Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

Man’s 5-year-old raises happiness index?

People often attribute the secret of maintaining marriage to the elements of “attracting each other”, “concern”, “patience” and “true love”.

  European scientists disagree.

They “unromanticly” linked the relationship between marriage and the spouse’s age, education level, and marriage history to objective factors such as formulating the best “recipe” for a happy marriage.

  The follow-up study, which is referred to as “optimizing the marriage market,” was published in the European Journal of Operations Research.

  Experts participating in the study said that using this theoretical result can predict that the “short-lived rate” of some marriages is five times that of other marriages.

  Dr. Emmanuel Franier of the University of Bath, UK, was one of the study participants who had carefully studied the data of 1,534 Swiss couples collected by interviewers through interviews.

These are couples and lovers who are serious about each other.

Five years later, the researchers successfully contacted 1074 couples to see who had parted ways with the “other half.”

  By analyzing the collected age, education level, ethnicity, and emotional experience of the couple, the researchers found that many of the breakup cases have the same characteristics.

  ”It seems that men and women choose partners based on love, attractiveness, same hobbies, beliefs and common values.

However, the life span of a marriage also determines objective factors.

Matching couples based on objective criteria such as age and education may reduce the divorce rate, “the British Daily Mail reported on the 24th, citing a research report.

  The best formula According to the research report, the best couple model that can strengthen the marriage is that both men and women are highly educated and have no history of divorce, and the man is 5 years older than the woman.

  Wife over 5 years younger than her husband is the least likely age group to create conflicts, and their divorce inherits one-sixth of other marriages.

The British Conservative leader David Cameron, 43, and his 38-year-old wife, Samantha, are certainly good news.

  Although the 49-year-old US President Barack Obama and the “First Lady” Michelle Obama are only 3 years apart, their 17-year happy marriage has gradually ranked them as “ideal couples”.

  The findings suggest that marriages where a couple has been divorced are more likely to fail.

Perhaps this report is very popular in Hollywood. For example, the marriage history star Michael Douglas, his marriage with current wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is not considered to be optimistic.

  After a comparative analysis of the collocation principle, the researchers also summarized the conditions for a “nightmare marriage”: if a woman with a low education level chooses a partner who is equal to her education level, divorced and 5 years younger than herself,Then the chance of failure of this marriage is 5 times higher than that of ordinary marriage.

  Psychologists analyzed the importance of each factor in the “best marriage” and “nightmare marriage”.

When it comes to age, experts believe that if wives are five years older than their husbands, they are three times more likely to divorce than a couple of the same age.

  Less educated couples are more likely to divorce than educated couples on both sides.

If the wife’s education level is higher than the husband’s, their marital endurance will be 8 times that of the couple with low education level on both sides, and 3 times higher than the husband’s education level than the wife’s combination.

  Although the best and best couple combinations require that both parties have no history of marriage, the data also shows that if both couples have experienced divorce, their marriage stability is only a little less than the “best model”.