9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

9 common skin care misunderstandings to sleep without removing makeup

Beauty is a woman’s nature, and skin care is an essential part of women’s daily life. Women take care of their own skin and spend a lot of effort on skin care. But in order to achieve the ideal effect of skin care, we must first have a correct skin care concept.

The following editors summarized 9 common nursing mistakes for sisters. Please check if you are successful, and come and see it.

  First, alternating hot and cold water helps to tighten the skin. Wash the face with hot water and then apply cold water to the face. The cold and hot alternation can easily cause the capillaries to dilate and form facial red blood vessels. Seriously, it will cause sensitive symptoms, and it is sensitive skinPeople may be worse off.

The reason for using warm water to wash your face is that the temperature of the warm water is close to the skin itself, it will not stimulate the skin pores to instantly expand and shrink, and it can help cleansing products work better.

  Second, sleep without makeup “makeup is enjoyment, makeup removal is torture”, many women who “do makeup will die” have such a feeling about makeup, so sometimes they fall asleep without removing makeup after returning late, which is simplyIt’s “shameless”.

If you don’t remove your makeup overnight, you can ruin your skincare effect for a month!

Because the cosmetics remaining on the skin almost absorb the dust and bacteria in the air during the day, and also accumulate the oily dirt secreted by the skin, if you do not wash them in time, the pores on the facial skin will be precipitated after a night of precipitationSeparated, acne appeared.

So no matter how tired you are, wash off your face makeup with a soft cleanser, apply a night cream, and then go to bed.

  Third, long-term use of powerful skin care products In daily life, many people with acne are accustomed to functional and powerful skin care products for emergency.

Because these powerful skincare products introduced to solve a certain skin problem can have a vertical and immediate effect soon after use, they are loved by some people, and some people even use it as a substitute for skincare products for a long time.

However, only skin care products are extremely abnormal and should not be used for a long time, otherwise it is easy to produce dependence and various skin problems.

  Fourth, there is no habit of exfoliating. With the increase of age, our skin metabolism slows down, the excretion of metabolites will be affected accordingly, and the time it takes for dead skin cell replacement to take longer.

These are the first things that cause skin dullness and aging.

Therefore, regular exfoliation will change the skin.

Exfoliating treatments at home once or twice a week can easily restore the youthful glow of the skin.

And an additional benefit is that after exfoliating, various anti-aging and whitening products can be better absorbed.

  Fifth, apply thick eye cream. Relatively speaking, the moisturizing degree and the ductility of the eye cream are relatively high, so the amount of use does not need to be large, about one mung bean size.

This is why almost all brands of eye cream contain about 15ml.

In addition, the eyelid skin is not abnormal, and it is difficult to absorb skin care products. If you apply too much eye cream on the eyelids, it will not only easily stimulate the eyes, but also block the pores around the eyes and form oil particles.more obvious.

  Sixth, sun protection products for the most vulnerable skin around the eyes without sunscreen products are often overlooked. Looking at the sunburn around many people’s eyes can prove this.

There are also people who apply facial skin cancer products directly to the eyes. It is not known that facial products containing SPF sun protection index are overwhelming to the skin of the eyes. After application, it may cause great discomfort and even sensitivity.

A pair of sunglasses, good sunscreen eye cream, and concealer that can be used on the eyes can be used as sunscreen for the eyes.

  Seven, the skin is prone to oil, so never use oily skin care products For women who love oil, many people refuse to use oily skin care products in order to avoid oil on the oil, especially in summer.

In fact, the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film is formed by the balance of “water” and “fat”. When it loses its balance, it will appear “dry” or “oily” skin problems.

When the skin gradually matures, the skin’s natural moisture and oil content will decrease. If the oil content is not replenished, it may cause skin nutrition and nutrition to appear wrinkles and dullness.

So if your skin is already showing signs of aging, it is best to add some oily cosmetics to your skin every day while controlling your oil (of course, it is obviously easy to absorb non-greasy) to ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrition to resist aging.

  Eight, avoid oily, over-wash face Oily mixed skin usually has abnormal oil secretion, and sebaceous glands are too active, especially in hot, overlapping, and sultry summers.It, supplementing face washing, oil absorption, etc., will make the sebaceous glands, which are already very strong, secrete more vigorously, the PH of the skin is destroyed, the more you wash, the more you absorb.

You should choose the right balance of oil products, preferably a series, from cleansing to masks to daily care products, rather than simply choosing oil control products.

  Nine, do not rub the skin care products after using the mask. Many women think that the mask is an effective skin care product, so once it can be used to ensure skin protection for a few days, the follow-up skin care products are no longer used.

As everyone knows, it is quite wrong to prevent the mask from rubbing skin care products and eventually cause various problems to the skin.

Our women’s skin is relatively delicate and thin, and it needs to be carefully taken care of.

Everyday skin toners, eye creams, serums, lotions, and creams are indispensable.

In addition, make a mask once or twice a week to give deep skin care to achieve better skin care results.

Different skins choose different masks for different points of focus, dry skin for hydration and anti-wrinkle, oily skin for hydration and oil control, and sensitive skin for hydration and anti-allergy.