Hot yoga also needs proper cooling down

Hot yoga also needs proper “cooling down”

Female friends all know that high temperature yoga is particularly effective in weight loss and detoxification, but it also has some problems that need attention such as relatively high temperature and low air humidity, so I hope everyone will choose high temperature yoga based on their own characteristics.
  The weather is getting hotter, and practicing yoga is even hotter.
MIKKON Health College, California, USA: “Practice high temperature yoga with care for side effects.
“Hot yoga goes against the principles of traditional yoga. This is because the indoor high-temperature environment of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius is artificially manufactured.
Low air humidity, low negative oxygen ions, and high free radical content can cause side effects.
  Due to the high temperature environment, the mucous membrane of the human throat is in a state of dehydration for a long time. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are delicate organs and require long-term moisturizing care.damage.
From the perspective of yoga, high-temperature yoga consumes too much life energy. The high-temperature environment makes people’s metabolism very strong. This is a kind of consumption in itself. When you perform some powerful yujia movements, it will accelerate the aging of human organs.Induced disease.
And doing action in a high temperature environment will increase the burden on the heart, and will bring serious consequences to patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and diabetes.
  I believe everyone must know that the material must be against this principle, so we still need to choose high-temperature yoga appropriately.

Falling in love is like tasting marshmallow-

Falling in love is like tasting marshmallows?

Marshmallow love theory, yes, it is a theory, because there is no field experiment, only careful study, so it can only be called a theory.

It’s not the truth, it’s the idiotic truth there.

  However, I feel that falling in love is like tasting marshmallow.

  When I say marshmallow, I don’t mean the kind of marshmallows that are sold in packages one by one; it’s like the one sold by old uncles in the streets.Sign in and add it to the ground, wrapped in a soft, soft powdered large sugar ball-shaped marshmallow.

  When it comes to eating marshmallows, I believe everyone knows that everyone has a different way of eating. Some people like to bite and eat. Some people like to grab a handful of sugar to eat it. Some people grab it.First knead into a small sugar ball and eat it. Some people like me like to discover the source of sugar, and then eat the sweet and greasy sugar like an old punch-in computer.

But what is the absolute way to eat it, and whether it is good or bad, people don’t eat marshmallows to pursue the sweetness that is not very sweet but not sweet.

  It’s like falling in love.

  I thought and thought, I always think that love is actually very simple, but people who mess up in love often complicate it; just like eating cotton candy, just simply enjoying the sweet taste, noI thought of giving up and not eating because of its sticky disgust.

But, that marshmallow is not sticky?

Which love is not annoying?

  This feeling is the reason for the marshmallow love theory.

  The first is the process of making marshmallows. The first step is to turn on the machine and let it heat up the machine first, and then wait until the machine is placed.

Sprinkle sugar in.

Normal sugar is fine too.

However, the teacher from the countryside told me that it’s best to find refined sugar with high sweetness so that it can be delicious.

After you sprinkle it, wait to stop the sugar particles from completely spreading out, when you see a trace of sugar appear.

Now is the important time. Put the wooden sign on top of the rotating blender, and carefully and carefully rotate the wooden sign, so that the sugar is evenly wrapped into a “appropriate size” marshmallow mass. This is very important.
Because if it is too large, it will not be easy to pick up marshmallows, and if it is too small, it will not be enough to eat, but it feels that the boss loses him; to this place, marshmallows can be said to be complete.

And what next?

Just enjoy marshmallows.

If after eating, you still do n’t know what to do, just sprinkle the sugar granules into the machine, then take a wooden sign and wrap a ball.

  Can you see the similarities between marshmallows and love?

If you don’t know, let me remind you.

  When love is about to begin, it usually starts with crush.

Then warm up the machine, which is to cultivate the atmosphere of love, and then the time to sprinkle sugar in is the time to confess.

Of course, the degree of your inner love for the other person often affects the sweetness of future love.

Doesn’t this look like fine sugar?

When the other party accepts your feelings, the real focus process begins. First of all, let each other’s lives have a common center, that is, where the feelings belong.

And slowly, not eagerly, “communicate” with different life concepts and ideas. At this time, love will fall deeper and deeper, and the sugar will be more and more wrapped.

And slowly, at this moment, most people often start to worry about each other’s feelings. At this time, if the feelings are not properly converged, it is like marshmallows.During this period, I worked hard for the feelings and loved them very hard; but I loved too little but not sweet enough, and made the other person doubt whether he really loved him or whether he still really loved each other.

It’s hard.

  After this period, the so-called flat period begins.

The deep feeling of love no longer exists, or it fades, instead of taking the other party for granted in your own life. At this time, it is like eating cotton candy. Everyone responds differently, and some people stillTreating each other so passionately, some people are dedicated to looking for the feeling of previous love, while others are sharing the joy of each other’s life casually.

At this time, the moment when the silk was wrapped was accidentally very important.

  If the package was not enough at that time, then life is like eating marshmallows and sometimes sugar cubes, sometimes too sweet, sometimes not sweet at all, feelings are too ups and downs, neither is it nor is it not.
  If the number of wooden sign transfers in the hand was too small, the sugar coating was too tightly packed, and it was too sweet to eat, as if it was difficult to swallow as if eating saccharin, and frequently drank water, frequently looking for the second spring.

  If the number of turns is too many, the sugar coating is too loose and tastes tasteless. Even when the wind blows, the sugar flies away.

Then I can only stare at the love that is blown to the ground and ask hard, you work hard to manage each other’s love, but why go?However, the wind will not answer you, just because you are too transparent between each other, and did not give each other a private space to be free, so he will leave your wooden sign.

It’s like communicating with each other’s lives, anyway, just right.

Don’t be too much, don’t be too few.

  Of course, the speed of eating is also important.

If you eat too fast, you will feel too sweet and greasy, and you don’t want to eat another ball of marshmallow. If you eat too slowly, the people around you will often care if you don’t like it.

And you may eat more and more tasteless.

So it ‘s just right to eat. Just before the sweetness in the mouth is about to disappear, take another bite before it disappears, so that the sweetness of love can always stay in the heart without feeling too sweet and greasy.

  When the marshmallow is almost finished?

If you think you don’t want to eat this marshmallow anymore, throw the leftover wooden sign in the trash can and leave.

Don’t look back frequently.

I don’t think anyone would want to dig out leftovers and put them home as souvenirs?

Unless you plan to eat marshmallow for the last time, maybe you can take the remaining wooden sign and ask the master to make a wooden box of several thousand pieces and take it home for three meals a day.

Otherwise, forget it!

Throw away the parts of your life that were common to her before!

Otherwise, you will only cause the smell of garbage, which is not good.

OK, if you think this marshmallow is tasted and you want to eat it again, then sprinkle some sugar on it and make another marshmallow!

But remember, the craftsmanship is getting smarter!

Don’t take your own technology as the highest state and stand still!

The technique of falling in love requires a lot of practice. Even a master can’t make a perfect marshmallow every time.

  And to put it another way, can anyone tell me what is the perfect marshmallow?

What is perfect love?

  I think, sweet but not greasy, marshmallows that can be eaten for a long time, maybe a perfect marshmallow, right?

  Falling in love is like tasting marshmallow.
Isn’t it?

Best mental state during the exam

Best mental state during the exam

What is the best test psychological state?

According to the efficiency of the test and the possibility of the students’ existing psychological condition, the best psychological state during the examination should be: 1.
Energetic, focused attention This is a sign of effective brain work and a guarantee for students to go all out to review and test.

Only with full energy and concentration can we understand the content of the teacher well, remember the knowledge learned, improve the efficiency of the review, and open the mind, analyze, reason, judge, understand, understandBeing able to give full play to it is also a criterion for good mental state.

If you find it difficult to concentrate while studying, or if someone reminds you of a time of mental weakness, it means that you need to rest and need adjustment.

  2.Winning Confidence Confidence is an important psychological quality to ensure the success of learning, especially for students in the review preparation stage.

Self-confident students are active and active in learning. They believe that they can achieve success through their own efforts. They can go all out to do their best when they are studying. They can be skeptical, cranky, and cranky.

In contrast, students who have low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence always feel that they are useless and incapable, doubting whether they can succeed, being passive in learning, not being able to concentrate well, and always making a one-sided analysis of themselves.And evaluation, to find various reasons for their failure to succeed, so it is difficult for these students to concentrate on their studies and dedication, and the chance of success is relatively small.

Psychologists believe that all human behavior is out of inferiority and overcoming inferiority.

That is to say, lack of confidence and inferiority are common to everyone, but you can compensate yourself by pursuing superior goals, and turn this negative factor into a driving force. Inferiority can be overcome and self-confidence can be cultivated.

  3.Clear-headed and calm-hearted This is a rational and stable one.

During the exam, it is inevitable that unexpected things will happen, such as difficult test questions, never seen, insufficient time, unexpected events, etc.

However, as long as you can deal with it calmly, without panic or disorder, and treat it with your usual mood and rhythm, you can achieve relatively good results.

Calmness is the best way to overcome errors caused by flustered exams.

Taking it easy, clear mind is always a good psychological state for the test, and it is also an ideal level of personality cultivation.

  4.Going all out and striving for an upstream entrance examination is a difficult journey and a season of harvest.

There are few times in life, if at this critical moment, if you can mobilize your whole body strength and make the final struggle, you will try to play normally or even abnormally and get good results.

Going all out and striving to reach the top is a positive and emotional mood, a tenacious and hardworking spirit. It will bring a keen sense, precise memory, rich imagination and a high degree of concentration, which is the best psychological state when taking the test.

Dialectical treatment makes the intermediate flow

Dialectical treatment makes the intermediate flow

Some patients have chronic constipation, which makes the body’s turbid air not fall, and Qingyang does not rise, which causes abdominal distension, dizziness, bloating, suffocation, hypo appetite, sleeplessness, upset and irritability.

Severe cases can cause hemorrhoids, anal fissures and even blood in the stool.

In addition, patients with constipation who have excessive exertion during defecation or suffer from kidney qi, hypertension, hypertension and other diseases.

Due to different causes, the accompanying symptoms of constipation are also different. If the symptoms can be treated, the effects of both the symptoms and the symptoms can be obtained.

  ◆ Heat constipation Patients who may have constipation often have short urine, redness, upset, dry mouth, bad breath, and abdominal pain.

In the treatment should be based on clearing away heat and moisturizing the intestines, and optionally with Maziren pills.

Commonly used prescriptions are: 500 grams of hemp seeds, 250 grams of peony, 250 grams of osmanthus, 500 grams of rhubarb, 250 grams of magnolia, and 250 grams of almonds.

Usage: Grind the medicine together into fine powder, use appropriate amount of refined honey and 9 grams of honey pills, take 1 pill at a time, twice daily.

  ◆ Qi patients with constipation are often accompanied by frequent belching, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

Treatment should be based on qi stagnation.

Optional treatment with Liu Mo Tang.

Conventional prescriptions are: 10 grams of black medicine, 10 grams of woody incense, 1 gram of agarwood, 10 grams of coriander fruit, 10 grams of betel nut, and 10 grams of rhubarb.

Usage: Decoction of black medicine, woody incense, coriander, betel nut and water for 20 minutes, then add rhubarb, decoction a little, then add the agarwood to the decoction, and take it twice daily.

  ◆ Qi deficiency and constipation patients with acute constipation are often accompanied by shortness of breath, fatigue, sweating and other symptoms.

In terms of treatment, qi and spleen should be given priority, and Huangqi decoction should be used for treatment.

Conventional prescriptions are: 15 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of hemp kernels, 30 grams of white honey, and 10 grams of peel.

Usage: Astragalus root, hemp kernel and tangerine peel are boiled in water, and the juice is taken. After adding white honey, it can be taken twice daily.

  ◆ Blood deficiency and constipation Patients with temporary constipation are often accompanied by palpitations and forgetfulness, dizziness, pale complexion and other symptoms.

The main treatment should be nourishing blood and moistening dryness.

Conventional prescriptions are: rhubarb, angelica, 15 grams each of simmering live, 30 grams of peach kernel, 35 grams of hemp kernel.

Usage: Grind the medicine together into fine powder, and use the appropriate amount of refined honey to blend into 12 grams of honey pills. Take 1 pill daily on an empty stomach, twice daily.

  ◆ Yin deficiency constipation Patients with acute constipation are often accompanied by physical weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee weakness, palpitations and other symptoms.

In terms of treatment, nourishing yin and invigorating the kidney should be the main treatment, and optionally treated with Liuwei Dihuang Wan, taking 1 pill at a time, twice a day.

  ◆ Cold and constipation may be associated with symptoms of blue and white, hands and feet are not warm, like hot and afraid of cold, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

In the treatment should be mainly Wenrun laxative, optional treatment with Jeju Jian.

Conventional prescriptions: 15 grams of Cistanche, 15 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Alisma purpurea, 10 grams of coriander shell, and 10 grams of Cimicifuga.

Usage: Take the medicine and decoction, take the juice, take one dose daily and take it twice.

  In addition, patients with constipation should also adjust their lives when applying the above medicines to avoid excessive frying, spicy and cold foods. They can eat more coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, drink more water, and exercise more.And keep your mind comfortable.

5 measures to moisturize dry skin in autumn and winter


5 measures to moisturize dry skin in autumn and winter

Autumn and winter are the most difficult days for dry skin, because skin care products used in summer will not feel moisturized after winter, so anti-drying measures are imperative.


hzh {display: none; }  皮肤龟裂脱皮  空气湿度低,皮肤更显得干燥、绷紧,表皮层出现龟裂、脱皮甚至痕痒,皮肤弹性减少而且变得暗哑。  The moisturizing first-aid method first takes a 5-minute high-moisture moisturizing mask, or applies honey, almond oil and an appropriate amount of flour to the face, and then applies a moisturizing lotion or petrolatum, which can make dry skin quickly rehydrate.

  Remedy 1: Wash your face with cleansing milk only once a day. Because dry skin is particularly dehydrated and prone to peeling due to dryness, you can choose some cleansers containing ingredients such as honey, milk and vitamin E.

However, it is not advisable to use cleansing lotion once a day, just get up in the morning and wash your face with warm water.

  Remedy 2: Remember to take a moisturizing toner after washing your face to reduce the tightness, and add a protective film to the skin.

  Remedy 3: Use a day cream with a UV index. Do not underestimate the sun in autumn and winter. To prevent direct contact with UV rays and the skin, it is more dry. Avoid sunscreen with SPF15 or more when you go out.

If you don’t want to waste summer skin care products, you can use a sun cream containing sunscreen ingredients in summer as a sunscreen.

  Remedy 4: Apply on the day and night cream while the skin is wet, while the skin is still wet, apply a moisturizing and highly moisturizing cream to lock the moisture in the skin and increase the luster, if you wait until the skin is completelyApply it dry, it will not have a good effect!

  Don’t think that dry skin should be covered with an excessive amount of cream every time. In fact, this will actually block the pores and cause acne on the skin. Don’t mess around.

  Remedy 5: Apply the moisture mask frequently in autumn and winter. The skin is easy to lose moisture. The day cream and night cream may not be deeply moisturized, so don’t forget to make a moisturizing mask at least once a week to nourish the skin.Moisturizing substances such as urea.

  In addition to ready-made products, of course, you can also try out natural materials and DIY yourself, such as tea can moisturize the skin.

Young smooth black tea is rich in vitamin C and has anti-aging effects.

Pour 20g each of black tea leaves and sucrose into boiling water and stir, then pour in an appropriate amount of flour to make a paste, apply to the face, wash it after 15 minutes, twice a week, and within a month, your skin willOutstanding slippery.

Nutritional effects of carrots on men

Nutritional effects of carrots on men

How can we eat healthy and safe?

Life Home Post does not launch a series of articles on winter diet and health care to customize your winter healthy diet.

  Introduction Alias carrot, yellow radish, carrot, clove radish, small ginseng, vegetable ginseng.

It is a good vegetable with rich nutrition, suitable for young and old.

  Nutrition facts (100 g) protein 0.

6 grams, aunt 0.

3 grams of cobalt 7.

6 grams, calcium 32 mg, phosphorus 30 mg, iron 0.

6 mg, carotene 3.

62 mg, thiamine 0.

02 mg, riboflavin 0.

05 mg, niacin 0.

3 mg, ascorbic acid 13 mg, and other trace elements such as fluorine, manganese, diamond.

  Sexual taste is slightly cold, and the taste is slightly bitter Ganxin; human liver, stomach, and lung meridian.

  Nutritional effects 1.

Spleen-removing vitamin A is an essential substance for the normal growth and development of bones, helps cell proliferation and growth, is an element of body growth, and has important significance for promoting the growth and development of infants and young children.


Yiganmingmu carrot contains a large amount of carotene, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and can treat night blindness.


Ritua wide-intestine carrots contain plant fibers, are highly absorbent, and easily swell in volume during interconnection. They are “filling substances” in the interior, which can strengthen each other’s peristalsis, thereby improving the wide-intestine and preventing bowel cancer.


Enhance immune function Carotene is transformed into vitamin A, which enhances the body’s immune function, and plays an important role in preventing epithelial cells from becoming cancerous.

Lignin in carrots can also improve the body’s immune mechanism and indirectly eliminate free radicals.


Hypoglycemic and hypoglycemic carrots still contain hypoglycemic substances, which are good foods for people with diabetes. Some of the ingredients, such as relaxin and kaempferol, can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood lipids, and promote adrenaline synthesis.It also has antihypertensive and cardiotonic effects. It is a good food therapy for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease.

  Selected literature “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Xiaqi Buzhong, spleen the chest and stomach, secure the five internal organs, it is healthy food.

“” Sui Xi Ju diet spectrum “:” Cucurbit pie, the flesh is red, also known as red reed, but there are yellow flesh.

Singam Win.

The lower gas widens the bowel, and the gas is slightly dry.

“Lingnan Collection of Medicine”: “Treat chickenpox, whooping cough, and fever in children.


  Cultural appreciation of folk stories: Tang Chuan Zhang Taoshu: “People refuse old-age medicine for no reason”.

It is said that a scholar in the Tang Dynasty had the ability to read quickly.

One day from morning to night, there is no rest for reading, and at dusk, such as suddenly faint Xuanxuan can not see, urgently call Langzhong.

Lang Zhongdi said: Jun disease diet can also be used, fried with Hu Luo pear pork liver, can be cured.

After this celebrity had eaten according to law, his eyes gradually recovered as usual, so he was paid a lot.

  Historical legend: Carrots are listed as one of the “national dishes” by the Dutch.

This is because on May 26, 1794, the Spanish invaders surrounded the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. The local soldiers and civilians resisted resistance. Later, the city ran out of food.
Potatoes and shallots persisted until the arrival of reinforcements on October 3.
To commemorate the siege, the Dutch government announced that the three dishes were paired together as national dishes, and stipulated that on October 3 each year, people across the country should eat carrots to show that they will not forget the difficult times.

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

People often attribute the secret of maintaining marriage to the elements of “attracting each other”, “concern”, “patience” and “true love”.

  European scientists disagree.

They “unromanticly” linked the relationship between marriage and the spouse’s age, education level, and marriage history to objective factors such as formulating the best “recipe” for a happy marriage.

  The follow-up study, which is referred to as “optimizing the marriage market,” was published in the European Journal of Operations Research.

  Experts participating in the study said that using this theoretical result can predict that the “short-lived rate” of some marriages is five times that of other marriages.

  Dr. Emmanuel Franier of the University of Bath, UK, was one of the study participants who had carefully studied the data of 1,534 Swiss couples collected by interviewers through interviews.

These are couples and lovers who are serious about each other.

Five years later, the researchers successfully contacted 1074 couples to see who had parted ways with the “other half.”

  By analyzing the collected age, education level, ethnicity, and emotional experience of the couple, the researchers found that many of the breakup cases have the same characteristics.

  ”It seems that men and women choose partners based on love, attractiveness, same hobbies, beliefs and common values.

However, the life span of a marriage also determines objective factors.

Matching couples based on objective criteria such as age and education may reduce the divorce rate, “the British Daily Mail reported on the 24th, citing a research report.

  The best formula According to the research report, the best couple model that can strengthen the marriage is that both men and women are highly educated and have no history of divorce, and the man is 5 years older than the woman.

  Wife over 5 years younger than her husband is the least likely age group to create conflicts, and their divorce inherits one-sixth of other marriages.

The British Conservative leader David Cameron, 43, and his 38-year-old wife, Samantha, are certainly good news.

  Although the 49-year-old US President Barack Obama and the “First Lady” Michelle Obama are only 3 years apart, their 17-year happy marriage has gradually ranked them as “ideal couples”.

  The findings suggest that marriages where a couple has been divorced are more likely to fail.

Perhaps this report is very popular in Hollywood. For example, the marriage history star Michael Douglas, his marriage with current wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is not considered to be optimistic.

  After a comparative analysis of the collocation principle, the researchers also summarized the conditions for a “nightmare marriage”: if a woman with a low education level chooses a partner who is equal to her education level, divorced and 5 years younger than herself,Then the chance of failure of this marriage is 5 times higher than that of ordinary marriage.

  Psychologists analyzed the importance of each factor in the “best marriage” and “nightmare marriage”.

When it comes to age, experts believe that if wives are five years older than their husbands, they are three times more likely to divorce than a couple of the same age.

  Less educated couples are more likely to divorce than educated couples on both sides.

If the wife’s education level is higher than the husband’s, their marital endurance will be 8 times that of the couple with low education level on both sides, and 3 times higher than the husband’s education level than the wife’s combination.

  Although the best and best couple combinations require that both parties have no history of marriage, the data also shows that if both couples have experienced divorce, their marriage stability is only a little less than the “best model”.

Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Meiling is a friend I have known for more than 20 years. Except for being fatter these years, my face has not changed much. However, I noticed that her neck seems to be more and more droopy. It is easy to let her take care when taking pictures.The drooping crime is connected to the chin, looks like a turkey’s neck, and looks particularly old.

Although modern medical cosmetic surgery is developed, the face can be easily operated by young people over 10 years old, but they can only be improved by medical cosmetic surgery, the effect is really limited!

Don’t hurry up for maintenance sooner?

  False 1 My preset lines now look tight and smooth and should not require maintenance!

  This concept is of course wrong, causing the skin to look like facial care. Do not wait until it is full of wrinkles.

As far as the formation of texture structure is concerned, both the pits and the hills are more complex than the length texture. With the horizontal texture stripes, it is easy to form “wrinkles”, and the skin has less skin protein content than the face, and the thickness is only the facial skin.2/3, coupled with proper responsibility for supporting the weight and the mechanism of the human body’s rotation, frequent torsional actions such as torsion, will accelerate the destruction of elastic fibers, and it is easy to fatigue.

In addition, external environmental influences, ultraviolet rays, changes in temperature and humidity, and even improper daily routines can cause fine lines. For example, if you like to talk on the phone with a microphone, you often work with your head down . These improper stimuli will cause neck wrinkles, which is more necessaryCare as diligently as facial skin.

  If you want to avoid rapid deterioration, you should start from weekday maintenance. Do not wash the skin with too hot water. At the same time, try not to maintain a single posture for too long. Remember to always correct by turning left and right and up and down to relieve excessive pressure on the cervical spine.You can use a hot compress before bed to promote the initial blood circulation.

  1 L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Shaper Cream 220 yuan / 50ml to enhance the firming effect on the target and contour lines, and can help restore the slenderness of the complications of excessive sagging.

  False 2 Neck products should be sales gimmicks that manufacturers have come up with. Neck patterns that have already appeared cannot be improved at all!

  It is necessary to apply skin care products instead of the instructions that the manufacturer only came out in order to make money. It is really helpful to diligently maintain the lines and lines.

  The choice of the beauty neck products first replenishes and locks in moisture, such as hyaluronic acid, seaweed, collagen and other moisturizing ingredients, which can help dry and spotted skin to improve. If deep wrinkles can appear, try to absorb wrinkle-reducing neck cream.Such as pentapeptide, hexapeptide, vitamin A, etc., help collagen proliferation, so that there is a chance to eliminate neck lines.

If you want to get better results from cervical spine products, it is recommended to keep massage at the same time: Step 1 Take an appropriate amount of neck cream and rub it on your hands, starting from the alternating upper and lower jaws, and gently pushing evenly from bottom to top.

  Step2 Raise the head slightly 45 degrees, and use the palm of your hand to massage from the clavicle from bottom to top, about ten times.

  Step3 is especially for deeper lines, using one hand to stretch the neck line, and taking an appropriate amount of neck cream with the other hand to align and massage the lines at the lines in a spiral manner to improve the effect of the neck line.

  In addition, if over-exposed to the sun, it is easy to increase and deepen the “annual rings” like a thousand-year-old tree, which will also cause pigmentation and dullness.

When you apply sunscreen on your face, remember to take out twice the amount and reset it in order to achieve effective resistance to light aging and avoid deepening of replacement lines.

  2 Clarins Renewing Firming Neck Cream 580 yuan / 50ml contains ginseng, olive, walnut and other multiple plant formulas to tighten the skin and improve fine lines.

  3 Sisley neck cream 1080 yuan / 50ml is very moisturizing, mainly to help maintain the moisturizing effect, the skin becomes noticeably finer after use.

  Wrong 3 Because you need a special skin care product, you ca n’t use a face care product instead!

  Of course, face care products can be used to supplement the skin, but the skin is slightly thin and easy to dry, so you must choose products carefully. Generally speaking, good quality day cream and night cream can be used, especially at night.Lifting, anti-wrinkle, firming serum or night cream.

Some facial anti-wrinkle products are not suitable for use on the skin, such as high concentrations of fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, because they cause the skin to be thin and easy to pull, these ingredients are likely to cause excessive skin irritation and cause allergic dryness problems.

In addition, the exfoliating procedures that are generally performed on facials are also applicable to the above-mentioned skins. When exfoliating, the force should be small and the residence time should be short. Avoid exfoliating cream with large particles, so as not to damage the delicate replacement.

  4 Shiseido Pan-Fashion Non-Sensitive Neck Cream 420 yuan / 50ml uses a compact formula that can form a highly conformable elastic film and give skin a lifting effect.

  5 DHC Q10 Firming Neck Cream 138 yuan / 25g Light and non-sticky touch, it can instantly penetrate immediately, fully moisturizing and firming the skin.

80% of professionals have heart disease _1

80% of professionals have “heart disease”

80% of working people have heart disease According to the statistics of the intervention center, from January to June this year, a total of 1,600 psychological consultations were received, and most of them were working people.
Among them, the two groups of teachers and civil servants have the most prominent psychological problems, accounting for 40% of the people seeking help.
This means that professionals in the workplace are at high risk for outbreaks of mental illness, and their psychological problems in somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, anxiety, and paranoia are significantly higher than those in the general population.
  The psychological problems that arise in the workplace involve a wide range of issues, including interpersonal relationships among colleagues, interpersonal relationships with supervisors, and work stress.
In particular, civil servants have performed outstandingly on issues such as being wary of dealing with people and straining interpersonal relationships.
All kinds of pressures have caused about 80% of workplace evasion.
  Teachers’ psychological pressure is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is strict performance assessment, and the other is that many teachers feel that they have paid too much and paid too little.
  In the incubation period, the self-regulation 期 The reporter interviewed five female professionals with a working life of 4-10 years, including company white-collar workers, teachers and store sales staff.
They all said that due to the dual pressures of life and work, depression and self-complaint often occur suddenly. In such situations, they usually divert their attention by complaining to friends, shopping frantically, and eating delicious food.Adjustment.
  In this regard, psychologists suggest that it is good if you can adjust it properly, but if this feeling occurs for a long time, frequently, and even affects work and life, it is best to find a professional psychologist for psychological counseling.
Through professional diagnosis, you can find out the real cause of psychological problems. Only when you find the cause can you open the knot.
  In addition, there is an incubation period before the occurrence of mental illness. This period is the best period for self-regulation.
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Eat more yellow corn with your eyes

Eat more yellow corn with your eyes

Corn vitamin C, etc., have longevity and beauty effects.

Do you know

Eating more corn can also help prevent bowel cancer.

Let ‘s take a look at why corn helps prevent bowel cancer.

  In the far end, the content of cellulose in corn is very high, which is 10 times that of rice. A large amount of cellulose can stimulate peristalsis, change the residence time of food residues in the intestine, accelerate fecal excretion and bring harmful substances out of the body.Constipation, enteritis, and rectal cancer are of great significance.

  Each hundred grams of corn contains 12 micrograms of folic acid, three times that of rice; potassium is 238-300 milligrams, which is 2 times that of rice.

45-3 times; magnesium is 96 mg, 3 times that of rice; and contains a variety of antioxidants such as carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, vitamin E, so corn has a variety of health effects.

  The greatest contribution of corn to humans is rich in the pigments that dye the corn golden color-lutein and zeaxanthin (a type of carotene). Although they are not nutrients, they act better than nutrients.Protects the light-sensitive area called the macula in the eyes, preventing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

  The macula is the tissue in the center of the retina that controls vision.

Due to aging, the macula is slightly oxidized and damaged. When the macular is deformed, the macular deformity appears, vision loss, and even blindness.

  Lutein and zeaxanthin exert their powerful antioxidant effects and can absorb harmful light into the eyeballs to maintain the health of the macula.

However, it should be noted that only lutein and zeaxanthin are found in yellow corn, but not in white corn.

  Therefore, taxi drivers, elementary and middle school students, editors, writers and other people who often use their eyes should eat more yellow corn.

  Corn contains a variety of anti-cancer factors, such as glutathione, lutein and zeaxanthin, trace elements selenium and magnesium.

Glutathione can be implanted into carcinogens with its own “hand insertion”, and becomes inactive and replaced by the digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can accelerate the loss of aging free radicals. It is a humanThe most effective anticancer substance in the body; corn also contains selenium and magnesium. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body and make malignant tumors die without the supply of oxygen. Magnesium can inhibit the development of nucleic acids.It can make waste in the body regenerate outside the body as soon as possible to prevent cancer. Lutein in corn can also prevent colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer, and zeaxanthin can prevent skin cancer and lung cancer.

  Dietary Tips: Don’t forget to add some alkali when making corn (Micha) porridge, corn batter, and corn flour.

  This is because 63% -74% of niacin in corn is a combination type of niacin that cannot be absorbed and utilized by the human body, and long-term consumption may cause rickets.

  In order to avoid this situation, it is best to cook corn (Micha) porridge, corn batter, and put some alkali in the appropriate amount to release the combined nicotinic acid in corn and turn it into free niacin for use by the human body.Nutrition is the best.