Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Eight habits that can easily lead to cancer

Bad habit one: smoking decompression can cause lung cancer. When a person smokes, he affects not only his own health, because research shows that the harm of second-hand smoke to the human body is comparable to direct smoking, and children passively accept “second-hand smoke.”Post-hazard budget.

  In addition to smoking as an important reason for the continued rise in the incidence and mortality of lung cancer, the Beijing Health Bureau said that air pollution is also an important factor in the high incidence of lung cancer.

At present, the main carcinogenic components known in the atmosphere are benzopyrene and the like. In large polluted cities, residents can inhale benzopyrene in an amount exceeding 20 cigarettes per day.

  Bad habit two: not eating breakfast is prone to gallbladder cancer. Young office workers often go out without breakfast.

But often skipping breakfast is a predisposing factor for gallstones and gallbladder cancer.

Because after more than 8 hours of sleep, residual bile is retained in the gallbladder. If you can eat in time, drink milk, and eat a slice of bread, you can help bile be discharged and it is not easy to form stones.

But if you don’t eat breakfast, bile will accumulate in the gallbladder to form stones, causing metabolic disturbances in the gallbladder.

So office workers are better to get up half an hour in advance and set aside half an hour for breakfast each day.

  Bad habit three: staying up late to work is prone to breast cancer. The latest scientific research on prostate cancer has found that among women and men who work overnight, the incidence of cancer and prostate cancer is higher than the daily work population.

  Women who work night shifts regularly for 3 consecutive years have a 40% higher risk of breast cancer than women who work normally; if they work night shifts regularly for more than 3 years, they are 60% more likely to get sick.

Due to the bright light during the shift, the natural cycle of melatonin production in the human body changes. The night light reduces the secretion of human melatonin, and the role of melatonin is to protect the destruction of DNA oxidation and inhibit cancerous cells.

  Bad habit four: gluttonous meat is prone to diabetes A British study showed that excessive consumption of processed meat foods may increase potential risks.

Therefore, if women want to stay away from the far end, they cannot be willful predators, especially to reduce the consumption of various ready-to-eat meat products.

However, it is unwise for women to reject meat altogether.

It is recommended to control the consumption of meat below 100 grams per day, and it is best to reduce the temperature by steaming, braising, etc.

  Bad habit five: Sedentary is prone to stomach cancer. A report released by the World Health Organization states that more than 2 million people die each year as a result of sitting still.

The report also predicts that by 2020, 70% of global diseases will be caused by sitting too long and lack of exercise.

  Someone sits in front of a computer for hours, and they do not know that this habit will inhibit the activity of immune genetic factors and increase the possibility of cancer.

Japanese medical scientists in a survey of patients undergoing gastric cancer surgery found that eating too saturated and sedentary and inactive is a common feature of them. Over time, the immune factors in the body become dull and incompetent.

  Bad habit six: Cervical cancer is prone to polysexual couples In recent years, the age of onset of cervical cancer has gradually become younger.

One of the causes of cervical cancer in young women is related to sexual disorder.

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by sexually transmitted infections. The greater the number of women’s sexual partners with their husbands, the higher the risk of sexually transmitted infections, and the incidence of cervical cancer can be.

Data show that women with multiple sexual partners are more than 2-3 times more likely to have cervical cancer than those with only one sexual partner.

  Bad habit # 7: Poor quality toilet paper can cause gynecological cancer. Some girls usually pay attention to dress and dress, and spend hundreds of thousands to buy new clothes and cosmetics.Pick cheap and buy cheap.

As everyone knows, although some inferior toilet papers have a bright white color, they are added to fluorescent whitening agents or talcum powder, and prolonged contact with the skin can easily cause leukemia.

Others use waste paper after bleaching and processing, which may contain antibiotics and hepatitis virus.

Therefore, you must not take small sanitary products lightly, you must buy products from the brand, do not hurt your life health because of the pursuit of temporary cheap.

  Bad habit eight: Heart width and body fat are easy to get colon cancer, prostate cancer and other heart width is a good thing, but body weight needs to be vigilant.

Some cancers are related to obesity, such as colon cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cancer and so on.

Therefore, pay attention to the diet structure, strengthen exercise, control weight, and reduce slight accumulation in the body.