Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

Bitter mouth, sweet taste in the mouth foreshadows this kind of disease?

As the saying goes, the nose smells smelly and the tongue tastes five flavors.

If one day eats everything tastes like chew wax, then life is meaningless.

Conversely, if you often feel a bad smell in your mouth, some pantothenic acid, bitter mouth, sweetness, don’t be careless, because this is often a signal of some kind of disease.

  Sweet taste: Generally speaking, the spleen is hot and sweet, so sweet taste is mostly caused by spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Disorders of the digestive system can lead to abnormal secretion of various enzymes, increase in amylase content in saliva, stimulate the taste buds on the tongue and feel sweet.

In addition, diabetes patients with elevated blood sugar, saliva sugar is also increased, and often the tongue becomes sweet.

  Sore mouth: Traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland believes that liver fever is sore mouth, which is mainly caused by the heat of liver and gallbladder, which is formed after the spleen is eroded, and many people may also have symptoms such as thin yellow tongue coating, abdominal distension after eating, nausea, and even chest tightness and rib painIt indicates that you may have diseases such as gastritis or gastrointestinal ulcers, and it is best to have a further stomach examination immediately.

  Bitter mouth: People with bitter mouth are mainly caused by damp heat, which are more common in liver and gallbladder damp heat and stomach heat, usually due to bile reflux, so first check the stomach and gallbladder for problems; some people who like supper or eat spicy foodBile reflux can also cause mouth pain; elderly people are also prone to mouth pain due to poor gastric motility; cancer patients also often have mouth pain symptoms; and some mental workers, because of mental stress, coupled with daily dietRhythm disorders lead to gastrointestinal stagnation. Foods that have been eaten for too long at physiological times can easily cause mouth pain.

  Spicy taste: Most people who have a spicy taste in their mouths or have a numbness in their tongues are caused by lung fever or gastroenteritis. They are commonly found in hypertension, neurosis, menopausal syndrome, and chronic low fever.Cough, thick expectoration, yellow tongue coating, etc.

  Salty mouth: Salty mouth is related to kidneys, mainly due to insufficient kidney yin, caused by deficient fire, and some are accompanied by softness of waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, five upsets, chills, cold limbs, fatigue, and nocturiaSymptoms are more common in chronic nephritis, neurogenetics, chronic sore throat, or oral ulcers.

  Special needs of experts are that abnormal taste is also related to many factors such as age, gender, mood, environment, diet, oral hygiene and so on.

Those who smoke or drink too much alcohol and lack sleep can also experience abnormal taste.

Therefore, if there is an abnormal taste, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis.