Online dating

Online dating

The so-called online dating, as the name suggests, is to use a network platform for love, beyond the limits of time and space to make a large selection, from acquaintance to love.

Is there a successful example of online dating?

It depends on how you understand success. If you have to get married, you will be successful, I’m afraid 99.

99% of online dating is due to failure.

In fact, the purpose of online dating is not entirely to find the last person to get married. In fact, online dating and true love in social life have completely different properties and have completely different rules of the game.Existing, but in some cases, the meeting of online lovers means: the last supper.

Therefore, for these situations, those comrades who are planning to go online can’t ignore it.

     Among the people who participate in online dating games, there may indeed be some people who sincerely want to find an object through the Internet, and finally want to get married. They are participating in online dating games with a good vision of life.These people are as unlikely as possible because they do not understand the difference between the virtual world and the real world.

However, if the positive attitude is usually the attitude of copying the game, but the overlap is not overlapped, the success rate may be greatly improved.

There are many more online lovers who have no purpose at all. Many people are virtual in nature. They package themselves into popular products in the online love and marriage market through image design, and then participate in this emotional and spiritualGames, they also have a variety of purposes, some are just a spiritual vent, some want to break through the loneliness of life, find someone to chat, find some sustenance.

     Some dating sites are designed to draw popularity to attract tourists. A considerable part of the personal information is artificially designed. In fact, many web worm registration information is also virtual. This is a virtual person on the Internet, not a real person. YouIt’s impossible to figure out his true gender and various data.

For example, a man may register as a woman for fun, or even register a lot of men and women, and then have a virtual relationship online.

We can calculate that in life, there may be very few people with a height of 180cm and 170cm, but there are a lot of them on the Internet. The Internet is really a scalpel that can make people grow tall and make people beautiful.Cute, handsome men, beautiful girls.

Why is this so?

Anyway, no one can see anyone across the Internet. The only real thing is an email address. The address must be real.

     Of course, the situation of online dating enthusiasts is not all fake, and some are true. Many people go online with sincerity. In fact, this may be wrong. The honesty of the Internet often indicates that these people have purposes outside the InternetThey may really want to find someone, afraid to deceive others, and embarrassed to meet in the future, but this will limit their network image, make them lose competitiveness, and may make him) We find the ideal object.

Usually even if what you say is true, others may not believe it to be true.

The Internet is so true, false, and false. It makes people upside down, such as falling into the clouds, reducing continually, reasoning and chaos, and sorrow.

      Someone may blame those online lovers, saying that they are dishonest and cheating Yunyun.

But I don’t think such accusations are justified. These accusations are entirely due to the lack of understanding of the network, replacing the boundary between the virtual world and the real world.

The network has its own rules, and it cannot use the rules of the real world to cover the network. The imagination on the network is also the charm of online dating. If people on the network use the original social role as the network image, the network willIt will become boring. This is inevitably, the standards of true and false on the Internet are completely different from those in the real world.

     According to the standards of the real world, the online world is a virtual world, but according to the philosophical significance of the network, the real world is exactly an unreasonable world, because it is in the so-called real world that people are subjected to variousRestriction, people are alienated, and people become impersonal. In the online world, people break through the restrictions of the real world, so that their potential is fully demonstrated, and for the first time, people are free and liberated.

     On the Internet, you just ca n’t say that you look beautiful, you say you have money, wear brand names all over your body, live in a bungalow, or open a guest. It ‘s no use. You have to talk about your behavior and show wisdom and talent. You have to be impressed.In order to win the applause and the favor of the opposite sex, the people will.

In this sense, what is more valued on the Internet is the human mental quality, which constitutes a shock to the importance of popular materialism.

     There are of course some unhealthy factors in the phenomenon of online dating, but these unhealthy factors are precisely caused by the unhealthy of this society.

Therefore, we cannot simply blame online dating, but please put away those accusations of strike.

We do understand the network more. There is no doubt that the network does not have ready-made game rules to find. The rules of the network are gradually revealed during the development of the network. Once we recognize these rules, we will find that theseThe rules are the network rules that are truly natural, human, and human spiritual. These rules are much more sophisticated than those made by self-righteous legislators and justices.

     The network builds a virtual world of spiritual interaction. However, this virtual world may be more real than the real world. When the human spirit conflicts with each other on the Internet technology platform, merges, and finally sublimates, the spiritual power will dominate the world again.

Human nature is in essence full of love. Human natures adore each other. Proprietary system and the pursuit of material interests have distorted human nature and turned human beings into a poor private person.Expressed this, this is the victory of human nature, let us cheer for online dating.