Diabetes day diet follows four one two two

Diabetes day diet follows “four one two two”

The diet of diabetics has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. What should diabetics eat?
What should not be eaten?
What should I eat?
What to eat to control blood sugar?
This series of questions has come to the diabetic patients, so how should the diabetic patients eat?
Doctors recommend that the diet of diabetic patients must follow the “four one two two”!
  Simply put, it is more than 20 kinds of food a day.
However, these 20 kinds of food cannot be all the same kind of food, but must be diversified.
Food, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk beans, oils and fats, four types of food every day, a total of not less than 20 kinds, so as to be good for health.
In addition, the total energy should not exceed the body’s requirements.
  Diabetes diet follows “four one two two” a day, one fruit a day, a catty dish.
A fruit weighs four to two and a half pounds, and the image is as big as a tennis ball. A pound of vegetables a day can be green leafy vegetables and melons. One pound refers to raw weight, not after cooking.the weight of.
In this way, the body needs enough vitamins and dietary fiber.
  2. One egg a day.
Maybe some elderly people worry that eating egg yolk will make their cholesterol too high. In fact, international academic organizations of heart disease, including the Hypertension Society, recommend that it is safe to eat whole eggs less than five a week.
  3. A bag of milk a day.
If you’re fat, you can drink low-fat milk; if you’re lean and don’t have high blood fat, drink regular or whole milk.
If you have osteoporosis and want to add more calcium, it is safe to drink two bags a day, and two bags of milk 500ml a day for the elderly is safe.
  4. Two or two meats a day.
It also needs to be adjusted according to your body shape. If you are fat, eat less; if you are thin, you can eat two or two, or even two or three.
  5. Two spoonfuls of oil a day.
With a small porcelain spoon for soup, a spoonful is 10 grams.
No matter how many dishes are cooked a day, use a total of two spoons of oil.
Two spoonfuls of oil are basically no shortage of nutrition for diabetic patients.