolness and warmness.

Lung injury in the fall is prone to asthma.

According to statistics, autumn is a period of high incidence of colds, asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

The weather is colder in the morning and one night in autumn, and people with weaker resistance are susceptible to colds and colds. If they do not heal for a long time, they can easily turn into pneumonia.

  Stomach diseases fall into the cold and fall in the cold through summer and autumn, and the weather is much cooler in the morning and evening. The old stomach disease, which has not been seen for a long time, is here again for appointments. The number of patients with stomach diseases admitted to major hospitals in Beijing is increasing.

A considerable number of patients with “old stomach disease” are gastric ulcers.

One of the characteristics of gastric ulcer is the long course of the disease. The upper abdomen is painful and often presented during repeated attacks. It lasts for several days, weeks or months, and it can be relapsed after remission.

At the same time, spring returns throughout the year, but mostly at the time of seasonal change.

  Experts point out that cold can stimulate the human body, leading to increased gastric acid secretion and recurrence of gastric disease. Statistics show that the incidence of ulcer disease combined with upper gastrointestinal bleeding is October, November, and December.

Experts are reminded that autumn is a season when stomach problems are easy to occur. After the weather is cool, do n’t take advantage of your appetite to open your diet. The autumn tonic must be temperate. You ca n’t come up with big fish and meat. You can gradually increase the proportion of meat in your diet.But first let the stomach adapt.

The diet of patients with gastric disease should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, and fresh, so eat less and eat more regularly.

  Advise that there are six taboos in autumn maintenance. According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, “spring, summer, yang, autumn, winter, and yin”, tonic conditioning is necessary at this time.Although it is beginning to fall, the temperature has not yet entered autumn, and the weather of thunderstorms is still sweltering and the weather is sultry.

At this time, care should be taken with care, and not disorderly.

  Taboo one blindly posted Qiu Yan experienced a summer of torment and torture, and finally has appetite, it is necessary to make up for it.

Too many people in the workplace have started to make up for special losses in order to subsidize summer losses.

Experts point out that meat is not easy to digest and absorb. If you fill it for a long time, it is often overwhelming for people with relatively weak spleen and stomach function.

And some “by-products” in the process of meat digestion, such as excessive lipids, sugars and other substances, are often common and frequent causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer and other diseases.

Experts suggest that there are two types of people who are particularly unsuitable for “posting autumn 膘”

The first category is people who usually eat meat often and have strong physiques; the second category is patients with turbo-path diseases, hyperlipidemia, chronic stroke and other diseases.

  After eating autumn, the bitter summer is over.

Too many women in the workplace started dieting to prevent weight loss.

Use fruits and vegetables instead of staple foods such as meat, poultry, and rice.

According to modern nutrition theory, fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and trace elements, which are essential nutrients for the human body.

But in winter, more energy must be mobilized to protect against the cold. At this time, autumn is used as a physiological reserve period.

Therefore, it is not possible to do not fill the meat. To grasp the scale, it is better to fill up slowly and slowly.

  Attention should always be paid to keeping expectations reasonable. Animal food is a good supplement in supplements. It has high nutrition and is delicious.

At the same time, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, celery, pakchoi, lettuce and other vegetables are not easy to make people fat, so you can eat more in autumn.

  Taboo III: Supplementing food with medicines Now people’s living standards have improved.

Many white-collar workers often buy a variety of supplements to honor their parents. Many people think that “tonics are harmless, and the more the better, the better they are.

“In fact, this is a misunderstanding, such as ginseng, codonopsis, astragalus and other nourishing drugs, if it is abused, it can cause toxic and side effects.

The ancients said: “It’s a three-drug poison.

“The original medical monograph” Nei Jing “is very particular about how to use medicines. It divides medicines into major poisons, regular poisons, minor poisons, and non-toxics.

The treatment of diseases requires the treatment of large poisons, six of which are ten; the treatment of often poisons, seven of which ten; the treatment of small poisons, eight of which ten; the treatment of non-toxic, nine of which ten.

  Therefore, the doctor reminded that medicine supplements are not as good as food supplements, and it is unscientific to focus more on drugs than on food.

As everyone knows, many foods are also therapeutic drugs.

Such as eating more celery can treat high blood pressure; eating more radish can strengthen the stomach and digestion, smoothing the chest, eliminating phlegm and coughing; eating more yam can make up the spleen and stomach.

Daily consumption of walnuts, peanuts, red dates, lentils, coriander, etc. are also good tonic.

  Taboo four constant supplements remain unchanged in conditioning, many people surrounded the false and the real, the constant supplement remains the same, the more expensive the more the misunderstanding.

The principle of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine is to make up for those who are deficient. It is not appropriate for patients with deficiencies to use tonics. Deficiency also includes yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and blood deficiency.

  Different populations and seasons also have different needs for health drugs and food.

Therefore, it is not possible to make constant changes, one to the end.

  After the five heavy taboos and light fall out of the beginning of the autumn, too many white-collar workers changed the light diet in summer, and every day there was a stinky, greasy meal.

Nutrition experts say that big fish and large meat are acidic substances. If you eat too much, it will destroy the acid-base balance in the blood. When it exceeds the tolerance level of the human body, the blood can be replaced by acid, which will easily lead to high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia., Gout, aunt liver, etc.

  At this time, in addition to eating more seasonal vegetables, fruits, as well as tea, soy products, almonds, chestnuts and other alkaline foods to neutralize excess acidic substances in the body, you must also pay attention to timely remove acidic and toxic substances.

Health experts propose a new health concept that focuses on “negative nutrition”, that is, reconsidering the discharge of human waste, reducing the retention and absorption of “enteric poisons”, and advocating that while detoxification should be timely and smooth.

  Taboo six to turn on the air conditioner When the summer is hot, many families sleep on the air conditioner all night, and in early autumn, some people still maintain this habit.

Everyone knows that it is easy to heat stroke when the weather is too hot, and when it is heated during the day and suddenly cold at night, it will also be “overcast”. Patients will have symptoms such as heat headache, no sweat and aversion, joint pain, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  The doctor said: “At this time of the year, there are too many patients with facial paralysis, usually caused by inattention to sleep at night.

“, Remind, don’t blow air conditioners or electric fans when you go to bed in the early autumn night, and don’t sleep against doors and windows to avoid being hit by cold wind. It is best to add a blanket or thin quilt.

  Should be prepared for the health work of the beginning of autumn, Chinese medicine said “four seasons and five tonic”, that is, “up tonic” in spring, “clear tonic” in summer, “flat tonic” in autumn, and “nourishing” in winter.

The four seasons should be “through supplement”.After the beginning of autumn, the weather and various aspects of the body have changed. Although it still feels so hot, Chinese medical experts point out that cold has gradually occurred in the external environment, and the metabolism of yin and yang in the human body has begun to transition to yang and yin.

Therefore, from the beginning of autumn, it is necessary to gradually do well in homework from mood, diet, and state.

  Reasonable increase and decrease of clothing “There are four seasons a year, ten miles different days.” At the turn of summer and autumn is the most difficult time to choose clothing: the summer heat is not over, although there is a cool wind, but the weather changes, so it is not appropriate to dress too much.

As the saying goes: “Spring covers autumn and freezes.

“When autumn comes, don’t rush to add clothes to enhance people’s cold resistance and disease resistance, which is good for human health.

Frozen properly can enhance the cold resistance of the skin.

  However, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the temperature will drop. Pay attention to the timely increase and decrease of clothing. Do not increase or decrease too much, and do not increase too much.

Especially for those with chronic diseases and fragile diseases, you can wear thinner during the day, but prepare a thicker coat, wear it in the morning and evening, and use the wind to chill.

Pay attention to keeping warm is an important measure to prevent the onset of autumn, because keeping warm can avoid the attack of external evils, and the yang is leaked.

  Go to bed early and get up early. It’s high time to start the autumn, and your daily routine needs to be adjusted relative to summer.

In summer, people are prone to uneasy moods, uneasy sleep or more dreams, and easily wake up. After the autumn, the yang is progressive, and the yin is gradually growing.

Lying early can adapt to the convergence of yang qi, while getting up early can restore the lung qi to stretch, which is of great benefit in preventing the respiratory tract in autumn and winter.

In addition, the days are short, the nights are long, and the weather is cool. People often sleep more and more. When they sleep a lot, their emotions will become sluggish.

  Exercise regulates mood into the fall, gradually decreases metabolism and physiological functions are inhibited, internal secretions are disturbed, resulting in depression.

At this time, it is important to make good psychological adjustment. Active participation in sports is a good way. Jogging and walking can make your mood brighter.

The morning after the beginning of autumn is the best time to exercise. At this time, it is neither cold nor hot, and the temperature is pleasant; the sky is high and the air is refreshing, which makes people refreshed.

When it is time to “reap” in the fall, it is not advisable to do a breakthrough exercise.

  Don’t eat cold foods and drink hot porridge. Traditional Chinese medicine experts remind you to pay special attention to food hygiene after the fall and develop good hygiene habits.

At the same time, foods that are easy to ignite, such as big fish and meat, should be eaten as little as possible, and the diet should be light.

When eating seafood and barbecue, pay attention to freshness.

  Diet insists on reducing Xin and acid, and the main “receive” in autumn. In the diet, we must adhere to more acid and less acid.

The sourness converges and replenishes the lungs, and the pungent flavor diverges and diarrhea. Therefore, you should eat onion, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other pungent products, as well as spicy, fried, wine and dry puffed food, and eat more vinegar or sour fruits and vegetables., Such as apple, pomegranate, grape, mango, star fruit, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn and so on.

  In addition, autumn will produce dryness, and you can eat radish, silk bone chicken, white fungus, honey, sesame, soy milk, coriander, walnut, barley, sesame, glutinous rice, straight rice, honey, coriander, pineapple, dairy and other soft foods.

You should also take traditional Chinese medicines to relieve lungs and relieve phlegm, nourish yin and nourish qi, such as ginseng, sand ginseng, American ginseng, lily, almond, chuanbei, etc., which will greatly help alleviate autumn dryness.

9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

Beauty is a woman’s nature, and skin care is an essential part of women’s daily life. Women take care of their own skin and spend a lot of effort on skin care. But in order to achieve the ideal effect of skin care, we must first have a correct skin care concept.

The following editors summarized 9 common nursing mistakes for sisters. Please check if you are successful, and come and see it.

  First, alternating hot and cold water helps to tighten the skin. Wash the face with hot water and then apply cold water to the face. The cold and hot alternation can easily cause the capillaries to dilate and form facial red blood vessels. Seriously, it will cause sensitive symptoms, and it is sensitive skinPeople may be worse off.

The reason for using warm water to wash your face is that the temperature of the warm water is close to the skin itself, it will not stimulate the skin pores to instantly expand and shrink, and it can help cleansing products work better.

  Second, sleep without makeup “makeup is enjoyment, makeup removal is torture”, many women who “do makeup will die” have such a feeling about makeup, so sometimes they fall asleep without removing makeup after returning late, which is simplyIt’s “shameless”.

If you don’t remove your makeup overnight, you can ruin your skincare effect for a month!

Because the cosmetics remaining on the skin almost absorb the dust and bacteria in the air during the day, and also accumulate the oily dirt secreted by the skin, if you do not wash them in time, the pores on the facial skin will be precipitated after a night of precipitationSeparated, acne appeared.

So no matter how tired you are, wash off your face makeup with a soft cleanser, apply a night cream, and then go to bed.

  Third, long-term use of powerful skin care products In daily life, many people with acne are accustomed to functional and powerful skin care products for emergency.

Because these powerful skincare products introduced to solve a certain skin problem can have a vertical and immediate effect soon after use, they are loved by some people, and some people even use it as a substitute for skincare products for a long time.

However, only skin care products are extremely abnormal and should not be used for a long time, otherwise it is easy to produce dependence and various skin problems.

  Fourth, there is no habit of exfoliating. With the increase of age, our skin metabolism slows down, the excretion of metabolites will be affected accordingly, and the time it takes for dead skin cell replacement to take longer.

These are the first things that cause skin dullness and aging.

Therefore, regular exfoliation will change the skin.

Exfoliating treatments at home once or twice a week can easily restore the youthful glow of the skin.

And an additional benefit is that after exfoliating, various anti-aging and whitening products can be better absorbed.

  Fifth, apply thick eye cream. Relatively speaking, the moisturizing degree and the ductility of the eye cream are relatively high, so the amount of use does not need to be large, about one mung bean size.

This is why almost all brands of eye cream contain about 15ml.

In addition, the eyelid skin is not abnormal, and it is difficult to absorb skin care products. If you apply too much eye cream on the eyelids, it will not only easily stimulate the eyes, but also block the pores around the eyes and form oil particles.more obvious.

  Sixth, sun protection products for the most vulnerable skin around the eyes without sunscreen products are often overlooked. Looking at the sunburn around many people’s eyes can prove this.

There are also people who apply facial skin cancer products directly to the eyes. It is not known that facial products containing SPF sun protection index are overwhelming to the skin of the eyes. After application, it may cause great discomfort and even sensitivity.

A pair of sunglasses, good sunscreen eye cream, and concealer that can be used on the eyes can be used as sunscreen for the eyes.

  Seven, the skin is prone to oil, so never use oily skin care products For women who love oil, many people refuse to use oily skin care products in order to avoid oil on the oil, especially in summer.

In fact, the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film is formed by the balance of “water” and “fat”. When it loses its balance, it will appear “dry” or “oily” skin problems.

When the skin gradually matures, the skin’s natural moisture and oil content will decrease. If the oil content is not replenished, it may cause skin nutrition and nutrition to appear wrinkles and dullness.

So if your skin is already showing signs of aging, it is best to add some oily cosmetics to your skin every day while controlling your oil (of course, it is obviously easy to absorb non-greasy) to ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrition to resist aging.

  Eight, avoid oily, over-wash face Oily mixed skin usually has abnormal oil secretion, and sebaceous glands are too active, especially in hot, overlapping, and sultry summers.It, supplementing face washing, oil absorption, etc., will make the sebaceous glands, which are already very strong, secrete more vigorously, the PH of the skin is destroyed, the more you wash, the more you absorb.

You should choose the right balance of oil products, preferably a series, from cleansing to masks to daily care products, rather than simply choosing oil control products.

  Nine, do not rub the skin care products after using the mask. Many women think that the mask is an effective skin care product, so once it can be used to ensure skin protection for a few days, the follow-up skin care products are no longer used.

As everyone knows, it is quite wrong to prevent the mask from rubbing skin care products and eventually cause various problems to the skin.

Our women’s skin is relatively delicate and thin, and it needs to be carefully taken care of.

Everyday skin toners, eye creams, serums, lotions, and creams are indispensable.

In addition, make a mask once or twice a week to give deep skin care to achieve better skin care results.

Different skins choose different masks for different points of focus, dry skin for hydration and anti-wrinkle, oily skin for hydration and oil control, and sensitive skin for hydration and anti-allergy.

Drinking water to lose weight will cause water poisoning!

Drinking water to lose weight will cause “water poisoning”!

Many white-collar women keep their bodies. They usually only eat fruits and a small amount of staple food. When they are hungry, they rely on plenty of water to feed their hunger.
Some women even drank a few cups of boiled water in a short period of time, followed by symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, and slowing of heartbeat, and had to go to the hospital for medical treatment.
Nutrition experts reminded that excessive drinking water in a short period of time may cause “water poisoning.”
銆€銆€The reporter interviewed Du Huizhen, director of the Nutrition Department of Qianfoshan Hospital. Director Du said: 鈥淒rinking water fills the stomach, although it can temporarily produce satiety, but after drinking too much water, many minerals in the body will be discharged with the urine.閽犱负涓荤殑鐢佃В璐ㄤ細琚█閲婏紝鍙兘寮曡捣浣庨挔琛€鐨勭梾鐥囷紝淇楃О鈥樻按涓瘨鈥欍€俆he specific manifestations are weakness, abnormal heartbeat, etc. In severe cases, memory loss, disturbance of consciousness, coma and convulsions may occur.
In addition, Director Du said that a large amount of drinking water can cause stomach upset, “the ph value in the human stomach should be kept at 0.”
Between 5, alkaline, if you drink a lot of water, it will dilute the gastric juice, causing symptoms such as indigestion.
Nutrition experts remind: 1.
It is not good for people to drink too much or too little water every day.
Generally, it is more suitable to drink 8 glasses of water per day (about 2000 ml), which also includes soups that are consumed every day.
Drinking water too fast and too fast will swallow a lot of air, causing snoring or abdominal swelling, and even “water poisoning.”
Drinking water is also “not thirsty first drink”, if you feel thirsty, in fact, dehydration has appeared in the body.
It is best to drink cool white or light tea below 30 掳C, which is more in line with the physiology of the gastrointestinal tract. The temperature of the human body is higher than the surface temperature. Drinking cold water will stimulate the stomach.
The amount of drinking water should be adjusted according to seasonal changes. The autumn weather is relatively dry, and the daily drinking water can be more than 2000 ml.

Some kind of excessive drinking of some kind of tea


Some kind of excessive drinking of some kind of tea

What kind of fat drink some kind of tea in the eyes of the fat people, anything can be related to weight loss!

Drinking tea is of course not a purely leisure thing. More importantly, the vitamin B1 in tea can still burn!

The key to the effect of slimming tea is to see what kind of tea you choose: lotus leaf tea – the principle of fat eating fried food: the flowers, leaves and fruits of lotus flowers are “light body” in the records of traditional Chinese medicine books.The role of “chemical oil” not only removes oil from the body, but also improves the complexion.

When you aim at the retina, you will naturally become less fond of greasy food, which is most suitable for people with too much dietary fat.

銆€銆€Recognized way: first must be strong tea; followed by multiple times a day, 4?
6 times is most suitable; the third is best to exchange on an empty stomach.

銆€銆€Pu’er Tea – Abdominal excess meat crushed fat principle: Pu’er tea is made from Yunnan big leaf tea, which can effectively stimulate the body’s metabolism and accelerate metabolic decomposition.

銆€銆€A well-known way: you should keep drinking one day at the same time.

5 liters, the best before a meal.

銆€銆€Jim Naima tea – the principle of fat eating sweets: Jim Naima tea is a kind of Indian tea, which can effectively inhibit the absorption of sugar, so the nickname is also called “sugar kill”.

It can make the participants feel the sweet taste in the mouth, the amount of sugar is naturally reduced, and the amount of snacks is relatively reduced.

銆€銆€Recognized way: Adding before absorbing sugar, or chewing tea directly, the effect is better.

銆€銆€Eucommia tea – the principle of too much fat: can reduce the neutral minority, because the content of Eucommia can accelerate metabolism, promote metabolic consumption, and make weight loss.

In addition to this, there is also the role of preventing aging.

銆€銆€Recognized way: combine half an hour after each meal, insist on drinking 1 per day.

About 5 liters, it will be effective if you insist on it for a long time.

銆€銆€Oolong tea – can not stand the fat principle of fat-free food: can burn feces in the body, is semi-fermented tea, transforming iron, calcium and other minerals, contains digestive enzymes and decomposes trace components, can promote micro-decomposition, and is transformed into bodyAbsorption is directly excreted from the body.

銆€銆€Known methods: Before a meal, drink a cup after meals, and the effect of decomposition and discharge is better.

Pay attention to the supplement in winter, no pain in the coming year


Pay attention to the supplement in winter, no pain in the coming year

According to the theory of traditional medicine in the motherland, winter is the time to hide the essence of seizures. At this time, due to the cold climate, the human body has higher requirements for energy and nutrition, and the human body’s digestion and absorption functions are relatively replaced. Appropriate tonic can not only improve the body’s disease resistance.Sexual ability can also store the active ingredients in the tonics in the body, laying the foundation for the health of the spring and even alkaline next year. As the saying goes, “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year” comes from this.

Of course, supplements are OK, and raising is equally important.

Especially for some people with chronic diseases, it is especially important to raise the disease and prevent the disease.

銆€銆€Grasping the timing – diet therapy, medicine supplement two suitable Chinese medicine believes that the winter tonic to the most suitable period after the winter to the beginning of the spring.

銆€銆€Winter tonic does not mean that everyone must be tonic in the winter.

Young people who are physically strong and disease-free have good adaptability to the cold and do not have to supplement.

If the tonic is improper, it will produce multiple impurities.

Because the drug enters the stomach and relies on the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, only the function of the body is normal, and the due effect of the tonic can be exerted.

For such patients, some drugs such as Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes, Poria, Coix seed, lentils, and dried tangerine peel can be taken to make the body function properly.

Then take the tonic as little as possible.

Such a body can be better digested and absorbed.

There are two main ways to supplement, one is tonic, and the other is medicine.

As the saying goes: “The medicine is not as good as the food supplement”, and the food supplement is especially important in winter nursery.

In winter, the temperature is too low. In order to maintain a certain amount of heat, the body must increase the sugar, trace and protein decomposition in the body to produce more energy and adapt to the needs of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to eat foods that consume sugar, traces, protein and vitamins.

Others include medicinal liquor, medicinal porridge, etc., depending on their physical condition.

According to the medicine, the commonly used Chinese medicines are: ginseng, astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, etc., suitable for people with qi deficiency, pale, shortness of breath, spleen and diarrhea;Such as the birthplace, Ejiao, Angelica, sputum, etc., for people with white face, dizziness, palpitations, pale lips, low hemoglobin, women with less menstrual flow and other symptoms.

Velvet antler is also a common supplement for winter, suitable for people who are flustered, cold, limbs, warm, and so on.

However, it should be noted that the tonic is not freely available. When the qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, and yin deficiency are used, the targeted tonics are replaced.

In order to get good results.

Such as ginseng has great vitality, strong heart, thirst, soothe the nerves and other effects, qi deficiency patients and see physical weakness, limb weakness, mental fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath, or frail elderly, or work overworked after the body weakness, or chronic diseaseCaused by dizziness and weakness, caused by.

Can replenish vitality, increase appetite, and promote physical recovery.

Another example is Ejiao, which has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and is especially suitable for people with blood deficiency.

Everyone should choose according to their own physical condition, or go to the hospital to ask the Chinese medicine practitioner to confirm the type of deficiency syndrome, and then choose the corresponding tonic, so that they can make up for it and make up for it.

銆€銆€Special reminder: people with weak constitution should stop taking supplements during a cold or other acute illness. After the acute disease is cured, they will continue to supplement. Otherwise, the displacement may be delayed.

While taking nourishing good products, you should also insist on participating in appropriate sports.

Because exercise can promote metabolism, accelerate systemic blood circulation, enhance the digestion and absorption of tonics in the ascending channel, so that the active ingredients in the tonic can be well utilized by the body, and truly achieve the goal of benefiting.